100 Days: Photography Part 2


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100 Days: Photography Part 2

We're going to breeze through these first couple because I want the bulk of our time to be spent down here. All right, so now we goto activation activation is day one, all right, day one and it's day one for every business they're two days in the first hundred days that are the same for every business, every industry, no matter where in the world you operate. Day zero is assessment, day one is activation after that it's a question mark, and we'll have to fill it in for your specific business. But in every business day one is activation and activation occurs as we see right you're at the top here work sheets so you can just read it on your own. You don't have toe have the videos, even you can be reminded of what it is after the fact activation is when the customer says here's, my hard earned money and the reason it says in the description here, hard earned money is I wantto anchor you into the decision there making they do not have limitless money, even the clients that are celebrity wo...

rld class billy. In fact, having had the pleasure of meeting a couple billionaires, billionaires is a general rule are more conscious of the money they spend than most of the people I know that make less than twenty thousand dollars a year that's how they became billionaires okay so we want to think of it this is the hard earned money when they hand the hard earned money where we at in the process so this describes it and then we say it gives us the opportunity and activation because remember on day one in the first section when we talked about what happens in the brain when we click the buy button when we hand money the first thing that happens is euphoria the first thing that happens is dopamine on the brain goes yes this is going to be good I'm gonna get something I'm going to get a thing or a product or a service I'm excited about it any hesitation they had leading up to it while they were in the assessment phase off the hard earned money the minute they handed over the first hit is yes I'm good but then some businesses within seconds and some over the course of days or weeks that's when the buyer's remorse comes in so in the moment of activation trusted activation in the yes I'm feeling good we have the opportunity to capitalize on that euphoric state they're already there we need to remind them and the best way we can capitalize on that euphoric state that occurs in activation is too quickly give them an experience that they won't forget make it so cool so awesome awesome we have this phrase where we talk about first impressions are lasting impressions the first impression occurs at activation there's actually impressions that are occurring in assessment but they're not as deep as activation nor there's emotionally connected or biochemically connected as they are at the moment of activation so what can we do and the problem is in most of our business is what we do with the activation stages thank you for your money sign the contract great let's schedule the first meeting well, watch what that's it why don't we have a party? You're in the fold you're in the family let's take a picture of you, me and the customer we're going to rock this out what you do that that's crazy we'd like you to put your name on our wall of customers come here and right on our wall your name because when our employees come to work every day we want them to see who it is they're working for. Would you mind autographing this wall? When is the last time an adult gave themselves permission to write on a wall with a marker? When they were about this tall, they didn't give themselves permission they just took it back then, but then someone else pride came along and took it away how would it change their experience? So when we look at activation, what are some things we could do to capitalize on the euphoria to make this feel like an amazing interaction think of the six tools we have pick a tool and come up with something we could do to activate it. John actually, it's a couple one is a pamphlet on makeup tips for looking radiant in your photographs and a free consult with a makeup artist or hair expert, but also pamphlet on diet tips for radiant skin and dropping pounds fast was one of the primary anxieties of women going into being certainly photographed, but at the wedding is looking having bad skin, looking overweight and all of that. So when you thank you, thank them for having signed the contract and here's tips on showing out to look wonderful for the flower girl's yes, so what I love about this idea, it's great! Some of the women in the room were reacting as john was explaining this, and I'm sure some of the ones online where is well going. Well, wait a second is reminding me that I'm overweight, capitalizing on euphoria kind of it's a great idea, I would probably try to shift it from activation toe affirmation we're going to take good care of you. Oh, and by the way, this is how we're going to do it in our experience, many women are concerned about two things, their skin looking fabulous. And their overall weight at the time of the wedding it's something we're conscious of this photographers we have some tools that if that applies to you you might like to download we're not going to send him the pdf and here's why it when we send it? If we receive it as a woman I'd be