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How to Sew Your First Skirt and Understand Patterns

Lesson 13 of 13

Inserting Elastic & Finishing the Skirt

Shaerie Mead

How to Sew Your First Skirt and Understand Patterns

Shaerie Mead

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Lesson Info

13. Inserting Elastic & Finishing the Skirt

Lesson Info

Inserting Elastic & Finishing the Skirt

So in steps sixteen there's a little chart that tells you how large a piece of elastic you're going to need for your size I'm a size medium so I cut a piece of elastic that's thirty three inches but another way to do it is simply take your elastic piece and put it around your waist so that it's comfortable when you have about a one inch overlap like that so you can customize your elastic to be whatever you like I'm getting is my bodkin to slide this elastic through the casing in one side of my whole and out the other side the way the bodkin works is I clamp the teeth close to the edge of my elastic here like this and I slide this ring down so that it's holding on really nice and tightly to my elastic now what I can do is find my opening and I'm going to slide the bodkin in and slide a little bit of that elastic in and then I can start to gather the fabric up on the bodkin and when I hold on to the tip of the bodkin I can slide the elastic through when you get to the side seem if you're...

going from this direction it would be really easy to smooth past this but sometimes if you go in this direction the bud can get stuck so you can just kind of push on the top of the casing there to make a hole for your bodkin to slide right through just like that, you're going to continue sliding the elastic through the casing all the way around until you come out the other side just so you know, this elastic is smaller than the casing, so what you're going to want to dio at some point is pin this edge, the edge that doesn't have the bodkin on it to the skirt fabric so that it doesn't get sucked in when you're pulling the bud can all the way around. So I pulled the bodkin off and I've pulled the elastic out a little bit more. I'm also checking around the elastic to make sure it hasn't twisted and I want to overlap the to end so there's about an inch of an overlap there. I'm going to take one of my pins and pin missed two pieces of the last together right through the middle and I'm going to use a straight stitch, too, so each edge of the elastic together, so what I'm going to do is start at the top, go down, then back, stitch the whole way and then down again, so I'm going to sew three times over this edge. And three times over this edge then aiken snip the threads off and pull the elastic so all of this get sucked right back into my casing if you need to you can pull your elastic out a little bit more like that to give yourself some room to so they'll start out on the top here it might sound a little different on your machine sometimes sewing machines don't like to so elastic as much as they like to sew fabric just persevere and everything will be fine there's one side on the same thing on the other side take a minute to snip off those extra threads and then we can fly this elastic right back into our casing and the last step is sewing up our little hole so smooth it in just like that and here's our little hole from here to here if you like you can put a pin in the hold that in place and we're going to start with the back stitch and so a little bit and then do another back stitch and that's going to be the last thing we do on her skirt trim your threats and you're done so that was our easiest skirt class in this class you learned a lot of core beginner techniques that are going to carry you through many, many, many projects to come I hope you enjoyed yourself and I hope you go and make lots and lots of easiest skirts

Class Description

You don’t have to start with pillows! Learn sewing basics while making something you’ll be proud of with The Easiest Skirt. In this class, Shaerie Mead of Sew L.A. teaches sewing essentials while showing you how to make a skirt you’ll be stoked to wear.

The Easiest Skirt is a perfect entry point for working with patterns. Shaerie will take you step-by-step through the prepping, cutting, and stitching processes. You’ll learn about: 

  • Cutting, folding, notching, and pinning the pattern
  • Gathering skirt to yoke
  • Sewing and hemming
  • Creating a casing and inserting elastic
Shaerie will teach you how to read a pattern, what to do while gathering, and when to baste. You’ll learn how to make a timeless skirt that doesn’t take a lot of material or time to make.

If you want to skip the dull stuff and get your start at sewing clothes, join Shaerie Mead in The Easiest Skirt.

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The course was as clean and precise as her sewing. I haven't sewn for some time, but the techniques Shaerie taught will serve me well. Thanks~


Shaerie is an exceptionally clear and focused teacher. She points out essential steps for beginner sewers and doesn't get caught up with extraneous details.

Melissa Fritzsche

Wondering if there's any way to still get this pattern. Thanks!