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100 Days: Photography Part 1

Right now we're going to try to start to bring this together. I realized that some of you are probably sitting at home thinking, okay, joey, I've bought in to this concept of the first hundred days I believe you that it's important, I see why the research shows that I see why the science shows it. I see why the examples you've given proved it in my own life. I've experienced this and I now maybe have a little bit of insight into the fact that I'm put in my customers on a roller coaster. I know I can do better, so then I came together and I put together my list of what my current experiences I actually mapped out the rollercoaster of what was going on, and I kind of was feeling a little bit better because I had a map and I had something in front of me that charted it, but I was feeling probably a lot worse because I realised just what an insane roller coaster I was putting them through and how things were happening right out of the beginning of the blocks that we're trained wrecking the...

relationship, and I had no idea and I was wondering why no one was making it toe advocacy, and even if we look at the chart, frankly, what's on the whiteboard here is representative of what is happening at most of your businesses we don't even get today one hundred we don't even get tau advocacy some of your looking or like joey almost every example you've done has gone about this far because guess what for almost every business I deal with this is about as faras they're getting it's the few exceptions that are coming to hear we're now going to make you the exception we're now going to make your business the one that actually gets to here and we're going to start to do this in the last segment today, okay? So if you're in a place of fear, uncertainty and doubt and saying, well, great show we how do I bring this altogether? What do I do? What's the checklist what's the plan I've got the map, but which steps do I take in the map to get to the destination? That's what's gonna happen right now in this section? Okay, now there are a bunch of works sheets for this section and if you open up your workbooks or if you're at home and you're looking at the pdf, we're looking for all the work sheets they start the very first ones his activation it's got a bunch of boxes underneath it, we're going to fill him in all right, I'm going to show you they look something like this, okay and just tow orient, you tow all the sheets at the top we have the title of the phase in the customer life cycle there at activation affirmation admission acclamation, assimilation, adoption and advocacy we know that that's the phase underneath a couple of people chimed in on the chat and during the breaks and they said joey, you talked about all of this and we've spent a lot of time over here I now know that activation is when they give me the money and they start I know that affirmation is when they're in that buyer's remorse and they're kind of like a what should I do when I need to be holding their hand? I know that admission is kind of think of it like college admissions when you show up on campus for the first day and what's your experience okay the first time when we're there it's not when you're accepted like the acceptance letter in colleges activation the information stage in college is deciding that that's where you want to go to school and pick in your dorm and figuring out went your books are and getting started then we get to admission is I show up on day one freshman orientation what's gonna happen now I'm admitted what's gonna happen acclamation this is where we acclamation to the altitude we're out we're in a new environment we're having a new experience we're gonna have to do things a little bit differently than we have in the past and the way that parallels to the business world is at this point in the stage, they're immersed in your business. They've probably never been immersed in your business before they're getting the chance to see what is your culture like? What is your way of doing business? They've had precursors to that, right? They've gotten used to your language or your tone, or you like to do emails or you like to do phone calls in these stages, but now they're into it, they're acclimating to their surroundings and they're still in a little bit of uncertainty, a lot of the fear and the doubt has gone away if you've done it right, but there's still uncertainty because it's a new environment I'm breathing air that has less oxygen than my sea level location. I'm at altitude, I'm acclimating here in the mountains what's interesting if you've ever spent any time in the mountains is what often happens here is you get sick altitude sickness, some people throw up, some of your customers are doing this at this stage in the process they want to throw up because we're in acclamation, we're not offering them oxygen, we're not offering them a map, we're not stepping them up the mountain, right? We are so focused on getting the project done building the website in fifteen days that we are racing them toe altitude as quickly as possible we're putting on on plane were flying them to the top of mount everest for kicking a mountain were saying, check out your website designs and we're surprised when they're going I can't even look at that, and we're like, come on, you signed on for this? You knew that round one I was showing you your website designs you were going to get feedback within two days and then we were going to go to