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Turn Customers Into Fans in the First 100 Days

Lesson 31 of 31

Measure and Tweaking Part 2


Turn Customers Into Fans in the First 100 Days

Lesson 31 of 31

Measure and Tweaking Part 2


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Measure and Tweaking Part 2

Let's move toe affirmation when we go into the schedule ling's home and our bride is starting to feel a little bit of doubt to things we could do on, I want to make sure we get all the way across during the time we have, so we're just going to do two for each one, but you could do a lot more. Go ahead and tell me what it is, cherie, I actually have to, well, just call on one person and will have to love it. Eso one idea, just with a humorous side, maybe during information, when you send some fun email or whatever of looking forward to blowing, we're scheduling you could maybe have an email, it says, and don't worry, your wedding could never look this bad and then there's a whole bunch of pictures of you've all have seen those hysterical, like white trash weddings and and just some hysterical photos on the internet just google and have a good time and on, then you could follow it up after you have a list of those photos that you could follow it up with. Your wedding will be more like th...

is, and then have your photos from past weddings so there's that real polar are polarized experience, so you still leave them feeling good? Absolutely not, with not a little the scary stuff now this is a little bit of a tight rope because on one hand we're showing you a bad photo, right? Right? The flip side is its meeting them where they're at they're worried that you might think ah, blurry photo is an acceptable photo or they're worried that you might think you know a photographer in the picture is acceptable if you call it out and say hey, by the way, we would never do these and they're looking at him gone oh, you have a good I was kind of worried about that I'm glad we're on the same page love it right? Perfect for the affirmation stage what was your other one? And then another one I thought of is if they're text message people cause you've learned how they like to communicate, maybe you could send her a quick text message that says thought of you thought I'd send this and that could be a link or mp three of the wedding march song or she's more you learned about her and she's more like rock and roll it could be like a fun wedding rock and roll song I don't know what that be I'll stop my head but something more her personality, absolutely the other thing you could send it as part of that and I love the idea of sending music and engaging excuse me, you could say, I've been at over a hundred weddings in the last two years, and the best father daughter dance song that I heard was this really obscure song it's not the one they play it every wedding. I wanted to send it to you on itunes, just in case you're looking. I don't know you maybe already have something figured out, but you might want to consider this one. I'm glad you think so. Hey, we're having fun, right? We're being creative let's go to admission, we show up for the photo shoot route nature, we're going to shoot the dress, you know, we're down to a two and how we're feeling we've got a lot of doubt and uncertainty. What can we do to bump this back up? How can we help to either and there's two ways when you're looking at your map? To be clear, you can either say, well, what can we do in this moment to get that to up? Or what could we have done just before that, too, to make sure that it didn't go that low? Would it be a bad idea to just give her, like half a glass of champagne here? Not at all it's a great again, you know most if you actually work with people in the wedding industry regularly they try to get the bride and the groom to have one drink the day of the wedding just to calm their nerves now the problem is when we decide to have one bottle instead of one drink and I don't mean a bottle of beer I mean a bottle of champagne and often it the magnum and then you show up in the wedding and like, hey, this is great I'll remember this day forever no thank god we have a photographer to capture the moment because I have no memories it's all blacked out right now a bottle of champagne no a glass of champagne all right so that would be a little present and excuse me if we're out in nature you know, in a park they're not expecting you to show up they're not expecting to walk up and see this bottle of champagne on ice chilling with maybe little flutes that have his and her name's already engraved in um you fill the glass and at the end you say oh by the way the champagne bucket and the two flutes consider that an early wedding gift from us can I add teo yes, I love it and this is exactly what you should be doing when you're going through this process and this is why we're leaving this one blank for working with your team get your mastermind together, get other people together and stack and build on it we'll do another one for here at on same with the champagne actually this is such a tiny thing but she's going to know what you're doing give her a straw with a glass of champagne so her makeup isn't ruined lovett give her a strong meet her where she's at acknowledge that and that's going to give her all the confidence in the world that I'm in good hands russ and I would even take it like maybe even a little bit further than that if you're going if it's like a park that you're going to or something like that, schedule it for, you know, three hours to ours extra time beyond what you actually need and then basically finish early and say oh, by the way we laid out this you know, blanket with some champagne you guys stay here have a good time together we know that you need time like a tea just relax match dot com profile way please hey how's it going alright, so that definitely falls in the president's own right and this is the extra time special right? Because let's be candid when you're a young couple that's engaged and you're going through the wedding process do you have an abundance of time really quiet the world and sit and look at each other and remember why you cut into this for the first place? Not at all how cool would it be if your memory of your photographer wass I was at day fourteen of working with my photographer, which is probably a good forty days since the engagement maybe maybe not, but you know the engagement didn't happen on a zero when we pit the photographer on day one there's probably a gap here a gap that during this time the amount of time the bride and groom are having together is reducing and yet amount of stress is increasing so you're the one that got them to slow down and spend a little time together. First of all, the bride is gonna love you for it more importantly, the groom is going to love you for it now you've gone from acknowledging who you thought your customer audience persona wass the bride and you've also acknowledged to your second customer is the grim I mean the grooms part of this why haven't you talked about the groom's needs at all in here? Some to think about who is the other person in the audience that's related to your buyer the person who's paying it might have something they want to say let's move on acclamation when we actually meet and look at the photos okay? We're at the two but no because we did all these