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Tools and Deliverables: Affirmation & Admission

Okay, so our next level we get to his affirmation right and again we have a number sign there because affirmation like in the zappos case from the time I placed the order to the time it was shipped was eight hours and for the time from I received the email toe one the time it arrived with another eight hours how cool this that one amazing time to be alive my stage of affirmation was from the moment I hit by through the eight hours till I got the e mail that it to shift and the eight hours till it arrives to sixteen hours so for them that would be day two that's when the buyer's remorse was kicking him right we're working our way to activation now when it actually arrives right is day two so that actually kicks toe activation forgive me in that example because if it is going to arrive the next day so the sixteen hours of time where I didn't have the two laptop bags I ordered that was the affirmation stage for zappos for most of you it's longer than that okay let's, look at what we could...

do with affirmation and forgive me this logo is so small best name badges needs toe have bigger sized logo's on the internet okay that's the only thing that I criticism I have a best name badges, best name badges in the affirmation stage sends an email which contrary to how I normally like to present I am going to read this email to you verbatim normally I hate watching presenters that put just a screen, a text and they read it to you. This is the one time when I will break that rule in three days of presenting because I have not seen on affirmation email written as well as the one I'm about to share it is world class and I actually got it sent to me by a friend who got it he's the one who ordered the badge and he was like joe you're gonna love this and use it in your presentation shins and he's exactly right I both loved it and now you get seat in the presentation so our quality control has just finished and the result is in your package with best name badges is off the best quality and ready for shipping on ten nine twenty thirteen via u s postal service first class flats who even says u s postal service or service first class flats what they normally say is your packages ship they're letting their being art and cadence and an emotion toe what they're sharing on these slides I've highlighted the part in the red that I think is interesting the result is in breaking news folks breaking news your package is ready it's of the best quality and ready for shipping okay, awesome, it would kind of be awesome if it just ended there but no, it keeps going the production team did their best with your order interesting did their best we're subtly pre framing that if there's something wrong with your order it's ok, we did our best, we didn't say we did it perfectly I'm not saying they're setting a low expectation I actually really like what they're doing is they're pre fame and hey, we always try to do our best we're best name badge is best best best we tried our best not necessarily, you know the production team did their best with your order. We did our best when it was ready for shipping, we gathered all of our staff to wish your package safe travels and already we're like, oh my gosh, how cool is that now? Here's the thing the skeptical, jaded american is going you did not gather all of your staff to send me my badges. We don't need those thinking badges, right? It didn't happen. We're okay with a little bit of a white by if it is a white line, maybe it's true, who knows? I like to believe in unicorns and rainbows, you know, but the spirit of it and the energy of it is enough that we're like, okay, that's kind of funny that's kind of funny if they wanted to do some video they could incorporate a video of each day they all wave goodbye to their packages is there being well now that was perfect that's exactly what they should d'oh it's exactly what they should do because again russ illustrates the point meet your customer where they're at a customer ordering a badge from an online badge making company is probably sceptical as to the quality of the bad she's receiving or she's receiving whether they're going to receive it whether it was a goodbye etcetera, etcetera when it's going to arrive let's give them some proof in a video and that would have given us the chance to add the video icon on this example a swell but now we just have the e mail icon but for an email that it's just text they're doing all right okay, we gathered all our staff to wish your package safe travels and again it would be pretty cool if the email ended there but no there's more. We all gathered in the shipping room and eagerly watched while our shipping expert barrio carefully wrapped a package with the best material that can be bought you wrapped my pack I feel like it's being wrapped with fairy wings oh my gosh wow like a this point aren't you really excited to get this package and get this badge and we're not done yet. Afterwards, we all went through the city to the post office to ship your package way made sure to inform them about the importance and urgency of your package so what's great is we're still being playful, but we're also seating something's in there that say we acknowledge that because you ordered this badge on the internet and because you paid for the accelerated shipping it's important to you and urgent to you that you receive it hey, in a playful way, we just threw back to you what you asked for as the customer, I didn't even notice that consciously sub consciously it was weaved in rest well and there's a certain amount of undercutting the serious smith seriousness with humor that actually makes you believe it. Mohr like, if somebody has said it very seriously, like we were very careful toe create the best pakistan, you know you'd be like, did you really? But when they are putting in this humorous way, you can accept the message because it's not too it's not trying too hard, absolutely absolute, and they give it in a way and part of the resemble will go ahead and click back one part of the reason is they set it up by giving a specific name our shipping expert, mario now what's