willing to bet and women you check my assumption if I'm wrong if I got something in the mail from somebody I just signed a contract with and hired to be my photographer that said ten tips on how to lose weight before your wedding I'd go only got anything some fat whereas if it was a link that these are the things that are customers typically experience not saying that it's you but typically expect click on the link to download any that's relevant to you and we were tracking those analytics we would then know that this customer's concerned about their skin this customer is concerned about their weight. This customer is concerned about family here's our thing on ten tips about how to include that family member that you're estranged from during the photo shoot we could have this whole siri's of like five pdf ce that right out of the blocks in the activation affirmation stage would be letting us know let's talk about some more things that are right in the activation the euphoric right we could send them a video off the entire company celebrating that they decided to hire us, we could send them a little piece of wedding cake with a little note that said, looking forward to tasting the real thing with you on your wedding day, right? We could do these interesting creative things that celebrates so when you're in the activation stage, I want you to be thinking party, celebration streamers, thie example we gave earlier, when somebody steps to the line, they hand over their money and all the sudden the alarms goes off in the confetti. Hey, your customer, one million that's an activation moment. It happened right after we gave them the money. Okay, then we moved to part two affirmation. Ok, we have the description of affirmation, and the opportunity you have is to counter the buyers natural feelings of remorse by reassuring them that they made the right decision. Okay, now on this chart, depending on your business, you're going to need to fill in the day for where we are in the affirmation stage for some of you affirmation begins almost immediately it's like day to some of you it's the end of day one, and that usually hinges on let me say this it often hinges on the cost that they've expended, so if you're, um, going through a store and you get up to the checkup counter and they had the impulse buys on let's say they have one of those little uh you know, they have some little gadget or some little gizmo that costs like ten dollars and you buy it right you haven't you're going to go through some buyer's remorse but it's going to be a little bit different it's going to be like what was I thinking buying that thing? I really don't need another chachi around my house this is ridiculous why did I get it that's going to be your buyer's remorse if you were buying a house and you had spent months looking for a house and gone all kinds of open houses maybe put in a couple offers finally got a house you show that the realtor you get the key you sign on the dotted line and you walk out of the closing meeting, you're going to have a very different experience of buyer's remorse that experience is going to be I have never written a check that big in my life oh and by the way, I just signed on for thirty more years of writing checks see the distinction and so we're in this affirmation stage we want the affirmation to counter the buyer's remorse there feeling some buyers may not feel a lot of buyer's remorse she don't need to do some big crazy thing here in our example is the person saying I assessed a couple other ones? I meant there's a high emotion forgetting the photos right at the wedding here the affirmation needs to be pretty strong we're early enough into the process that they're not freaking out and if we do a good job of affirming now we can ride that way for quite a while but it's just that quick handle that's the quick you know what? We're going to take great care of you it's going to be a fabulous shoot this is going to be wonderful any quick you know what my gut instinct is? You're going to have a lot so let's put a phone icon in for affirmation my gut instinct is you did your homework, you did your assessment, you looked around and you picked me and I really appreciate that you did and we're excited to be doing business together, but my gut instinct is sometime between now and this first shoot that we're going to do in two weeks where we do the dress shoot out at the beautiful botanical gardens and we're going to get that butterfly tow land on your shoulder and it's going to be breathtaking. Mike got instinct is and I've done this with enough customers over the last decade and you see what I'm doing here when I say enough customers over the last day I've been at this is not my first rodeo you're okay you're gonna have some questions and so like yeah you have my e mail and I know we e mailed back and forth I don't often do this but I just feel like we kind of connected can I give you my cell phone number so that if you're having any doubts or you're like oh but what about this but what about this you can call me and know that because I'm often out on shoots I turned my phone off because I'm at a wedding and I don't wanna have their phone ring while I'm there something like that would it be okay if I gave you my personal cell phone number with the understanding that you're really only going to call if you're kind of freaking out a little bit and you just need to