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Turn Customers Into Fans in the First 100 Days

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Measure and Tweaking Part 1


Turn Customers Into Fans in the First 100 Days

Lesson 30 of 31

Measure and Tweaking Part 1


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Measure and Tweaking Part 1

So it's been a fun three days I like to think I know I've had a lot of fun I hope you've had fun as well in our last session we're going to do two things number one we're actually gonna walk through the example that we did earlier of the wedding photography company and working with the bride who we come to decided with medium maintenance on we charted out her path and what we're going to come along now is is actually figure out what are the things that we could do to enhance that experience in the first hundred days then so that you don't worry at the very end we're going to do a recap of the entire three days in twelve minutes you don't want to miss that it's going to happen at the very end each day or each segment of each day is going to get one minute we've had twelve segments once this one's done twelve minutes will do the full run through so hopefully we bring this all in together a nice package tie a bow on top give it to you as a present so you can go change your business okay s...

o when we think about the first hundred days we've been talking for the last three days coming into eighteen hours at this point about how the various interactions that we're having in our customers can be mapped and can be tracked and khun b planned for and once we build out the map of where we're at now, it's easier to build out a map of where we want to go in the future. But if we just had a map that doesn't rea really meet our requirements for a system? Right? Because we had a piece of paper like this for every different type of customer we had, that might be useful. But what are we going to do? Really give that piece of paper to our sales team in our reps and have them trying to figure it out? No, we want to make it a little more automated, a little more systematized, even though there's part of us that are feeling creative that says, well, wait, that limits my craft and my ability no it's actually going to increase your opportunity for creativity because you know that the standard that you want delivered for all of your clients, all of your customers, all of your audience members, is going to be met every time without doubt and anything else, you can come along and drop cherries on top of that sunday and even new fun special things after that, as you may recall, from our work sheet up the top, we had the name of the person and the situation. Now is a reminder, and I know we're repeating stuff we talked about before, but it bears repeating so hear with new ears this time that allow you to ground it in a different way. The reason we name our personas with, like a pop culture reference or someone famous is because it helps us to embody that personality even more. Most of us are serving audiences and personas that aren't really us, right? We kind of relate lots of people get into business because they want to create the thing that's missing in their life, so they created, and then they start using it like randy with his awesome mill amount, you know, smartphone mounts, he was having a problem driving around and having his phone slide over the dash and that kind of thing, so he says, oh, I'm going to create this so that I can mount my phone on the dashboard with the suction cup, okay, that's cool, now we can use it, so we create something for himself that being said, I'm sure their customers that he has that don't align with all the demographics that he fits into. So the way we solve for that is by getting really clear on the different types of persona by describing their situation and then and on lee, then doing the map of where they're at so we died down onto the work sheet we actually see the map which conveniently enough by the wonders of magic and modern technology has been created here a creative life all right, I'm gonna grab my markers and we're going to start to explore the map now some of you arch is joining us for those that aren't and have been here the whole time allow me that's just briefly reorient you and re kind of ground us to where we're at on day one we experience activation in this scenario we have a woman who has come to a wedding photographer hoping to book the photographer for two shoots ok, that is their stated goal to shoots the first one the dress nature shoot which for those be there playing along I still eighteen hours later I'm not entirely sure what that is and secondarily the wedding the big day the magic okay that's what they come to a nit activation we meet we signed the contract on we choose the package we want for the photo shoot at this point our customer our audience member would score us on a scale of positive ten to negative ten at about a nine very positive during day zero the assessment phase she had done her homework she had looked at a bunch of different other businesses she'd evaluated their website she'd even called and spoken to them her selection it was a good selection or so she felt and right out of the box she's feeling good about it now while her stated goal was to shoots and some money savings right she's on a budget she wants to be cost conscious. She had an unstated goal of wanting to have a relationship with the photographer not to have it be transactional what's fantastic about this and if we actually explore unstated goals of our audience members most of them want a relationship with us and ironically enough, most of us his business owners wanna have a relationship with our audience with our customers. Yet we've gotten so caught up in the day today that has become transactional it's become transactional for us and you can bet your bottom dollar has become transactional for them. We want to avoid that we want to make it an exchange we want to make it more connective, more relationship based. Okay, a new additional unstated goal was to look beautiful and have the photos not be blurry. I want to come back to that blurry yet again and I know for those who have been watching you may have heard me talk about