the some pages. Why aren't you where I want you to be? Because we didn't have them acclamation? Assimilation is where we assimilate into our surroundings, so we're actually acclimated already we're not struggling to breathe anymore, and now we're actually isthe exploring and it's almost like we're becoming one of the locals, right? I live at eight thousand feet. When I first moved there, going up and down the stairs in my house, I'd get a little winded. I don't think I'm in the worst shape in the world. I'm not in the best shape in the world, but the difference between living at sea level, where I used to live in washington, d c and living at eight thousand feet on my body is a big difference that's why olympic athletes train in colorado at altitude, they acclimated and then once they're acclimating they start to do some really cool things as they become part of the community. They assimilate, they understand better. It doesn't get me winded, tow walk into the restaurant anymore. It doesn't get me winded. Tio have this experience. Aiken, go on a hike and not feel like I trust died. I can ski all day and actually feel fantastic at the end of the day and set a feeling beat like a dog. I have acclimated and then assimilated. I'm one of the locals. I got it when we moved to adoption. We own it. The most common phrase that we use in our common parlance or language for adoption is in the context of adopting a child. How does that work? We find a child. We, you know, work with an agency. We have someone gives her child up for adoption. We adopt the child. And in this moment of adoption we say this is mine. I own this. I will protect this. I'm a part of this. This is a piece of my soul. This is a piece of who I am that's where we want to get our customers. We want to get him to that phase most of us are. Most of us were stopping at the transaction that the best we're getting to assimilation some of you are looking at this and you're like, joey, look at all this white space over here why don't we filled this in? Well, the reason we haven't filled that in is there's not that many examples we've talked about some of them apples a great example apples to adoption there today adoption with me apple comes out with a new ipad on what november first right guess who's getting a new ipad on november first this guy we don't have to do activation afirman eight for affirmation admission acclamation assimilation I'm going to breeze through all these phases in about a day and a half don't get confused by this first hundred days thing some of you I think you're a little confused you're going well, wait a second you have these slots for days so there's got to be a pretty big gap between day one and the next stage in the next stage and we have to be going depends on your business that's why they're blank on the worksheet some of your like but tell me I need you to tell me what I do on day ten we need to have a one on one consultation I have to learn more about your business for sheri's web decide business that talks about building a website in fifteen days day ten is a very different place then if I'm a two hundred pounds overweight and I get some kettle bells from john day ten, for me, being one of john's customers is probably affirmation keep working out, you made the right choice, there's some admission cause hopefully I'm doing the first workouts by then, but we're way here if sherry's doing her business right by day ten were two thirds of the way through the project. We're over here between the summit, where we're actually ideally work in adoption. We're right on that we can see the finish line, the finish line is advocacy. We're not there yet, but we can see it from where we're standing that makes sense, how we move across the process. So if you're sitting at home or you're sitting in the studio audience and you're looking at this and you're saying, well, wait a second, I don't know what days were at it's, okay? We're going to build this out, we're going to build it out right now, okay? We have the worksheets. We're going to start with our assessment now, I want you to know right here from the outset, I am gonna hustle through up to here. Because we've spent a lot of time talking about thes we've mapped these for lack of a better way of putting up we've got a lot of ink on the board we've seen where it's at, we're going to take what we already know about this wedding photographer business and use that as our example, and we're going to turn out a bunch of pieces here, then we're going too slow back down to talk about what's over here because this is nirvana, this is where we're headed and we want toe anchor that in a little bit too. So we look at our first sheet assessment day zero, the reminder? The reason it says day zero is the assessment process could be anywhere from a few minutes to months depends on what you're buying, depending on what your business is again. This stuff works in all businesses across all industries, but you're gonna have to help me is, russ said earlier, you're gonna have to do the work. I don't know how long your assessment stages, but let's talk about some of the things that could be happening in the assessment mode, and if you zoom in just to orient you more to the worksheets at the top of each work, she is a nice I like to think concisely written description off what this phase is, not only does it tell you what the phase is it tells you what your customers most likely going to be experiencing now? It's kind of broad because this worksheet applies to all