talk to someone for a few minutes but that work for you what woman and frankly looking around the faces and the women in the room muscle limerick on oh yeah that would be awesome I would really like that so that would be a phone item that we could do in the affirmation stage all right let's move to the admission stage okay the admission stage again thinking like we're college and some of you looking through in your life but joey let's let's go back real quick because I'm going back you stay where you're at like joey we trust rode in one thing on affirmation I know you have to do the work. I'm not going to do all the work for you. I will help you. I will encourage you, I will spitball ideas with you, I will take your ideas and stack them and build them, and we'll go if you're wondering how do I fill these things out? Unease e exercise is to draw the little icons right here on the left side of the box and draw. We've got five boxes remember leavin the fifth box blank, draw four of them in pick for the icons and force yourself to think and I say force, because some of you need to be pushed, but another way to frame that would be, say, give yourself permission to have fun with this. What would be the cool, awesome thing you could do with a video and just think about all the ways you could use a video to achieve this goal, to counter buyer's remorse to make them feel affirmed? Oh, a video, it could maybe be ten minutes snippets of testimonials of people that I've taken a ten second let me be really clear. Don't send someone a ten minute video of testimonials forgive me that was a misspeak on my part ten second testimonials off brides that you've worked with in the last two months. And the reason I say the last two months is we've all been to websites where we looked at their testimonial videos for their portfolio and were like, you are riding the train from work you did a decade ago. Really, whenever I am working with a company and I want to get references, I say, great, would you do me a favour? I would like the phone number off the last three weddings you shot with the date you shot the wedding. Now I can call their bluff because if the most three recent weddings they can give me are from last summer, I'm gonna want to hire them really easy process, right? So you meet the customers fear and their doubt and their skepticism by saying, you know, I could give you testimonies from any customer I've ever worked with. I've decided to give you the ones from the last thirty days, because this is the work we're doing now. This is the quality of experience in our business. Now this is going to be the closest approximation of what you're going to experience, that some of you are saying, oh my gosh, oh, if we did that, you've had a tough go, but this last month, our experiences in that grade, well, then start doing better with your experience. Okay we moved to the admission stage alright admission remember thinking like college we step onto campus we are admitted what are you going to d'oh? Okay, now I know not everybody has gone to college but everybody has watched a movie about freshman year of college right? And the typical experience freshman year of college is you show up a few days before the rest of the school shows up right? They bring the rookies in early to kind of get him ac lemaitre did to get him assimilated so they know how the dining hall line works so the seniors aren't going seriously get out of my way that's gonna happen naturally right? We don't need thio encourage that by having all the rookies start on the first day so they bring him in for freshman orientation and when we think about the concept of orientation we should do that in our business we should orient them tow what it's going to be like to be here? What it's going to be like toe interact with us the admission stages where you can introduce them to the rest of the team the emission stage gives you the opportunity to set the standard for future interactions freshman orientation this is what it's going to be like for the next four years get excited feel it on what's freshman orientation usually a lot of mixers party's probably some drinking probably some dancing depending on where you went to school, whether that's acceptable or not, some connecting the clubs were going to meet the extracurricular activities were goingto have sign ups are going to have some type of a sporting event or, um group event, whether that's a party dance or rave a ballgame, whatever it may be there's probably some pseudo team building exercises within the dorms and things like that people are going to get excited and what they're trying to do is that this admission stage when you're there, you're in, you've bought the money there's no air you've spent the money there's no looking back, we're here on campus. How are they going to set the tone for what's to come? So when this business the admission stage we talked about admission being this very first shoot the dress shoot what are some things we could do it the mit admission stage to make them feel welcome to bring them into the fold to have it be exciting have them say, oh, we're gonna be well taken care of well, one thing we could d'oh let's take the in person icon. This is a perfect example for the in person because guess what, my imagining is there's going to be more than the photographer at the shoot? At the very least, there might be somebody who's going