special things we never hit too it was amazing it actually exceeded expectations and we're back up in ten nine we have the champagne with the straw, we had the extra time and literal picnic and the strawberries and laid out in a beautiful park it is a gorgeous day it went off without a hitch we're loving it and now we're going to meet toe look at the photos now previously that had been a seven because we're really excited about the photos what's interesting in our process is now ah seven would be a decline we need to bump up the seven what's one thing we could do in the acclamation stage what's one thing we could do when we need to show the photos from the dress shoot the nature shoot russ, I'm saying I like it I'm kind of still in this from a previous instructor but job using who has shot many celebrity weddings one of things that he always likes to do is basically have them like sit down in a very nice room have maybe a fire going music playing in the background when he's showing them the pictures from the engagement shoot or from whatever session it is so really just set the experience of the reveal of those photos and he he talks very softly he becomes like very close to them and you know really shares the experience of creating the pictures I love it, I love it, I want to take us back today one where I put upon the screen in the first segment the definition of the word ritual we are starving for rituals in an increasingly digital society that is moving too fast. It doesn't have time explore ways to create ritual in your process if this was up and wish will remember the definition was a solemn or religious siri's of prescribed actions in a specific order they walk in tow look at photos, they're probably you know where in whatever they were out and about doing that day genes or they're out clothes straight from war and they walk in to what feels like a spa beautiful music playing wonderful aromas in the air. They're invited back into this very quiet room instead of sitting in the office to look at the photos while I'm on one side of the desk and you're on the other with your significant other and instead we come into a room that set up more like a lounge and it's couches there's maybe some fruit, some champagne, some chocolates and it's like we'd love to show your photos. I'm loving the photos before I've even opened the book that's going to be a seven before even look at the photos and if I'm the kind of photographer that is committed to this level of experience for my audience, I'm the kind of photographer who has the skill, the chops to produce great photos the works there I'm just helping them to realize that guess what? Not only is the work there but it's a package deal, folks, we're probably at this point I'd say the nine maybe even a ten now it comes time to schedule the shoot day schedule and figure out everything about the wedding here we're dropping down to the five remember uncle barry r s v p who the guys a little bit tipsy when he shows up these things were anxious about it we're falling how can we make the assimilation process better where we're scheduling so it's kind of a tactical thing we go back to our conversations about systems this isn't very personalized this isn't very special what could we do? Let me take this one imagine you've gone somewhere on like a high and travel experience and you show up and there's a leather portfolio and you open it up and it says your plan for the day, mr coleman and it lists out where you're going to be who you're going to be meeting the names of the people that are going to take care of you, what you're going to experience maybe there's some photos and it's printed on really beautiful paper you're name is deb ost it's like you feel it there's like tax journey you're like oh my gosh this is special imagine if that's the schedule you got instead of the thing printed out from their laser printer three minutes before you walked in to go over the shot list actual shot list would become an artifact er a memento all of the experience of working with you all right, so maybe we do something like that so that kind of falls in the category of present as well presents are kind of fun wants to do right because we can be exciting but I don't want you to think it always has to be presents write the text message was basically free the email was basically free setting the scene you probably have everything you need to set the scene right now you have music you have an office you have a place where you can mean the straw that super cheap the champagne I mean, come on, no worries we get to the day of the wedding adoption it's going to be nine? How can we take it one step further and make it a ten tree? One idea that I had is usually the photographers there while they're putting on the makeup on the bride and so maybe sorry it's it's a gift okay, yes, it could be a locket that the photographer could give her and inside is a photo of a picture from her engagement shoot from before and and that could be a gift while she's putting on her makeup lock it with an earlier photo I love it because it reactors to your brand who you are. It reminds her of what they already did, and I'd be willing to bet here on day forty nine, when we looked at photos on day twenty one there's not in time to print those photos or frame those photos or hang them up the last time she's seen that photo that's in the locket with sitting in your office on day twenty one when she looked at it. And how cool would it be if in that conversation you've sussed out which one she liked the best without actually asking her? You observe her body language? We get now toe advocacy. We're past the wedding. We're on day seventy nine the weddings happened, it's been fabulous. We come together, we're going to review the pictures. How can we make this last memory a memory that will last a lifetime? Not only that the photos will last a lifetime, but the last memory of working with you will last a lifetime. We've got our icons, I'm gonna jump in. You decided to spend five thousand dollars on a photographer, which meant you had no money to spend on a videographer because you thought, you know what, I want the photos you never really go back and watch the wedding video anyway, like the photos you hang up and you look at the video and I don't mean to be critical of any wedding videographers they're like, oh my gosh, no, my clients always watched the video really not as often as you think sorry I hate to break it to you, but most cameras now have the ability to shoot video as well. What if you trust as the photographer because you're really good at training things? You grabbed a couple little vignettes six ten seconds here six ten seconds here and on the day when you meant to show the pictures, he said, I got a little something I want to play for you and they didn't spend the money on the video and there's a little bit of it tinge of guilt that they didn't do that, and suddenly they have a video that you put together and gave to them unexpected for free that's how you change experiences that's how you make people say, wow, this is an interesting conversation okay, now if for some reason it doesn't work, it doesn't go the way it's supposed to as a reminder to our thing about mindset it's not a problem folks right? Did anyone die? Did anyone go to prison for the rest of their life? No then it's just an opportunity to make the experience