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Capturing Clients & Where to Start

Capture and engage the audience. You do that by newsletters, tip sheets, hot sheets. We've talked through this, so make this part of the plan and thank you so much for putting this on the board for everybody to see. I'm so thrilled that mary, that you made that part ofthe here off off your goals and your objectives. Give something away for free. We talked about this right articles and published content. We've been through the amplification process. So really, look at this. Get listed in directory says a lot of online directories, so I definitely want you two to research those and win contests, win contests. Going to just give you a second to write this down. Now I know, I know it's it's like it's. So much information. Yes. Thank you so much. All right. Um win contests last one, uh, put people first as a certified meyers break practitioner. People are motivated by buying. People are motivated to by foot by four main emotions. There's a competitive person now that's that start with spont...

aneous in the myers briggs. And if you have not heard about this mice bricks is a personality assessment that people go through, and then they find what they innate preferences are and what that really has helped me. To do is to understand what I who I am as a leader and what kind of type I am as a leader and it's helped me to understand and identify what sort of other people are and what they do and I give you a very simple example it's called introverts versus extroverts I had a class that I taught at the wizard academy about leadership and we had gone through these processes off identifying set of what your type is and we had a very strong offer woman leader and then we had you know christine who we met earlier christine bori who is an introvert and you know an artist and and I don't want to say shy she comes across she's not shy but she comes across the shy because she's an introvert so we did a mock scenario about doing a team building exercise I said while you you know here's your here's your a job as an advertising agency how would you know with what you know now manage this job so the extroverts jumps in and she goes like okay, I'm going to be the leader and you want to do this you going to do this and christine you're going to go last and then they went through the process now anybody else would have said look at that she's always taking charge she's running people over she always has to be you know, the number one person but what really happened after the evaluation off our innate preferences? This team knew that the extra word had to go ahead and lead to give the introvert time to have that moment and we just had a moment like that so that is the difference between knowing you know what makes other people tick so when I now know that there's a difference between introverts and extra words if I hit an introvert and I know the introvert just it's not that she doesn't know the answer she does, but the introvert just needs that extra minute to think about this before she talks about it where's the expert like me I mean I don't even need any facts I can just talk about it period so um in the myers briggs and I'm just giving you this overview when you address copy to the outside the copy says if somebody spontaneous and says this sounds like fun are you addressing that if somebody is competitive and nt which I am we always challenge why steven emmanuel, why do we even need to read this? Why would this even exist? Are you convincing me but that knowing or having this is going to make me more knowledgeable more better and more competitive are you addressing this in your copy? Thie harmonizes the humanistic people those are the ones that want to make sure that we're all taken care off because people it's about feelings there's always people behind it like justin is a classic harmonizer he wants to make sure that people are taken care of right I mean it was so clear to me in every time we spoke and we as we developing this content uh that and some people really stand out and then there's the methodical ones and there's a lot of them and they go and they want to know how does it work how much does it cost when does it start? When doesn't end? How many do I get what's my return policy what happens if you deliver the wrong size so in all your copy in everything that you do when you're done with it ask yourself those four questions am I giving first the spontaneous person the opportunity to immediately go and jump on it and say yeah fun am I going to give that competitive person that extra edge am I going to make people feel good and am I being methodical about this huge huge I wanted to a whole myers briggs thing because I think that this really helps business owners too totally understand on how to three reached through other people so I actually have a course in development for that ask your customers do not say to your customers how did you like it because they will tell you and if you say to your customers how can I improve they will also tell you so be very careful about what you ask I prefer to ask my customers how can I a better serve you or what can I improve because we say you know what did you not like? This is actually the way I meant to say if I say what did you not like? They will tell you what they didn't like actually look for things that they didn't like you don't want to give your client's an opportunity to tell you what they didn't like you want your clients to given opportunity to tell you what they liked and with testimonials I actually found this one website and it's called born creative dot com testimonials forward slash testimonies I thought they did a great job as it was researching you know good examples for you to look at and boy did they like have the coolest website with testimonials? I mean if you know that's the best way to do testimony as the way they that they did that and to ask for testimonial and I'm asking you right now for testimonial and foot all of our audience members out there on the live stream I'm also asking youfor a testimonial so he is my testimonial request for you please tell me from all the things from all the twelve steps that you heard which one step made the biggest impact on you and what that one takeaway is which one step made the biggest impact and was the one thing that you take away from this course and sometimes you can also say, how would you tell somebody else about this course or about my product and always ask other people um who do you know that can benefit from my service? Who do you know they can benefit from this course because you should tell them if you liked it and you think this a good course than tell everybody about it? Affiliate marketing and joint venture and we went through this in the referral uh, very briefly usually affiliate marketing and joint ventures of ear specific internet terms right now that is, when you have a product or service is when you have a big enough platform and when your list trusts your judgment otherwise the burn rate on your list is huge. People that just do, um affiliate marketing have a burn