great as is somebody who loves experiences didn't you start to wonder who's? Mario, is it mario? Is it mario? You know, I mean, in my mind I started thinking, well, what kind of I said a little mario isn't a big mario was a nintendo mario super brothers, mario, which one are we talking about? Provided a little bit of color, you provided a little bit of humor, lots of times I had the chance when I'm presenting in front of bigger companies like fortune one hundred companies like jelly that's like you're crazy shoes and your t shirt and all your hype and jumping around were in serious business that doesn't that doesn't fly for us. Yeah, I get that that's what your story is and that's why your revenues are flat lining that's why your business is going under thanks for bringing me in cash my check very quickly because you're you're not getting it. You do business with humans, you don't do business with businesses and I don't know about you there are very limited number of times where I want the business interaction to be cold and formal infact I struggled to think of any but they do exist. Okay, if I were at the morgue, I don't want you to be like, oh, that popsicles done my hush whoa, that horrifying what what are you thinking? Right, so again, it's up to you and it's about your audience in your business, but I'd be willing to bet well, north of ninety eight percent of your businesses could use a little kick in the tail of fun. Yeah, well, and just to bring it back to a point that you made earlier in the past few days is there's a list that we can look to for all the different kinds of positive emotions, it doesn't have to be humor, it can still be elation. It can still be respect. It can still be there's still a lot of different items to choose from on the emotional scale of positive emotions, absolutely and best badges chose humor. One of the positive emotions is assured, you know, just a well crafted email that reassures the person that the order's been process correctly will create the feeling of confidence or the feeling of being assured that's why I gave you in the worksheets and for those of you watching online, download the worksheets, they're free, they're there for a reason printed out so you can see all the different emotions you can create for your customers. Like I said, when we were talking about that on day one, hanging on a wall and throw a dart. And stick it in one of the emotions and say, how can I make my customer feel that emotion? And if the dart ends up on the negative side of the page, say which of my customers are feeling that right now? Because I guarantee at least one of them is feeling every one of those negative emotions, even if you think no, we're doing really well. Our survey say you know, eight out of ten are alright, seriously, if your standard is eight out of ten, I do surveys where it's on a scale of one to ten and there's an other column on what I'm going for is two hundred seventy eight none of this spinal tap. Well, it goes to eleven no, I want to go to two hundred seventy eight, and after that I want to go toe five thousand I don't want to ramp it up. What are the standard somebody trying to in earlier? And I'm drawing a blank on their name in the chat room? Who said, I want to be the zappos of my business, that's who you should be trying to model stop trying to model the three hundred pound gorilla in your industry, stop trying to model the company that you know you're like, well, they're doing more revenues that that company, that oh, my gosh, they started at the same time that I did, and we were in art school together, and now they've had their own private show when they have a website and an online gallery and blood, stop comparing yourself to that person. Compare yourself to the ritz, the mandarin oriental, virgin airlines, zappos, apple, amazon, tesla who now we're having fun. This is exciting again, totally or in the case of burt's crisps, so floating lima's chai ming in she tells us about a company called burt's crisps, and devon makes handmade chris potato chips, why's everything british so much cuter that's nice I comment. Each packet of crisps has the picture and name of the guy who hand fried the crisps in that packet. They're chip fryers, get fan mail and even marriage proposals nice! And then we're followed question from luna star who says, is it possible to have too much fun? I love luna stars question, and I'm going to give an answer that's probably going to shock you in my experience? No, it will be a quality problem when your customers air saying you're having too unhappy in too much fun doing business with you, this doesn't work for me embrace the fun lean into it what's great is we go through we tell this right? I mean stop and ask yourself how are you reacting to the story of mahdi? Oh, packing the package you're laughing, you're smiling? You think it's fun you didn't even order the badge and you're connecting with this company. You're feeling good about it, I would say, and I understand that concern and it's very natural concern. I don't mean to make light of it because we say, oh, well, I'm afraid I'll go too far nine times out of ten the story the entrepreneur is telling themself is the most limiting version of their business possible we're our own worst enemies I'm part of it again we go backto biochemistry and humanity it's natural let's look at this country, for example I know we've got people participating from all over the world, but let's talk specifically about the american experience. You know the united states experience that there's other americas as well. Okay, the us experience most kids in the us air taught when you are a child and a child comes home from school and says I was the best color at school today most parents say, oh honey it's not nice to brag, we're taught when we're about this young to take our light and put it under a bucket, why every single one of us is here with a special, wonderful gift to give let's be candid. Most of us aren't giving that gift, or most of us have taken that gift on. We've turned the dial way down on it because we don't want it to be too bright. We don't want it to be too bold because people might say you're arrogant, you're