to help hold the white balancing cards maybe somebody who's going to do some lighting maybe somebody who's going to do some makeup depending on your business again we're riffing here it's an imaginary exploration but in your own business you know this is the time where we're actually bringing people to bear what about just having the people on your team introduce themselves I've gone to photo shoots where there are two three giving an example let's let's use creative live it's an example one of the things I love about creative live is right when we showed up on the first day I showed up an hour before everyone else on what did they do they introduce me toe every member of the crew people that you haven't seen people that were in the back doing an awesome job making sure I look fabulous on camera people are jumping around making sure the cameras worked awesome line producers are coming in and out bringing this giant behemoth of a whiteboard in for a segment out for a segment back in for a segment and I got to meet them and I got to know who they were I felt taken care off I know that josh and the back is going to tweet these slides to make sure they look awesome and I know his name because I was introduced to him and right out of the blocks I felt like this is going to be a good experience rest and that's because we know that I mean, we don't teach things ourselves, we bring people in to teach and so it's very important to us that our instructors have an amazing experience when they're here. Every single person here is committed to the idea of making this as fun and just easy for you as possible, so that you khun focus on just teaching your job is just to teach everyone out there. So we want to make that is easy for you as possible by making you feel comfortable and I love it. And the fantastic thing about it let's. So again, as an exercise of how this works let's draw from this example it creative live into our example for the photo shoot for the wedding. I really enjoyed getting to know josh. Josh is the guy that's making sure that all the slides look good while I'm clicking through the presentation, right? Josh is the guy who replaces the batteries on the clicker if it dies. Okay, josh is doing all these behind the scene things you're never going to see him on camera. Josh wasn't part of any of the conversations before I showed up, josh won't be probably part of any of the conversations after I leave. But I was introduced to him right out of the blocks. Now imagine if we did that at the photo shoot. Imagine if we said so I'd like to introduce you to the team and instead of doing what most photographers d'oh, uh, this is randy, and this is bob. They're going to be helping with the photo shoot today. Now from a business owners point of view, that's the effective way to do it. So I did the plight thing I introduced to you. Now we need to get to the chute because we're on the clock here. I budgeted, sir, for a certain amount of time for this shoot. When I got introduced to the crew here, a creative live there wasn't a ticking clock. It was let's have a conversation let's get to know a little bit about each other. Imagine doing that on the photo shoot. So here's, randi and here's bob randy is going to be running lights bob's going to be doing your makeup it's okay, I want to tell you just a little bit while we're here, randy lit the most recent rahm tom that you loved whatever the name of it isthe he works in hollywood all the time they called him in because his specialty is making starlet it's starr let's bob is a makeup artist bob has worked with, he has his clientele, we can't even tell you all the names of the people he's worked with, but to be honest, if you've been to a movie or if you've seen someone who's won best actress in the last five years, he's done the makeup for four of them. We can tell you which one he hasn't done, but you probably could figure it out yourself. Bob's going to take great care of you, making sure your makeup looks fabulous today. Now, the difference between that explanation, which took about a minute and a half, and the explanation of here's, randi and here's bob didn't really cost your business. Hardly anything, but is the woman who's showing up for the first shoot? You've just made me feel a lot more comfortable about what's going on. You've introduced me to the team, you've admitted, you've created the opportunity to set the stage for future interactions, which is we only deal with the best you will be introduced to them personally, you will always know who's capable hands you're in, and you're going to be well taken care of and provided for awesome, so we moved to acclamation, okay? And as a reminder, acclamation is that stage where someone's acclimating toe altitude, we're having the interactions were starting to see the work product we're getting into a little bit of the meat of the project and for most businesses this isn't the most exciting part for the client for the business owner this is where you get your juice this is a creative opportunity this is the mountain climbing expedition that you've signed up for we're here we've got the ropes we've got the gear I live it out two two this is gonna be awesome and your customer your audience member is saying uh I'm anxious I just showed up I'm still kind of getting used to things and set a handed me a rope it be awesome if he handed me an oxygen bottle at the acclamation