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Complete Slideshow Example for a Small Wedding

Let's go ahead and just play the final slide show. Sure. Yeah. Let's show the finished cake. Mmhmm. Here we go. ("Lift" by Zerbin) (audience applauds) Thank you. Alright, so, their reaction, like all of us, so we don't have anything to say, but it was along the same lines, and, yeah. Yeah, this is very embarrassing, because I, that totally made me cry. I've seen it like a million times, but. Yeah, I mean, like I said before, it's what we work so hard for, and when it comes together, like, it's emotional for us, too, because it's everything that we work towards, and, yeah, anyway. I also really love those guys, so. So that's it, yeah, it's a slideshow. Whew! I got emotional, too. I got emotional seeing you get emotional as well. We do have a few questions that I wanna touch on, and grab a mic, if you have any in here, but you did mention how choosing the song can be so, can be really challenging, and so the question is, at what point in your process are you choosing the song...

, before or after the images and the story? And then, Garrett is also asking if you, if the slideshow is programming the songs, I'm sorry, the images to the song? Yes, so SmartSlides, when you drop the song and you drop your images, it'll auto-time everything, and it actually has a beat matching feature built in as well. The only limitation, it has to be one of the songs from their collection, you can't import a song from somewhere else, but their collection is quite decent and we use a lot of their music, and you can do beat matching at a fast tempo or at a slow tempo, so it'll change the slide with, you know, each beat, so that's a really cool feature. Uh, so there's no manual adjusting of times on each slide, it's all figured out for you, which is really great. And in terms of choosing the song, we'll usually do that after we've edited all the photos and it's time to put the slideshow together, but sometimes we'll come across a song that is, you know, really interesting and we feel like we might use it for a slideshow, and we'll put it in our bank, off to the side and, you know, use it when we need to. Yeah we had, sorry, for the wedding we photographed in Hawaii that we spoke about, that had the storm, or where it rained, there was a song called, like, Aloha Storm or something like that and we're like, come on, that song was perfect. So, you know, when we found that it was like a done deal. But sometimes we'll hear a song while we're searching for one that we're like, oh, this might suit this future wedding we have, you know, because of the location or something, so then we'll kind of, like Daniel said, you know, keep it on standby. But usually it's really once everything is done and we're actually sitting down with the photos and we're ready to put it together. My favorite thing about the music is that it has, like, a good build up. Yeah. Because the weddings, they do build up, like it starts a little more mellow, with the prep and the ceremony, like we don't want crazy music during the ceremony, but if we can time it so that when they come out of the ceremony and into the reception, like, the music really builds up and it really drives that energy upwards and music is just so powerful in that way. Didn't you see how, like, in both slideshows whenever the transitions were happening, that's often when there was, like, a build up or something. I feel like often times the songs really compliment our story telling approach for that reason. And I also think the two different songs were so perfectly, worked so well for each of the different couples and the different experiences. Yeah, our couples often get attached to the music that we choose, they like love the song after, you know? And it's usually the first time they hear it, because it's royalty-free music, it's not popular music, and I actually like that about it, because we're introducing them to a new song and they get that association, yeah. Do you ever have couples that say, "I want you to use this song?" Or, that, and what's your response? Definitely, yeah, and especially with more popular music, and we do explain, you know, that we have to use music that is licensed. It is, you know, the slideshow is our final product so it is a product that they've technically purchased, so we can't just used any unlicensed music. Any questions? Yeah, go ahead. Dang, you guys are hella dope. (laughter) Thanks. I have two questions. When you guys, for the slideshow, do you deliver a video file to your clients or does it just live on sound slide, or, um-- SmartSlide. SmartSlides. And my other question was, I noticed that in the last slideshow, they had ribbons on the ceremony. What was the story with that, 'cause it's very similar to my culture. Yeah, so those were the strings that they tied around their wrists during the ceremony, and actually the backstory of that is that Daniel and I did that at our wedding, because our Cambodian friends, who are Buddhist, yeah. They had done that at their wedding and I, we loved it as a tradition of a way of bringing, you know, people together during the ceremony, and our friend who officiated Adam and Melissa's wedding told these guys about this thing we had done, so they loved the idea, so they did it as well. So that's what that was. For your first question, wanna take that? Yes, so the slideshow does live on SmartSlides, but you can control whether your client can download a MP4 video file or not. And we generally do turn it on, so that our clients can download a video file. You know, it's their final product, so, yeah.