boastful, you're an egomaniac, the majority of the people watching this class, I'd love to see more. You go out of you, I'd love to see more of your light shine forward. I'd love to see you connect more with why you got into business or for those of you, they're getting ready to start a business do not buy into what many who have gone before you have bought into is that you don't have a right to shine no it's like that oliver wendell holmes quote we had earlier. Don't die with your music still in you get it out there afterwards we all went through the city to the post office to ship your package. We made sure to inform them about the importance and urgency of your package. Okay? And again, if it ended there, we'd be feeling good, but does it end there? No there's more usps has promised to give the package to their best mailman. Okay, this is really funny now because we don't really think of the post office is having best male men okay, we kind of think of it is the least common denominator type environment I'm not being critical a postal carriers I know a couple they're fantastic folks but it's kind of there playing with it right and informed us there is a ninety nine percent chance the package will arrive within one to four business days so what's great is there meeting your skepticism because if you said there's one hundred percent chance that will arrive guaranteed you go home by not they're leaving a little bit of a door open but the ninety nine percent of still pretty darn good this is where it gets really interesting it continues now we have all arrived back at this office back at the office to send you this email the office feels empty without your package sometimes the roller coaster of emotion can be really effective you see what they did it was all humor it was funny it was great they were up at the top and now it's like oh she had rewritten the office we feel lonely because your package is gone but it's funny right way like it were like oh my gosh okay that's good that's good I like it and it continues you're like really oh my gosh, we've been on this ride it's still don't this is all one email despite everyone being exhausted, we're already looking forward to receiving your next order. Do you think I'm going to order badges from anyone in the world other than best name badges? No way on what had they done? They've just asked for my repeat business in a way that didn't feel creepy or ricky or overbearing what's interesting is as I've been telling you guys all along you ask for the referral too early they're asking for the referral before you have received it before you've received the item now it's not a referral per se, but it kind of is in a sense they're asking for you to give them more money but I don't know about you I don't even care what the badge looks like a this point I just want to get another email from them let me make a quick aside this is one of the problems with system ization and automation if I order another india are north, another badge from best name badges and I get the same email won't want yeah and it's mario every time uh dang it it was really cool when you did at once, but now that you're doing they began it's kind of like I know the reveal it's not as exciting if you have a business where you do multiple projects with people and you're going to systematize your communications with them keep it exciting make it different you have the ability with modern technology to track these analytics very very easily most of you are running businesses respect leigh that are not big enough that you have oh my gosh we have five hundred thousand customers and they're placing new orders every two days no keep it fresh keep it interesting we hope you enjoyed doing business with us we enjoyed it very much. Is there any doubt that best name badges enjoyed this interaction right here's what the badge actually looks like without being critical best name badges it's not you know shiny and gold and flashing lights and craziness you know it's pretty straightforward tom cooper's the guy who sent it to me runs bright hill group bright whole group dot com so this is his logo and he's a john maxwell coach and adviser so that you've got the co branding with them but this is the badge that you would then put on his suit if he wasn't a networking event or something instead of putting on the cheap old sticker so it seems more professional and it's great it's a good purchase six dollars and twenty cents it was one thing when zappos had the really cool and fun and playful email for the hundred eighty nine dollars bag order best badges did an order of six dollars and twenty cents and brought the thunder some to think about don't let the price of your product and limit your creativity don't let the space that you're working in make you think I can't be bold I can't be big guy can't be funny I can't be interesting stop with that story don't let the story in your mind be the story that you are writing for your business for the future change the story admission when we actually get the product when were admitted you may not be able to tell a home but I'm even wearing makeup today for this example alright sephora well known national chain maybe even international chain off makeup makeup store right where you go to get make up in all kinds of stuff and you can see how often I shop it supported me so far because I can't even really describe it I will tell you that there's someone in my house that's a customer and it's not what I sound laughlin but if he wants to be a customer someday that's fine okay so four did something via mail that was also a present was unexpected and they sent this to my wife this is sephora's v I be rouge club it's brand new it's just started this year and when you open the package it says welcome to the top oh there's a special place for people with a serious beauty addiction it's called v I be rouge right away we're setting the tone when we sighed and the packaging is gorgeous on this when we slide the packaging open I've got this rich black with the foil stamped red we've got a nice soft piece or red paper it feels like you're holding sil and it says welcome to the top it's like I've arrived by the way I didn't order anything this