it before, but it's really important to recognize that lots of times our audience members are coming to meet with us with a fear that is so out of our minds of the realm of possibility that we haven't acknowledged it in ages now imagine when this wedding photographer that's our scenario here that we're role playing first started to shoot one of his or her fears was what if I shoot a wedding and I forget to put the film in or the memory card or what if I shoot a wedding and the lens cat the lens has some stuff on it in the photos are blurry or what if the batteries die in every physical well cheese that would be terrible, so we probably developed as photographers some check klis some systems ah lot of the computer are the computers a lot of the cameras that many photographers you actually having a function in them that if a memory card isn't in, it won't let you take the photos because the camera companies have recognized our audience is human, we're going to meet them where they're at instead of saying fool, why haven't you figured out that? Of course, if you're shooting with the digital camera, you have to have a memory card in instead saying what if they caught up with other stuff? What if this wedding photographer who's using a five six ten thousand dollar camera is more caught up in serving their client than double checking to make sure they're gear's all set? What if they're just starting out and they've never been burned by this before? Let's, make sure they're okay. Same holds true in our business. What if our customer, the woman who's getting married, has never been but married before, has never done a wedding, has never done a wedding photo shoot? She might be concerned that the photos were blurry. Let's acknowledge that let's explore the stated goals and stated needs as well as the un stated goals and unstated needs, and john mentioned earlier what it was a great observation and kind of additional suggestion. We can also think of these his stated emotions and unstated emotions. It's not in the worksheet. This is bonus material at this point in session twelve, but it could be an unstated emotion as well. We move into africa nation, where we kind of click into that buyer's remorse feeling were like, did I make the right choice? And in this particular example it's happening in scheduling, we fallen down to about a seven, because we're starting to doubt, you know, this is how is this process going to work? This is natural. This was going to fall almost regardless of what the photographer did because of the way the human brain works. Now, when we get to this point and what we're going to do next, when we come up with ideas to help that we're going to push it back up but that's, what you're against this fall is goingto happen even if you do already have some things in place, we're going to have to put a number of things in place to really pop it in and we're going to get the chance to explore that is a group the stated goal quick response and hold my hand make sure this works well unstated doubt doubt starting to come in. Is this gonna work? How are the photo is going to turn out what's this process going to be like by the time we get today fourteen at admission, we're doing the dress shoot right out in nature, making you look beautiful. Our audience member has fallen to a two she is anxious. Is khun b she's worried she's going to look fat or bloated? What if she shows up in the dress doesn't fit she's really anxious? She has some unstated needs or unstated emotion of doubt that has actually increased so doubt has gone up to times two we're twice is doubtful is we were a mere twelve days ago and again nothing's happened other than the passage of time on the calendar it's why the first hundred days is so relevant day twenty one acclamation we need to look at the photos were seven we're feeling pretty good about the way the photos turned out the chute was great stated goals the photos look good they're not blurry and oh I'm not fat I'm happy with this right on state it is well I'm feeling a little insecure and a little stress though still even though these photos worked out I'm wondering was this the time you were going to get it right on the other shoe's going to drop the day of the wedding if I had one shoot that was going to go bad I wanted it to be the name shoot when no one was there other than me and the butterflies instead it's going to be the one where uncle berries they're crazy drunk uncle who decided to show up at the wedding what's going on we come to assimilation a day twenty eight where were scheduling the actual shoot day the day off the wedding and figuring it out we drop from a seven to a five part of this is because we're just getting anxious about the day of the wedding it's coming up these are things that are one hundred percent beyond the control off our wedding photographer but our wedding photographer is smart and cares about customer experience and is willing to explore the emotions of their audience members and is smart enough to know as we get closer to the wedding I think the anxiety is probably going to increase because in all the weddings I've been to the photos I've shot have experienced this maybe I should counter that and be aware of it. The stated goal at this point is that we want everything to be really smooth and non evasive invasive I don't the photographer in the picture on what the photographer coming up to me one having imagine moment with my husband and saying we need you over here for this shoot right? I want you to be seen but not heard and kind of not even seen like scene I want you to be present but I don't need to be that present it's a tricky tightrope that are photographers walking the unstated needs and emotions hurt in security and stress times twenty we are really ramping up because we're about three weeks out from the day of the wedding, so we're getting nervous day of the wedding adoption adoption again the day where we say I'm taking this on is my own were part of this we are hand in hand in agreement the customer and the business the photographer and the bride hand in hand at the stage of adoption saying we're in on body and photographer to your way of living on bought into your approach I've acclimated to the changes I've assimilated to the way