better next time now, in terms of questions, as I mentioned earlier, go ahead and put him in the chat room. People here, we're going to figure out a time for everybody's who's enrolled that'll give the email to creative live, they'll send you an email telling you the information about how to chime in and get the other questions. All right, forgive me. I'm gonna take a big drink of water because what I'm going to try to do in the next thirteen minutes is do a quick recap of everything we've done. In fact, I'm gonna skip pass the one minute recap of what we just did. It's covered in the final recap on we're going to do the whole thing, so hang on, everybody catch your breath. Sit back in your seat. Here it comes everybody very comes. Ladies and gentlemen, the first one hundred days what was eighteen hours in twelve minutes? Now, before we get all geared up and jump into that as a reminder go over to first hundred days. Dot com watch a cool little video of my son. Get your free gifts, right the survey for the resource guide we talked about earlier. The chance to win a free consultation with me if you buy the course and send me the receipt, as well as the survey that if you answer all twenty five questions, you get a personalized and customized survey just for you. Yes, the entire time is going to be going this fast, so hang on the first hundred days in twelve minutes, we did twelve segments. Each segment gets a minute, we started off with why the first hundred days will they answer why the first hundred days is because the clock starts ticking. From the moment your customers make a purchase, they immediately shift into a place of buyer's remorse, doubting what they've done and jump onto the roller coaster. That is the experience of doing business with you as quickly as they're coming out the door. A double digit percentage is leaving out the back door and, regrettably. You're making things worse by introducing them to bob and saying, from now on, this is who you'll be sleeping with if you get the first hundred days, right, you're gonna have a customer for life, but part of the problem is right now we're focused on the front end of the customer life cycle, the funnel where we're bringing him in instead of the back and where we're actually satisfying them and building loyal customers who are going to become advocates as a general rule there six ways you can interact with your customers in the first hundred days in person, male video, email, phone and presence, and ironically enough across a wide range of industries ah, five percent improvement in customer retention is going to heal the twenty five toe one hundred percent increase in your profits. Yes, I said, in your profits, not your revenues, your profits. We gave you some great examples from suppose audible apple and temperature alert of how people are doing things in the first hundred days to change the experience their customers and their audience are having. And these first hundred days are important because we moved through a series of phases from assessment in day one to activation where they actually make the purchase on when they do, why don't we celebrate this? Invite them in beyond guessed right? Enjoy the dance, the tango with them so that the roller coaster ride that they're experiencing doesn't make them look like this little guy. We then moved into segment to where we talked about your audience, and we looked at the fact that even though we think we know who our audience is, it's not actually is clear. As we thought, the olden days, where we used to keep audience information like this are gone, we're now keeping it in our computer, and we never look at it. We gave you some examples of how you can really assess your audience by building out personas and a worksheet that allows you to do it to a worksheet that allows you to identify that, even though all of my audience members are apples, which are the shiny ones that I want to chase down, we even give you a list of all the various things that you could be tracking about your audience, that most of you aren't on we taught you which no one has ever taught you before, how to successfully segment your customer base. We then moved into segment three, where we talked about goals and emotions that happened in the first day, one hundred days, and this idea that often the stated goal I need a drill is really less important than the unstated goal goal of I need a hole the way we get into figuring out what those goals are is weaken journal, weaken journal. What it's like before they met us. What? It's like after they met us and start to embody the experience we want to create for our audience. We build this out across all the personas we work with. We all worked with more than one. Probably somewhere between three. And six. Make sure you build it out for all of them in terms of numbers. It's funny to remember that seven thousand facial expression. I can capture the emotions we all feel we a positive emotions and we have negative emotions and is a general rule were predisposed to be more negative because there are more negative emotions. This is what you're up against. Hardship. Glad he got into business. We finish day one with mapping the first hundred days. Our current map. That looks something like this. This idea that again in the first hundred days, we have these six different ways that were interacting with customers. And we filled out the worksheet to show it. And we found that most of you on lee put ink in two of the box. Sis and your first hundred days experience looks something like a human voodoo doll where you're trying to go go go all at once instead of spreading the interactions over time we look at the persona worksheet and we have the ability to identify the stated goals theon stated goals the motivations the pain points that are customers you're experiencing and take that information and apply it to the map where we chart out the course of their roller coaster ride as it exists today we give you homework assignment to build that out and on the next morning segment five we reviewed that homework and when we did we had some great examples from people that called in from other places other than the live studio audience including this wonderful guy from columbus, ohio who does out of the box custom framing we talked about his business and said you know there's probably an opportunity for you to be building a longer deeper relationship with people instead of doing a transactional once and done in sixteen days we then had floating line media over in devon in the uk come in and say hey, we're struggling with our line up because we've got an experience that looks like this and we wonder why people aren't continuing to do business with us and yet we found on their website that they actually told people once you do one project with us you never have to work with us again something to think about. We then came to segment six identifying preferences and channel mix, and we figured out that the most important tool we have as business owners is toe listen, the idea that we need to get curious, we need to pay attention. We can even be so bold as to ask our customers what their preferences are and listen intently while the golden nuggets fall from the sky. When it came to channel mix, we realized that we had a lot of different options and we rank them according to the channels that we like best is a business