businesses and all industries around the world. You're going to make me take this and say, well, I happen to know in my business that the assessment stage also includes this this and this and you can add to this teacher your worksheets you can write on a make them your own own them is your business. The last section in this box tells you what the opportunity is for you as a business owner. So when the incest mint phase, the opportunity is to set the prospects, expectations for what it will be like to be a customer. Remember an assessment there prospect. But we can set their expectations for what's gonna happen. We can give them the behind the scenes video off what it's going to be like to work with us? We can show them the questionnaire that's going to be the first assignment in their homework to tell us what kind of website they want. You know, we could show them videos off how to use a smartphone mount in different settings. We could show the software working as it runs through the various contacts and scrubs it and cleans it up. We can set their expectation in this stage orienting you to the rest of the work. She we have these boxes on the side. That's a completed a big red box. The goal is with each customer once you've decided what you're going to be able to do with them, to be able to check that off in your mind, I want you to have this image with every new customer that comes in your door. What fazer they end. What are the three, four, five things we want to do in this phase? And as we do them checking them off tomorrow, we'll talk about some systems in ways you can implement it. For now, every business could start with the paper. This would be an eons exponential step above where you're at right now just to do with the old fashioned way with paper and pencil. We'll talk about some technology tools, but often in these workshops, and I'm watching of creative live workshops to know that people try men and they're like no, no, no, but what camera do you use if I had the right lens? Aiken, take beautiful photos. All the photographers were watching on no that's not how it works. You can give me those little you know what kodak wedding cameras. And with the right photographer, you could take a beautiful photo because it's about framing it's about knowing about the art you know the art of your business, stop getting caught up in. When is joey going to tell me the tools? Yeah, and that's. Why I was thinking earlier, when you were talking about acclamation, annd example in my life, my friend was getting a logo from a web designer, and she started panicking. She was at the acclamation phase, and so the designer just kept throwing mohr logos at her that's very so instead of giving her oxygen, what she did is increased her heart rate, increased the number of things she was considering, ramped her up and was surprised that she didn't feel better. And she's ready to walk away when we get to this stage and we'll talk about it more when we get the acclamation and assimilation the image for youto have and the reason I, you know, it's, not just hate kelly. Look, he picked the pretty words because they all start with a there's a reason beyond that? Yes, that was part of it that I picked these words because when we think of acclamation I want you to think of being at altitude and if you've never been in altitude surely you've seen some movies about climbing mount everest and things like that where they've got these oxygen tanks that they're lugging along or usually it's the sherpas lugging along the oxygen tanks it's because it's hard for us to survive in an environment were unfamiliar with the sherpas don't need oxygen tanks why? Because they've assimilated and they've adopted to their environment makes sense. So on these worksheets, not only do we have the box where we fill in what's completed, we have these other black boxes to the side and there are five of them. Our goal in our exercise today and in this segment is we're going to fill in for the reason we were only going to fill in for is because we want to leave the bottom one blank for youto work on with your team we're going to talk more about teams tomorrow in some of your like but wait, I'm a solo entrepreneur in you have a team will explain that tomorrow we want your ideas to be in here but we always want you to have a little bit of space for the next bright idea for the thing that you missed on the first pass you know I have a thing is you guys know I love to travel forty four countries and counting and every time I go to a place they have the list of the top ten things you should see why you're in that city or that country or what you're doing I always leave one or two and I don't know sam some people are like joey that's ridiculous why would you do that because it makes sure I'm going to get back if you leave this blank the type a personalities in the room which is a lie a lot of entrepreneurs are going to say but I need to put ink on the page I need to fill that in I know and I want you to be hungry for it but I don't want you do do it today I don't want you to do it on the first pass I want you to do it after you've sat with it and ruminated a little oh and by the way the other reason that we write these in and it's paper because we can write him in and if it doesn't work we scratch it off we write something else in and if it doesn't work we scratch it off we write something else in on once it looks like a freaking mess we print out a new worksheet because they're free worksheets on we fill in a new worksheet it's an