stage we had the opportunity to introduce our audience members to our culture we're going to spend a fairly significant amount of time tomorrow talking about culture right this is the spirit of your organization ethic they've gotten tastes of your culture leading into this who you are the kind of person you are the personality you have but this is really where the rubber starts to meet the road in our example this is where they see the photos they start to see the work product they start to see ok this is what I signed up for I didn't sign up for the shoot I signed up for the photos I didn't sign up to buy the drill I signed up to get the hole in the wall now this is all connecting together this is the stage where added acclamation okay so when we get to acclamation what are some things we could that we could do to both introduce them to our culture and help them adapt to the environment looking to those six things how could we acclamation it our audience member three for the photographer sorry we're coming back to the bit on I know part of you there's a little bit of a disconnect here because you're going wheat but my business and you're thinking about your business the reason we keep bringing it back to this example is to hopefully give you ideas because you're all in different businesses different industries all around the world it still applies to you but we're trying to do in the workshop today is to build off a common example so that we get a feel for how this works we start to exercise the muscle and once you get more comfortable with exercising the muscle then when I say well how would you apply it to your business? You're going to have one of two reactions you're going to go yes I've used this muscle I know how to do it or you're going to go wait my business is different and when you do wait my business is a different the thing I want you to step out of that grab your pen and start drawing the little icons in here draw in the little video screen, draw in the little male peace let's do the mail piece for this one. Well, we'll let sure you give her idea, but drawing the little male icon and say what's, the direct mail piece or the something I could send them to help in the acclamation stage. Okay, go ahead for the photography. I was thinking a video because if you've done the survey and you've had these conversations, you probably know the location that she's booked for the event. You know, when it's scheduled, if it's going to be a fall wedding or spring wedding, things like that, where the honeymoon is going to be and maybe you could even create, like a short video of stills of the chapel with music set behind it of inside the travel, because usually there's always, you know, pictures that you can find online, followed by the picture of her in her wedding dress because you already did the photo shoot and then a picture of fiji or wherever the next honeymoon is with some message of, you know, and I look forward to continuing the journey with you or whatever it is for years, very special day, yeah, absolutely. So what I love about that examples were acclimating them to the environment. We're saying, hey, this is what it's like these air the interactions were also giving a little bit of our field from our culture, potentially if we could build into that video, you know, oh, we're really good friends with the pastor at the church where you're going to be having your wedding. We've already talked to him about it he's really excited about the wedding, you know, we've worked with him before, we know you've already picked to have the wedding there, but we have a great working relationship it's going to be fantastic, you know, here's what he had to say about working with us? Well, wait a second, can you imagine if you were a wedding photographer and you had testimonials from the various members of the clergy or religious organizations that were doing the wedding's talking about why they liketo have that photographer shoot their wedding? And it wasn't part of your assessment you saved that receded over here in the acclamation and assimilation stage where they're kind of getting the feel of things you're going through all these interactions by then, you actually have had some relationship and some conversations with those person you're like, oh, I know him and he knows my photographer, I didn't even know how great is this? So we get acclimated and we get comfortable where we're at now I want to spend time because we're wrapping up this segment I want to make sure we get to these last pieces assimilation, right? Assimilation gives you the opportunity to cement your customer and behaviors in a way that's gonna work really well, going forward now in this example, it's a little bit more challenging because we're kind of drawing to the end of the relationship and it's the mood is accelerating a little bit, but the assimilation stage we still have the photo shoot for the actual wedding, right? And so when the assimilation stage, it might be things like how to be continue to make this person comfortable with how it's going to be going forward. How do we start to set a standard for what these interactions are going to be? How do we continue to row reinforce our way of doing business? You know, as a reminder, when we did the photo shoot here, we scheduled it in advance. You showed up on time we did your make up, it was fantastic, we got beautiful photos