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Creating Your Mission Statement

So why would anybody want to buy a product like what's the need that you feel for people who weigh already had some of that reid but people who kind of like um been in a tough spot that need to have the tools and the method to help them get out of a tough spot but so it's about the delivery process what about you well I need to concentrate on one of the businesses from the board I um I have ideas so if I'm creating a creativity zone I want to create a number one online spot for russian speaking women all over the world and who will get support for their creative endures um I'm sorry for their creative extend and endeavors thank you sorry um yeah that will provide classes and forums so I want to be this number one spot this is pretty good you know the number one is the vision online spot this place is the mission yeah yeah so so the that was very good and what I really liked about what you just said she said I have to focus on one of my ideas good eso this's already see the process is a...

lready starting to kick in because you already now intuitively figured I was like oh I have a bunch of ideas you know which one I'm going to focus on so that's exactly what this is all about you know I call it the helicopter brain so the helicopter the entrepreneurial helicopter brain goes like this there's an idea tea would be great wouldn't it be great wouldn't it be great and then the other helicopter goes our here's another idea teo and that helicopter keeps circling so eventually the helicopter needs to land somewhere otherwise going to crash so we want to make sure we only have one helicopter at a time in the air and that it's off safely and land safely again so yes it doesn't mean that you can not you know and this is what this workbook will help you to dio is to go through some of these you know, mission statements for some of your ideas and then in the process it'll get really clear to you and you go wow this kind of doesn't make any sense or this sounds so much better than I thought it would be so you know, this is part of the process it's about also eliminating the noise it is about you know, sort of focusing this is help you yeah okay good so anyone how about you? Why don't you give me a shot with the beauty business with the with the mission how are you going to do that? How you going to help women to gain the confidence I think that well I do stroh strobe work and lighting and is that what you're asking me how I'm not sure yes ok good so how how is the process how does the process work so they come to you and then you put them through a beautification process yeah, make up you know a beautiful atmosphere um relax relax atmosphere probably but some music and food a little bit food and and and then just to get them relaxed and then into aa a studio set up and and take photo photographs some of it I think that I would like to do outside as well outside strobe work outside and beautiful scenic area's beautiful pfister's and things that way beautiful gowns, that kind of thing. Okay, I'm not am I answering your question um I'm thinking about this um is that more? How are then? Well, I want you to provide it's like it's a service you know, it's needed because women need to feel better. What what exactly is it it's a combination out off, eh? Feel good out of an empowering experience out of a tate you know, application off make up like it's a transformational process. So this is how you did you just throw a couple of things I was like, what is it you know, if you put make up on someone putting makeup on someone's really not very special but what's the transformation that happens when you put somebody through the process that's special because if I put him in, you know through the addition off, you know, not just applying makeup but make up and that and that and that and that you know and creating and relaxing atmosphere this is where the transformation takes place because you would transform them into a different place where where it's safe it's secure where they can really express themselves in ways that they might not normally be so you know, think about you know you want to really think this through it's like, you know, when we photographed kids like what do we really do? You know, do we just take pictures of kids? Of course will be capturing personalities with time machines we capturing moments in time that that would never ever otherwise come again. So you know what this is thie obligation of thie artist like what do we do? You know what we really provider if I provide the jewelry I met this jewelry artist once who said to me I start dressing by the piece of jewelry because every piece of jewelry to me has a special meaning and it makes me feel a certain way so she literally got out of shower put the piece of jewelry on and then she dressed herself and I thought there was an incredible way to describe a process that I would have never otherwise thought about because we all have these signature pieces and if we have the signature piece of why not give people completely different way to think about this so you know, uh, a lot of times, you know, world I go through things I just talked about myself I feel bad about certain things in certain days I feel even worse for the things that I've gone through and what I do is like what you were saying when I get up in the morning if I feel really bad, I put something really beautiful line and I feel better and in what you said about the julie that's me, I do that too that's jewelry is my thing, but so I'm thinking that other women are kind of like me, I've talked to other people and they said they're like that too, so I think that having that I don't know if you call it a fantasy but just, you know, taking you out of reality for just a few moments or just a few hours just to make you feel special that's what I would like to d'oh okay, okay, I think that's a great mission to, um to create an atmosphere that makes women feel truly special because that happens that's really so important