you do things and now I've adopted your lifestyle your approach look, I'm trusting you implicitly that you're going to do a great job with this shoot and we score nine because it's also just a wonderful wedding day stated goals is great photos that captured this memory for a life time oh my goodness have we raised the bar and stated we went from two chutes that don't cost too much money to capturing photos for a lifetime? Unstated doubt, but it's a little doubt it's just tiny because the doubts always there right? But it's just a little bit and finally day seventy nine advocacy when we actually meet to review the pictures it's about an eight we're feeling good about it. It was a very positive outcome overall definitely wanted the photos to capture for a lifetime, but we're a little bit unsure of what's next, so this is our map I just want to ground us again. We need to really feel the persona that we're talking about when you're doing this exercise here's what often happens? We're kind of like, oh my gosh, I have twenty five minutes before my next meeting, I'm gonna pull out my first hundred days map and I'm gonna figure out all the things I can do to make customer experience better that's a flawed approach please don't do that not on lee does your audience deserve more? You deserve to treat yourself betterthan that to give yourself permission for this business that you've been sweating for bleeding, for crying, for missing sleep, for missing family events, for not being able to spend money on the things you want to spend money on for dealing with client b s for dealing with employees b s for dealing with vendor b s for it deserves more than to give it short shrift. Give it the time it deserves. Okay, so map it out and anchor and so in the room right now I want us to all feel. And for those of you watching at home, you are the wedding photographer. You are the person that has been hired to make this woman's dreams come true. She has had a vision off this day. Since she was about this tall. That vision has accelerated and amped up as she's gotten older. It has a really accelerated as her girlfriends and her little sister got married and it accelerated even more when her partner proposed and she started buying bridal magazines and ripping out pictures and all. We should have this centerpiece and started into the paradox of choice. That is the plethora of decisions that have bride faces. What are we gonna have for cake? What are we going to do for photos? What dressmaking? I really don't want the beaded one or a veiled. Maybe I should get a veil. Only cash. I don't even know if I like a veil. Remember that one time somebody wore the veil and I thought, oh, that just looks ridiculous. Oh, my gosh. I wonder what she's doing now? Okay, this is what's going on in the bride's mind. Okay, chaos, the storm. Ask any groom he's familiar with it? Okay, what's, our job is the wedding photographer. We recognize that there's a potential storm going on a storm isn't a bad thing because you know what happens at the end of a storm, a rainbow so storm is a bad just acknowledged the environment we're in acknowledge where our audience members that acknowledged the emotions they might be feeling and our job now, in our remaining time today, is going to be toe walkthrough and to acknowledge as we go these phases and to take the one at a time and come up with good ideas of things we could d'oh now is a bonus. I decided to throw an assessment even though we don't have assessment assessment is going to be here. Okay, because some of you are saying, well, joey, this is great, but I'm just getting ready to start my business. Okay, this is great if I already have customers and audience members that I'm serving, but if I'm just getting ready to start, how do I even get that first one to show up? Not to be really clear the first hundred days, day one starts with them giving you the money, but we acknowledge there is a day zero in the time before so that's a piece of the puzzle that we're going to start with that first in your worksheets you see a worksheet that looks like this you've probably already done it filled out the homework if not, promise me you'll do that at least sometime in the next week do it sooner rather than later, if you say and some of you will you know what? I'm really busy right now. Q. For is always crazy in my business, but I'm planning to take two weeks off for the holidays and I'll have some good downtime then and I'll set aside an hour while I'm on vacation with my family to fill out all these work sheets, you'll never do it and this will be eighteen hours of wasted time because again, I'm not the theory guy, I'm not the guy that just on lee wants you to think differently I'm the guy who wants you to feel differently and more importantly, wants you to act differently starting thursday starting tomorrow okay, so let's, go ahead and look assessment and the way we're going to do this just to give you an idea of how the rest of our segment is going to go today. I've zoomed in really tight on the worksheet, okay? Now you'll notice on your worksheet it does not show these six little icons I added, those in is a guide. What we do have is five red check boxes and five black fill in the blank boxes for our exercise. Today, our goal is going to be to have ink on the page in four of those black boxes. Well, wait a second, joey, I'm a type a I like to fill in all the boxes that's fine if you want to fill in the fifth one on nero and that's cool, but we're going to leave the fifth one blank because I want to remind you with a visual that this should be an evolving process, that you should get your employees involved, that you should test some of these ideas and see how they work, and if I leave a blank one, your desire to fill it in will continue to nag at you after you tried to implement some of these and it will make you come back, which is what this last segment is all about, measuring and tweaking the effort okay, so that's, why we're going to leave that one blank. I know when I'm going to think we're skimping or we're cutting content no, no, no it's by design, okay, so the first thing we're going to do is assessment and the way we're going to make this work is we're going to come over here on assessment. I'm gonna