evolving process okay, so assessment let's actually model how this works we're in the assessment stage we're going to go really fast. What I want you to be thinking of is we have our six tools in person mail, email, video, phone and presence. We have our six tools. I want you to tell me the tool and what you could do to help someone in the assessment stage. Our business is a wedding photographer. Our target audience is thie cost conscious bride who has a very clear picture of both dress photos and a wedding photo it's a two photo shoot that she's looking to hire someone for okay, for those of you just tuning in we talked about it in the last segment you want to catch the replay cause we started to map it out, but that's our scenario that some of you are saying but joey, I don't have a wedding photography business please stop please stop making excuses do not spend your hard earned dollars in your hard earned time to say, but he never talked about my greeting card business. This doesn't apply. Yes, you can choose that choice and frankly, if that's your choice honestly turn off the feed will play with your kids, go play with your spouse, go watch tv, go watch talk show tv or reality tv some of the worst tv around because it, like if you haven't figured out by now that this can't apply to you, but you have to be willing to open your mind to it. I don't know if after two days, eight hours of talking, if we haven't gotten there were pride. Get your saviour yourself. Day three, save yourself, day three. I'm okay with that, right? This isn't for everyone. This is for the people that are committed to an amazing customer experience if you're not home, it's fine, no worries, no judgment. Go back to doing how you've been doing for the last, however many years you've been in business. But don't be surprised when you look out three years from now, and your business is struggling even more than it is today. Okay, so we're gonna come to the assessment based on what I'm looking for his ideas on things that we could do for the assessment. Okay, I'll start it off for the wedding photographer. One thing we could do is we could have a video most wedding photographers when you go to their website, they have a portfolio where you can click through and see all the different photos they've ever taken, and some wedding photographers approached this by I know we'll put even mohr photos in the portfolio will make it bigger, we'll showem or shoots and more scenes and by mme or they'll think we're better and we'll end up being a little bit like kathy chase friend who is in that point trying to kind of see what's going on, and we'll say, we're going to throw more. You were going to throw more at you instead of being seen as an editor because is remember, the average person doesn't have the skill that you have to see the end product, they're paying you to do the editing for them, they're paying you to guide them in the right direction. So imagine going to the website and we said, instead, we're going to have a video, this video is going to run for one minute, we're going to show the average, uh, photo for five seconds right, let's see five seconds in the city that b thirty photos, right? Check me on my math. I like it. Thirty photos were going to have some music to the background, so we anchor into the auditory learning system. We're gonna have the transitions be nice and fluid so that we're going to get a nice kinesthetic motion feel to it. We're going to have beautiful colors and visual ls and we're going to have a lead in that's an interview with us. This is a video on the website. So is we're filling an assessment for this perfect example that we're starting with? We would potentially draw the little video icon right used the icons that will help you anchor in you can print amount and cut him out and paste them on there. Be fantastic video on we're gonna have a video on what could this video be to help with the assessment? Well, the video is going to show our thirty best photos we've ever taken, and we're going to lead into it with the following message hi, my name's, joey coleman, I'm the proprietor here at joey's weddings, photos, kick ass and our amazing or whatever the name of your business is all right, I had to fit one more curse word into the final segment today, so now that I've used it, I have no more left is that name trademarked? I think I just yes, it absolutely is that and I own the earl, so don't go out by your it's already been claimed. Okay? And this is me talking to say, hey, this is joey coleman on the owner of this business and I started this business because I love the look on bride's faces when I show them the photos of the most important day of their life, it takes their breath away. It takes my breath away. That's why I'm in this business that's what I'm trying to dio what I'd like to do thank you so much for coming to my website. I've been in business for eleven years and I have selected the thirty best photos I've ever taken. Lots of other photographers have hundreds of photos in their portfolio you click through, you get numb. I want to only show you the best because that's what I want to produce for you and my goal going into your project will be to have to remove one of these photos and include one from your wedding. Enjoy the show music starts, we go to the photos that's the first thing in the assessment stage. Well, I'm going through this, I want you to be thinking of other things we could do, so how's it what's another tool we could use and another way we could help