Turn Your Talent Into a Business in 12 Steps

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Turn Your Talent Into a Business in 12 Steps


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Beate's Secrets to Success

What's working or not, if it's working we know because we hit our objectives, we feel inspired and we're passionate and were very clear if it's not working. It's turning in circles you absolutely hate what you do. You're dragging and you're confused it's pretty straightforward stuff, right? So it's, always a fine line in in business between, um, don't fight it. If the wallace not moving, you can find a way around it, you can find a way over it if you must dig underneath it. But if you do that and there's still a wall, maybe you need to change. So changing is good there's not one business idea that is exactly, um that's going to be exactly executed the way you started your products, especially when you do it the right way, which we've talked about, which to get the feedback from any but everybody around you, you get the feedback and then you form it because if people want something from you that you already have, then of course you want to focus on that. You don't want to say, well, I'm...

glad you want this, but that's not really what I want to sell, you really want to. Tell you this thing over there that nobody wants that makes of course no sense so stick with the things that you know that the customers from the feedback does it really matter to you on whether the program is a two week or three weeks or four weeks program as always should get him in right? Do you really care if they buy the printed version or the evil version? It doesn't really matter, right? Do you really care if they selecting four or five shots from from from your experience session, as long as they select something? Right? So the goal is to get him in and to get the transaction that important first transaction going and then once we have that trust it's always easier to continue to build on into the next and the next and the next and the next. All right, when others get the job it happened and then I'll just get the job usually very first argument is they were cheaper. So when are it when others get the job? You have not made the argument that you are the better choice? You didn't understand that pain points who didn't understand that you didn't offer them a solution, you didn't communicate on how you can solve their problem, you may even have shown some hostility during negotiations, this is something that I see with my clients not my clients, but I see this a lot when people come to me in some of my online courses, especially in the creative in the creative side of photography side, when they say things like, they just don't get it, my client's air, so stupid, I have to constantly explain to them the value of my photography man who wants to work with people that are so stupid guess what, you're in the wrong business, drop it and leave now because hostility toward client or thinking that clients or stupid or are actually arguing with them, this is that's, of course, absolute nonsense. You're here to service your clients, who he clearly don't understand what your client's pain points are, or you can really explain it properly. One of my favorite things, like when you do go to the to the contest page, I put a testimonial up that I got from a photographer after the last photo biz intensive and again that you are l s b official et dot com forward slash creative life and at the bottom, it says from sebastian, who is from from germany. And he said that afterward he was selling a print to a client, and when he made his value argument, their client actually paid him. Four times as much is what she what he would have asked for before he took the class because he was able to make the value argument so he sends me this known says the class paid for itself three times over so you know, things like this are really important when you know the value and in the beginning it's kind of hard to sometimes talk about the value because you don't have the testimonials and the referrals yet so when you have those success stories off somebody saying what a transformation I you know I'm so inspired I lost this dragging him off my anxiety drugs I don't feel so alone I have a sense of community I'm really connecting with others that are just like me for the first time in my life I've been beautiful god, you know, the personalities off my children are shining through so loud and clear I'm so glad I'm cheesing them in in in our pictures and what great memories for us to have uh and and thank you for preserving those memories and making sure that we can send them easily to grandma and grandpa what what a joy to work with you so when you have these of course it's easier to share these stories but you know that's that's part of why people go to other people because they explain things better do you think that always the best photographer gets the job do you think I was the best nutritionist gets the job but what are they? They're the best salespeople they making the best arguments so let's get better at making our argument and if they just do the strong arm sales techniques then don't have that job only once and then that client is yours for the picking right afterward got it um did you focus and actually building a relationship? One of the big things I hear a lot about is the question about when I go to a network meeting and I have to do my elevator pitches and you know I'm here too you know, I'm here to sell we're not always here to sell many times we're just here to build a relationship and to explain what we do and how we help people when someone says tell me mme or or do you have a card that is a buying indication and then you have permission to pursue that further? Not everybody is your client remember