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File Types

Lesson 42 from: The Business of Professional Photo Retouching

Lisa Carney, Simon Peter Raible

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42. File Types

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Lesson Info

File Types

JPG, TIF, PSD, PSB, and ZIP. So, I think we should talk about this. I deliver a ton of JPGs to get approvals, but only for approvals, never for a production. Production, point, it's literally just for approvals. Do you do TIFs? My files are always flat TIFs. Yeah, TIFS are very popular. Isn't that interesting? When I deliver a final flat file, it's always a TIF it's never a flat Photoshop file. That's print world. I think it's just print world. Yeah, but there's a compression thing that happens. Can happen, yeah. And it's agreeable so that's what they ask for. Yeah, and then PSDs, that's Photoshop. That's pretty basic. And PSB, the larger Photoshop file format, so that's anything over 2GB. 2GB. Sometimes you can do a regular Photoshop file as a 2.5, sometimes, and we were talking about smart objects. Sometimes you'll have a Photoshop file that says it's only, when it's open, a gigabyte, and you try to save it, and it keeps saying you have to save it as PSB because it's ...

so big, but you look at the file size and it says only a gig, if you have smart objects embedded in your file, it's taking into account that, so you won't see that measurement on the little bottom screen. And conversely it works the other way if you're working on a Photoshop file that's 2.5 gigs, you can still save it as a Photoshop document. A non-PSB because it's already compressed and stuff, if it's got a whole background of one single color, it can make the file size on your desktop a lot smaller than the open file, so there's a little bit of wiggle room there just keep an idea. PSBs are a pain in my hiney because they don't show up in Bridge. So, I don't ever make a file a PSB unless I absolutely have to. Some people just like to have them, they just start that way. Not me, because doesn't show up in Bridge. I like to see that little thumbnail. I almost always work in PSBs. My files are always PSBs. Well you're a size king. Well they're always bus size and way too complicated and "Oh, make it 350 dpi." So, we're going to be talking about delivery in just a minute, but I kind of wanted to talk about this ZIP format. Here comes Chalk & Cheese here... He always zips his files when he uploads them, because they go faster. I've had a lot of experience of zipped files corrupting. A lot. So I don't like risking it. I would rather not zip my files to send them to the clients. It takes longer to send, but I find it's safer. Are you trying to compress more than one file at a time? Nope. A single file gives you a problem? Single file, yes I have had problems before. How long ago? I don't do it anymore, I don't zip them. Do you see, we're disagreeing on this? Can we have a fight? The other thing we do, we haven't talked about this, is we will turn all our layers off. We will turn all our layers off and save the file that way. It actually compresses it more. Isn't that interesting ? Turn all your layers off. Save that, then zip that. Yeah. So a 30GB file might go down to 19, 20, 21. We may just have to disagree here about the zip. I don't like to zip, he likes to zip. I don't want to gloss over that turning off all the layers. It's a great way to save your files, and send them. But what that means is, you sure as heck better not have any files that you don't want turned on. Your client's gonna get it and turn every layer on, and if there's a mistake in there, you're gonna be in big, big, big trouble. Big trouble. Then the other thing, you need to make sure, (laughs) tell your client, because I have sent files with all the layers turned off, and they get the file and they look at it and they go, "My God, something's wrong, there's nothing here." And I'm like, "Ugh turn the layers on." "Ohhh, okay!" Nobody likes to feel foolish, especially your client, so just as a communication, tell your clients in advance you have turned off all your layers. We always do that, don't we turn off all the layers? Pretty much? Yeah I go quickly show/hide all real fast. When I'm picking up a file to build, I go through and check all non-visible, and see if I need it. And if not, it's gone. Yeah, it's good. Give it the boot. So just be careful.

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Ratings and Reviews

Bill Buckley

I'm a photographer who wants to be as good at Photoshop as possible. In my field few retouchers get hired, so it's all on me. Plus my creative vision cannot be accomplished by photography alone. Not to mention that in the field, as a photographer I can't always be perfect. Photoshop to the rescue. This is possibly THE best class I've purchased on Creative Live, and they've all been good. Great insight, entertaining, well taught Lisa and Simon were awesome. Bought more LC tutorials based on this course.

Kari A. Youkey

This course just opened my world. I started ( back in the Jurassic era) as an illustrator/drafter ( pen and ink), then CAD programmer, then GIS analyst with photoshop just coming onto the scene pregnant and unplugged focusing on parenting and my inner artist. I was gifted an IPad 6 years ago in the mist of my Taxi Mom years. My favorite ‘hobby’ became manipulating images and an addiction to Adobe apps. Now, In my new empty nest status, I have been trying to figure out my next direction in life....and CreativeLive has been a wonderful resource to explore different creative opportunities, feeling somewhere between photography and graphic design, I wanted to ‘paint’ photos with my tool of choice the tablet, not the camera. ...but it wasn’t until this course that I clicked with an Aha! I don’t have to become an photographer? I could get paid to retouch? Other people’s photos?.....and, I have a work history skill set that backs it up! Thank you so much for this course! Loved the instructors and how they shared their experiences and knowledge. You two have just provided a wonderful map and whole new path to explore and inspired a much needed creative spark to get back to work❤️. Thank You!

a Creativelive Student

Lisa knocked it out of the ball park again! Amazing work Lisa and Simon! I just can't find the many words that express how much I gain with each and every course she teaches. Once again, a wealth of information that was given in a down to earth manner. I absolutely love her teaching style! Amazing course Lisa and Simon, awesome job!

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