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Lightroom Mobile: Editing Across the Cloud

Lesson 43 from: The Streamlined Lightroom Workflow

Jared Platt

Lightroom Mobile: Editing Across the Cloud

Lesson 43 from: The Streamlined Lightroom Workflow

Jared Platt

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43. Lightroom Mobile: Editing Across the Cloud

<b>Don&#8217;t have a tool in Lightroom Mobile?&#160; Do you have something that is more complicated that needs a seriously large screen?&#160; That&#8217;s ok because the Lightroom Ecosystem makes it possible to work on your mobile device until you need the help of Lightroom or Lightroom Classic.&#160; You can pick up right where you left off and then when you are done, head right back to Lightroom Mobile and take your images on the road with you.</b>


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Lightroom Mobile: Editing Across the Cloud


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Lightroom Mobile: Editing Across the Cloud

1 The de-noise option is an AI driven feature. 2 If I click on it for this image, 3 it's gonna open a dialogue box that allows me to see 4 what it's gonna look like. 5 Now watch these bricks. 6 You remember before our bricks were disappearing 7 as a result of de-noise. 8 Now I can really de-noise this thing. 9 I'm gonna go to 50% and I can de-noise this. 10 See the difference between the noise? 11 This is before with noise. 12 Now no noise, but you can still see the bricks 13 because this AI feature is awesome. 14 It's so good at its job. 15 And so it's working on the raw details 16 and it's removing the noise. 17 And I rarely think that over 50% is needed. 18 Most of the time I'm at like 30 or 40%. 19 So 50% is gonna make this thing look really good. 20 So it's like the Panasonic Lumix camera 21 now no longer has a noise problem 22 because Lightroom is fixing it. 23 So I'm going to hit enhance. 24 And when I do that, Lightroom is going 25 to send it up to the cloud. 26 The AI is gon...

