Travel Photography: Landscapes, Aerials, and Skylines

Lesson 7/11 - Compositional Elements


Travel Photography: Landscapes, Aerials, and Skylines


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Compositional Elements

Compositional elements, always important. I won't spend too much time on this, but think about the Pisa, leaning tower of Pisa, how to make the foreground work for you. Importance of having layers, and again, you look at some of those images, you see the layers. There's the rocks in the foreground. You've got the lake, you've got the mountain, et cetera. So you want to try and make sure you bring all of that together. I really go into detail about composition and compositional elements and layers and foregrounds and all that in our boot camp that we did in North Cascades, the outdoor enthusiast's guide to photography in motion. I talked a lot about layers and all that kind of stuff. So I'm not gonna spend a huge amount of time on here, but like all good images, you want to have that. You want the eye to wander around through the shot. You want to use all the color and range of things to capture a strong sense of place and make a great composition. You want to incorporate people into yo...

ur composition even in landscapes. That's another thing I kind of left out when I was talking about landscape photography. Yes, shoot nature, shoot with, shoot without, right? Remember that list I created? Alone, with family, with friends, meeting new people. Same thing here also. Eliminate people in your compositions, even in landscapes. Autocorrect, huh? Even in landscapes. So you want to have both. Remember, you can incorporate people. And same thing with your skylines, on all of that. People really will enhance the image.

Class Description

Award-winning outdoor photographer Ian Shive shows how to capture the cityscapes and backdrops of your travels. He'll discuss composition, gear and how to successfully capture iconic skylines and viewpoints with a fresh perspective. Round out your portfolio with scenic landscapes that are print worthy.



Great class! Lots of useful information on on how to take, market and sell your photographs, including what constitutes editorial vs commercial work.