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Editing Remix Deck

So now that I have a bunch of samples loaded up let's get into some of the ways that you can edit them so I have a reverse here so let's play this sample really he's a way to reverse aiken permanently reverse by playing holding down the way so what I did there was hold on reverse hit the pad that I want to reverse and then let go of reverse before I let go of the pad right to reverse that now it's back to normal um I can also change the color of that by holding shift color and then I hit the pad that I want to change the color for us to say I make this a reverse and I wanted to be a different color right now it's blue hit the pad and then my palette of colors then comes up on the f one and I can hit red and now that one's gonna be read said that again and cool so to get to the other editing and actually got to show you some of the shift functions so you can see a number of these buttons have some text below this these air will be called shift functions and if you followed the previous ...

tutorial on mapping this is a modifier all right so let's hold down shift and then focus on what's going on on the side here so we have key lock effects monitor punch so key lock isn't it give us the ability to adjust the pitch of some of these slots so I want to adjust the pitch of slot three so let's turn on key lock you see when I let go there's no key lock our past go back to normal but when I hold on shift the pads changed their function I could also turn on effects for that particular slot which I do want affects on I can turn on monitor for that particular slot so if I wanted to queue up what's going on and slot three and my headphones I could do that and then there's also punch mode let me show you a punch mode is real quick so without punch move and it's going to start the clip over but if I activate punch mode it works the same way is llegado mode enable tune so it's gonna happen is it will move ah, the playback to the next available slaughter whichever sell them sorry that I press but it's going to maintain the original playback position. So let me show you what I mean by that a bunch of right so I can just jump from one cell to the other with keeping the play had going that makes sense all right cool so that's punch boat and it's a lot of fun to jump in and out of punch mode when you turn on some effects real quick I'm gonna go make sure my effects are showing here let's turn on a river real quick make sure it's on for dixie which it is and let me turn off the effects so I'm gonna hit play on this and watch what happens when I quickly turn on and turn off the effect so you can mix in and out different slots by using that effects tab that one's a lot of fun to play around with as well so now that I have key lock on let me show you how to change the pitch so I'm going to hold down shift and then type and that's going to adjust the pitch so if I hold down this particular pad when we first actually start playing the path is zero zero press into reset back to zero so that's kind of a fun way of adjusting the pitch and getting a little bit more dynamic maybe a buildup or something like that can also change the type so let's change the playback type by default I have all of these as loops green represents loop and you can actually see that they're loops because there's the circular icon right here on the screen but I can switch that easily just by tapping once blue is going to be one shot the arrow facing the right is a one shot, so get out of typing it's in a play until the end that it's going to stop doesn't make sense for this because this is a loop right? So we want that to be a loop but if I had like a kick drum snare drum some sort of you know scratch sample maybe I want that just trigger once and then it's over right? I can also change the trigger type so the trigger type by default we're in latch mode but I could also have this and hold so if I switched to hold what's gonna happen is whenever I hold the pad it's gonna play and when I let go so again this something that doesn't make much sense for a loop but could make sense for other styles and last but not least we have sink so each pad khun b sink individually and because these air loops when I turn on sink I want all these pads to sink to the master tempo right? I can turn off sink and it's gonna be a blank white pab but I want to leave saying gone for all of these for this style right? So again we have playback type loop or one shot we have triggered type does it on ly trigger when I hold or is a trigger when I press and then we have sink I can also adjust the size of these all right so I have playing right here and say I wanted to make it a little bit smaller so right now I believe this is a eight bar loop say I wanted to make it half that size I can hold down size hold down a pad and the values now one so one means it is the full value that I originally captured if I turn this to say one eighth that works right you're just shortening the size of the sample you can also extend it it doesn't make sense to do that in this case because that would leave some dead air afterwards and we can also adjust the speed right so let's go into shift which is my modifier and then hit speed and then let's adjust the speed of this maybe double the speed of it way don't want crazy robots I mean maybe you do in seattle I'm not sure but not here, not in l a all right cool so that was that some of the different functions that we have here not only can you capture but you can also delete so if you're taking a look at some of these shift functions here we have delete I'm not going to delete this and so I really love this set that I have right so but if I wanted teo I could hold this down and just tap these pads and delete what's going on in there right and I can also edit the pads right? It names that type of stuff quantas I can choose my qantas size you can see if I have contests eyes it can do one of two things I can either scroll with this knob I have a one b kwan ties so that means every single beat is going quantifies the next one if I'm doing drumming and I wanted to be contacted, I might want it to be a quarter beat nicer kicks and snares but I don't have to just turn this knob I can just hit the pad that corresponds to it so one beat boom we're good to go and if you want to make this channel the master I'd hold downshift and click master on sink so that's the f one this thing is essential for any tractor user anyone using tractor go out and get enough one it makes working with remix tex very, very dynamic and fun and is also a great editing tool because you don't have to touch the mouse. You can pretty much edit everything with the remix tech without ever touching the mouse. So again, the f one is an essential tool for that now that we went over the functions of the f one how to load samples from your library and how to capture samples from attract deck along with some use cases let's now focus a little bit on machine. And I'll show you how to create every mixtec using machine.

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Nick Trikakis, better known as NüTrik, will show you how to add pro-level polish to your DJ set in Traktor® Pro Advanced Techniques.

Nick is lead product specialist at Native Instruments and in this class, he’ll show you how to integrate the best features of Traktor® into your DJ set. You’ll learn:  

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  • Innovative ways to use remix decks
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Traktor® is packed with options for making your performance stand out – learn how to DJ like a pro in this class on advanced Traktor® Pro techniques.