it's either a potential client or referral so if they're not a client it's a referral used them to network if you offering exactly what other people are offering then make it something a little bit better like that has to be a compelling reason why you want them to buy from you and not somebody else a compelling argument and success sometimes takes time thirteen year overnight success you're looking at it you know, I was successful in some of my business before, but it was like this and it was like this it was like this it was like this and then finally it took off, so don't be discouraged if it takes a little bit of time and I loved what jenna said earlier she says she's given her permission to not be under so much pressure to perform at a certain time life happens you know tragedies happen adversity hit says sometimes there are setbacks sometimes their setbacks for a reason and so, you know, just sort of flow with this secrets to success I shared with you my mind said I refused to believe that that was all there was for me is that good good mind said, is that all there is for you was this all once is all it pardon for what I saw? Yes or is that more for you? Oh, I'm I'm very clear it's just starting yeah, no, I'm very clear that everything that has happened to me has made it such that I am I am able to to be there for others write and be able t to relate to them and have those relationships and support them on all of that and it's a gift like when you say what your belief is, I just believe in my heart it's a gift yes, absolutely and again to our life audience out there streaming by all means share your stories this has been a little bit of a different segment as a sieve notice it's a lot about talking about mindset is about you know what what can we do to to have that confidence tow walk tall and to own the room and to get out there so bio means to share your stories with us what do you do to build up your confidence? And do you have any tips or tricks or ideas with that you want to share with everybody else that help gonna help the community again? Our twitter handle is beyond alive and andrea is woman ing the chat room an hour two hosts are here and ready yes do we have any feedback where they all speechless at this moment? We've had some really great in conversations to actually and I know people are frustrated when we had leon because I know at the last minute there are a lot of questions suddenly started coming through to let lee goes apologies for that but hopefully we did manage to months of some of the intellectual property questions and that she was able to explain some of that so thank you for contributing but yes people are and actually that there is speechless karen and says I was speechless and my jaw dropped when we was speaking I knew when you started to tell the story about pitching at the medical conference that the judges were doing the same, I think they're talking with someone else in the in the room there but it certainly is an awestruck that that feeling where it's also where we're at in in the process of this right? Yes, this is exactly where it said because I think it you know, what's happening in these in these transformations is again you know, we started hard, we broke things down, we shook, we shook it up, we went to the core, we went into the hard we we let these feelings, you know, these emotional feelings about what is attached to this come out now we rebuilding this up now we're looking at them getting goose bumps just talking about it. Now we just taking all these different pieces we putting it together we see miss and it's almost like a yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah no, no that's it I'm ready. Yeah, excuse eliminator check done. So so if that's how you feeling that right? Because that's exactly what I hoped that was going to happen is that, you know, now it's sort of the reality of this thiss iss riel this is really this is a really thing, you know, this is what you out to now change the world and conquer it so I'm glad to see that that's going on in the in the chat rooms and police to chime in if there's some else coming up that we can bring in chair discipline yeah because the soldiers are tougher german to be disciplined yeah discipline is a big part about success is you know stay with it stay with it stay with it keep keep at it get up again and you get up again and you defeated you get up you defeated you get up you get defeated you get back up and you just do this over and over and over again until one day you don't feel defeated anymore investment you're here you're making an investment in yourself and I hope this is only one ofthe many to come because you know when I was preparing myself for the for the course I checked out other trainers here on the creative life platform and I looked at some of these other courses and with some of the courses I said I'm goingto don't just look at this from you know what do they do what works what doesn't work but I'm actually felt like it was coming you know drawn into it so I'm I'm constantly out there at conferences talking to others participating masterminds taking online courses learning how to be better how to position learning what's going on in the market so no never stop. This is just the first step and the reason you want to do something like this because you feel that inspiration and you feel that that can do attitude and that you know that that the reality is sinking in. You know, this can be done. You want to keep that feeling alive so, you know, make sure you you you stay with it. Here is one of my great secrets to this faking till you making it. And it's called what would the ceo off my company too if I am a ceo of a company now we detaching ourselves from where we are right now, right? But something's come up, a client is really unhappy. If I think what