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Lightroom Mobile: Settings

Lesson 33 from: The Streamlined Lightroom Workflow

Jared Platt

Lightroom Mobile: Settings

Lesson 33 from: The Streamlined Lightroom Workflow

Jared Platt

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33. Lightroom Mobile: Settings

<b>Lightroom Mobile requires some very important setting changes.&#160; You will run into some problems if you don&#8217;t know about these settings.&#160; So let me save you from all that trouble and introduce you to the most important settings in Lightroom Mobile.</b>


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Lightroom Mobile: Settings

1 Let's start with some settings inside of Lightroom mobile. 2 So, in Lightroom mobile, 3 whether you're on the phone or the iPad, 4 there's a triple dot button, 5 and that has all of the options 6 that you're going to be accessing throughout the process 7 of working inside of Lightroom mobile. 8 You have some Select options. 9 You have Sharing options. 10 You have View options. 11 You have a whole bunch of stuff up here, 12 and we'll go through quite a bit of this stuff. 13 But most importantly, is the app settings. 14 So I'm gonna click on app settings 15 and then here's all of my app settings. 16 Most of them are kinda informational. 17 You can go to your account here. 18 This is just about Lightroom itself, here's what's new. 19 This stuff is just informational. 20 And then there's Premium features. 21 If you click on that, 22 it just shows you all of the different features 23 that are available to you, 24 so if you wanna understand what's in there. 25 And then there's Early Acce...