going forward is a reminder here is the schedule for the day of your wedding we've got these times we're going to be ready to go, we're going to be said these are the things we're going to do this is the feedback we want to give these air the interactions were going tohave so we kind of get them used to being part of the fold they've experienced it there there they've acclimated they're more comfortable they feel like we have a relationship there feeling like you handed them oxygen when they needed it once you what's interesting is after you get to the acclamation stage out of any of you have ever been it out you didn't have this experience have you had been there for a few days and you settle in your good you don't need more oxygen I don't need more handholding let's get some stuff done now let's go skin let's go mountain climbing let's go on a hike so what often happens is this assimilation stage because we haven't done the handholding here and the emotion has been going down and down we get into this phase and assimilation where we're like oh I need to pull him back up I need to give him a rope I need to throw him some oxygen and the reason it makes most business owners upset is because in their mind we shouldn't be still doing this well the reason is because she didn't do it here if you've done it here assimilation you're rocking and rolling everything's great they're showing up there ready you can say hey by the way we're going to need you to show up half an hour earlier than plant can we make that work and they're like yeah, okay because I know I'm going to be taken care of I know everything's gonna work out I know there's a reason why you're asking me to do it so when we got to assimilation some of the things we might do is fill in the icons again and come up with different I waited how could we assimilate? How could we cement the behavior we want I want to make sure we get to the last two okay? So adoption adoption is when they're all in and this is your opportunity to formalize the long term relationship now what's really fascinating in the world of wedding photographers is I think most wedding photographers approached their business as a once and done this person is going to get married I'm going to take their photos I'm going to give them their wedding photos and then the only other opportunity I'm gonna have to work with them is if they get divorced and then they might associate me with their acts so they're probably not going to hire me again. So then my only option is to get them while they're married and feeling good to refer all their friends to me and so the wedding photographer says here's the universe of people and by the way, by the time we're done by the time we've gone all the way through the stage, one were to adoption an advocacy when were to the juice there's very few things that they can do for me there's very few things they could do for my business. And so this is one of the perils of being a wedding photographer. My gut instinct is that is the perspective that most wedding photographers have what happens if we turn it on its head? What happens if we actually I mean before we turn it on its head what if we actually just meet it let's say that were true? What would be the way that in the adoption in advocacy stage we could get them to start introducing us to the people to make it happen? How many have you ever been to a wedding where the person who's getting married one of the brides maids who's, a friend of hers is engaged to be married a swell it happens quite a lot and the reason it happens quite a lot is because they're phases in life and we have a tendency birds of a feather flock together they have friends that air similar phases us. You know, some people might look at my wife and I and say, wait, you have a four and a half month old you guys for a little bit older than some of the people we know that have kids what's fascinating is it not to call my wife out or any of her friends out but my wife's best friend from high school and best friend from college have had a baby within the same calendar years we have well, how does that work that's biology like seriously, they didn't plan this when they were in high school that I didn't plan this when they were in college but that's how it works so often we're in your wedding situation the bride has brides, maids who are either just now engaged or are hoping to get engaged maybe even with a guy they meet at the wedding who is one of the groomsmen hoo there's gonna be this little funky set up and we've all seen how that works, so imagine if we're in the adoption stage and we're leaning into advocacy and we're trying to think about the ways that we're going to get these referrals in the future we build up the relationship we've held the hand were friends now is the timeto formalize this long term relationship? We've got a couple options let's go with the in person example were at the wedding and we say you know what you've hired me to show her we're actually we know the wedding's coming up right? You've hired me to shoot the wedding um you're gonna have a bachelor at party, would you mind if I came to the bachelorette party for like the first twenty minutes and she's shot some pictures of you and the girls and, you know, maybe if there's any of the girls there their who are engaged or, you know, are hoping to be engaged soon you could personally introduce me two benefits one