Wedding Photography is a hard and sometimes exhausting business. Finding ways to stay creative while continuing to capture timeless and classic imagery is important. Drawing from their own life experiences, Davina and Daniel Kudish capture the subtle nuances of their client's life stories at every wedding. In this course, they’ll discuss techniques to personalize each individual wedding to capture the stories and moments that make each couple unique.

They’ll discuss the formula to capturing stories and teach:

  • Pre-Wedding Conversation techniques with clients to help build your shot list
  • Utilize what you know about each couple to help approach capturing the day
  • Research and location scouting techniques
  • Capture the details that matter most
  • How to work with various lighting situations
  • Preserve the mood and capture natural moments
  • Composition and Framing
  • Shooting with variety
  • Create personal and creative portraits
  • Edit a slideshow and how to create an album

Davina and Daniel are known for capturing creative portraits and important moments that tell every unique love story. Join them to learn how to implement their formula to find and capture the creative story with every client.


Class Introduction
What Are "Epic" Images?
The Slideshow Formula
First Client Meeting
Establish Client Relationship
Expectation vs Preparation
Pre-Wedding Checklist
Gear for Photographing Weddings
Capture The Subtleties
Show The Connection
Importance of Capturing Transitions
Sidelines & Story Telling Details
Anticipation & Patience
Let The Scene Develop
Sequencing in Numbers
Successful "Anticipatience"
Examples of Poor Reaction Time
HTCG in 10
Giving Direction
Have Variety With Light & Composition
Capture The Mood
Take Advantage of Natural Light
Be Creative With Video Light
On-camera Flash For The Dance Floor
Find Flattering Ambient Light
Don't be Afraid of Tough Light
Composition & Framing
Lens Choice
Keep it Simple
Purpose of the Creative Portrait
Scouting for the Creative Portrait
Maximize a Location
Unique Posing for a Creative Portrait
Experiment with Your Photography
Make The Image Personal
Post Production Overview
Stay Organized in Post Production
Full Gallery Edits
Lightroom Workflow Overview
Bring Out Detail in Lightroom
Black & White in Lightroom
Landscape Images in Lightroom
Bold Images in Lightroom
Slideshow Edits
Importance of The Slideshow
Selecting Slideshow Images For a Large Wedding
Culling Slideshow Images for a Large Wedding
Complete Slideshow Example for a Large Wedding
Slideshow Images for a Small Wedding
Complete Slideshow Example for a Small Wedding
Build a Business Around Storytelling
Portfolio for Clients
Importance of The Inquiry Reply
Price List Best Practices
How to Price Your Work
Final Thoughts


  • Davina and Daniel are fantastic presenters as well as an exceptional photo team (plus they are super nice people, too!). I love their approach and methods and felt like there is so much value in this course. Even though I've been photographing for a long time, I took away a lot of great value gems from their course and look forward to applying several to my own business!
  • It has been a couple of days since Davina and Daniel's Creative Live course ended and I can't stop thinking about all the amazing information and inspiration they shared. I'm filled with so much inspiration I can't wait to utilize everything I have learned. I learned so much and know I'll learn more each time I re-watch which I plan to do often. I believe this is Creative Live's best wedding photography course.
  • Davina + Daniel, this is a wonderful class. I've enjoyed your teaching style and watching your banter between each other. The images are simply beautiful. I'm portrait photographer with no desire to do weddings, but this has opened my eyes to a whole other view of wedding photography that's rather enticing. Your storytelling is amazing and I'm going to definitely incorporate what I can into my own photography style.