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Turn Customers Into Fans in the First 100 Days

Lesson 16 of 31

Creating a Map for the Future


Turn Customers Into Fans in the First 100 Days

Lesson 16 of 31

Creating a Map for the Future


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Creating a Map for the Future

We've spent the last day and a half I hope you feel like giving you a ton of content, giving you a ton of insight into what your audience is thinking about. What are the motions, their experience they're experiencing, and the homework we did last night was to kind of map our current touchpoints and experience and interactions in the first hundred days. This is kind of the segment we've all been waiting for it certainly the one I'm most excited about, basically because this is where we get to draw a picture off what we want the future to be, we're going to map what the hundred days for your customer experience are going to look like starting thursday. Now, before some of you get anxious, you're like, wait a second, joey, I've got so many ideas I've got so many things I want to implement, I'm not going to be able to implement them all on thursday, I get it, I appreciate that and that's awesome, but what I do want to create is this desire, this willingness and this commitment to do at lea...

st one thing differently with your customers starting on thursday. Because if you take that first action, it will make implementing an entire plan that much easier. Now what you're going to be fighting against when you log off of the course, you stop watching online, or you get back to your lives and your email inbox and all the things that have been on hold while you've been here paying attention to the course, you're going to be overwhelmed, you're going to control, you have to catch up. I don't have time for this, you don't understand. I set aside three days what I'm going to dio carve out some time, commit yourself now at the middle of day two, we'll talk about this more again tomorrow, but some commit some time now to say this is important enough for me to take the time off that I already have to invest into my business toe, hopefully change the profitability of my business by twenty five to one hundred percent that's enough for me to carve out twenty minutes a day for the next week? It doesn't have to be an entire day, just that little bit that little extra, and the reason we want to do this is because, again recapping what we talked about on day one on what we talked about this morning, the first hundred days, or where it's at the lifetime value of a customer can be determined based on their behavior in the first hundred days, and if you get the first hundred days of your customers experience right, you can have a customer for life now we've talked about different ways that you can interact with your customers in the first hundred days we've got kind of these six key categories or buckets that you could interact with. Number one you can interact with your customers in person number two you can send them e mails. Some of you are using physical mail or direct mail or direct response or snail mail whatever you want to call it, you're sending them stuff. Okay, some of you are connecting with them via telephone. Some are connecting, doing videos. This is kind of its you look through this list as you move down, we see things that are less common right? Pretty much everybody's doing the in person and the e mail. A smaller group is doing the mail on the phone and even smaller group is doing video and presence. The goal is to get all the way to the bottom. The goal is to dig deep okay and find new and creative ways you can interact with your customers now. When we did the mapping yesterday and we reviewed this homework this morning, what we found is that most people's experience map of their first a hundred days and their customer lifecycle looks something like this I you get to a day in the calendar where someone either decides to become a customer they're doing something and we flood him with everything here's, our product and here's a survey that ask you what you think about our product and here's a link to send referrals to oh, and by the way, here's the final invoice for the product we trust did oh, and by the way, here's the thing where we're going to ask you about given us business in the future and the customer ends up feeling like the little number twenty two on the calendar like a human pin cushion ah, enough, enough enough what we want to do instead is spread it out, ease them into the conversation, ease them into the experience recognize that something we've done dozens of times hundreds of times thousands of times they're experiencing for the first time as many of you know and those of you who have been watching along, I used to be a criminal defense lawyer okay, save any judgments for my former career I am now I often introduce myself as a recovering criminal defense attorney the first step is admitting you have a problem there's eleven steps after that, but that's kind of where we're at in my criminal defense lawyer life cycle and what's interesting about criminal defense lawyers is the average criminal defense lawyer in the united states at any one time has about sixty clients. Now, when I say sixty clients, some of you are like cheese. Joey that's you'd be in court all day, every day. Well, when I say clients as a lawyer, you first get a client usually when there's a phone call from either the jail or the back of the squad car saying I've been arrested that's kind of the assessment phase day zero right there trying to get you to come help and usually the assessment toe activation moves very quickly because I want you to come get me out of jail right now. I don't want to shop for lawyers, you're my go to guy and