I'd really appreciate the referrals you have tto ask for the referrals. This is a huge problem with so many businesses you're not even willing to ask. You have to ask for it. But it's got to be since here it's got to be authentic on what you would say is, you know, what I would love is if you introduce me to some of the girls. Oh, and by the way, the other reason why I think it be cool is because then when we show up for the wedding, all your bridesmaids already know me. So no one needs to be stressed about how they look like they're familiar. It's a friend taken photos instead of the photographer. All right, this is interesting. You've changed the conversation here in this adoption and leaning into advocacy stage. You've changed the interaction you've made me say, oh, yeah, I do like you. I can introduce you to some folks. This will be great. To fill out the adoption, by the way again on the days were filling him in. We don't know for this wedding shoot, depending on when they originally booked it by the time we're getting to the adoption stage, which is kind of thea, if we end up going with this model, the bachelorette party or even the wedding weekend might be at this phase, you know who knows this could be it a year out. This could be a month out from that very first meeting we don't know depends on your business and it's going to be different for every customer that's why we do the personas right for the persona persona of the really how shall we say higher maintenance bride she's going to be booking her wedding photographer a year in advance? It's gonna happen right after they booked the venue for the less high maintenance it maybe six months before the wedding, maybe three months before the wedding. So these numbers will be different for your business. You fill him in as you go, okay, we've finally come to our last stage advocacy. All right? And as we look at the top of our thing, advocacy gives you the opportunity to work with your customers toe identify other people they know, so this is kind of the example that we were giving with the bridesmaids, yeah right? Identifying other people they know the other thing that can happen in advocacy is when we think about referrals we often think of what is the referral tow my business when we could also be thinking about what is the referral to a similarly situated partner business that I could build a relationship with. Now? I know some wedding photographers also do portrait work and also do family photos and also do children's photos some don't summer I do weddings, some r I do baby photos I would imagine that an introduction by a wedding photographer in the time when everything was feeling really good and they're amazed and loving their photos to a this is my best friend who takes photos of babies that will make you cry would be a really awesome time to have some great advocacy. Advocacy doesn't just happen with them thinking about who they know there's an opportunity for you to advocate for this customer that's made it all the way in tow, other businesses and other things they may be interested in. And what if you made a deal with one of your ah fellow photographers that did family photos and you said, you know what I'd like to do? I'd actually like to have a party let's do another in person example for advocacy, I'm gonna have a party. For all of my recently photographed couples and we're going to bring him in and have a big celebration we're goingto have photos up of their wedding so everybody can walkthrough and see all the photos of the other people that I shot you know this corner and I'd love to have you there so that I can introduce you and say by the way if you liked these I'd like to encourage you to step into the next room and look at some other photos the's air family photos now gentlemen we've got some beers and some tv for youto watch if you don't want to go look at the photos ladies if you're interested you can go right in there and see some baby photos okay she would take amazing care of you she does wonderful work she's a good friend of mine you'd be able to help each other's business grow and you could even build into that saying to your friend hey by the way if anybody signs with you what do you think like a ten percent referral fee finder's fee does that work for you owned by the way when you're doing photos with all your family members and they have a younger sibling that gets engaged can you send them over to me questions rest michelle howdy dot com says I would have thought that asking for a referral would be frowned upon yeah not in my world sorry I mean here's the deal and you got in if my perception is you got into business to do a great job, the people that I hesitate to ask referrals ask for referrals. In my experience, one of two things is happening. Either they're not really proud of their work, or they've only ever seen it done in a way that made him feel icky quick story speaking of weddings, one of my very good friends, he and his wife are real estate agents, and at the bottom of all their emails, it says as a reminder, greg in cristina, always have time for your referrals, and I kind of like it, you know, it's it's kind of playful, you know, we always have time for your referrals. We have a destination wedding in mexico, we go to their wedding on, we're sitting there and they were married by one of their friends, and she got up there and she said, ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for coming to the wedding. Greg and christine are so thrilled to have you here as a reminder they always have time for your referrals, and the whole place started laughing because it was them it's who they are and they're friendly and they're genuine and wonderful people, and it didn't feel icky or swore me, but like that's, their brand so I would say ask for the referral and if you're not willing to ask for the referral, seriously put yourself in a room for about a half an hour and explore what your issue with that isthe and I think maybe part of it is may be they haven't gone through all the steps yet yeah, that could be a very piece of it too easy yeah, and we're like what normally happens is we're asking for a referral here because somebody told us what you want to ask for referrals that's how you grow your business and we're like, oh, I got to remember to do that that's what we just went through and made this whole checklist asking for referral should be one of the things on the checklist, but it should be over here in advocacy maybe an adoption maybe, but certainly prop probably right on this line or right here when you're asking for word over here. Well, let me ask this question when the people do ask it for over here, they're probably saying, well, I've asked for referrals before, but I've never gotten any weird. You asked if you could meet the parents on the first date and you were surprised when they didn't get introduced you asked if you could have a slumber party sleepover on the first date and you didn't get the opportunity why you asked too early we want to be patient, okay? We've had a wonderful exercise today. I like to think big day too. I know it's a lot of information. We're going to start tomorrow with some more questions, so I know there's some questions in the chat room. Some questions that some of the studio audience have put those into the chat room will address him first thing tomorrow morning we'll get those in. I want to do one quick one minute overview of what we did again. It's a reminder we keep coming back to it, but the's first hundred days are crucial on what's. Fascinating is if we look at the first hundred days we see that we go through eight phases. Those faces air different for every business. Day zero was always assessment day one is always activation. You're going to need to fill in the days as it relates to your business and for what it's worth, sometimes with different personas, even within the same business, those numbers might be different, but that's, why I gave you the work sheet so you can build this out as you go. You have all of these worksheets that show where they are in the life cycle, a nice description reminder we've got all these blanks for you differ. Fill me in the things you're going to start doing on thursday and then when you do that, you have the little completed stages that will let you know I've been able to complete it. Now we're going to start up brighten early again tomorrow, fun and games with establishing a first hundred days mindset, the reason we're going to come to this right out of the blocks tomorrow morning is some of you now while you've had a lot of information and you're excited about this are wondering how you're going to maintain this when you get home. You know, I'm flattered by the idea of put me in your suitcase and take me home with you, I guess what is rest said earlier there's only one joey, you're gonna have to carry this on your own, you're gonna have to get other people on your team excited about it. You're gonna have to build this into a process, so we're going to start with the first hundred days mindset. How do you indoctrinate that mindset into yourself into your employees, your co workers, your vendors, your partners and even your clients? How do you establish our first hundred day mindset in your clients so that you set the expectation for one hundred day relationship that's going to be a roller coaster there's no way to get rid of the roller coaster but it's going to be a roller coaster there? More excited about because they know where the tracks are leading.

Class Description

Are you ready to design an unstoppable customer experience plan for your business? Join CreativeLive instructor Joey Coleman to learn how to strategically turn a new customer into a lifelong fan.

The first 100 days of your relationship with a customer are pivotal, and Joey will teach you how to maximize that time. You’ll learn customer service best practices that consistently exceed customer expectations. You’ll also learn how to track the lifecycles of your customers so that you can market to them more specifically. Joey will also outline how to apply these strategies not only to your new customers, but to your existing customer base as well.

Whether you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur or you’re a long-time business owner tired of one-time customers, this course will give you the tools you need to transform customers into powerful advocates for your brand.



I watched a replay of this course in November, 2017. It's incredible it's still such a current and updated course, even though the lessons were shot in 2013. Very deep content, told in a very light, fun and assertive way. Wonderful examples that inspire action and hands-on tips that you can apply immediately for every kind of businesses. Best in-studio audience ever.