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Lightroom Mobile: Importing Images

Lesson 37 from: The Streamlined Lightroom Workflow

Jared Platt

Lightroom Mobile: Importing Images

Lesson 37 from: The Streamlined Lightroom Workflow

Jared Platt

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37. Lightroom Mobile: Importing Images

<b>Time to import those images into Lightroom Mobile, but this time, we will import them from a camera card and show you the process of bringing in a set of images like a pro!</b>


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Lightroom Mobile: Importing Images

1 So we're gonna go back to the Lightroom database itself 2 inside of Lightroom mobile because we want to bypass 3 that whole idea of local device storage. 4 We want to bring images directly into Lightroom, 5 and we're gonna do that through importing 'em. 6 I've got my card reader here. 7 I'm gonna plug it in to the dongle 8 so that I can see this card. 9 So you can see that it's lighting up there and it says 10 there is a device connected to continue importing. 11 Hit continue. 12 I'm actually not gonna do that because I want to show you 13 how to get to these without automatically 14 getting this popup. 15 So if I were to hit the Continue button, 16 it would start the import process. 17 I'm gonna hit cancel. 18 What I wanna do is I want to go to this little button 19 down here at the bottom. 20 Do you see that right there? 21 There's a camera and there's a file. 22 So if you click on the camera, it's gonna open up the camera 23 and you'll be in light rooms camera. 24 And it's a goo...