when the reality we shouldn't be ranking them according tto, which channels are customers, are most interested in communicating with. We then moved to mapping the first hundred days in the future, again focusing on these hundred days, looking at the six different ways we can interact, trying to avoid this type of been interaction and instead spreading it out. Over time, we got creative, and now, because we've been through the class, we understood we done the worksheets. We felt the experience we were able to fill in all six boxes. Not the two or three we did at the beginning, we referenced backto our persona list to re ground and who it is that we're serving on. We looked at the map and we built it out, and we have the homework assignment that the work doesn't stop here. When the course ends, you've got to keep looking at this first hundred days experience and doing everything in your power to make it better week after week, month after month, year after year, we finished up that day with the first hundred days calendar and checklists, a specific checklist that looked at the hundred days identified the eight phases you go through and built out worksheet, showing what you should be doing at each step along the way so you can fill in the blank and check off the box that's relevant. We started this morning with establishing a mindset, something that doesn't often get a lot of conversation but is really important in this process, with ten key takeaways, the first one being meet your customers where they're at don't make them walk across the bridge to you go over to the bridge to them. We then talked about the importance of reading and being exposed to new ideas. We then talked about the importance of ongoing learning and being exposed to new people and the benefit of getting into a mastermind. We acknowledge that it's okay to fail, especially if you fail fast because really there aren't that many problems you think there's more problems than there actually are. Did anyone die? Did anyone go to prison for the rest of their life? If they didn't? We're all good. We turned into the wonderful, poignant words from supreme court justice oliver wendell holmes, who said so many people go to their graves with their music still in them, not anybody that's been with us for the last three days? No sir, we then moved on to the concept of kai's in constant improvement and continuous improvement on we recognize that it's important to give this the time it deserves to spend the money to create experiences not on ly, for your customers in your audience, but also for your employees, and also for yourself that there is no excuse not to do this it's going to allow you to reconnect in a way you haven't connected with your business and ages, the importance of creating amazing experiences and reference points for your employees, she's for your vendors and let's not forget your audience. We then moved to the conversation of the team, and we recognize that even though people start with a definition of team like this and hope it grows into something like this, the better definition of your team is this trying to get everybody in your organization on the same sheet of music because you, my friends, are the chief experience composer of your business, what's the music you're going too, right? We looked at some great examples that instead of having a call centre that looks like this is apple's decided to build one like this, and they hired people that understood they were dealing with humans and connected with them in a meaningful way, hiring the type of people that are going to go the extra mile for their customer, even when it's against policy hiring people that know that a small five dollars lifeboat may make the difference in that customers day, hiring people that understand there is something more important than profit per item and instead it's the experience you're creating hiring people who you can trust, who trust you and our reciprocal in that exchange, we then finished up with a few tools things that you can do for low price right out of the box now, or if you want to do a more aggressive approach that can really automate and systematized the entire first hundred days process. We then moved into a discussion of tools and deliver balls in the first hundred days, looking at activation and what you could do with an email to set the tone to capture on the euphoric state. We moved into affirmation and said, what would a crazy email about a little badge look like if it made you smile, laugh and want to order more badges? We then looked at admission, and we're not sure what day it occurs, but we know that when you receive it in the mail, you're going to be thrilled to have been included. We then acclimated altitude where there's a little bit of snow and we say, welcome him into the fold. Let him understand what our culture and experiences like as they assimilate into it, pour it on a little more, let him feel the brand, let him experience what doing business with us is going to be like for the rest of their careers, because we're looking for customers for life. When we move into the adoption, we let him know that, hey, you're not alone, you're now part of our tribe so much show that there are other people in this tribe. You want to be like some that are bigger. Some that are well faster but either way you were excited to be part of this group and finally moved into advocacy where we recognized we can ask for referrals if we do it in a meaningful and valuable way for the customer in a way that will grow our business exponentially. Finally we concluded by looking at our plan and saying when it comes to measuring when it comes to tweaking what are we going to do when we do an assessment? How are we going to fill in this slots and come up with the different ideas so that our hundred day plan really works what's fascinating is that one hundred days from today is february seventh it doesn't really feel that far away it's not it's just a hundred days and the choice you have in the next hundred days is whether to take this course that you've been kind enough to give me your time and I really appreciate that you've been kind enough to give me your attention on I can't say enough how much I thank you for that opportunity but is a reminder I'm not just the think and feel guy I'm the act guy I want you to take action in the next hundred days I want you to start tomorrow ah hundred days from now I want to be able to reach out to you and say how's it going and you say joey the time I spent with you changed my life. It changed my business because I'm making more money. It changed my business because I'm connecting with people in a way I've never connected, but for it changed my personal life because I'm actually able to have a conversation with my spouse and not want to pull my hair out. It changed my relationship with my kids because now I've systematized and automated this process in a way that allows me to put my priorities back in the order they needed to be. I know when we first met joey that my customers were riding on a roller coaster. What I didn't realize until I met you is that all it would take hq is me holding their hand and letting him know that I've been on this ride before and it's going to be okay, thanks for being a superb audience. It's been a pleasure serving you, and I wish you the very best in your first hundred days adventure. Thank you.

