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The Wedding Story: Capture Creative and Authentic Photos


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Stay Organized in Post Production

Staying organized through all of those steps is really, really crucial. It's something that we do take seriously and it has made our life a lot easier. We? I take very seriously. (Davina and Daniel laugh) It allows us to find any file from a wedding that we photographed eight years ago, in a matter of just a few seconds. So the way that we structure our folders looks something like this. First step very, very simple. Sorted by year. So, every year that we've been photographing weddings. Then within each year we have the month, followed by the date, followed by the couples name. So, that keeps everything in sequential order. Then within each of the client folders we have four different folders. So, we have one with their originals. So, everything that we've delivered, the raw files live there. We have their hi-resolution photos. So, everything that we delivered to them. One folder that we really like having is called "best". The one that's all the way at the top and that's all the s...

lide show photos that we've edited. Just because those are the ones that we're gonna need to use most often for contests, for portfolio editions, for blog posts, anything that we want to showcase that specific wedding. We will have already chosen those photos and isolated them as best. So instead of opening a folder with 1,500 photos in the high-resolution, we'll we just open a folder with 100 or 150 images. So, that keeps the structure quick and super easy. And then all the way at the bottom, you see slide show in order and that's where we keep just the final selection for their slide show. What happens to all the originals? Yes. (Davina giggles) So all the original files, all 20,000 photos that we would have photographed, those we do store originally either on a computer or on a hard drive. But once we deliver all of the photos to the client and we know that they're happy with the final product, they're not questioning us about our selection, everything is good and clear. Then we go ahead and trash all the raw files that we did not deliver. And we only keep the raw files from the final photos that we do deliver. All the other images, they're duplicates, worse versions of the images that we're delivering, test photos, eyes closed, all that stuff. So, really nothing that we need. I can't think of a single instance where we did need to go back and retrieve a file that we would have other wise deleted. Yeah. So that comes back to anticipations, the way the we shoot sequentially, yes we shoot a lot but we select from every sequence. That means that really every situation that was photographed, there is a photo that gets delivered from that. So, really we aren't withholding anything but other versions, that as Daniel mentioned, will be worse versions of something we've delivered. So, if we photographed a guest their will be a photo that will be delivered of that guest. So, that kind of protects us way back when we're actually shooting and then actually makes it a lot easier for us to cull and then avoids any issues with our bride and groom questioning the selection. Then in terms of file naming what we do is, once we've selected our slide show photos, the top 100-150, we rename those files "fav001". So, fave stands for favorites so just F-A-V. And then what happens with that selection of images, first of all they're named differently from the other 1000 or so photos that we're delivering. So, when the couple receives their files, they know that those are really the favorite images and they're really the best ones. They're also edited a little bit differently than the rest of the gallery. Because we do spend more time on those images in photo shop and by not having them appear one next to the other it's a lot harder for the couple to compare one edit next to the other. Does that make sense? 'Cause that really helps us to kind of justify why there is different editing done to those photos. And why it's a much more refined process of editing because of the way it's presented afterwards. It's also further training kind of to our clients, to be like these are your best photos. This is the story that we've created for you of your wedding day. We didn't touch on this earlier, but the slide show is the first thing that we deliver to our clients and it's the only thing that we deliver for the first 24 hours. They don't see the rest of the gallery until later on. The reason why we do that, is again to create that attachment. We really want them to feel attached to those photos and to understand that those are really the best ones.

Class Description

Wedding Photography is a hard and sometimes exhausting business. Finding ways to stay creative while continuing to capture timeless and classic imagery is important. Drawing from their own life experiences, Davina and Daniel Kudish capture the subtle nuances of their client's life stories at every wedding. In this course, they’ll discuss techniques to personalize each individual wedding to capture the stories and moments that make each couple unique.

They’ll discuss the formula to capturing stories and teach:

  • Pre-Wedding Conversation techniques with clients to help build your shot list
  • Utilize what you know about each couple to help approach capturing the day
  • Research and location scouting techniques
  • Capture the details that matter most
  • How to work with various lighting situations
  • Preserve the mood and capture natural moments
  • Composition and Framing
  • Shooting with variety
  • Create personal and creative portraits
  • Edit a slideshow and how to create an album

Davina and Daniel are known for capturing creative portraits and important moments that tell every unique love story. Join them to learn how to implement their formula to find and capture the creative story with every client.


1Class Introduction 2What Are "Epic" Images? 3The Slideshow Formula 4First Client Meeting 5Establish Client Relationship 6Expectation vs Preparation 7Pre-Wedding Checklist 8Gear for Photographing Weddings 9Capture The Subtleties 10Show The Connection 11Importance of Capturing Transitions 12Sidelines & Story Telling Details 13Anticipation & Patience 14Let The Scene Develop 15Sequencing in Numbers 16Successful "Anticipatience" 17Examples of Poor Reaction Time 18HTCG in 10 19Giving Direction 20Have Variety With Light & Composition 21Capture The Mood 22Take Advantage of Natural Light 23Be Creative With Video Light 24On-camera Flash For The Dance Floor 25Find Flattering Ambient Light 26Don't be Afraid of Tough Light 27Composition & Framing 28Lens Choice 29Keep it Simple 30Purpose of the Creative Portrait 31Scouting for the Creative Portrait 32Maximize a Location 33Unique Posing for a Creative Portrait 34Experiment with Your Photography 35Make The Image Personal 36Post Production Overview 37Stay Organized in Post Production 38Full Gallery Edits 39Lightroom Workflow Overview 40Bring Out Detail in Lightroom 41Black & White in Lightroom 42Landscape Images in Lightroom 43Bold Images in Lightroom 44Slideshow Edits 45Importance of The Slideshow 46Selecting Slideshow Images For a Large Wedding 47Culling Slideshow Images for a Large Wedding 48Complete Slideshow Example for a Large Wedding 49Slideshow Images for a Small Wedding 50Complete Slideshow Example for a Small Wedding 51Build a Business Around Storytelling 52Portfolio for Clients 53Importance of The Inquiry Reply 54Price List Best Practices 55How to Price Your Work 56Final Thoughts


a Creativelive Student

Holy Moly! I have been very familiar with Davina & Daniel for several years and I also work closely with Image Salon for the past 3 years. I loved their relatability, raw honesty, human connection, and their teaching method. It was also super helpful to see the GoPro footage on a real wedding day and walk through their thought process with them. A refreshing wind of inspiration has now flooded my mind and attitude. I am excited to begin my 8th year of weddings with a clear mind and full heart. These two are the REAL deal and I am so happy I made this investment. Thanks, CL for always bringing the BEST of the BEST.

a Creativelive Student

I’ve been following Davina and Daniel’s work for years and suffice it to say, they are in my top 6 all time favorites. I was so excited to watch this creative live and it didn’t disappoint. From their approach to shooting through the moments, to their stunning locales and minimalist gear, there is something for everyone in this class. Both Daniel and Davina have a tremendous knowledge of photography and their willingness to share and educate is second to none. Oh, and just so you know, they are also the nicest people on the planet. Super sweet, amazingly talented. Thanks for having them on.

a Creativelive Student

Davina and Daniel are fantastic presenters as well as an exceptional photo team (plus they are super nice people, too!). I love their approach and methods and felt like there is so much value in this course. Even though I've been photographing for a long time, I took away a lot of great value gems from their course and look forward to applying several to my own business!