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10 Wrap-Up

Lesson 13 from: Tracking & Mixing with Outboard Gear

Kris Crummett

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13. 10 Wrap-Up

Lesson Info

10 Wrap-Up

Maybe just going kind of final thoughts on the idea of just outdoor gear why outboard bridges digital what's kind of the what do your general thoughts your final wrap up for the day? Well, I guess my general thought of outward board versus digital is really kind of like what you've heard today and what I've been kind of saying has it been going along? I don't think you have to run everything through outboard gear I don't think you know it has to be on every single channel, but there's certain things that certain pieces of outboard gear do that there aren't plug ins that do the same thing and that create the same sounds. So even if, like I said before, all you have is one of these things something that's kind of a swiss army knife like a distress sir or a fatso, something that you can run through different stuff you can really, um kind of get a leg up on your compression sounds and kind of your saturation sounds versus plug ins it's not necessarily a better or worse is just that one thi...

ng does one thing that has it is better at one sound and plug ins or better at other sounds, and for me, the things I've showed you today are what I think outboard really excels at and and are the exact reason why use it well, I want to thank you, because this is again. This is a subject that we don't hear much about today and it's really cool to be able to hear it and appreciate it. Yeah, I sure I speak for the folks online folks in here when I say thank you again, not just for for teaching it, but for doing it in such a great, approachable style and just a very well prepared, knowledgeable way. Cool toe. Excellent.

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OK I bought this course to watch at my leisure. Lots of Respect for Kris - if you go to his personal website, his experience and track record (no pun!) is impressive. Clearly he knows his stuff and has developed a very efficient way of working. I am a singer songwriter in the UK with many years of experience playing live. I have my own project studio (Pro Tools 11, lots of vintage hardware, UAD, Avalon, Tube Tech etc) and all the software plug ins, virtual instruments. Also a comprehensive guitar collection, acoustics, electrics, keyboards, DW drums etc. My problem is this. here again is a well organised Creative Live presentation with a competent presenter, but the content is inappropriate for the majority of viewers. Like many people watching this stuff, I find the material used to demonstrate the techniques is awful. Grahame Cochrane is the same - over produced American soft rock which has absolutely no musical or creative merit. This 'music' isn't going to stand the test of time and will be gone within a year. I understand that the material isn't Kris's personal stuff, but he says he likes it and I'm sure he does. But what your listeners want to hear is how to produce recordings which have space and clarity. Listen to Jackson Browne, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Mark Knopfler, Ry Cooder, Dylan, Van Morrison - these artist's recordings are the ones to emulate! So please, can we kick out the over compressed X Factor style stuff and get back to basics? Show us how to get quality sounds and how to create space in a mix. Its the natural sounding music which will be with us in 50 year's time - just like the Motown stuff is now. No doubt there is a whole generation out there who think this sort of material has credibility, but I have to tell you it has almost no musical or creative merit, and I for one don't need to know how its produced.


This was the single most helpful source of information for improving my mixing that I have ever come across. I loved it and i know everybody else here will too. Buy it so this man can come back again

a Creativelive Student

Awesome course, super relevant as Issues is my favourite band and as a producer/engineer I aspire to their tone, the drum mixing was especially great, just a shame that there was no mention of electric guitar mixing

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