Turn Your Talent Into a Business in 12 Steps


Turn Your Talent Into a Business in 12 Steps


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Creating Customer Profiles

Let's start today with talking about customer profiles so I tell you a funny story as a consultant is a coach in all the years I've been doing this, a lot of my conversations go like this yeah, yeah, I know you do the business. Yeah, yeah, I know you teach marketing I know you you can tell me how to build a business whatever. Just tell me one thing how do I find clients if there was one answer to that question, believe me, that would be somebody making millions with just answering this one question because of course it's not possible to answer that question because finding clients is theokoles relation off having the vision creating the mission statement, having the strategy implementing the strategy that fits the brand that fits the mission in the vision right and then going out there and finding clients means that the world knows what you're doing and then they attracted to what you do and then they want to buy from you because what you offer helps them or gives him an advantage or s...

ervices them and let's talk about the different types of customers which we will do actually in a life hot seat on stage so one of you will be called appear and so think about you know how comfortable you are with that and we go actually through creating a customer profile what that means in a customer profile there is more than one customer profile many times often you can have two three or four customer profiles the world is not your customer there is no such thing as having one product that works for everybody so you have to identify who they are in the more specific that customer profile is, the better it will be for you and for your business and you know connie, we talked about this yesterday but you said well, should I should I focus on you know women over fifty and two don't doesn't mean that I'm eliminating anybody else no it does not it just means that you start with a core group that you know you can service and then if they bring their spouses that are also overweight then you do the plus one program and if they bring their kids that are also having health problems then you do the family plan so you know it's okay to create additional customer profiles as we go on our they single are their parents because if you and if you talk to parents who is the decision maker is it the woman or the man that took no time to answer that at all? It is the only anti actually yes most buying decisions in households are being made by women so which is why much of the advertising is geared toward women and why a lot of the advertising appeals to you emotions when we market tau women because we need to get across and how we make her life better instantly so you know these are some things to consider some stuff of course is geared toward men so would we make an emotional statement to men for the most part we would when we more talk target men we would probably want to stick more to the facts and we give them sort of the information and you know everything they need to know right away so you know these are the reasons why we have to have the customer profiles because it really changes the language on how you speak to somebody and if other people are attracted to that and yesterday gave the example ofthe red bull who is a company that really you know targets in their advertising you see all these young kids doing crazy things but really it's the thirty five year old computer geeks that are buying the stuff because it's there buying the fantasy off being like that when they bite so you want to know this when you when when you market it's like what am I trying to achieve who in my marketing to who is responding to my marketing and now the example for is when you look into catalogues and you look at the plus size cattle locks are those really plus sized models most of the plus size models out size six eight that's me so it's changing now, because we have this whole, you know, change in advertising with the more the real, the more authentic factor. And now all of a sudden, we actually seeing real plus size models out there, but, you know, and that will change, of course, the way you you advertised here to your clients. But, you know, back then they said, well, does a woman that is, you know, in the united states, I think the average size is a is a twelve uh, would she want to see clothes on a woman that's like her? Or does she aspired to look like a woman that is, that is thinner just for the same reason when they said you want to refinance your house, they don't show the two bedroom bungalow they showed the villa, even though you can't afford the villa, but they want you to aspire, you know, they get you in with the with a dream. So this is all part of the custom of profit. We want to know who they are, and then we want to kind of create the dream, and we will have a guest from edinburgh fifty one, isn't it? It is going to be a trickle he's been trying to teach me, bro. Edinburgh it's very strange but the's letters are not in the absolutely know you're completely right anyone who tries to make head or tail of the english language is all hiding to nothing because it makes no sense to it is that in brother? Okay, I will be practicing barrows because it's kind of it's the scottish word for baron okay, okay, thank you very much for that. Uh, you can call me out if I get it wrong, which probably well, so philip will come on and he'll show us on how he actually started creating the customer profiles and hiss segment is called from terrified too terrific. So stay tuned for that it'll be very exciting the next um, part off this is about we talking about pain points. So does anybody know what a pain point is? Customer is lacking that they need a solution for right and you can come in with that solution exactly khun solved that problem for exactly so pain point is when you when an ad says