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How to Sew Your First Skirt and Understand Patterns

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Introduction & Overview of Skillset

Shaerie Mead

How to Sew Your First Skirt and Understand Patterns

Shaerie Mead

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1. Introduction & Overview of Skillset

Lesson Info

Introduction & Overview of Skillset

Hi, I'm sherri mead, and this is my los angeles sewing classroom called so l a in this class today I'm going to teach you how to sew one of our most popular projects step by step, the easiest start I've been teaching since two thousand five, and I've had so many beginners in my classes make any mistake you can think of, so I'm here to help you head them off before they become an issue. In this class, we're going to learn several beginner techniques that will help you with future projects. We're going to learn how to do gathering. We're going to learn how to sew a casing that has elastic in it, and we're going to sew a double. Fold him at the bottom. Along the way you learn how to read a pattern envelope. You learn some fabric, anatomy terms. You'll learn about some basic sewing tools, how to measure yourself and a lot of other techniques that will become important as you get more and more into sewing.

Class Description

You don’t have to start with pillows! Learn sewing basics while making something you’ll be proud of with The Easiest Skirt. In this class, Shaerie Mead of Sew L.A. teaches sewing essentials while showing you how to make a skirt you’ll be stoked to wear.

The Easiest Skirt is a perfect entry point for working with patterns. Shaerie will take you step-by-step through the prepping, cutting, and stitching processes. You’ll learn about: 

  • Cutting, folding, notching, and pinning the pattern
  • Gathering skirt to yoke
  • Sewing and hemming
  • Creating a casing and inserting elastic
Shaerie will teach you how to read a pattern, what to do while gathering, and when to baste. You’ll learn how to make a timeless skirt that doesn’t take a lot of material or time to make.

If you want to skip the dull stuff and get your start at sewing clothes, join Shaerie Mead in The Easiest Skirt.



The course was as clean and precise as her sewing. I haven't sewn for some time, but the techniques Shaerie taught will serve me well. Thanks~


Shaerie is an exceptionally clear and focused teacher. She points out essential steps for beginner sewers and doesn't get caught up with extraneous details.

Melissa Fritzsche

Wondering if there's any way to still get this pattern. Thanks!