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Maximizing Channel Mix

Lesson 15 from: Turn Customers Into Fans in the First 100 Days

Joey Coleman

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Lesson Info

15. Maximizing Channel Mix

Lesson Info

Maximizing Channel Mix

Let's talk briefly about channel mix in the time we have left okay used to be this is the channel of how you dealt with people right? If you wanted to get in touch with a company you call them one, eight hundred get help or whatever they're eight hundred number wass okay, now this is the world we live in so many different shoes so many different sizes or since it'll seem like I'm making fun of the women so many different sneakers so many different colors okay, this is more my vibe, right? Ironically, enough customers want to use more rather than fewer communication channels for their customer service. Okay, this is as of this year, forrester one of the top analyzing companies is saying by the way they want more channels oh my gosh, what are we going to do? We already identified yesterday these six million channels. It gets more interesting when you look at all the different subsets let me walk you through the icons real quick we have connecting with our customers via phone, connecting ...

in person, connecting via mail. Okay, whether that's a direct mail piece or present because the president you should get a physical thing an artifact doesn't always have to be a president could be a pdf for a download, but for purposes of categorizing it today we're going included in the physical, tangible objects we have online right? We have your website faa cues. We have clicked to chat or click to call rather click to call and then we have chat next to it click to call if you've been on amazon, they've got that dialed in and it's amazing! We have email and we have videos because usually if you're doing a video, you're sending them the video in an email or sending it in some type of an electronic communication. We have mobile, we have aps and we have text messages, sms messages and finally we have social twitter, youtube and facebook. I know there's a lot of other ones too, but those are kind of the big three okay what's fascinating is if we look at which ones get used the most for customer service. It's phone and chat if you don't have phone service, if you don't have chat, service might be something you want to explore. Let me stop right now a lot of soul entrepreneurs you're watching this and they're like joey, I'm not at my computer. Did you chat all day long? What you could do is say we have chat support from nine to ten a m every day oh, then the person that lives for chat, we'll come back at that time and you'll know where in the chat zone oh, but by the way, we have phone service from nine to five it's bigger or if you work with clients like, for example, if you're working with musicians, you're our should not be nine to five. They should be five to nine five p m to nine a m that's when musicians are awake on the way. Come on. This is, like takes suspect a mystery about my criminal defense clients. They wantto wake it eight a m they're sleeping it off. Okay? We have most ideal toe least ideal starting up here. Most ideal for you is a business owners, probably the page. Why? Because you build that once you put it up on your website, you never have to do it again because we're lazy is business owners were like that's my ideal way. We even had a comment. Yes, sir, it was somebody was like, why don't they just read my f ake use this slide was already decided before we got that comment because this is the comfortable, easy way. Then we come down that one of the more popular ways for small business owners is twitter and facebook and email. Now twitter and facebook are on there not because you're doing awesome support on twitter and facebook it's because you're killing time and procrastinating on those fields so you say but no I have a twitter handle for my business but you're not really tweeting about your business you're just retweeting and doing other random stuff but you justify it to yourself by saying no it's good for my business then we have a phone and text message then we're moving least ideal for your business we get into in person youtube videos because we're like oh that takes more effort I have to get together have to do my makeup I have to shower have to do the you know the video and then have to upload it to youtube or be available in person at least ideal are the ones that we think of his costing money oh I have to build an app oh I have to do chat I have to do click to call I have to send presents I have to send mail what's really interesting is when we look at preferences as they rate to an individual so hear my preference is my ideal way if I have a problem with your company my first thing I'm gonna do is try to call you call me crazy as you've probably picked up is were, you know, almost halfway through day two I don't mind using this stool I would much rather run my mouth and do this or do this or whatever okay it's really easy and I find that it's easier to connect and get right to the point on the phone my second favorite is click to call I click on the thing I type in my phone number you call me back I love it go daddy uses it amazon uses it brilliant next I want to talk to a live person then maybe chat email f accuser video then an app or text message by the way as we get below here I kind of him not into any of them but I ranked him out here so you could see gibson presence right? Remember my love language zero on gift in presence that's and that's not really going to get my attention okay what's fascinating is look within my own household so some