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Promotion on Social Networks

Lesson 52 from: The Business of Professional Photo Retouching

Lisa Carney, Simon Peter Raible

Promotion on Social Networks

Lesson 52 from: The Business of Professional Photo Retouching

Lisa Carney, Simon Peter Raible

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52. Promotion on Social Networks


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Promotion on Social Networks

We're gonna talk about promoting on social network and again, chalk and cheese is coming up here. He does none of it, absolutely none of it. I do Facebook, I do Instagram, and LinkedIn is by far, my most successful tool for getting work, LinkedIn. For me. Keep in mind, I'm just a retoucher. There's gonna be folks out there where if you're a shooter and a retoucher, then one of the other formats might be better for you. But as a retoucher, hands down, it's LinkedIn. It's a little more corporate, it's a little more commercial, it's a little more diverse in terms of the creatives who are involved in it. I don't have Behance on here. Behance, I like Behance. I don't like Behance to promote my work. I like Behance to promote my photography, I share my photography work on that. I do not promote retouching work on Behance. I love Behance for finding photographers and looking at their work, and finding people who inspire me, and finding ideas. Love it, love it, love it. And I don't use Pintere...

st for anything but crocheting and knitting. Now, I know a ton of people use it for photo, a ton, I don't, it's a knitting thing for me. Do you even know what Pinterest is? Ooh, okay Yeah, man. I'm all about Pinterest. I'll tell you, I've got a story about social network that includes absolutely no social network to it whatsoever. In this story, there was this kid is out of Midwest, and he was a junior in college. Hmm, this is good, yeah. So he had one year to go. Up until the summer, he sent out as many, he sent out a letter to every design firm at every studio he could in Los Angeles, 'cause he wanted to do advertising artwork. He sent out 50 letters and he got a call back on 10 of them. 10 of them, during the summer, he came out and he got appointments. And he just went around and met everyone and was like, "What do you do here? How would I break in?" And he just got his name out there and it was just a little introduction. He wasn't asking for anything, he was just like, "Here's what I'm doing, "here's the steps I've taken, I want to get in." He put a letter out there, and he put out 50, and he called back in 10, and he did that loop. And then when we got back afterwards, he sent thank you notes out, so just simple stuff. Send a letter, sent thank you notes, made the appointment, and minded his manners, shook hands firmly, met them in the eye. When he got back after those thank you notes, he finished, he was almost done, and almost got his degree, then he sent out, "I'm almost ready to graduate, "thanks for having me, would there be any, "could I do any internships at any of you guys's? 'I'll come and work for free." He got, from those a letter back, "Aw, that's great, we don't have anything from you" from those 10, but three said, "Yeah, we got something, we got room for you." He came out, now he just went from 50 to 10 to three. He went to all three of them and took his pick of those three. And from that internship, he did that and then went to a second one and then back again. And that worked out so well they got him a job. So now he was a, not a head, but he was an assistant to an art exec accountive, what? Account executive. Account executive. He learned that job, met everyone, what do you do? He's learning all the time, and then in six months he moves up from a junior to a mid-level and then eventually account executive. From there, he got jobs, and from that he brought in the client and things were going so smooth for him, in about two years he got a job from a studio right across the street. And a big studio, so they gave him a shot. And he liked it there, he was making good bucks there, but he wanted the experience of working on a studio. So he went off and did that for two years, and then he got bought off and went to another design firm for more money. So now he's got the experience of being on the studio, experience of coming up through a design firm, and now he's making good dough and has responsibility. He was the last job I did before coming up here to Seattle, so now he calls me up and he was like, "I got this gig, I got this job, I need some retouching. "Can you give me a hand?" And I'm like, "Dude for you? "With that get up and go, of course." And it is shocking, it is a shocking assent. Letters, hello, can I meet you? Informational interview, we talked about this internship, which I'm not a big huge fan of but he made it work, to a job to a job, so what start to finish, from that first letter was it eight years, no four years. Yeah, four-- He's a young'un--, Yeah, he's a young kid And he's the man and he'll have his own agency in two minutes. So yeah, it pays to have some chutzpah, and follow through, and send thank you letters, and keep working. Yeah, and so, I went in and I did a fantastic job, and I took care of my boy, I was like, "Dude you got these problems, let me hook it up for you. "You're gonna have problems here. "It was a food job, this stuff doesn't look very tasty. "I'll take care of that for you." And then it came in, it was breakdowns time, so you normally charge an hour and a half per breakdown. I had it all set up, I was like, "Dude I gotta tell you, normally I'd charge an hour "and a half, but since we're pals, "I'm gonna you look real good." And I cut that bill down. And so he went in, he was like, "Here's some delicious artwork, "and here's that bill that went with it," and he's just looking like the boy down there. His long term thinking, he knows who's coming up the ranks and that's a good thing to pay attention to.

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Ratings and Reviews

Bill Buckley

I'm a photographer who wants to be as good at Photoshop as possible. In my field few retouchers get hired, so it's all on me. Plus my creative vision cannot be accomplished by photography alone. Not to mention that in the field, as a photographer I can't always be perfect. Photoshop to the rescue. This is possibly THE best class I've purchased on Creative Live, and they've all been good. Great insight, entertaining, well taught Lisa and Simon were awesome. Bought more LC tutorials based on this course.

Kari A. Youkey

This course just opened my world. I started ( back in the Jurassic era) as an illustrator/drafter ( pen and ink), then CAD programmer, then GIS analyst with photoshop just coming onto the scene pregnant and unplugged focusing on parenting and my inner artist. I was gifted an IPad 6 years ago in the mist of my Taxi Mom years. My favorite ‘hobby’ became manipulating images and an addiction to Adobe apps. Now, In my new empty nest status, I have been trying to figure out my next direction in life....and CreativeLive has been a wonderful resource to explore different creative opportunities, feeling somewhere between photography and graphic design, I wanted to ‘paint’ photos with my tool of choice the tablet, not the camera. ...but it wasn’t until this course that I clicked with an Aha! I don’t have to become an photographer? I could get paid to retouch? Other people’s photos?.....and, I have a work history skill set that backs it up! Thank you so much for this course! Loved the instructors and how they shared their experiences and knowledge. You two have just provided a wonderful map and whole new path to explore and inspired a much needed creative spark to get back to work❤️. Thank You!

a Creativelive Student

Lisa knocked it out of the ball park again! Amazing work Lisa and Simon! I just can't find the many words that express how much I gain with each and every course she teaches. Once again, a wealth of information that was given in a down to earth manner. I absolutely love her teaching style! Amazing course Lisa and Simon, awesome job!

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