then we cart that all the way down to the advocacy stage, which in the u s the way our criminal justice system works and the way it worked when I was practicing law, I was usually a year later. Now you're thinking, wait a second, I got picked up for let's say, hypothetically, trump driving, which is bad do not drunk drive okay, not a good idea I got picked up for drunk driving and I'm not going to go to court for that until a year later yeah, that's, the way the system works ironically enough, that's actually in the best interest of the client, and the reason for that is memories fade. So the police officer that made the stops memory isn't going to be clear as clear about what happened that night as he was on day one on day three sixty five, a little more insight into the criminal justice system than you'd probably ever wanted. But that was the typical cycle here's what was interesting as a criminal defense lawyer, average criminal defense lawyer has sixty clients somewhere in that cycle from day zero to basically day three, sixty five, I was practicing law with my dad between the two of us, we are had, on average two hundred fifty clients, four x the nation standard. So guess what? Going to court, being in fights with prosecutors and law enforcement officials was really comin to me. It was it was no big deal for me to walk into a courtroom or to walk into a jail or walk into a prison or sit across the table in an interrogation type situation with a member of law enforcement. We kind of refer to that is typical tuesday, but for the bulk of my clients, because I represented the wrongfully accused, the bulk of my clients, this is the first time they've had an interaction with law. You know these weren't hardened career criminals that have been inside courtrooms and jails for their you know, fifty years of their life these were people who on one night had maybe too many drinks made a bad choice and now we're facing a huge consequence for a lapse in judgment again not saying drunk driving is right I'm just trying to paint a picture of where they were emotionally and what the situation is for me I had done two hundred fifty of these per year for five years practicing law my first time in the courtroom I was in sixth grade sitting at counsel's table with my dad I had been in the courtroom a lot but my clients would walk into the courtroom and they were nervous this could be and one of the reasons they were nervous is what are what are we talk when we're kids when it comes to law enforcement, it usually comes out something like this if you're out with mommy and daddy and were in the store with the park and you get lost there's one person you can look for who will take care of you and we'll bring you back safely to mommy and daddy who is that person? The policeman and so most law abiding citizens view the policeman as someone you can trust someone who's got your best interest in heart someone who's going to look out for you on the side of the road at two thirty in the morning when you've had too many drinks, that premise does not hold true. He has a different pariah priority. She has a different priority at that time. So that's kind of the emotion we were wrestling with, and the reason I share this and I take it into that context is because most of the people watching at home most of people in the studio audience are law abiding citizens who have probably never had an interaction with law. And if I were to say you, if all the son of police officer were to come in and arrest you right now, you would be in a very heightened emotional state to be very anxious, varying, nervous you naturally feel guilty. You'd start to doubt yourself. Jeez, did I did I did was I sitting the wrong way? Did I break some law that I didn't know? I mean, all these things would start in your mind for a criminal defense lawyer like me and be like, what are you doing? Seriously, come on, let me see what the charges are let's see what's going on don't worry, we're gonna get you out of this it's gonna be fine, the reason I share the story is for most of you in your business, you're like me you've got dozens hundreds for some of you even thousands of customers you've been there done that got the t shirt lived to tell the tale for them it's the first time they've had this interaction it's the first website they've ever built we're going to an example later with wedding photographers right for the majority of them it's the first time they've ever been married the majority not all of them okay for ah if you're having pictures taken of your newborn for a lot of them it's the first time you've had a newborn parents I think are a lot more prone to get all the newborn pictures for the first kids than the later kids right say that respect my youngest bride one of seven kids my youngest brother's nineteen we joked that he's ridiculously spoiled but I think it be fair to say that there are fewer baby pictures of him than there are of me the oldest right just because wayne needs on the way and the people that parents are going yeah, we have this really nice baby book for the first child and then by like child number three it's like seriously just worked just happy that they're all still alive and breathing and having killed each other we haven't killed them right? You know it balances out when it comes to your customers I think it is useful to step into their shoes and say wait, is this the first time they've gone through this for the majority? It isthe now for some of them it's not, you know, bob's business, for example, that does software I'd be willing to bet the kind of person is going to buy your software has experienced other types of software that's a good thing in a bad thing, it's a good thing because they have some familiarity with downloading software and installing it on their