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Are you ready to design an unstoppable customer experience plan for your business? Join CreativeLive instructor Joey Coleman to learn how to strategically turn a new customer into a lifelong fan.

The first 100 days of your relationship with a customer are pivotal, and Joey will teach you how to maximize that time. You’ll learn customer service best practices that consistently exceed customer expectations. You’ll also learn how to track the lifecycles of your customers so that you can market to them more specifically. Joey will also outline how to apply these strategies not only to your new customers, but to your existing customer base as well.

Whether you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur or you’re a long-time business owner tired of one-time customers, this course will give you the tools you need to transform customers into powerful advocates for your brand.


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If you're looking for speakers discussing marketing and sales, I'd suggest taking a time out and watching this lesson. While you can pour time and cash into marketing and sales, if your not keeping your customers happy, then what has it all been for? If you really want to take your marketing and sales to the next level, start with the client experience. Happy customers who become fans will provide better marketing than you could every write for yourself (plus other people will believe it, because it isn't you talking about how great you are, it's someone else talking about how great you are!) And those fans generate referrals by the boatload. And all you have to do is be great at what you do, and make sure your clients' or customers' expectations are managed well, and then exceeded. Joey will teach you how to do this. As a side note, we've made this course part of our onboarding process, so every new hire watches this complete lesson within the first two weeks of their tenure with us, it's that much a core part of our philosophy. Godspeed!


I watched a replay of this course in November, 2017. It's incredible it's still such a current and updated course, even though the lessons were shot in 2013. Very deep content, told in a very light, fun and assertive way. Wonderful examples that inspire action and hands-on tips that you can apply immediately for every kind of businesses. Best in-studio audience ever.

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Wow...just WOW! What a fantastic course. Joey over-delivers, practicing exactly what he preaches in this truly insightful workshop. I honestly can't think of anyone I wouldn't recommend this course for. Such a small investment for such tremendous value. Get this course NOW! You'll be so glad you did.

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