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Cutting out the Pattern

Lesson 4 from: How to Sew Your First Skirt and Understand Patterns

Shaerie Mead

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Lesson Info

4. Cutting out the Pattern

Lesson Info

Cutting out the Pattern

So let's take a look at our pattern when we opened it up on the inside we find a couple different pieces, I have my instructions I have the actual pattern and then on the inside of the envelope there's a fabric anatomy terms list with a little diagram and over here there's a glossary of sewing terms as we go through this project today I'm going to take you step by step through the sewing terms and will define them as we do them and in a minute I'm going to talk about the fabric anatomy when we start to place our pattern pieces on the fabric so we'll get to that my instructions when I opened these up have all the information I need from start to finish to make this project that we're going to start out with the layout and then we're going to go like I said, step by step through till we get to the end of the project this is what I'm really concerned about right now I want to pull out my pattern smooth it all out you've got a few pattern pieces here piece number one is the skirt front and...

back and piece number two is the skirt yoke front and back and here's where are sizing comes into play so when I measured my hips I measured forty two inches around my hip and that puts me in a size medium the black lines on this pattern are for all the sizes and then the colored lines air for each individual size so for me I'm going to be cutting on this gold line for size medium if your extra small it would be purple if you are small it would be green largest dark blue and ex large is red you can also choose the length of your skirt by cutting on this line so view a is cut here along this dotted line and you be the longer skirt is cut down here when I'm ready to start cutting out my pattern I'm johnny's paper scissors not my fabrics years paper condell your fabric says there's very very quickly so it's a good idea to get a pair of paper scissors from the office supply store something that feels comfortable in your hand but it doesn't need to be a nice is your fabrics years when I start to cut I want to go as close to the edge of the black line is I can get without cutting off too much of the black line so I want to cut off all the white paper but I want to leave as much of the black line as I can and when I get to my size over here I'm just gonna rotate and write up that medium and then they can finish cutting the rest ofthe just like that you want to cut out your other piece and you can cut on the dotted line or the solid line, depending on which of you, you're going to be cutting these little triangles here called notch it's. And when you're cutting, I want you to cut right past them. You don't want to cut them out quite yet. And I'll talk about those in just a minute.

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The course was as clean and precise as her sewing. I haven't sewn for some time, but the techniques Shaerie taught will serve me well. Thanks~


Shaerie is an exceptionally clear and focused teacher. She points out essential steps for beginner sewers and doesn't get caught up with extraneous details.

Melissa Fritzsche

Wondering if there's any way to still get this pattern. Thanks!

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