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Lightroom: Sorting and Finding Images

Lesson 27 from: The Streamlined Lightroom Workflow

Jared Platt

Lightroom: Sorting and Finding Images

Lesson 27 from: The Streamlined Lightroom Workflow

Jared Platt

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27. Lightroom: Sorting and Finding Images

<b>Oh boy!&#160; When it comes time to sort and find your images, there are so many things to learn.&#160; After all, that is one of the most challenging things modern photographers do&#8230; try to find their images.&#160; Lightroom can help you with that, especially when you have the entire Lightroom Ecosystem to help.&#160; Things you could not find in Lightroom Classic will suddenly be a snap to locate.&#160;&#160;</b>


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Lightroom: Sorting and Finding Images


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Lightroom: Sorting and Finding Images

1 While we're here inside of Lightroom, 2 and I actually went through these really quickly 3 and just added a couple extra stars to a few of them. 4 And I did some of that while we were doing it together. 5 And then also I did a little bit of it just now. 6 So what I wanna show you how to do is to sort 7 through these images. 8 So for instance, the first thing 9 that I can do is I can come up to the search area here 10 and I can search by anything that has say, 11 three stars and above. 12 So there's all of my favorite images right there. 13 So I want to collect all of those. 14 I'm gonna hit command A for select all, 15 and then I'm gonna go in and create a new album. 16 And I can do that by clicking on the plus button here 17 to create an album or an album folder. 18 So the folder is what you would put albums in. 19 So this is a folder here, so you can see that's a folder. 20 And then there's albums within it. 21 So I could do that here, 22 and when I do that, create an album, 23 I...