for for women because women have a tendency to go doo doo doo doo doo and they never stop and we don't really even know how you we don't even know how to pimp ourselves sometimes and part of the process could be to really help women too take that special time and make that special time an afternoon at a time to create you know, an escape a safe escape a beautiful safe escape for you know someone to you know, re rejuvenate, recuperate, read invigorate herself and a lot of women I work with and I work with a lot of lot of women and I think it's kind of great that your women so I got a couple guys with cameras that way you're not invisible no, I mean in the audience, you know that to be it is really special because it really shows that women are so ready to take care of themselves I think that it really shifted so for anybody out there who has a service that is specific tau women this is a great time to do that because I think there's a huge awakening for what do I need? What makes me happy and women, you know, wanting to invest in themselves and really needing sort of these transformational experiences. Okay, so maybe you could help me home and you'll teo home home this this, uh, part of the portraiture that's working for me um uh, you know, I'm on lengthen and you see these profiles on and I am sometimes a little shocked that people they don't have a profile picture be it's like cut out from a wedding photo exactly so someone ah and you know here they are you know, presenting themselves online is a professional on dh there imagery is fairly weak I was happy to look at my own contacts yesterday and I had about ten ish of my my own contacts had hired me to take their picture so I was I was happy for that I've helped a number of people you know, upgrade their image making intention online to show people I'm serious about about presenting myself as a professional um so and what I found in the experience is that you know again I don't have a studio I go I go to people's houses often there or perhaps we'll do shoot outside or something like that it really does make them feel special whether it's a female or not or whether we're doing it I tend not to do glam shots but it seems to me that these small businesses or individuals are really enjoying like, oh, I'm having my picture taken and um and they have seen my you know, examples of my work and they're kind of excited what does mike but you're gonna look like and um and then they put it out there and you can see this pride uh and and I also see there um they're they're working on a website and their business just gets this little boost overall and so how can I package that in a mean what? So can you talk back to me here? What what that sounds like to you what am I one of my providing to the okay sure it's headshots but it's it's about the experience to you as you were saying you know I'm taking my small business and I'm really going for it I'm not just waiting for people to come to me I'm putting myself out there you know? And I'm having this professional photographer come help me well, so first of all, if you have a picture as your profile picture especially on linked in and the blonde is cut off but you see sort of the hair strand still coming in to take that down immediately there is nothing worse then when I go and I have ah lincoln group which is called photography business we have now over twenty three thousand members in it and that's one of my rules if you don't have a good profile picture chop chop, you can't participate because that's the first thing on how you have to be you I mean you have to be serious that feedback I actually created a whole video, so when we turn somebody down than what we'll do is we actually sent them a note and it says you're you have been declined for one of the three reasons and not having an adequate professional profile happens to be one of them and then I sent him a link to the video I've created and I talk about why it is important have a professional profile so to get back to your question I already comptel thatyou now starting to think past just what you do and you're already starting to think about what does it do that's great that's exactly what I want you to do because everybody can take the camera take pictures every kept buddy can create you know photography everybody can be a nutritionist everybody can be a personal trainer everybody can be anything but that's not it that's just a title what's really important is that we identify what it is that we actually do like how do we help what's that service to and that's what? We're spending so much time on them this morning because this is the most important part off the business what's the business to write so we talked about um when you take pictures for people that are professional you help them be more professional you helped them take their if they don't take themselves seriously and remember how the promise was that I made you guys to where said I want you to commit one hundred percent make them commit to their career mmm said how does your commitment to your career start with a proper professional picture that not your grandmother took thank you during her eightieth birthday because you looked really cute in it. So so it's about like how can that you know what's that angle you're going in? But I like the idea of saying, you know, if you're it's amazing how many professionals do not have a professional image? Professionalism starts with a professional image and what does a professional image start with? The photo piece of cake I help you to start getting serious like you came here to be serious about your business. You can help them to be serious about their careers, right? You can help them to be serious about feeling good about themselves. You could help them be serious about transforming, you know, the's difficulties by giving them a real plan on how to get out of that right and you help them to stop talking about I gotta lose these ten pounds. You helped them too. Not just loosen it, it's. Not about losing the weight, what's it about connie it's just about