d camera, 25 but it just takes a while to get to it. 26 It's not quite as fast to get to as the normal camera 27 on your phone. 28 And it's also much more, 29 well, there's an auto version of it 30 and then there's a manual version of it. 31 And it's a pretty good camera. 32 It does a great job. 33 It shoots a DNG, it shoots a very good DNG. 34 It's all positives here about it, 35 but you can access the Apple camera faster. 36 And so if you are just pulling your camera 37 or your phone outta your pocket 38 and you just want to take a picture, it is so much faster 39 to get to that camera that's already embedded 40 inside of the iPhone. 41 If you are playing with Lightroom 42 and you are out doing really slow photography 43 and you just want to open up the Lightroom camera 44 and always use it, it's pretty good. 45 But then again, there's a lot of different cameras. 46 There's moment and there's Hayride 47 and there's so many different cameras. 48 In fact, I think I have five or six of 'em on my phone. 49 And I use different ones for different purposes. 50 So whatever camera you use, 51 if you have the auto import on inside of your phone, 52 it's just gonna automatically bring those images 53 into your Lightroom anyway, so use whatever camera you like. 54 But that's what that camera icon is for 55 is if you're in Lightroom already 56 and you want to take a picture, it's always there. 57 So I'm gonna click on this import button. 58 I can bring in images from the device. 59 So remember there's a device area, 60 that's the non Lightroom area that's already on your camera. 61 So anything in the camera roll basically is on your device. 62 So we've already been there. 63 We know how to import directly from there, 64 but you can go there from here. 65 There's also a Lightroom option as well. 66 So I can add photos to this particular 67 album from Lightroom. 68 So I can bring in other ones that are already inside 69 of Lightroom and I would just be adding them to this album. 70 Or I can add things from files. 71 So files is that location inside of Lightroom 72 or not inside of Lightroom, 73 inside of your phone or your iPad. 74 That can accept all files. 75 And so I can import from there or I can import 76 from the connected camera card. 77 So there's two ways to do this and by the way, 78 I can also access everything from this camera card, 79 from the files menu as well. 80 So let me show you both, 81 because one of 'em is a little more annoying than the other. 82 So this connected camera card, if I click on it, 83 it opens up the card itself. 84 So it takes a while for these images to build 85 because it's trying to do it visually. 86 And I'm not a big fan of that. 87 Plus I'm not actually seeing the other folder 88 that's on this card. 89 So I'm not interested in importing this photo shoot. 90 I'm interested in a different photo shoot 91 and it's not even showing up here. 92 So I'm gonna eggs out of this and I'm gonna go back 93 to that import option and click on files. 94 Now I can go to that same camera card 95 and if I open up this file, 96 you can see that there are two options here. 97 There's the 100 and the 101. 98 I'm gonna go to the 101 and you can see 99 that I've got some travel photos 100 that I want to bring in from this card. 101 So if I wanna bring those in, 102 I simply click on the one image and then hit select all. 103 And then I can import them. 104 If I was over in the connected camera card option, 105 I can just click on this top folder up here. 106 So I can just say everything on this card. 107 I can click the import button 108 and it will import these images as well. 109 So I'm not a big fan of the user interface 110 there on the import from Camera card. 111 So I generally will just go to the files menu here, 112 and just grab the actual card itself and go to the place 113 and just click on the one select all, 114 see how quick that was. 115 It's not trying to like create this scenario 116 and make it look cute and it's just a grid 117 of images much better. 118 But when we're about to import these, 119 we gotta decide where we're going to import them. 120 So if I were to click here right now 121 and click on the the connected camera card, 122 I could choose from this dialogue box 123 that I want to create a new album. 124 I could choose an existing album, use the current album, 125 or just put it in all photos 126 and don't have it associated with a specific album. 127 So there's a lot of options there 128 as to where I want to put them. 129 But if I'm in this other option here, which is the files, 130 I don't have that same option here. 131 I don't have like some kind of put these in a specific album 132 or a new album. 133 And so what I really want to do is I wanna make an album. 134 So I'm gonna actually go in and make a new album 135 just by going up to the top of the album's list 136 and clicking the plus button. 137 I'm gonna create a new album. 138 I could create a new folder as well, 139 but I'm gonna create a new album 140 and I'm gonna call this Travel to Italy and hit, okay. 141 So now I have an album called Travel to Italy. 142 I'm gonna go inside that album 143 and now you see I still have those two buttons. 144 I'm gonna click on that little plus button, go to the files, 145 go to the Cannon card, go to this folder, 146 click the first one, select all and hit open. 147 So you can see that the images are being pulled in. 148 They're coming from this card, 149 so it's gonna be a little slow. 150 If they were coming from the camera, 151 it would be much faster. 152 Cameras are really fast card reader, 153 but you can see them all coming in. 154 So if you wanna see these a little bit better, 155 you can just pinch down with two fingers 156 and they will get smaller and smaller 157 until they're that size so that you can see 158 whether or not you've got 'em all. 159 And I happen to know that this was the last image 160 that I had in there. 161 This was the first image in there. 162 So I know I've got all of 'em. 163 And as a result of that, because I know I have them all, 164 I don't have to eject this, I can just pull it. 165 So that's a bit different than most computers. 166 So I just pull this off, I'm done with that. 167 Now I have my images inside of the Travel to Italy folder. 168 If I want to move this, I can grab it and drag it 169 into my educational collection. 170 If I hold it there, it pops that open. 171 And then I'm gonna look for my workflow workshop, 172 hold it there, it pops it into there, 173 and then I can let it go. 174 And now it's going to be moved 175 into this folder specifically. 176 I can also click on this triple dot button 177 and I can tell it to move it to somewhere. 178 And then I can choose where I'm gonna move it 179 just by kind of navigating around and looking for the place 180 that I wanna put it. 181 But I'm not gonna do that 'cause I've already moved it 182 physically where I wanted it to be. 183 And there's a lot of stuff you can do 184 with these triple dot buttons here. 185 You can add more photos, you can turn on the store 186 locally option you remember that was an option 187 that we explored in Lightroom on our laptop as well. 188 It was because we had turned off the option 189 to always bring everything down. 190 So we weren't bringing the entire high resolution image 191 for every image in the catalog down to the computer. 192 And so we had to turn on any kind of album 193 where we wanted those image stored locally. 194 Same thing is true here because my settings 195 are such that I'm not downloading the entire thing. 196 I'm only downing downloading those smart previews. 197 And as a result of only downloading the smart previews, 198 I need to turn on store locally if I want to store 199 the full resolution images in. 200 Because what's happening right now, 201 and let's go back to our schematic, 202 what's happening right now in the schematic 203 is that we've got an image that we brought into our iPad 204 and it's uploading those images 205 as full resolution images to the cloud. 206 And as soon as it gets 'em there, if I haven't told it 207 to also store them locally, it's going to get rid of them 208 on the iPad to save space. 209 So I'm gonna click download even though 210 I'm not really downloading something 211 because they're already there. 212 But you see how that little blue line comes up. 213 If it was downloading the whole set from online 214 because it had already gotten rid of them on the iPad, 215 it would just have to download the whole thing. 216 And so that blue line would take a long time to do it. 217 But if I turn it on the minute I create the album 218 and the minute I put some images in it, 219 then most of the images will have already stayed there. 220 But you can see that there's only 55 of 'em are in here. 221 The other ones have already been sent to the cloud 222 and dispersed from the the album. 223 So it only kept the smart previews 224 because it was told not to keep the high resolution images 225 as a rule from the settings. 226 So if you are going to be doing this kind of workflow 227 where you're bringing images into Lightroom mobile 228 and it's going to be uploading 'em to the cloud, 229 just make sure that you tap that little triple dot button 230 and make sure you store that locally right away. 231 That way you don't have a lot of up. 232 And then a lot of down, if you do it right away, 233 by the time you do it, 234 it won't be finished importing all of 'em. 235 But you can only turn on that store locally button 236 once there's one image inside of that album. 237 This triple button is also where you can move things. 238 I showed you that you can rename the album itself, 239 you can delete the album or you can share people 240 a link to invite them to look at that album, 241 which is awesome. 242 And you saw us do that inside of Lightroom on our computer. 243 And so you can do the same thing here. 244 So that's awesome as well.

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Jared Platt is the best educator when it comes to explaining how and when to use each program in the Lightroom ecosystem. He knows and explains extremely well the pros, cons, and tricks of using LrC, Lr, & LrMobile together. Most people teach each independently. Jared teaches in depth knowledge of how they interact --amazing!

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