ss. 26 If you go to the Early Access, you can turn things on here. 27 So Tech previews, things like that. 28 And make sure that you are turning them on 29 so that you have access to all of the new features 30 that they're testing 31 'cause you don't wanna be without those. 32 The next thing is the Cloud Storage and Sync. 33 This is important. 34 Here's that used cellular for sync. 35 We don't want this on if we're traveling internationally. 36 So I'm in the United States, 37 so I use this on when I'm in the United States 38 because I have unlimited data plans. 39 But if I go outside the United States, 40 I turn this off before I land. 41 That way I don't get any synchronization on cellular. 42 That's important. 43 Do that with this and your phone. 44 And then also, I only download Smart previews. 45 Remember how I told you 46 that in Lightroom and Lightroom mobile, 47 you have the option of choosing what you download. 48 It's always gonna upload the full high resolution raw image, 49 but it's going to allow you to choose what to download. 50 And I'm only telling it to download the smart previews. 51 That way I'm not filling up a ton of space on my device. 52 And then I always keep this on, Prevent from Sleep. 53 So it will not allow this thing to sleep 54 when it's uploading something. 55 If there's any activity in Lightroom, 56 the device can't go to sleep. 57 Because if it goes to sleep, 58 it will stop the upload or the download, 59 and then I lose the advantage 60 of having that quick backup of all of my stuff. 61 So, those are really important settings. 62 Turn 'em all on unless you have a limit on your data. 63 For for cellular, turn this off. 64 Very important. 65 The local storage setting 66 just tells you what kind of space you have in local storage 67 and you can clear your cache. 68 So if things start getting really slow, 69 come back here and clear the cache. 70 The Import options are really important. 71 Now, on the iPad, 72 I don't auto turn on auto ad from device photos. 73 So, in my phone I have this on. 74 And the reason I have it on 75 is because I'm constantly taking photos with my phone, 76 but I don't want to spend the time 77 to go find the Lightroom camera. 78 It's faster to just open up the camera 79 that is the device's camera, so the Apple camera. 80 And I make sure that all of my settings in the phone 81 are telling me to shoot raw. 82 So I want it to shoot a raw DNG file type 83 with the Apple camera. 84 Then everything that goes into the camera itself 85 gets added automatically into Lightroom if you turn this on. 86 It's not on here because I don't take pictures with my iPad. 87 If you took pictures with your iPad, 88 you should turn that on as well. 89 If you turn that on, 90 you can also choose not to turn on the screenshots 91 because it's kinda weird 92 to have just screenshots of things inside of your device. 93 And then those get put into Lightroom 94 'cause you're not gonna be adjusting screenshots. 95 So, I leave screenshots off, 96 I leave photos on if I'm on my phone. 97 And then I leave videos off 98 because I don't shoot a lot of videos 99 that I wanna just automatically throw into Lightroom. 100 If I want to throw a video in, 101 I'll go ahead and grab it and pull it in. 102 And we'll show you how to do that in a minute. 103 Also, copyright information is here. 104 You can add the copyright with this little trigger. 105 So as you put your information in, as you import photos, 106 it will add your copyright. 107 I don't need to do that 108 because my copyright is already in the camera, 109 so it's on the photo that's coming in. 110 But if you are shooting stuff on your phone, 111 then you might want to turn that on 112 so that it's auto adding the copyright 113 on the way in from your camera phone as well. 114 There's nothing wrong with leaving it on, 115 you can leave it on and it will just add it over the top 116 of what your camera has. 117 So if you just happen to forget to put it on your camera, 118 that will help. 119 So you can leave it on, you can turn it off, it's up to you. 120 The HDR edit mode for new photos, 121 you can toggle that on. 122 All of this new talk about HDR inside of Lightroom, 123 you've always been able... 124 Well, not always. 125 But over the last few years, you've been able to edit HDR 126 and combine images to HDR. 127 But it's hard to see HDR. 128 It's just you're able to edit the extra image information 129 so you get more color depth, 130 you get more latitude in the image because you shot HDR, 131 but it's hard to see it. 132 You don't get to see it in an HDR view until now. 133 Lightroom allows you now to see the HDR information. 134 It shows you a histogram with extra HDR information. 135 And perhaps one of these days, 136 we'll do a workshop just on HDR inside of Lightroom. 137 But for right now, 138 the HDR craze is a little bit ahead of its time 139 because there aren't a lot of ways to present the HDR 140 because you can't trust that your clients 141 have that capability. 142 You don't have printing capability for it really. 143 And so there's just not a lot of ways to share it. 144 So, we gotta kinda wait for the sharing to catch up 145 with the ability to see and edit and work on images. 146 We have HDR monitors, 147 but our clients aren't gonna have wall displays 148 that are HDR, generally speaking. 149 And so you would have to actually buy one for 'em 150 and give it to 'em and then say, 151 "Now you can look at your images HDR, 152 so might be an expensive photo shoot." 153 So, I don't have that on 154 because I'm not doing that right now 155 because I'm not trying 156 to get into the HDR market at the moment. 157 Maybe someday. 158 And then we have raw default settings. 159 So this is just choosing what your imports 160 are going to automatically do to the images. 161 And I've got it set up to camera settings, 162 just like I have in Lightroom Classic and in Lightroom. 163 I want, when I import images, 164 it to use whatever settings I will use on the camera. 165 So whatever style I use. 166 So if I'm shooting a landscape style image, 167 I want it to apply the Adobe landscape version 168 of the Cannon profile, 169 so that way, it looks as much like what I saw 170 on the back of my camera as possible. 171 So those are the import settings. 172 All very important settings. 173 The People View, make sure you turn that on 174 because you're gonna want to use that. 175 The input option, this is how I have this little red dot. 176 Unfortunately, it always is a big red dot. 177 And so this show touches is what's allowing you to see 178 what I'm touching on the screen. 179 And then you can obviously turn it 180 to left-handed editing as well. 181 So that's important as well. 182 And by the way, 183 you can also learn all of your different gestures 184 for working on your images here as well. 185 So, those are our settings that you need to know 186 before we start working inside of Lightroom mobile.

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Milena Marguenski

After giving up on Adobe long time ago (for apparent reasons). I decided to go back with my recent coming back to photography. I’ve been a heavy Photoshop user but never Lightroom’s. Since I signed up I was straggling to decide between the “new” Lightroom and Lightroom Classic. It was obvious LRC is more versatile but I loved the modern, cleaner look of the Lr. At the end I am a visual person :). Jared’s workshop made my decision easier and cleared up the question I asked Google repeatedly about managing Adobe cloud storage. A very comprehensive, easy to understand and fun course. Can’t wait to rearrange my 20+ years photo library. Thank you, Jared!


Jared Platt is the best educator when it comes to explaining how and when to use each program in the Lightroom ecosystem. He knows and explains extremely well the pros, cons, and tricks of using LrC, Lr, & LrMobile together. Most people teach each independently. Jared teaches in depth knowledge of how they interact --amazing!

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