broke are you broke? Are you living from paycheck to paycheck? That's a pain point? You know and they're drilling it in slowly on the pain point to make you feel like you're really despairing and you need help so part of the cost of a profile is because what we really want to get to is the pain points what is it that we can offer to our customers and how does this need to be presented for them to go and said, I need this russian community because when I participate in this russian community my fear off the language not having friends, not finding connections being by myself feeling like I made the wrong decision being lonely, you know, not connecting feeling like an a foreigner in a big country shattered dream that's why they come to you because you are offering them the solution to what the problems are that they having, but for that you need to know what the problems on the problems are called in marketing we call in pain points and the you know, here's the I want to find client that is not that is a pain point for a lot of people that come to me because creatives think like that they go um all my problem is not that I don't know what I'm doing. My problem is not that I have no vision. My problem is not that have a mission, my problems not I'm lacking a strategy or a business plan or I don't write things down in good work books my problem is that I just can't find clients so clearly the problem is external and if I only want to know how to find clients than all of these other things go away so in a lot of my advertising, especially on the photography business side, some of my headlines actually always started with. Do you wonder how to find more clients? So you want to know what the language is that your customer is using, even though they might be actually looking for the wrong thing? But if they think they need that, you can always educate them. There's a the way works, you give them what they want, and then you teach them what they need to get that. So you give them what they want, so if they want to find my client to give them the answer to wanting more clients, and they do teach them what they need, which is, you know, the twelve steps and how to turn your talent into a business, because you really need this in order for you to find clients doesn't make sense. Okay, so for our life audience out there, what I would encourage you right now to do is to really already start thinking about tell us, what are your customers? Pain points and let's focus just on one, let me just have, like, one pain point that you can immediately identify, that you will offer a solution to so start doing this right now, and we'll go through a couple more, and then, when we do a life hotseat we're also going to see what what you're coming up with. So please do follow along and in the workbook there are, um what's the page, connie, we're on twenty one twenty one. So on page twenty one uh, there is and I'm going to show it to you so here in the customer profile so there's a note field right here and you can just enter the information right here so right along exxon good. So let me give you an example. This was actually conversation, general, you and I had yesterday, which was so interesting and I'm going to share that because I thought it was was very relevant. So last year I found that this work life balance became was a huge issue. It was absolutely everywhere women felt overwhelmed, they were out of balance, they had no time, they got no support at home. You even saw that yesterday when we heard from victoria and victoria said when when you know, someone asked what was the hardest part for you she said, getting the buy in from my family to get that support to, you know, have or have the courage and go out there and do what she needed to do and women are terrible at asking for help yeah, can you relate to them superwoman? I call it in the book I call it the super human paradox there's an entire chapter on the superhuman paradox in there because it's all about we think we need to be perfect all the time it's a myth it's not possible so for the reason that I knew that the pain points of the women were all these I created the balance test and we talked about it yesterday and I know a lot of fuel but he took the balance to us if you want to see what that's all about it's at the women's co dot com forward slash balance test and throughout the website we created these bees you know these banners and they say, are you in or out of balance? Take the three minute quiz and find out which area off your life is in or out of balance? That was last year but then yesterday after we had a conversation, so just tell me what you told me. Well, it's certainly there is is the concept that we can be in balance and there's a new conversation out there brewing that balance does not exist it's actually more of an approach towards harmony and that that's definitely uh that that resonates with me a little bit more because it like it's the superhero woman human paradox that you described I know you can't do it all and to be imbalances is this doesn't seem riel and I liked I liked this conversation because what it teaches us is that even though when we know what the pain points are, they change so it's really important to always be part of the conversation and to say is what I thought about is this still an issue and it's really interesting? Because lately I've been seeing a lot of articles about work life balance and they all kind of say the same thing what I just heard is well, you know, give up on work life balance it's it's just one thing or another thing and you know now the harmony thing is coming up the's buzzwords like really authenticity, you know now harmony there's always some sort of a buzz word out there so you use them when they first come up and then you let him go a soon as possible and you find the next buzz word because it's buzzwords like authenticity I mean, I always can't hear it any more and you probably neither, right because it's been it's been