someone in the assessment we're going to go through assessment really quick because I want to spend more time over here digging deep other ideas for things that could be assessment suri are bride, I think I often get asked the same questions on one on one coaching calls as well as before speaking engagements, and I answer the same questions over and over, and I'm more than happy to do so, but I think sending them a follow up email with sort of a visual map or guy with, you know, pictures with little description of this is how it normally goes. This just recaps our conversation hope it helps fantastic. So when their assessment stage maybe a pdf that they could download with photos match with the frequently asked questions let's, take that one and riff on it. So that's, what happens in an email? What would that look like on the phone? And the reason I'm doing this? The exercise I'm trying to create is I want you to think of the different channels, the different tools and apply the same idea slightly tweak it into a different channel. What might it looked like on the phone for example it could be one of the things we talked about yesterday with like a phone tree of faa cues or it could be the voice mail that says you know we're not here right now were out taking a beautiful photo at a wedding that's scheduled you know what? The cathedral this weekend however one quick reminder most people are nervous about what will I do for my makeup on the day of my photo shoot don't worry we'll take care of all of that we have a professional makeup artist on staff who's part of your package who will show up she's done all the celebrity wedding she's going to make you look fabulous feel free to leave a message and we'll get back to you soon so that your voicemail message can be part of the assessment stage because if they're calling to talk to you to talk price to make sure you're the good fit they might get your voicemail let's start to see the marketing conversation in the assessment conversation into the voice mail meghan toe add to that if you have a business where you have an online schedule er found it's really a good idea in their appointment confirmation to put very quickly what those major concerns are so in my business often the women are afraid that they might be naked during class or they might be exposed in some way citizen for those that haven't been watching, meghan has a massage business, okay, people like, oh my gosh, what's megan's business! I just tuned in. We're talking about you didn't. How did I miss the first seven segments? What was I thinking? Teach couples had a massage one another, but major concern with women is that so we just quickly put it in the online schedule, and we also put those things in the voice mail tree, and it works out really fabulous. I love it, let's take that because whenever we have an idea, we want to put the initial idea down and then we want to see if we can stack on it. How would we stack even more? So imagine that email comes back I don't know, I've never seen the email, but imagine the email comes back with a textual explanation of you wear a bathing suit. You're not naked blob oba! Is that a better step than sending them? Nothing? Absolutely. How would we ramp that up and take it to the next level? Video off actual women in bathing suits that don't all look like a hundred pound waves that air heroin chic that are also ridiculously busty so that they can actually go oh, they do massage with normal people, people like me. And the ideal to me not to be overly blunt, but knowing your target audience women, I would make sure there is at least one woman in a bathing suit who weighs more than the woman who's watching the video let's just call it what it is because that's a big piece of the fear, I'm going to be standing there with all these other women and I have yet to meet. This is a fascinating thing about gender, right? I've yet to meet a woman who doesn't have some part of her body. She's not happy about it's, just that's it's a shame, but that's often the human condition on the female side of the gender, I have met plenty of guys that should be ashamed of about thirty parts on their body that act as if they're a thomas. This is the balance, right? But it might be something we want to play with. Megan. Can I speak to that there's? Another consideration in that so in in setting up the classes, you have to take that in consideration, and this would be applied to any other business and understand that there's certain things that you can do to make the woman feel more comfortable, and so we always start the men first. So by the time we get to the women, there is no self consciousness left. They're having such a great time. They're bonding with their partner, and they don't have the spheres anymore. Love it. I love it, and so what megan's done is, she's anticipated the emotion in the class. What she just described is once we're here, once we're in admission, and there there we start with the men first, so that it sews them and calms them. But what happens leading up to that that's, where this email or the video would help?

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I watched a replay of this course in November, 2017. It's incredible it's still such a current and updated course, even though the lessons were shot in 2013. Very deep content, told in a very light, fun and assertive way. Wonderful examples that inspire action and hands-on tips that you can apply immediately for every kind of businesses. Best in-studio audience ever.