waking up every day and feeling good, but also there's so much information out there. So it's making nutrition simple is that a good thing or bad thing? You know what, in this day and age there's so much information out there, um, you know, people watch various shows on tv and they go out and they buy all these things and they have a counter full of supplements they don't even know what's helping them they don't know what's working so I think making people especially were also busy uh you food I mean our gut our food is so important to everything that we do if you're not feeding that properly your overall body isn't working properly your brain's not working properly so I think it is important but it needs to be simple okay I think you made a great point so one of the things that um is also really good for you know the way you think about building your business is in nutrition let's think about this for a second pal e a diet it was the hollywood star diet it was thie all also and so died now is the no car now it's this note so that I am so confused what's good for me so I don't even dare to eat the bread on the sandwich you know people are freaking out now people eat a lot of raw fish is that really good for you? Is a bad for you is too much lettuce good for you what does it really do so there's so much information out there? So if you are building a business that's in a market, we're so much contradiction information is available to you especially if this information is something I don't want to hear I mean who wants to let red go let's face it okay right is good but it's bad for other things right? So it's a trusted source could your business be ve trusted source that customizes a confusing message that the media you know just turns into these seven easy steps to lose twenty five pounds in three minutes and take a realistic simple approach that's catered to your needs with no with no missy information with no confusion because at this point in time there's so much information out there or have you ever known you know like when you when when you wake up in something hurts you immediately go toe like md or something and you google your symptoms it could be fifty things so where do you go? Where do you go to simplify this process and I think that a lot of businesses that we're seeing now are about simplifying the process and going back to the fine art is that how do I even know what art is worth so if you can tell me on howto you know swim through this ocean off misleading information and understand what that is in that transform it transforms my thinking about how I want to live and feel with art congratulations that's a great business and the same with the with the jewelry if you if you show me on why yours this better and why yours makes me feel a particular way because it's maybe these you know these statement pieces and we see a lot of these jewelry statement pieces right now because you know women are ready to make statements that's a really good idea all right very good. So um let's see um how about you what about your mission filled it out already uh whoa oh go ahead uh something along the lines of we create family lifestyle photography that captures him amazing family memories for the modern laidback family that will be treasured forever but I need to throw in something about what I do that it makes it special indifferent I know what that is it's the relationships that I'm able to build with the kids in the photographs immediately and make them feel comfortable in their environment even if they're camera shy or you know any number of things so you're the photographer that eliminates fake yeah there's no cheese okay, okay good so so guaranteed no cheese right s o this is part ofthe yes and we'll work on this a lot more as we go through this and shirts will become clearer and clearer but that's exactly what I want you to think and I'm so proud of you because it's already all kicking it I mean do you recognise already how you asking the right kind of questions and you already like being thinking about this and if you out there on watching life I hope this the same experience for you so please use the chat rooms and tell us you know your ha moments I feed off your feedback I love it I want to hear from you so go ahead and tell us you know have you had an aha moment already? You know is there a particular question? Are you starting to think along the right lines have your limited ideas have you you know have you found other ideas to do discussion in the chat rooms about you know their workshopping it together they're trying to incorporate what you're saying into their vision their mission, their statement and it's actually helpful toe listen to different stories so again this is the pro poking part right? If this is the prodding part and this is a work in progress yes, absolutely yes and thank you so much for for verifying that that is exactly what happens we are just in the very, very first segment we have eleven more to go, so if you already having thes you know interactions right now and you're already really thinking about congratulations that's exactly what you want and again, you know I'm gonna urge you er georgia get the workbook if you don't have already because it's in here and you can write I have created a couple of opportunities for you keep filling it out and good job out there. Thank you so much for participating. It's. Really amazing. Okay, good. So have you gotten to everybody with the mission statement? You guys feel good? Any more questions when, um, is is there a danger uh, in being extremely pacific specific on your crowd? So for example, as a nutritionist, I could work with men or women? Um there's probably in some way sorry, j k o but in some ways men probably worry less about their nutrition. Maybe maybe not. I think it I think there's more more women that are concerned because of magazines, tv, everything that we see. So we we had this vision in our head of what we want to look like, but is there risk of me saying I want to work specifically with, you know, women over the