overused absolutely everywhere so people now go like, well, what's the next thing I think that one of the big big things with weird we will continue to see and butch will rises community and collaboration because I do believe that we are going away from, you know, individuals sort of rising and doing one thing because all of our heroes, it took us down the last time in the economy. So now it's more about, you know, building things together and sticking together and helping each other's a collaboration community is a huge, huge huge factor, and I definitely see it seed rising. So you have any questions to that so far because next is going to be questions about your good points specifically from moses saying that that pain points he's a family, a newborn photographer and it's, a very crowded markets saying, basically, how does he actually look for what the pain points are? How do you find out what your client's pain points will be? Very good question. So here's your answer. If you ask your clients it's like you know what, what made you, you go to your existing clients, people that already have worked with you and you say, what made you come to me or what make you what made you choose to do a session, and then they'll probably say. Well, because these moments are so important and if I don't do it right away the babies grow so much the newborns you know, in the first year a child changes so much you don't capture that it's gone forever so it's a really pain point for new new parents especially new bombs to capture all these little moments before you know that first little smile and that first little gesture and the head lifting up and sort of whatever the other things that that babies are you know, do and they do I'm just absolutely adorably before all of this is is gone so that's one of the pain points is you ask your clients is like, what do you worry about? What do you what do you know why? Why would you want someone to provide this for you? So that's the answer to that question I think we've got exactly the same question but they're in different fields there in the jewelry business that's hungarian in us on dh nicknames they say they work actually television so how you identify what the pain points are wrong it's the same theme running through even if you have a different businesses and photography yes, of course yes this the theme is always the same there is no more powerful thing than actually asking your clients and saying, you know, when you when you when you um by piece of jewelry are you buying this because you want to feel good? Are you buying it? Because you're rewarding yourself? Is this a symbol for you to having made it to feeling special? Is it the reward for a special occasion? And on that note with the jewelry, for example, jewelry from me and my daughter is we have a thing in my family and my micro family off to where every time we have we hit a milestone, we buy a signature piece so in its funny that this came up because right now, this necklace that I bought in prague I bought after I sold my company. So this is my milestone piece, my reward for myself, because after I sold my company, I felt I needed and deserved a reward. So when you know that people come to you in the jewelry business like me, who are looking for something that is very unique and sense out because they are, you know, it's a mouse, don't piece, then that is one of your customer profiles where you say, well, now I'm going to market to her, I'm going to mark it to people like her, and I'm going to advertise with hay, do you reward yourself? Aren't you special? Why I why are not mohr people doing that? So my daughter was now twenty one she has a couple of pieces, you know, for twenty first birthday she got a piece for a sixteenth birthday she got a piece for communion she got a piece for, you know, for finishing high school she's got a piece so she has a whole collection of things that she will in perpetuity half theywill reminder of certain things so you would never know this unless we speak about this. And so what was the other one that we had the apple of a pain point if you'd like to help you score that sky burger says they coach youth youth workers to become professional speakers and their pain point is knowing where to start so they've identified that that somebody else had that too is that we know where to start because cat six, seven, four, five you say I have no clients yet? Where doe I started understanding what my potential clients pain point okay, good, they're enough so if you don't have any clients at all, then what you do is remember yesterday the segment where we said about testing so this is the part where you start going in the linked in groups or in the forums and you ask questions and you say and you and you just are straight up honesty always work. Say you know him a new business honor, especially if in professional groups and linked anytime a new business owner. And I'm building my business and I want to find out of between those three things which is the one that appeals to you the most of which would you consider your biggest problem? Or which is which is the one thing you would hire? Pallotti's instructor and nutritionist a, uh, you kn ow! Anybody for is it because you want to look good? Is it because you wanna feel good is because you want to be healthy, and then you see in the response that comes in, you know, and in the beginning it's small numbers, but any numbers better than no number at all. So if you ask ten people and five people will tell you they they want to be healthy first, lose weight. Second, then you're advertising probably should start with let's. Focus on the healthy first. Yes, because sometimes people think it's one thing, but it's really another thing. So we'll take them through that. Does this help help our audience? Hungarian is saying thank you for the answer that really helps him lindsay saying yes, this is the answer, thank you, okay.

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