machine or their devices. The bad news is they probably have had bad experiences doing that. So the preconceived notion is bob saying, this is gonna work really well, bob saying his software is awesome, but I know that it doesn't always just work as seamlessly as we think you know, sherry's business designing websites, right? Oh my gosh, we're talking about this during one of the breaks I used to design websites, and when the first questions I would ask you say, tell me about the last website you built and usually it was this cathartic moment they were like, oh my god, it was the worst experience of my life having a conversation with somebody the other day that blue six almost seven figures on a new website can you imagine being the person whose job it was to design the next website that's, what you're up against so it's really used for early in the proper process to check in with your customers to see where they're at and walk them through, and the reason I'm spending some time on this right now is we're getting ready to match the future. We're getting ready to map what we want it to be and it's useful as we do that to reconnect and re ground ourselves in the persona that we're going to build this map for. We recalled that there are hundreds of positive and negative emotions, hundreds of positive hundreds of negative emotions that someone can experience. I'm going to encourage use we go through this mapping exercise to try to call out what the emotion is and to be creative and used the words that really allow us to anchor into the emotional feeling so that we can counter that emotion usually that negative emotion with a positive emotion that is equally as magnificent and is magnified. So in your worksheets, you have this little item right here. This is your future customer interactions in the first hundred days, those of you home because you're playing on a studio audience. What I want to do is open up your books, get to this worksheet, and the goal for this part of the exercise is to put ink in each of the six boxes now, as you may recall, yesterday, we did your current contact in the first hundred days statistically having done this with thousands of people, you put ink in two of the boxes maybe three hardly anyone put sinking all six currently hopefully after our meeting you're like yes, we're doing that and that's what we're going to do right now my goal is to get you to put ink in all six boxes now some of you right now are saying well, wait a second showy I can't do presence like my margins or too thin I can't do that get creative pra penned pretend that money was no object pretend that time was no object what would you deal? What would it be like to personally go and visit every customer that bought your software and downloaded it and personally help them install it now that's not a scalable business. Okay, at what's the average price point on yourself. Where about thirty bucks? Yeah, not scaleable. If bob software was a five hundred thousand dollars enterprise level software, you bet your heinie not only would he be going, he'd be sending a fleet of people. It would be worse sending a team of ten people to help do the install at thirty dollars. If I said to bob, I want you to go and meet with them in person as a first customer every time bob would be like joey that's not possible my time is more valuable I couldn't even get to all of them plus my customers were all over the world they're downloading this how would I even do that? Suspend disbelief for a moment and say well what would it look what if I did meet with every customer or what if I met in person with every hundredth customer how would that change the experience? What if we said hey by the way we have a thing when you download our software you get entered into a lottery and every quarter we pick someone and our ceo comes and visits their office and make sure the software's working well and installs this other new bonus software we have that we don't sell that anyone and we actually bring a video crew and we film it and then we throw a party for you hoo that's interesting I mean we've all seen that commercial right where the guys in line at the grocery store and everyone's and the other guy goes hey can I can I just cut in front of you I just have one thing and they're like yeah and the guy cuts in front of him with one thing and all of a sudden that things go off in the confetti confetti falls and it's your customer one million look you want a ten thousand dollar check and all this up on the guys like wait how did he cut like we love to be celebrated we love to be the one that wins it wouldn't be that hard to build that into your business and people would think it was really cool and if you start posting that video oh, I don't know this social media to your website and people are like this is kind of a zany company this's weird look what they dio and in the beginning if you're just starting out you could make it easy on let you in on a little dirty secret when it comes to a drawing it doesn't have to be created big hat and while everybody's watching reach in and pull out the name and that's the one you go to I'm not encouraging you to not be authentic but if you're just starting out it's totally okay to say hey, you're entered into a drawing and I'm gonna look through all of these and say which one would be the best use of my time and effort and could I have the biggest impact on oh the guy that lives five blocks away from here great that's the guy I'm going to first now if you do that bob's here in seattle if you go to a seattle based customer every corder by about the second quarter they're going really by the third quarter there going this is pathetic once every two or three years you need to go somewhere internationally that'll make him go holy cow really? This is