would be good, what would the ceo do? I now take myself a step back, and I can look at the situation and say, what would the ceo do with an unhappy client? Right? Because now, it's, not me, who is unhappy about what's going on now, it's, about me being the ceo of my company who is looking at something's gone wrong in the process was looking for a solution. So taking yourself out of the process and thinking about, you know, how a ceo would resolve that, actually, when I do my corporate master leadership program with corporate women a lot of times, women in the corporate world have a hard time to come up with the kind of language on how to interact, you know, on that on that level, they know it in their head, but they can't, you know, it's not coming out quite right. So I said, well, if you go into a meeting, what would the ceo of the company do? And, you know, now, it's clear the ceo would be prepared, the ceo would have that you have this bullet points the ceo would be listening to all the team members, and then the ceo would make the compelling argument and the choice and the decision which one was the best thing to do. So with the ceo, what would the ceo of your company do if something goes wrong? What would the ceo of your company do? And you do that until you own that ceo of your company? Because in the beginning is so hard because we're so emotionally attached to our our ideas and our businesses that if somebody says you did a lousy job, then you take it personal. But if it's a company that didn't perform to a client standard and the ceo, is now coming in and helping fixing things as a whole different it's a whole different mindset to it so again, if you've any questions about this please by all means you know chime in and just kind of like houses ceo strategy for you just how's it feel is that doable you like them talking about myself? I think I've done sort of enough of this but just talking about myself is one of the big no nos in business again you know I shared it with you I have it actually with me keep it personal make it about thumb and believe me I live and breathe this every single day and still to this day that's the first note I wrote it's been here on the table the entire time so that every time I look at something like making about them pick it up make it about them what problem are you solving and I wantto just get that back out so let's talk about it for the life audience this would be a great time one short sentence what problem are you solving? Mary? What problem are you solving? The bad family photo. Excellent. Janice what problem are you solving? Um lack of confidence in beauty wonderful galina failing isolated, beautiful connie helping women over fifty feel better jen bringing attentions to life beautiful barbara not taking your career seriously enough to have a decent image out there in the online world that was all right. So let's check. Do we have anybody out there who was charming in on this? We've had some amazing personal stories. Poor kay just sent us a message which I thought really resonated by what we've been saying. I thought this is very powerful. He says I lost vision in one eye a few years ago, but I never left. Let that stop me from my goal of being a photographer. I figure if albert watson can make it, so can I. And if anything, it has helped me to see as a photographer beautiful. Lovely. Thanks for sharing that fool. No, that story. Thank you so much, paul. Well, good. So the problems that that was really remarkable and how easy was that all of a sudden? And how much were you struggling with this when you first came in? And now it's in one sentence, you can tell what the problem is that you're solving that's powerful stuff. So I hope you having the same experience again, you know, feel free to shoot those overto us so we can we can share him and and shout them out. One not the one off my backdoor strategies is when I talked to a customer or contact that is not my end client right is not the decision maker. Instead of trying to negotiate with this person my mind said is again what with the ceo do my mind set is I want to give this person enough ammunition to go to battle for me so I would use strategies that say isn't it funny on how the penny pinchers you know they just don't really understand the art and creativity behind it but have you noticed how difficult it is for companies too pay attention to women leadership they all like talk talk talk talk talk but then when it really comes down to its is so hard for them to you know to really step up to the plate um it's a great strategy to uses the third party bad guy the iris by the way is always good bad guy on the penny pinchers whoever they may be are all it's always bad guys it also works really well when you're negotiating your own fees because now you can say I have a german business consultant and she will not let me do it for less than that good strategy yes and nobody will argue with a german consultant s owe you some of these you know strategies or you know you can say you know my accountant won't let me or you know whoever whoever it is but it's always good to have a bad third guide that we sort of all agree on you know that and I do that with my clients when we, when we talk about this negotiation strategy, sometimes I said, please, by all means, you know, use me as the bad girl if you have to. It's a it's. A very powerful, powerful strategy.

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Chad Robertson

As an analytical person with creative spirit this was the perfect class for me. Beate has the passion of an artist coupled with a sharp, almost engineering intellect. I sometimes find with courses, online or not, that topics discussed do not apply to my journey. Not the case here. Everything was useful and the course materials provided invaluable. Highly recommended.