can choose where it's gonna put it, 24 but what I really wanna do is right click the exact folder 25 I wanna put it in, and then I'm gonna create an album 26 inside of there. 27 When I do that, I'm gonna call this the same name. 28 So Indiana 29 Portrait and look, it says, oh, nope, it's the same name. 30 You can't make it. And I'm gonna say Portfolio. 31 So I'm making another album 32 and it doesn't copy the images 33 and it doesn't cost me any space. 34 It just allows me to collect images in different areas. 35 And I'm showing you this not 36 because you should make multiple copies of the same album 37 with, you know, all of the images, 38 and then some of the images I'm showing you so that 39 if you wanted to create other albums 40 that are specific for purposes, 41 like say Portrait Portfolio, in fact, let's do that. 42 Let's just call this Portrait Portfolio. 43 So this is our Portrait Portfolio album. 44 And I'm gonna say include these 19 photos inside 45 of the folder, Creative Live Workflow, 2024. 46 So I'm gonna hit Create. 47 And so now I have a portrait portfolio folder 48 or what we'd call an album, 49 and I can start putting other things into it. 50 So I could go to another portrait area 51 and grab images that are really cool, and I can grab them 52 and drag them into that portrait portfolio. 53 And so now I'm gonna have these images along 54 with these images, but let's clean out this. 55 So I'm gonna hit delete on this 56 and notice that it's just removing it. 57 It's not deleting it, 58 because if I go back to this same portrait location, 59 they're still there. 60 They're still inside of the cloud, they're still 61 inside of Lightroom. 62 It's just that I chose to remove them 63 from this particular album. 64 It's also important to note that if I were 65 to actually go in 66 and delete all of the images from this photo shoot inside 67 of Lightroom, that they would be still on this drive 68 because these are the originals 69 and they would still be inside 70 of Lightroom Classic because they all went 71 up into the cloud. 72 And then they came down into Lightroom Classic. 73 So by putting 'em into the cloud here 74 on our laptop, they went up into the cloud 75 and then they went down to Lightroom Classic. 76 Lightroom will delete them from the cloud. 77 It will delete them from our iPad and our iPhone. 78 So it won't be here, it won't be here, 79 it won't be on this side of Lightroom, 80 but it will be in this hard drive 81 and it will be in this hard drive 82 Because this was just a file browser situation here. 83 And so these are the originals. 84 And then it went to the cloud and came here, 85 and it got put in here. 86 And Lightroom Classic will never delete your files. 87 It is a safe, it's like a lockbox and it's gonna stay safe. 88 You have to really work hard 89 to delete your images from Lightroom Classic, 90 from the computer itself. 91 Lightroom will always try and protect those images. 92 So now I'm gonna come back to my iPad really quickly just 93 to show you kind of how I work. 94 So if you notice inside of my folder, 95 which is the Creative Live Workflow 2024, 96 you can see that there's the Indie, the full set, 97 and they all have been adjusted. 98 And then there's also the portrait portfolio. 99 And as I look at that, I'm gonna kind of scan 100 through my images and I really like looking at 'em in here. 101 I can keep the adjustments available so that if I want 102 to change anything, 103 and I'm just gonna kind of flip through 'em, 104 and I really like this one, 105 but I think that the crop is off. 106 So I'm gonna hit the crop tool 107 and notice that the crop is, it's getting, 108 that over here on the right hand side is the stand 109 that's holding up the light. 110 So I'm just gonna grab this edge, 111 and because I've got this locked here, 112 I've got the actual aspect ratio locked. 113 All I do is grab on this edge and move it, 114 and it holds the aspect ratio of the crop. 115 So I'm just cropping in like this, scanning down like that. 116 I actually need to cut in so that it's 117 a little bit more symmetrical. 118 And... 119 There, just like that. 120 Okay. 121 So that's my crop for that. 122 And oh, this one needs to be cropped. 123 Just hit the crop tool again. 124 Grab the bottom, drag it up a little bit, 125 drag the side in a little bit there. 126 That looks good. Hit done. 127 So I can just kind of flip through these. 128 And if I need to renegotiate a crop, 129 I can just do it. 130 No big deal. 131 That's cute. 132 I don't know what that is. 133 It looks like a... 134 Oh, it's part of a stand. 135 Okay, so in this circumstance, 136 I need to get rid of that stand. 137 This is a perfectly good place to do it. 138 I can, let's say I'm at a baseball game 139 watching my son, but he's in the dugout, 140 so there's nothing to watch. 141 So now I'm gonna go in 142 and click on the remove tool. 143 And instead of, instead of using the clone 144 or the heal, I'm gonna use remove 145 'cause remove is actually the smartest of all the tools. 146 I'm gonna change the brush size to appropriate size. 147 And then I'm just gonna kind of draw over the top of that 148 and boom, great, did it. 149 And then the other thing that I can do, 150 because I have the remove tool, 151 is I can just draw a line across that too. 152 So I'm just gonna do that. 153 There, that removes the problem down at the bottom 154 of that backdrop. 155 There we go. Like it. 156 Okay, so I can just keep doing this to my heart's content 157 because it's a really casual way 158 to work and I can do it pretty much anywhere. 159 I could even do this on my phone if I wanted to. 160 Although I really don't like doing this kind 161 of stuff on the phone because the phone is, 162 I kind of see the phone as an opportunity to share images, 163 show people images, but not necessarily work on images 164 unless it's just on the go. 165 I'm taking a shot from my phone 166 and I want to edit that from my phone, 167 then that's a good place for it. 168 But we'll talk about that workflow when we get 169 to the iPad itself and when we get to the iPhone. 170 This really is one of my favorite images here. 171 That's such a great image. 172 So I am going to give this one, 173 I think I already gave this one five stars. 174 Yeah, I did. So I love this image. 175 I'm actually gonna go into the keywords 176 and I'm gonna add a keyword called 177 Laughter and Smile. 178 And happy. Hit Done. 179 So now I've just added some extra kind of keywords 180 that are a little bit metaphorical. 181 It's easier to find something if I looking for happy 182 or if I'm looking for smile. 183 And Lightroom can find some of those things, but not always. 184 And so it's good to add, if you have a metaphorical keyword, 185 it's really important to add it. 186 Now I'm going to, I'm gonna leave the iPad 187 and let's say I've come back to my laptop back at home 188 and I'm going to start looking at these photos. 189 And let's say that this was a very large collection 190 of portfolio images. 191 It wasn't just a 19 image collection, 192 and I was looking for a photo with a model and a dog. 193 So I would say, okay, I'm looking for what? 194 I'm looking for a specific person. 195 So I'm looking inside, notice that soon 196 as I go into the search option. 197 So as soon as I go into this search bar, when I click on it, 198 because I'm currently in this album, 199 it automatically searches inside this album. 200 Then I can add other things. 201 Like for instance, I can add people. 202 And so if I choose a person, Indie, 203 it's now looking for her. 204 And obviously all of these are her, but it found her 205 and it will continue to look for her. 206 So if this had other people in it, like for instance, 207 if we took this one and dragged her in 208 and dragged her in, and now we're here. 209 If I go in here and I choose portfolios 210 and I choose Indie, 211 see how the other people disappeared from that search. 212 So it's literally looking at her face and choosing her. 213 So currently it's looking inside the portfolio collection 214 and it's looking for photos that have Indie in them. 215 But I can also search for a dog, 216 and it's gonna look visually for the dog 217 because I didn't add that as a keyword. 218 So I'm gonna type in dog and hit enter. 219 And now there's the dog. 220 So it actually found a photo in this album 221 with a dog and with a person in it. 222 So I can go to all of my images. 223 So click on all photos. 224 So now I'm looking at all 101,000 photos 225 that are in the cloud currently of mine. 226 And I'm gonna type in dog and hit, 227 and notice that at this point, 228 because it's looking at a lot more images, 229 it gives me some other choices. 230 So when I go in here, you can see that I can look 231 for a keyword dog. 232 So it's only if you are looking for the keyword dog, 233 not necessarily a visual search of dog. 234 So I can look for dog, dogs, 235 or I can look for terminology that's inside of like 236 a description of a photo. 237 So I'm gonna search visually for dog. 238 So I click on dog. 239 So it shows a whole bunch of dogs and it even 240 knows dogs that are out of focus. 241 And it does a great job. 242 There are a thousand photos here of dogs, 243 but we're gonna go back 244 to our portrait session here and type in dog. 245 And there we go, we have all of our images 246 that have the dog in them. 247 So that's how easy it is to 248 find images inside of Lightroom. 249 And this is very different than Lightroom classic 250 because Lightroom classic doesn't use AI for searching. 251 It only uses keywords. 252 And so if you want to find something 253 and you don't know where it is 254 and you don't remember what album it's in 255 and you don't remember what you keyword it 256 or you didn't keyword it at all, 257 the visual search is the best way to do it 258 and you can do that in Lightroom Mobile, 259 Lightroom on your the new version of Lightroom, 260 or Lightroom web. 261 You can't do it in Lightroom Classic. 262 Lightroom Classic is the only metadata 263 that you added in yourself. 264 So I always come over to Lightroom 265 or I go up to Lightroom web to do that. 266 And if I'm really looking for something 267 and I've added a whole bunch 268 of collections from Lightroom Classic, 269 I will go search for those in the web. 270 But if I'm searching for something 271 that I know exists in a certain area, 272 I will just add that area to a collection, 273 just grab, you know, 2,000 photos or whatever 274 and put 'em in a collection inside of Lightroom Classic 275 and I will share them to the web so that then I can go 276 to Lightroom web and search visually for that thing. 277 And you kind of have to give it a little time. 278 So I put the collection up in the cloud 279 and then let the cloud churn on it for a day, 280 and then I go in there and search for that specific thing.

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