what I want you to be thinking about when you fill out this worksheet thinking big thinking crazy now in this kind of brainstorming period in this idea generation period don't let that little voice of doubt and fear and uncertainty in the back of your head being control set that little voice aside you'll come back and take care of that little guy later for now let the big, booming voice that says I conquered the world this is why I got into business I got into business to kick ass and take initials, not take names take initials because I'm moving so quickly I can't take your entire name down I'm just gonna have to grab your initials because then I need to get on to kick it that's the energy I want you to bring to this, okay? So go ahead and fill some of the things in at home we actually during the break while you all were home having lunch, we forced our people toe work without food notjust getting we still fed them, but we pulled them back a little bit of release so that we could get some ideas of things they're going to dio so me ask from some of our studio audience members some of the ideas that you came up with that air, not things you're doing currently but our things you might explore doing let's be really clear might explore this exercise you're not committing that these were the things you're going to dio right now we're in the idea generation face okay, so you may have an idea and you're like I don't know if it's very good or not and it would cost a lot of money and take a lot of time but I put it on the list have ink on the page that's the gold ink on the page in all of these boxes all right? Do we have any volunteers? Sri so at the end of my speech is sometimes I hand out this little trinket to audience members depending on the size of the audience and boba and it's those on if you remember the monkeys in a barrel game where the monkeys have the arms have a little money, you know? Yeah and there's a lesson with that in that you know, connecting one monkey to one is really easy, but connecting multiples is more difficult focus and attention and it ties into the overall message and I realized that my current one on one coaching clients I don't give them that because I don't have the whole speech and why am I not giving them that? So I thought maybe I could send them I don't know if it's male or present but send them one of those in the mail it's in the mail and it's a gift it's both in that convenience we get to fill in both boxes. Yeah, good. There are ways to cheat on this process and kind of fill in two boxes with one idea of a l of that and and then in the mail just have it be, you know, pretty blank and a personal earl that they could go to. And then that girl will be a personal video for me saying why I sent it here's the story here's, why I think it's great for you and what you're wanting to achieve with your goals hope you enjoy it and there's little joke that goes with it, but yeah, that's the little job. You know what? That's okay, so she says she knows who do you think? Did anyone think I was gonna let that go by? Because I certainly didn't think I was going to let it go by what's the joke, give us the full thing, give us an experience, okay, so this goes back to my acting days. I used to be an actress, and one of my acting coach has passed out all these little monkeys to let you know that when you're in auditions, you're really nervous, the adrenaline's rushing and and you're really tense and so just remember tow have this monkey with you because it'll just hope you remember to play and have fun not take it so seriously and so on and just keep it in your pocket so whenever you get really nervous you know you could just put your hand in your pocket and touch your monkey ha ha ha ha nice I love it I love it I think that's great screens were so a couple of thoughts on that first of all I love that example tree brilliant a couple thoughts number one how did she start out the conversation at the end of my speech is I'd like to give this little what's where she ist drinking frank it so is the business owner what did she d'oh let me diminish it it's not really that big of a deal it's not a president it's trinket I'm not picking on her but this is what we do as business owners something that's a really cool idea that's really special that's really different that's really unique it is going to make I imagine majority of your customer smile and laugh which the majority of us are going to our life not laughing and not smiling you know I joke about people living quiet lives of desperation there's a lot of them write on public transportation in a major city you will see them so let's not diminish it so you give them this artifact artifact yes it's an artifact because it's something that centuries later if I did an excavation of your apartment I would find this on your desk next year computer because it was such a meaningful gift it made such connection with you you used it is your talisman every time you gave a speech so you kept it right there and every time you talked in the same way that you had your clicker you traveled with you had your monkey you traveled with that's what? I give them a thie end of a talk not a trinket we change the conversation okay and what I love about trees example is we have a present right? We haven't coming via mail and we have the video that we linked teo later that says oh here's a great opportunity this is personalized it's customized sometimes one idea can fill in multiple boxes and what's really great about that is there different emotional reactions people have tio each item and to each box and by the way this should say present not in person for those of you that have caught up on that I caught on that two we were just testing to see if you were playing along at home and you are way to catch