The Vintage Pocket Skirt

Lesson 1/15 - Introduction & Overview of Skillset


The Vintage Pocket Skirt


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Introduction & Overview of Skillset

Hi there, I'm sharing need, and this is my los angeles sewing classroom, so l a today's class is a pattern I design called the vintage pocket skirt. This is a beginner class. If you're ambitious, it's, also a great second project if you've already sewn one thing to your satisfaction, this is a great style if you like a more fitted look, because what we have here is a smooth waist band in the front and panels to fit the body. We're going to learn how to do some pockets and this nice flat waistband, but then in the back, there's elastic to make it a little easier to fit and also for comfort. These are some of the skills will be learning in today's class, along with how to read a pattern envelope, some pro tips for pinning and cutting, following along with the pattern instructions and learning at the end. How to do either a single fold him for thicker fabrics or double fold him for later weight fabrics. I'm pretty excited to teach you how to sew this great skirt.

Class Description

In The Vintage Pocket Skirt, Shaerie Mead gives you step-by-step instructions for making a simple, yet stylish skirt.

Shaerie, of Sew L.A., has been teaching people how to sew since 2005. In this class, she’ll show you how to make one of her most popular garments. You’ll learn about:

  • Reading and preparing the paper pattern
  • Sewing pockets and the skirt body
  • Interfacing, sewing, and attaching the waistband
  • Finishing and hemming the skirt
Even if you have never sewn before, you’ll be able to follow along. Shaerie will explain sewing basics and she’ll help you make sense of the paper patterns that are part and parcel of garment-making.

Impress people with a handmade skirt that looks complicated but is actually pretty easy to construct with tips from The Vintage Pocket Skirt with Shaerie Mead.