bright and some expected be about fifty percent and, you know, burn rate is when it's the opt outs so you add a hundred people and then you do a mailing and in fifty opt out that's a burn, right? So if you have a high burned that's a great way to go through your you to burn your list very quickly so I prefer you really building up the trust with your list first growth happens when you continue to learn new script skills we've talked about this you engage in a dialogue with potential and existing customers not other creative unless there are your clients if your photographer out there do not waste your time on photography forums unless you're searching for a specific answer to a technical or any other question, do on ly engage and spend your time in activities that are client facing where you're building the relationship if you need friends, call your mom consistently produced klein facing promotions, marketing and publicity and uh have a little bit of fun like we are and be contained contagious lee passionate I think that's like one of the things that probably everybody knows about me is I am very passionate about this does it like not who's out? I mean is all about passion so let's review it because ladies and gentlemen, we are at the end so let's just do a quick review again. On day one we talked about the vision and the mission we talked about the concept and how to turn the talent into that dream business be verified. The idea we figured out where we're going to get the money from this was probably one of the most powerful segments about the finding, the clients you know who they are, where we serving them and and where they where they are human capital you about us the leader? Your obligation is the leader now you know the leader is the ceo you being the ceo of your company? The set up the legal and financial responsibilities of your business and of course long term growth strategies today we went through the business plan the accidental creative business plan that you've rowed without even knowing marketing we're making a marketing plan that is concluded with our business plan again you know use thie in the workbook our big reveal today was that we have the creative business plan that's right in here it's a copy and paste this also can be used as the executive summary so please use the tools we talked about business skills that was when everybody really cool here today eyes I go on I mean are you fatigue now? I know it's like overload, right? The smoke is coming all right, all right a business scale sustainability we just went through this and now the question is, where do we start? And this is when I turn it over to you my part's done your part begins so these are the action item. So just a moment ago you talked about three items that you were going to do for your business so that's the last thing I promise I want you to do is I want you to just go ahead and look and go dig deep and now pig five things these are the first five things tomorrow on your list we talked about five not to actually know what you have off tomorrow you can rest I'm so I'm so sorry yes then start on monday but you know this is the list for monday well, whenever you take the course you get a day off for those who are listening to the recorded version take a day off and then start the following days but this is the first list for the first day what are you five action items and I encourage you all out there toe also share your five action items with us and so do this right this very moment I'm going to check with my host for minute and as we starting teo slowly but surely rep rep obsolete me know if there's any other feedback before I go to my closing side, we've had great comments and feed but we've actually got some comments you want to go out with but we're going to save those for when we get into our rap for the day okay? But you have people have been so engaged they've been so excited about this course and I think that is so inspired you know, the conversation we've been seeing certain in this particular segment is they've actually got new ideas they want to take with I think michael's chap there was very inspirational to them give them a different way of thinking about things so we'll be seeing lots of new business idea is just flowing through in the last hour and in group and you asked uh then to create a statement that encapsulates the value of what they're doing and there was one statement that karen in said which was that I would recommend this course to everyone who has the desire to start a new business and create jobs wonderful you're wonderful wonderful idea okay, so how you doing on your action items? Okay, good you're not going to be tested on this this is this is literally for you um I'm gonna, uh I'm gonna have like, a thing to more slides so if you dream big, you may as well dream big it's the same amount of effort you like that? Yeah, so on whether you dream ninety or nine hundred thousand dollars it's really only a number, so don't limit yourself because what if you can't change the world? What what if changing the world is entirely up to you? So I want you to put that into consideration I'd love to hear from you off course and here are all the different ways that you can connect with me I know it's like this is like a page in itself is pathetic um on facebook you find me on women's code on or photo. Biz fans my twitter handle that I've been using his egoism. Please tell everybody about it by using the hashtag seattle life, my instagram, I don't think even I mentioned that is be articulate, but I will admit my daughter's. This better join the link in groups, the women's code and photography business. Um, take the balance quiz at the women's co. Dot com forward slash balance test.

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It is easy to get lost in the sea of resources available to fledgling entrepreneurs, but it is harder to connect with the concrete tools that will help your business be the best it can be. Join Beate Chelette for an introduction to the step-by-step process of building a thriving business.

This course isn’t just general advice or inspiration — it’s an intensive immersion into the essentials for your small business. You’ll learn about laying the groundwork that gets your business through the difficult first year and beyond. You’ll explore the legal and financial aspects of funding your business and keeping it afloat. From business licensing to pricing to marketing strategies to techniques that boost your bottom line, you’ll gain confidence in handling the day-to-day challenges that come with small business ownership.

Stop waiting to start the business you’ve always dreamed of running! This course will give your the foundation you need to make it a reality.


Chad Robertson

As an analytical person with creative spirit this was the perfect class for me. Beate has the passion of an artist coupled with a sharp, almost engineering intellect. I sometimes find with courses, online or not, that topics discussed do not apply to my journey. Not the case here. Everything was useful and the course materials provided invaluable. Highly recommended.