it okay so you have the opportunity to interact in different ways what I love about the artifact idea that suri has is we have all three modes of learning right pending on who studies you look at we have three general ways that people learn they learn visually they learn auditory aly and they learned kin aesthetically now visually the monkeys historically I think we've said it but let's pretend the monkeys were what color when you were a kid read and what color was the barrel that the barrel of monkeys came in yellow oh my gosh most of us haven't seen a barrel of monkeys in over a decade look at how that brand came back the lungs I send our blue because that's the color of my brand nice so what treat as if she sends blue ones which is fascinating because I'm expecting it to be yellow but now it's blue which makes me think of you even more not to mention when I get it and I look at it if it's blue I might not pick up right away that it's monkeys I mean if it was yellow and at the little thing around they'd be like oh this is a barrel monkeys but if it's blue I'm like what's this so the present delays a little bit longer right there's an interesting balance between your brand and using your brand colors tto help but sometimes that I don't say rex the surprise but it gives a precursor to the surprise now what's interesting in terms of branding we look at a company like tiffany's what color is tiffany what color did they use all their stuff? Blue light blue tiffany blue meghan says okay, so and we've got a lot of insight. Okay? Right there, it's actually tiffany blue, very familiar with it. All right, so if I give you a tiffany blue box, it doesn't even need to say tiffany or it doesn't, right could eventually, when you open the box you see tiffany, it doesn't even need to say that if you see that color blue you're like, oh, oh, my goodness, he really cared like this was a good one. This is a keeper, right? Or she really cared it doesn't have to be meant by although statistically the majority of people that are shopping at tiffany are men buying for women there's also a lot of women buying for themselves. There's a lot of women buying for women, men buying from in equal opportunity employer everybody gets a chance to experience the brand so again what I love about this ideas, it interacts and each of those we get the visual based on the color oh, we get the auditory we have to look for it a little harder but what's do remember the sound of what those sounded like falling into the barrel see everybody who played with him as a kid is going, oh, yeah I haven't thought about that in like thirty years by catherine is a sound that plastic on plastic and the kind of rattling as it hits the bottom and it's probable but it evens out kinesthetic I mean it's a no brainer the goal was to chain him altogether how many can you get you know and then he'd pull them up and you drop him down and see if you could pick one up and then pick up with the other I mean you're doing the whole thing so it's a great item that hits all the learning modalities it's something that allows you to do mail it allows you to do a present and it allows you to fall in with the video and I love what she did she took the idea that she's currently doing the monkeys and said how do I do it better? Well I do it with all my clients not trust the ones that are there live for the speech awesome how do I do it even better I sent a personalized video saying keep this with you and here's why it will help you remind you of this it'll help you remember do not take life so seriously it'll help you remember that it's okay to monkey around from time to time and if you haven't in your pocket I'm just saying you could choose to touch your monkey if you're nervous but you don't have tio right and you can play with it and have some fun all right awesome another example of something that somebody rode down john well a couple of you don't mind please I love it theo goal is to have multiple ideas and fill in all the boxes this is perfect well the first was originally a and this is interesting you can up the ante for the present I was thinking of sending a surprise book tio instructor leadership than I thought one book five books and they would be the top five books that I've read this last year and why I'd send a letter to them saying these books turned me on in this in that way and I want to share them with you and then I thought why stop it books I could also do a five dvd package of my favorite movies of the year and why I love them nice now if I may and what I love it is did you see how john said he perfectly modeled what this exercise is about his first idea was I'll send them a book good idea you know that's what now what's interesting is about the idea of a book really good idea for a guy like me who tries to read a book or two a week not a good idea for one of my dear dear friends and relatives who reads a book a year because it's gonna be like that's not see our earlier conversation before launch about tracking preferences, but for john's instructors, he knows thes air people that are committed to growth and learning they're people that are committed to making their lives better, to instructing better to being able to instruct their students better. Now, a book may not be the best vehicle, but it's ah, more likely fit for that specific audience member, the instructor, then maybe the audience member that purchases kettlebells and just hasn't put their home for working out, right? Maybe not. There might be some overlap, like if I buy kettlebells, I still fit into that category, but we don't necessarily know, so I love that you narrowed it then he says, well, one book could be interesting, but five books with that get their attention? Absolutely. What I liked about it is he knows he didn't say my