businesses do business with the coleman household and if they're paying attention to joey's preferences they think they've got this dialed in whenever we have an issue we're going to call him because that's what joey likes best let's look at my lovely wife barrett where is the phone? Right by the person now let's click back to mind real quick cash opposites attract right this is confusing for a business that wants to do business with our household but this is where my wife who's very lovely and very personable is very introverted I sometimes teaser you don't like people, she actually loves people and she's very warm but she just he's not a big talk on the phone, but he doesn't even talk on the phone that much with me, right? She loves the f a q she loves aps, she'll love an email, she loves presence, she'll do the chat, she wants to have the technology going all right what's really interesting is wayne gretzky lets us know I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been and the reason I wanted to put this in here because I have already emasculated myself with the sports comments earlier so now I'm trying to build a background to be have a sports figure in here, but the premise behind this quote is so meaningful I think for your business, if you're late, I'm gonna click back if you're looking at the options here and you really want to go toe where it is going to be, you need to be looking at chat you need to be looking at click to call there's actually really inexpensive services for click to call and how cool would that be? Instead of having a phone number on your website, you had the click to call that said here's the deal, enter your phone number here and click it and it's going to call me I'm gonna do my best to pick up, but it fell many meeting with a client it's going to go to voicemail and I will return that call as quickly as possible. They're going to be like you, it's cool technology, it's, different, it's, unique it's something special, and they're going to be really excited about it. I encourage you to push yourself out a little bit beyond your comfort zone you're in right now. They're two ways that we can work on your experience in the first hundred days. Okay, I would argue we should do both, but you can also pick one or the other one is to clean up the things you're currently doing and doing better the others to jettison some of those things and try something new and different. Any of you have clicked to call currently operating on your websites, no one in the room, I'm guessing no one online, it could be wrong if people try min it's a newer technology, I don't let me have any of you in the room used it with amazon or with another service. Has anybody ever had that experience? Was that raise your hand if it was a positive experience? If you liked that, yeah, everybody who's used it had a positive experience with it, can you say that about every other channel? Not really because it's new it's cool and I'm not saying she's jump on the bandwagon here but what I am saying is think about the perspective of your customer some of those tools even allow you to say call me at this time I was on the phone with go daddy the other day they do all of my domain name hosting and they had a backed up calling and they're like the call waiting time right now is ten minutes if you'd rather not wait press one toe have us call you back awesome press one I don't want to wait on hold call me back press one he said if you'd like us to call back at the earliest possible time which is probably ten minutes based on our current q press one if you'd like a different time press two I ended up pressing one but had I pressed to what I would have heard of what I would have heard is entered the time you would like us to call now go daddy has a twenty four seven call center they could do that most of the soul entrepreneurs in here like joey well well, this is just way too crazy stop judging it before you get creative and think through it what if you actually did say let me know when you'd like to call and I will do everything in my power to call it that time but it may not work if it doesn't work I will try to call another time but I'll do my best and then do your best and if it doesn't work that's ok but at least they're like wow, you know he tried asked me if he could call it five and he called it six thirty and said I'm sorry I couldn't call it five I was in a meeting with one of my other clients I'm excited at the prospect of having you as a client andan that situation you would have already been on the schedule but since you're not a client yet how can I help you russ to pull the curtain back a little bit like we are doing live broadcast here sometimes things go wrong and they totally do we do our best to make sure they don't but everyone's well, something goes wrong so what I've always done as an advocate for people who are watching because I used to be someone who just sat at home and watch creative life is I'm always saying if you are a rebel rouser I just love it when you say if we tell people what is happening they'll forgive us yes, as long as they know what's happening absolutely and here's the interesting thing about that the science and the research proves what you just said and anyone has flown in the net last decade you have experienced this personally here's what happened the airlines used have delays all the time and all they would do is change the board they would say oh you're flight that was at one o'clock is now at one fifteen it's now it too it's now what for it's now at seven pm and the people in the waiting area got furious because their only means of communication was the board that was just changing and it just kept getting