be writing with the red pen, okay? The black pen is what we're currently dealing, okay? The black pen shows us our current first hundred days experience. The red pen is going to show us the future first hundred day experience that we're going to build were now in the assessment stage and again, it's a reminder for the assessment stage this audience persona talk to her friends, looked at websites and called and spoke with us specifically about the cost of the project. Now we have six different tools that we can use toe boost up to enhance the assessment period before I jump in with some ideas. Anyone in the audience have a burning idea right away? Yes, sure. You know what I love about this awesome we've been at this for three days and already people who may at the beginning of the course have said I don't know I'm not a wedding photographer how am I supposed to figure out what to do in the first hundred days they're raising their hand because they have ideas and I bet some of you watching at home are doing the same what's one idea that we could dio if you could tell us first the icon that we should incorporate and then what we would do joey this would be a video icon let's go with the video cherie alright so for the video and I'm going to try to draw the video icon the best I can all right the reason I'm going to do that is again just have fun with it our business should be fun to remind me that yes this is the icon that I've chosen so that in the future I can turn around and say oh what are our other icons air left so that we have examples of all the icons and the act of engaging my right brain okay my creative side of the brain when I'm doing a left brain exercise like filling in slots will help me stay fluid okay I promise you there's method toe all the madness you've watched on screen today okay so we fill this in and we've got our little video camera great what's the video idea. So I think the geniuses of the map out your current model map first and then the future one is you, khun sort of plan ahead for the speed bumps that are already there and I see that one of the speed bumps is the desired outcome that the photographers there but kind of distant not in the way so maybe if they could create a video of a wedding through the photographer's eyes and there's eso you can see how far they are away from the bride and groom butt and then you can see the still of the shot that they got during that moment. So that way, whenever that's a concern later down the line, you can point to that video or while she's making that decision, she can watch this video and go oh, wow, it's amazing! Even though he's on the other side of the room look this beautiful shot that he got of the couple or she got it. The couple love it through my eyes on your day. Okay, cool. And it shows you getting out of the way it shows you not interrupting. It shows you navigating drunk uncle barry with beautiful poison professional is what made me think of it is that movie of the wedding planner with jennifer lopez that opening scene of the wedding through what she has to deal with and so if it was sort of like, you know, there doesn't have to be about dialogue or anything but uh vignette of that day through the photographer's eyes one of the benefits again of using a pop culture reference you could even say on the lead in you know, you may have seen that movie with jennifer lopez being a wedding planner, ok? Most people who are getting married start watching all the wedding movies they're watched the wedding planner they watch the wedding singer, you know, they watch you know, the bachelor party and that leads to lots of conversations. They end up watching hangover and that leads to other conversations. It's great! If you could connect with that and say yeah, you might have seen that movie and kind of seen it from her eyes that's a little dramatized for hollywood. Let me show you what really happens through my eyes on your day and by the way, I just want to be clear the language I chose is by design hey, this is just my perspective of your world. The focus is on you and by ending it on your day there's a concept when it comes to memory of primacy and leighton see, we have a tendency to remember the first thing and the last thing and we remember more strongly the last thing again brain chemistry and science how it works so what's the last thing we want her to remember about this this is your day that's going to help without it's going to help with any feelings have been security it's gonna give her a sense of competence while we're in the assessment stage she's not even our customer yet but she's probably calling I'd like to be that kind of customer let's do another one I saw another hand bob I love it I love that we have a man raising his hand within an idea for what feels like a pretty heavy feminine energy example, right? Okay, so our bride I think was looking at four to six different photographers, right? Right. Ok. So she's skinning all these websites looking at each one and it would be kind of cool if on this photographer's site they had a coming opt in the mail well where you could get a siri's of emails on how to plan your day, right? So they come over say, six to ten days one on ah planning planning your honeymoon planning your your bachelorette party or bachelor party you know and it's it's all these sort of how to use that have nothing to do with photography but everything to do with the wedding and then these are going to be showing up in the e mail once a day for the next ten days while she is making a decision which is going to keep you in front of, uh I've heard in top of mind love it. Yeah that's an idea planning your day workbook or guide or program? I see. Ok, this is another thing you want to do when you're going through this process, play around the language you know, workbook uh sounds a little too man, right? This is for a woman. Would a woman want to carry a workbook in her purse or died? Probably a guide. Okay, planning your day guide now what? I really it's actually planning your wedding, right? It's more than a day planning actually, let's really have fun with this planning a wedding off the century could work of your life ofyour life could work let's, take it one level further planning the wedding you always