na fix all the noise 27 and then it's gonna send it back down to you as a new file. 28 So now we're gonna have a new D and G file 29 right next to the old one. 30 So I've got the old file and a new file. 31 So if you look at the old file, the original file, 32 it has a name of 2169 D and G. 33 But if I look at the new file, it has a name 34 2169 to Enhanced Noise Reduction. 35 So, 'cause we used Enhance and the noise reduction. 36 So it helps to label that based on the tool 37 that you used to make the image better. 38 So there we go. It is super clean. 39 So that looks great. 40 And the awesome thing about this is that now 41 because I was in this Travel to Italy folder or album 42 and I created this new image, it is now uploading 43 that image to the cloud. 44 Oh, it's already synced and backed up. 45 So now that image went to the cloud 46 and it's gonna come back down here 47 to Lightroom on the iPad. 48 And you can see that I've got both files side by side here, 49 this one and this one. 50 Both of 'em are there. 51 So if I look at the first one and zoom in, 52 it's pretty noisy. 53 If I look at the second one, zoom in, nice and clean. 54 See that? Perfect. And it's still the full size. 55 And if I go to any of these sections, 56 you'll see that all the adjustments are still the same. 57 So all of these adjustments are the same 58 because all it did is create a new raw image, 59 assigned all of the previous adjustments 60 to the new raw image, but it cleaned up the noise. 61 So it's still a raw image, totally adjustable. 62 I could go back to the original adjustments, 63 but all I had to do was go over to my computer 64 and open up Lightroom on the computer 65 and just tell it to do the de-noise. 66 Now, if I were working on a bunch of images, so let's, 67 a lot of these images were shot at pretty high ISO 68 because I was in these dark rooms, right? 69 And so like this one's going 70 to also have quite a bit of noise on it. 71 So it's pretty noisy. 72 So if I wanted to, I could go in either 73 before I work on 'em or after I work on 'em 74 and I can just go into my computer here, 75 go to all of these images, I can click on this one 76 and shift click all the way to here, 77 and then I can right click these images 78 and go down to the enhance option, click on enhance. 79 I get the same de-noise option, except now instead 80 doing it to one, it's going to do it to all of the images 81 or the five that I chose. 82 And then it's going to deliver those images up to the cloud. 83 The cloud's gonna deliver it to my iPad. 84 And now I'll have a noisy one and a de-noised one, 85 and I can compare the two. 86 And if I don't like the noisy one, 87 I can always just delete the noisy one 88 and it'll also delete it from here. 89 So then I'll have the nice pristine new version of it. 90 But generally speaking, I'll keep both 91 because I want to be able to go back 92 to the original if I want to kind of redo something. 93 So I hope you're getting the picture 94 that I'm trying to paint. 95 And that is that these two systems, 96 your computer and your iPad or your phone can work together. 97 You might not have the power in your iPad 98 or your phone to do all of the operations. 99 And so Lightroom is a little more pared down here 100 on a mobile device than it is on the computer. 101 But that's okay because they are all one system, 102 whether it's in Lightroom Classic, Lightroom, 103 or Lightroom Mobile. 104 They're all one system. 105 So do the things that you can do wherever you are. 106 So I can do most everything here. 107 I can select images, I can star images, 108 I can organize images, 109 I can back images up onto a hard drive. 110 I can do a lot of stuff here. 111 There's just a few things that I can't do. 112 Like for instance, I can't select the person with AI. 113 I can select a subject, 114 which actually usually is the person, 115 but I can only select a subject, not a specific person. 116 But I can do that here inside of Lightroom on my computer. 117 I can do it in Lightroom Classic. 118 And if I do it here inside of Lightroom on the desktop, 119 and I choose to select a person like this 120 and then go away from that image so that it finishes 121 and solidifies the adjustments that I've made, 122 that mask goes up to the cloud 123 and it comes back down to Lightroom Mobile. 124 And so even though I didn't make the mask here 125 and it doesn't have the ability to find the human, 126 if I go to this image and I go to the mask, 127 you can see there's the mask. 128 It found me because I used the more powerful 129 system over here. 130 And remember that from our other lessons, 131 the AI masking feature can find 132 every human across all of your photos 133 and actually create the mask for you on all of them. 134 So you could conceivably make a mask on all 135 of your people all at the same time 136 inside of Lightroom on your desktop computer. 137 And then when you come back to Lightroom 138 inside of your mobile device, you can then use those masks 139 to adjust and to brighten up 140 and to add contrast to the people independently 141 of the background. 142 So these two systems work in tandem with each other, 143 and that's quite all right to do it that way. 144 So don't shy away from the idea of doing most of your work 145 here inside of Lightroom on your mobile device. 146 And then go over to your computer when you need Lightroom 147 for something specific and then it will transfer over here, 148 and then you can use that for the rest of the edit. 149 Now, that's not to say that I'm gonna work here 150 and then I'm gonna work here, and then I'm gonna work here, 151 and then I'm gonna work there. 152 If I'm gonna do that, I'll just work on my computer 153 inside of Lightroom. 154 What I'm saying 155 is that you can take this on the road with you. 156 You can do the basic adjustments, you can flag, 157 you can star, you can organize, you can back up, 158 you can add keywords, you can do all sorts of things 159 here inside of your iPad. 160 And then when you get back from traveling, you can come back 161 to your computer, everything will be there. 162 And you can add de-noise, you can play with masks 163 and find people and things like that. 164 And then when you're done there, 165 you can share from your phone. 166 So you started here on your iPad, 167 you went here to finish up some things 168 that the iPad didn't necessarily have 169 at its core capabilities. 170 And then once you were done, you finish off 171 by working in your phone and sharing images. 172 That's a pretty good way to go.

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Milena Marguenski

After giving up on Adobe long time ago (for apparent reasons). I decided to go back with my recent coming back to photography. I’ve been a heavy Photoshop user but never Lightroom’s. Since I signed up I was straggling to decide between the “new” Lightroom and Lightroom Classic. It was obvious LRC is more versatile but I loved the modern, cleaner look of the Lr. At the end I am a visual person :). Jared’s workshop made my decision easier and cleared up the question I asked Google repeatedly about managing Adobe cloud storage. A very comprehensive, easy to understand and fun course. Can’t wait to rearrange my 20+ years photo library. Thank you, Jared!


Jared Platt is the best educator when it comes to explaining how and when to use each program in the Lightroom ecosystem. He knows and explains extremely well the pros, cons, and tricks of using LrC, Lr, & LrMobile together. Most people teach each independently. Jared teaches in depth knowledge of how they interact --amazing!

Chris Lang

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