isn't an expected thing this isn't something I sought out this is an unexpected present that is drawing me into the present tohave an experience we open it up and it's kind of hard to tell in this photo this card if you were stranded on a desert island and you needed a signal mirror and you were a member of the I b rouge, you could use that to call in a seven forty seven I mean, the shine on this thing is ridiculous and it's spotless it's but I mean you actually see in the photo it's kind of just how there's like little pieces of dust or here there is that shiny that like you see a piece of dust on it the ultimate level of beauty the ultimate shade of lipstick here's your membership card underneath is a tube of lipstick that is a custom color custom designed on ly available to be I be rouge member she can't buy it in the stores this is what was mailed to my wife, my wife who is an amazing, amazing woman who does not get overly freakish out about these things and only got showing like I issue might have picked up now in day three I'm a little animated right she's much more than introverted a little more even keel that's nice balance that way she opened this up and she's like, oh my gosh, I have to show you this package when she said that I was like, wow, okay, that she hadn't even shown me the package and when she told me about it, I knew this was gonna be big she wasn't the only one, so when they first promoted this, they didn't announcement on their facebook page that this was available on that some people had received it in the mail, but there were other ones if you were a member of the iib rouge and I'm going to tell you in a bit how you become a member if you were a member, you could actually go to the storm pick yours up so in person you could get a present. I found this on the internet when I heard about the I b roots this morning, the first thing I did was check my account to see how close I was to qualifying when I learned that I only had fifty two dollars to go well, I knew what I had to do after work I made a beeline for sephora and here's what I got and it includes photos of herbie I be rouge right? What's interesting about the I b rouge well, you know what? I'm gonna hold off on this a little sit and share you started to pick up on the idea that you have to maybe spend a certain amount of money to get into the I b rouge we'll share how much that isthe another aspect of this launch was done via mail okay when cos they're launching a new product and they want to get pr they send things to reporters trying to get them to write stories about it right? So I'm sure I don't know who they actually sent to whose sephora tried to reach out to but I'm sure it was like beauty writers and women's magazine writers and things like that they wanted to get some publicity and this is what they sent beautiful package soft silk black touch this is a hand calligraphy dh name it says jill on it that went to the individual reporter that was getting this I don't know if any of you know reporters reporters sometimes get swag bags but it's usually crappy stuff it's not stuff they want this's a piece of art it's beautiful when you turn it over it actually has a wax seal no windows wax seals anymore or if they do it's only for wedding invitations they don't do it for regular communication, you know, what's fascinating to say I know the reason why wax seals were originally created it was to guarantee to the recipient that no one else had read the communication imagine the sense of exclusivity when you realize it's a reporter who your mails probably being opened in the mail room and passed through and shuffled to get to you you know, this is for me only now what you haven't been able to tell and I set this up purposely is just how big this package wass now, for those of you playing at home, you missed the women going oh my gosh shiny sparkly squirrel ok, right? We're so excited we're so excited. What was in here was a sephora iphone case customs sephora earbuds some bite list lipstick, which was the custom color rouge that the other people have gotten right. So the reporter is getting the same thing that the member of the I b rouge is getting and limited edition signed art prints by a fantastic fashion artist do you think this reporter wrote about v I be rouge? Yeah, there was an interesting quote from the director, the co creative director who created this packaging ray says we created something that would be hard to ignore you think I'd encourage all of you to approach your business with the goal of ah, communication I am sending to my customer. It should be hard to ignore by the way to be invited into the ivy rouge. It means you spend a thousand dollars or more at sephora on an annual basis. Now, before people freak out and judge my wife, she gets all the gifts for her girlfriends and my sister's. As I said earlier on one of seven kids, right, I've got two sisters I've got let me make sure I get the math right on this to sister in laws that are married in, I've got a sister in law on my wife's side, so there's a lot of women in the family, they get sephora gift, I don't. Anyone thinking, oh, my gosh, joey's wife is a makeup pound she's not at all right, but that's, the customer base, we're at somebody that spending a thousand dollars a month for a thousand dollars a year. Excuse me a thousand dollars a year. Do you think that little v I v rouge with the card and the lipstick cost a thousand dollars to make? No, not at all at scale with the number of customers they have probably cost, I'm gonna be generous and say ten bucks was probably closer to five. But it wasn't a five dollar experience for the recipient. It was closer to a thousand dollar expense. Okay, maybe not a thousand, but it was leaning mohr that direction. Then the actual cost.

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I watched a replay of this course in November, 2017. It's incredible it's still such a current and updated course, even though the lessons were shot in 2013. Very deep content, told in a very light, fun and assertive way. Wonderful examples that inspire action and hands-on tips that you can apply immediately for every kind of businesses. Best in-studio audience ever.