five books on kettlebells, he said, the five books that I've read in the last year that touched me or impacted me the most. Ah, wait a second, you're giving me stuff that isn't yours. A couple of things run in my brain at that point, number one john's, a big reader, he's a learned guy I could pry learn to think for two from him, number two john had to buy these you know, these aren't books that he already had laying around that he didn't sell that now he's given to me as a free gift stop giving your old stock that you can't move as gifts just stop we know it when we're a customer and we get it and we're like oh, thank you windows ninety seven the install disk you guys are the best I love you know stop giving us your old crab okay? The yeah, just not a good choice so he says five books that really touched him when I love as he takes it next doubly sick and then I would write a letter and explain to them why I included that book and the impact it had on me and then we, uh put me say and maybe include why I specifically put pick this book for them depending on how many instructors are maybe you go out and buy a hundred books, your hundred favorite books, right all different and you go to your twenty instructors and you say I'm going to send the five that are going to be the most impactful in your life. Oh, and by the way, I sent you these five your fellow instructors who you know your best friend who is an instructor I sent him these five so if you haven't read those books, you should ask him about it ah now we're building communication within on where we took it to the next level which I love the way you stacked it china's he says and why stop it books why not five dvds of the best movies I've seen this year for those of you that haven't picked up on it john's a real movie buff john used to make move he's so like he's a good guy to know when it comes to awesome movie referrals how cool would it be to get john's personally selected dvds of the year? Imagine how we take that from the instructors and now we move it to the customers and we say, you know we sell kettlebells and lots of times when you have kettlebells you're working out and a lot of people when they work out have something on the tv or a movie not always but there's a significant percentage I mean you go into any gym in america around the world and I've got the big tv is running it's part of our society here in the united states, but people even do it at home and you've got it set up and say here's the deal instead of tress watching the mindless drivel that is the news I know you're going to be working out I know you might like to watch a video while you're working out oh, by the way we could build this into our survey we'd like to a little a little bit more about how you work out you've ordered our kettlebells do you normally work out listening to music do you normally work out watching tv do you normally work out watching a movie or do you work out just in the quiet of your own space and then you track that and if they say I do it least listening to music john's also a big music fan who's had some phenomenal music experiences in his life we had the chance to hear about him hanging out with mick jagger the stones and eric clapton one night okay phenomenal stories imagine getting a personally selected cd nick cd from john this is your workout music because you selected that you liketo list to music for the person that selected that they'd like to watch a movie they get your favorite five movies and see how we can take a good idea and make it even more about the customer make it even more about tying it to them love it brilliant so what I'd like to do now is actually map this out for us okay we have two great ideas hopefully you had the chance to fill them in again the goal is all six boxes filled with ideas we're actually gonna put those into practice with the map now and we're going to still get the chance to talk about those in yes and and build it out yesterday, we did this audience persona exercise, where we drew up a picture off audience member that fits in our target demographic are our target audience. All right, I want youto maybe pull one of those out if he had a chance to do the homework so that you can anchor in tow. How its best possible to build out your map.

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If you're looking for speakers discussing marketing and sales, I'd suggest taking a time out and watching this lesson. While you can pour time and cash into marketing and sales, if your not keeping your customers happy, then what has it all been for? If you really want to take your marketing and sales to the next level, start with the client experience. Happy customers who become fans will provide better marketing than you could every write for yourself (plus other people will believe it, because it isn't you talking about how great you are, it's someone else talking about how great you are!) And those fans generate referrals by the boatload. And all you have to do is be great at what you do, and make sure your clients' or customers' expectations are managed well, and then exceeded. Joey will teach you how to do this. As a side note, we've made this course part of our onboarding process, so every new hire watches this complete lesson within the first two weeks of their tenure with us, it's that much a core part of our philosophy. Godspeed!


I watched a replay of this course in November, 2017. It's incredible it's still such a current and updated course, even though the lessons were shot in 2013. Very deep content, told in a very light, fun and assertive way. Wonderful examples that inspire action and hands-on tips that you can apply immediately for every kind of businesses. Best in-studio audience ever.

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