worse the story never got better the story never turned to you know we said it was going to be seven p m just kidding it's going to be for thirty you're going to get out of here closer to know it always got worse they didn't massive studies and they figured out that the way to keep people calm and from an airline point of view that's really important I don't know if you've ever noticed often when you get on an airplane there's music playing the reason for that is to keep you calm because it's a stressful situation waiting in line being herded like cattle putting your luggage up and they've actually cut down on the number of inflight fights I mean there's sometimes this fight's on airplanes they've actually cut down on that by playing music and chilling everyone out one of the airlines I forget which one it is has an aquarium going on the screens while you're loading in and you see fish swimming around huge studies that that decrease his heart rate calms people down okay, so what the airlines have figured out is we needed to do something different other than this board. So now if you've noticed if you ever get a delay they get on the horn they say I'm sorry the flight is going to be delayed. The new time you will be leaving at instead of one pm is one thirty the reason for the delay is we have an indicator light in the cockpit showing that something may be wrong with the landing gear we believe that's important enough to look at we hope you do too we'll be back to you in ten minutes with an update on our progress and everyone goes okay yeah geez, I really hope they fixed the landing gear that's important let's knew it and everybody chills out and guess what? The airline now confide this latest they want because people are informed goto where the pakis anticipate where your customers are going anticipate what their needs and emotions are questions any thoughts? Love pixel frowns comment here we all make mistakes so people can forgive that but no one likes being lied to or to feel like someone's trying to hide something from them yeah absolute just own it. The important thing we've been talking about for the last two days is to recognize that our customers you're human by recognizing that they're human, we also have to be willing to recognize that we're human and mistakes we're gonna happen I dropped the ball with my customers sometimes I have a customer that I've been needing to get in touch with for a while and I just haven't had the opportunity when I do get in touch with him, what I'm going to say is, look, dude, I'm really sorry that it has been five days since I've returned your call in my world that's a nightmare like five days and no return callback for me that's really? But I've just been super busy has nothing against him's great client is amazing, but I'm just gonna own it I'm just going to say, you know what? And the thing is if it's a mistake, if it's something that happens rarely he'll acknowledge it if every time he calls it takes me five days and then I'm like, oh, I'm so sorry it took long that long to get back to you I don't believe that we see this when we listen on the phone how many of you love the message that says thank you so much for your call? We're experiencing unusual call times right now and as a result it will be awhile before we're able to get to you we value you as a customer and purchase appreciate your patients what they really should say is we don't give a shit about you, we didn't hire enough people to work the call center the week before christmas. We do not care whether we get your money or not. We're hoping that you have no other options, so you have to buy from us, but we know you will have a miserable experience and will never buy from us again. Please call back that I would at least say, you know what? At least you're being honest. I may disagree with it, it may be ridiculous, but at least they're being honest. Beckett I totally subscribed to this, I I feel like we have to uphold certain policies or cancellation policies and things like that, and I feel like the only way that we can honestly and fairly do that is if we always uphold ourselves to the highest standard, so every once in a while something happens, there will be a technology glitch, or there'll be a misunderstanding, or maybe, you know, one of my instructors will miss inform someone, and I do at that point, while we've talked before, I'm a little limited on communication. I will always is the ceo, pick up the phone and call personally, I'll explain what has happened, and I'll turn it into a situation where I ask what it is that we can do better in in other ways, and so I typically takes someone who's very angry and turned them into a raving fan, and I truly just feel that's because I'm one hundred percent committed, teo being authentic and transparent in my transactions, I love it, I love it on what's fasting is so megan's habit and way of running business. Let me ask you a quick question with this based on researcher, this is based on just who you are uh, my gut instinct is it's more just who you are, but really it was who I was, but you don't you don't work with the level of clientele that I worked with personally and get the trust of the different higher establishments for four star hotels and things like that without being someone who eyes, always looking ahead, looking at the details and making sure that you are always one hundred percent in integrity, absolutely so it was a combination of her personal ethic and personal experience and the experience of her business like what worked and what didn't work what's fascinating is the scientific research proves that this is the right way to go ho wait a second what? Joey, it proves that if there