dreamed of and I will say the thing that I loved best about bob's idea is that it's not about the photos if it's about the photos, it feels sales e it feels like you're tryingto snooker me or convince me and you're going to be promoting it, you know it's, blah, blah, blah what's interesting, though is this guide is a pdf that someone could download hopefully includes imagery imagery you took you don't jump up and down and say, this is me shooting at the bachelorette party, but they're great photos of a bachelorette party and the person is left wondering how much are these photos came from, and their presumption is going to be one of the easter bobs. And then when she comes to meet with you, she might even say, by the way, those patch their party phone, our bachelorette party photos, those were fantastic. Did you take those? I thought you were a wedding photographer and you say, yeah, you know, it's something I don't advertise on my website, but for some of my clients that I really connect with, we'll actually come and shoot their bachelor at party that is that something he'd be interested in and she might say, I never thought about having someone shoot my bachelor party, by the way, the business owner and you what you should here is we just went from a to shoot contract to a three shoot contract, not because we said he would go this opportunity for an upsell or by the way, in addition to the five thousand dollar wedding package you purchased for an extra seven hundred fifty dollars, I will come and shoot your it no, no, no, which has showed proof of what it looks like, russ a very, very simple idea that's literally like a two second change. I know that one of the issues is that you wanted to create a relationship you want to feel like you are connected to the photographer so instead of putting contact information phone number is x it's call my cell x great and just that simple thing is you are getting me you're getting down directly. The relationship you're forming is with me and literally it's just changed those words. Yep call my cell when you're in the assessment stage imagine that love love accessed your photographer I don't know about you sometimes when you call somebody especially that works in an industry like the wedding industry, they're kind of hard to get ahold of sometimes because you're out running around in other weddings forget trying to get ahold of him on the weekend. It is not going to happen when do most of us not work and have the chance to actually do wedding planning on the weekend? A wait a second, how am I supposed to do that? How my supposed to meet my customer where they're at when I'm out with my other customers something we'll talk about, all right? We've got three for the assessment stage I think that's a really good start we want to try to do one more so that we fill in four different icons for this one all right in person video present let me go ahead and throw one in here. The planning wedding you've always dreamed of as a pdf is a great idea two brilliant idea, but in my experience most people who download free pdf ce don't ever read them they might read them they might play around with, um they might print them out on their home printer, but if you're a photographer who specializes in capturing images, do you really want your photos printed on that crappy printer? That's needed ink for two months? Probably not. So what if we were to actually say, you know what, we're going to take this and instead of doing it is an email or maybe addition to doing it is an e mail we create a physical mail piece that some of you might say it showy I'm going to mail this printed guide to someone who's a prospect they haven't even given me money and I'm already spending money on them we're going to experiment, okay? One of the thing that I think is really important to keep in mind here at the beginning of this process of coming up with new ideas is I'm not saying you have to do this with every audience member every customer from now until the end of time we're going to try it what if we just printed up ten copies and the next ten people that opted in on the website if you really cool off what it said is here, put your email to get thie elektronik pdf version by the way also collect your address now some people might be like cheese why they asked me for my address this is where they're gonna put me on a mailing list blah, blah blah but let's just say we decided to roll the dice and do that and then we or we said and put your address for a free gift oh I love free gifts and then in addition to giving them the pdf, we sent them the printed copy and we saw what the reaction wass in our scenario we're talking about a five thousand dollar budget for this photo shoot my gut instinct is I don't know in the wedding photography world I don't know if you guys do what the margins would be on like a five thousand dollars project but let's just say hypothetically and when I say margins it's difficult because we're creative and we have maybe other people that were hiring but let's just say just for giggles it's a thousand dollars there's just that may not be right if you're a wedding photographer forgive me if I chest either grossly overestimated or under it estimated your profit margin but about a twenty percent profit margin is a pretty typical business in this country across all industries, okay let's say you have a thousand dollars and let's say you were going to print ten of them. How much can you spend per book? A thousand divided by tennis? How much? Ah, hundred dollars. Imagine the experience of one hundred dollar free gift that you weren't expecting what I mean at that point it's leather with like the silver foil edged pages and it's this beautiful guide that it's something they want to keep. Oh, I imagine you have relationships with people that print photo books. I imagine you could even say to them hey, guys, will you give me a discount if I order ten of the same because you never order ten of the same? The bride wants one, maybe one for her parents, maybe one for his parents and you're done. They never do more than three, right? And you said to him, hey, I want to make a separate one and can you print ten? They said cheese yeah, we can print ten these hundred dollar photo books. Yeah, one