age of fifty, um to help them with their nutrition needs? A my cutting off part of a lucrative market that might be there because I can basically taylor a nutrition plan to anybody male, female any age? Okay, good, great question. So here's it the compelling story comes from your story, you're compelling stories, he hit a number and then you felt it was you wanted to do something impossible, and then when you had a chief that they gave you the confidence in the authenticity in the rear of the rial approach to say if I could do it anybody can do it if I'm over fifty and I want to do that and there's ten nutritionists out there there's nine wishy washy wants and there's one that says I I specialize on women over fifty who do you think I'm gonna go too? And this is part of identifying the market which will will do in the customer profile so if that is a lucrative market right I mean if you were to say women between forty one and forty two that are one eyed then you know that I would say, well, you you may have to change your approach a little bit but if you say women over fifty there's a lot it's a big market and guess what, they have money well and that thank you I want people to pay for what I know I am and I don't want to ever discount myself yes what I know is a value and it takes me a lot of time a research to taylor a diet plan and I hate the word diet but to tailor a plan for that decision a pony so I do want to work with a market that is willing okay, absolutely and this is part of what we will, you know, again identifying the customer profile so you know, we'll we'll go through this, but these are all again these are all the right questions for you too, to ask is like, how do I how do I market? But there's always you could take of course you could photograph anything, you could help anybody, but when you identify first of marks that could get rich in the niche and then conquer the world when somebody comes in and says while you work with women over fifty, do you also work with women under fifty? Of course I do, right? I mean, they'll recognize how stupid that question might be when they asking it, but I think it's important to be recognized to create the brand, okay, red bull doesn't cater to everybody red bull caters to a very active crowd and who drinks red bull everybody else but that crowd because they want to be like that. So that doesn't mean that they're not going to take care of that, you know, wanting to go and use your service and sometimes that's the irony of building a business you go like, oh, but I'm catering to the, you know, sixteen to twenty five year olds that need extra sugar and caffeine, and the thirty five year olds are buying it what's wrong with it, but they're not changing their marketing why? Because it works so we are addressing this in the marketing, you know, portion off the business building part as well to talk about that but you know, great great questions I show this so you guys know that I'm just like you I drink beer, otherwise they wouldn't let me back into bavaria and I like going on trips the reason we built businesses is so that we can live lives that are meaningful to us. So in all this off, why do we you know, why do we even do the business building? And this is for me, really an important part of my mission here today is to help you to connect your own personal feelings in your own personal vision with a lifestyle that's suitable for you because that is the art of creating a business I'm not going to lie there's going, you know, building a business is hard work. This is joke about entrepreneurs where we work eighty hours, so we don't have to work forty, which is true, especially in the start up face. But if you do something that you truly love and, you know, transforming life, changing the way people feel about themselves or, um, you know, changing the fine all art world or, you know, all these little things they're meaningful and they're really important, so it is so worth it, but my stories just like your story you are just like me and I'm just like you and if I did it and we again you know we're going to go through parts of the story on you know, I've almost lost my daughter three times you know, she had once an asthma attack where she stopped breathing in the middle of the night and I didn't know if she was going to survive and I don't even know what it was until I found out that you know her father my ex had been smoking at home and the stuff that we go through and each one of you has a story like that my story's like your story everybody has a great story and we will learn on how to take this compelling story of yours and to weave it into your brand because you know, like you heard from connie who says, well, you know, this is what I did and we heard the other transformational stories from the audience member it really is about that that is why you are in business and we talk about that when we get to the segment it talks about here why you're why is crucial to the success of your business because that's the only thing that's going to make you get up in the morning and here is a great a great uh testimonial from one of the photographers that I'm working with I just finished the photo biz intensive, and he says, my biggest realization was that if I want to play with the big boys and need to start acting like one and that's it, that's it, you want to play, you gotta show up. Like you said, you want to be professional in your business started with a good linked in profile, because otherwise nobody will take us serious because everybody's googling everybody in lincoln always shows up first, so if you show up first, then you better be looking good. You only can make one first impression, so let's, make that a really, really good one. So let's, go ahead and let's connect week via lincoln and facebook, so if you can follow me on unlinked anon derby artificial et, uh, you can join anyone off the two linked in groups, photography, business or the women's code, and on facebook. Here are all my my links.

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