is a mistake that you correct, you are more likely to have a raving fan than not let's, pause for a second wrap our heads around that, right? If they ride the roller coaster down and you can bring them back up, you've gone through the trenches together. They know that at the end of the day, you're going to save them it's going to be okay, it's gonna work out and now going back to that buyer's remorse that fear that doubt that uncertainty that they had about well, what if every, you know, everything's gone right? But what if something goes wrong? What will really happen? And some of us lead our lives that way, right? We're like the measure of a person is really how they handle things when things were falling apart, not when everything's going smoothly. We all do that in our own lives. You know, we all have that person that we know that when it is going to hell in a handbasket, they're the person you want your court because they're calm, they're cool, they're collected there ready to go. The research shows that in a business, your lifetime value for a customer is greater. If there's been a mistake with that customer, wait, what I'm trying to deliver everything perfectly I know and that's good and that's a great opening volley, but give yourself permission that if there is a mistake to not beat yourself up to not think well that's it we're never going to be able to do business with that person again and instead say no no no no no if I do this right if I solve for this in a really authentic transparent honest way I say look we screwed up we'd like to make it better I have three ideas of how I'd like to make it better but before I share those ideas with you what are some of the things you were hoping to get out of this call what would you think would make it better nine times out of ten the person says I just appreciate that you actually acknowledge there's a problem and guess what that hasn't cost the business any money were as business dinner we have a tendency to say oh I should give him a free course you're discounting our refund some of their money those are good ideas tohave hold back wait and see what matters to them sometimes they might just say well I would just like to see an improvement in how your business runs you know what's so would I and here's what I'm gonna commit to doing on that you have problems finding our workshop we are within two weeks going to have every time we list a workshop on our website we're going to have a link to the google map that allows you to see right where it's at my commitment to you is that that will happen in two weeks when it does drive your permission to send you an email with a screen shot, our link to the website to show you it's been done. Yeah, great, thank you so much for this suggestion. I'm excited to implement it. I'm so sorry that that was your experience, but I really appreciate you coming forward to make sure that none of your peers, none of our other customers have to go through the nightmare you went through. I've been heard it's, not rocket science, we just have to care all right, so let's do preferences in channels in one minute. What we've talked about in this segment, the key is toe listen it's really that simple? We've got two of them. Most of us aren't used in either one let's start all right, it's all about getting curious, looking for the opportunities, paying attention, getting intense, getting close, seeing what's going on where the clues it's about asking our customers questions, surveying them in a way that's, fun and playful where they're excited about giving their information and waiting for the golden nuggets to fall from the sky and listening to those things, taking a man, building him into our systems so that we can turn around and show our customers that we've actually been listening. When it comes to channel mix, we've got a lot of different options I mean, a host of possibilities of ways that we can interact with our clients, what I'd like us to do is stop ranking them according to the way we like and start ranking them according to the way our audience members like in our next segment, we're going to be talking about mapping the first hundred days in the future, so we're going to take the whole first day and the first half of day two all the learning we've had all the knowledge, all the worksheets we've completed, and we're finally arrived at the point where we're like and now what what am I going to do starting on thursday? Differently in my business, we're going to bring the whiteboard back, we're going to map it out, and this is the exciting part where we get to get creative, we get to think, ok, if I know they're starting to tank, what are four, five things I can do to pop him back up? How can I play around with that? How can I experiment with that? During the break, I encourage you to get the opportunity to go to first hundred days. Dot com. There, you're going to see the three bonuses, right? Give your email to get the resource guy that's gonna talk about all a bunch of amazing books that I haven't had the opportunity to talk about during the presentation today. Secondly, if you buy the course, send your receipt so that we can enter into the drawing to receive the free one on one consultation on implementing your first under days plan. And speaking of surveys, number three. You have the opportunity to take a twenty five question survey. Twenty five questions. But if you do the worksheets, you'll have all the answers you need for the survey film in and you will get a personalized, customized first hundred days assessment of your current interactions. So the hope you can take that and build on it going forward.

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