hundred we could actually give them to you at that point for fifty dollars she say, oh, fifty dollars perfect print twenty now your experiment has a wow factor. It may work, it may not, but what have we lost the profit margin on one shoot? Not so bad to potentially gather more I would imagine I mean you guys tell me it's just watching the faces in the room and using our awesome technology that I see those of you homos well I imagine you're partially thinking wow when I was looking for a photographer for my wedding if I would have gotten something that awesome and that fantastic they would have I may not have picked them but I would have gone from six that I'm considering to however many others plus that one that's just sent it to me you would have made the cut you already would have up to the head of the line you may not got the final analysis but I like my odds against to a heck of a lot better than I like my odds against six so now we're in and maybe there was a hand written note that said thanks so much for coming to this oh by the way we use the same printing company to print your wedding photos that we used to print this book we wanted to give you a preview of what you can expect if you choose to work with us still in your mall still in your court still your choice but that's what you'll be experiencing all right so assessment who but we haven't fun like we can get creative with this rite we can explore right? We can have some fun we're now toe activation all right, activation is day one when they're going to sign the contract and give the money here's what your work sheet looks like if you're playing along at home again we're going to zoom in. We've got the six icons now in our particular example for activation there it in nine it's the contract in the packages for the two chutes maybe now three because they really liked what they saw and we build it up. All right, what are we thinking for the icon we want to use for this one? How do we go from a nine to attend? And some of you are saying cheese? Joey it's already a nine like this is gonna have to be really good to bounce it to attend actually it's not that far of a move from nine to ten at all. It's just a little much meghan I have an idea how to move it to attend and it's actually relatively inexpensive idea you could partner up with someone if I were a wedding photographer, I'd partner up with the most brilliant invitation creator on etc that I could find and I would have I would go to them and say this is my business would you be interested in creating custom made cards for the clients that I have coming through that I get to them early on after they have signed up with me because a large majority of them will not yet have their wedding invitations put together and I would have this ac actually be congratulations on your engagement card nice love it absolutely brilliant. So this turns into an in person gift. The reason that I come up with this is that I being a you know, a massage therapist, you know, I've made a lot of money at it, but I'm no millionaire and I was often approached by things that I needed to create for celebrities and I consider the bride a celebrity. This is her celebrity event absolutely so yeah, I love it love it and you're right because is the invitation the first thing you do? No, you book the people first usually number one is booked, the venue number two is booked, the caterer number three is book the wedding photographer then once we've got everybody locked down and we know the date, we can have the wedding now let's, get into the minutiae let's, get into the details. Well, you literally can't tell people hey, we're getting married at this venue and tell you until you down the menu exactly you're not going to get the invitations until the venue's locked down in the dates lock down, which probably means you have the caterer and the wedding photographer locked down because you're not gonna lock down the venue until you're sure your preferred photographer and your preferred caterer can be there on the same day, make the card awesome, make the car make the cards super awesome look find the very best that you can do the best let them know decide what kind of experience you want your customers tohave and make sure they have that experience that every interaction but most importantly at the very first interaction and the very last interaction again primacy and leighton see theory on the concept of first impressions are lasting impressions if I came in to meet with you to sign the contract and you said, you know, thanks so much, joey for coming in and, you know, we really appreciate this and you signed a contract to say, you know, we have a little gift for you and you brought out this box of, like, twenty cards and he said these are a little congratulatory hards for you and that you can use her it's one card just for them or it's a box of cards that they khun send two maybe it's bachelorette party cards or bachelor party cards or what pride not bachelor party cards guys don't really care about getting cards right? The guys are like, seriously, we don't need bachelor cards, but maybe if that's your audience is the kind of bachelor that likes to send back their cards maybe that could be it on. We build it out, let's do one more inactivation, and I love that it's the audience coming up these I mean, I do this all day for a living. What I hope you're getting at home is that you have the skills you have the tools in aside you now. So if you're online watching, don't hesitate to jump in and russ and kathy jail put your idea out here, and we'll riff on it too. Do I see a microphone and randy's hand love it, randy alcohol, alcohol? Yeah, give her some wine or champagne during the meeting, some wine or sam champagne during me. Okay, so that would kind of fall in the category of present unexpected, a little champagne toast celebrating that we're going to get the chance to work together. A toast to you. Thanks for choosing me. I'm going to take such great care of you. And much like the joy of the wedding you're about tohave and the long lasting relationship, I look forward to having the same type of relationship with you as well. Cheers all by the way, we're setting the tone. I'll remember long term relationship, not just the wedding.

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Are you ready to design an unstoppable customer experience plan for your business? Join CreativeLive instructor Joey Coleman to learn how to strategically turn a new customer into a lifelong fan.

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Whether you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur or you’re a long-time business owner tired of one-time customers, this course will give you the tools you need to transform customers into powerful advocates for your brand.


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If you're looking for speakers discussing marketing and sales, I'd suggest taking a time out and watching this lesson. While you can pour time and cash into marketing and sales, if your not keeping your customers happy, then what has it all been for? If you really want to take your marketing and sales to the next level, start with the client experience. Happy customers who become fans will provide better marketing than you could every write for yourself (plus other people will believe it, because it isn't you talking about how great you are, it's someone else talking about how great you are!) And those fans generate referrals by the boatload. And all you have to do is be great at what you do, and make sure your clients' or customers' expectations are managed well, and then exceeded. Joey will teach you how to do this. As a side note, we've made this course part of our onboarding process, so every new hire watches this complete lesson within the first two weeks of their tenure with us, it's that much a core part of our philosophy. Godspeed!


I watched a replay of this course in November, 2017. It's incredible it's still such a current and updated course, even though the lessons were shot in 2013. Very deep content, told in a very light, fun and assertive way. Wonderful examples that inspire action and hands-on tips that you can apply immediately for every kind of businesses. Best in-studio audience ever.

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Wow...just WOW! What a fantastic course. Joey over-delivers, practicing exactly what he preaches in this truly insightful workshop. I honestly can't think of anyone I wouldn't recommend this course for. Such a small investment for such tremendous value. Get this course NOW! You'll be so glad you did.

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