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Creating Your Vision Statement

Let's get started on page three you see the five vision statement questions and they're right here so the first question for vision statement is what are you building? The second is why is this business needed? The third one is where is your business? Located isn't local is it global and when will you be open for business and who are your customers? So it goes like this when you see at the bottom here I have written down this vision statement outlined for you see that so let's give that a shot so what's the name of your company honey uh right now it's just connie for tula nutritional consulting okay, very good. Let me, uh good thing that you brought that up so one of things I want to talk about also about naming your business if you put your own name in your business, chances are it probably will always be your own business. So if you pick a name that is not related to you personally, then the branding could be much stronger for acquisition in the future. I say this and then I can prov...

e myself wrong because when I ran my company called miata works which I only called the auto works because my first client was levi strauss from germany and I said, how did you even find me? And they said, well, we found you because somebody said called miata in los angeles I'm like wow if somebody can find me jean I get a job just by that alone and it better be in my name and when we were quiet they actually bought the name they wanted the name which I thought was never possible it is possible but when you do name your business be think about that because if they know that it's connie's nutritional business guess what declined always wants who do they always want to work with? Only you. So if you were to bring in you know g and anna then they say well it's not an oh jeez business it's only connie's business so think about that if you know how you would wantto name your business all right, so, um how quickly is your company going to grow rapidly? Okay uh what's rapidly um I'm looking I'm looking to actually have investment investors come in and bring on staff and and so I'm thinking probably within the next year I would consider that rapidly okay, be careful with like, you know, words like rapidly and things like that because that's sort of very broad right and in business thing we want to be specific is possible, but we'll you know, we'll talk about that some more okay, so um the vision statement and this is really something I want you to spend some time on because you know you really need to think about this on how do I put this uh together but the vision is really the overall idea is like what am I trying to do if I were to change the world? This is my vision statement I will be the leading company that provides this great service to people that have this problem you know and become the world leader in three years something like that so it has to be a real visionary statement let's go to the mission statement and the mission statement talks about so amazon says our vision is to be the earth most customer centric company to build a place where people can come to find a discover anything they might want to buy online you see that's huge vision are they fulfilling their vision? Yes he is citigroup our goal for citigroup is to be the most respected global financial services company like any other public company we're obligated to deliver profits and growth to our shareholders off equal importance is to deliver those profits and generate growth responsibility you see how I was talking about the acquisition earlier? The reason you know people want to return on the investment it is in their vision statement all right and here's the part of the vision statement mission statement why does the business exist now? We caught up so what is the product of service and how is it different why will anyone buy it and what doesn't add and where is the benefit for the customer? So you have to explain in your mission statement why anybody would buy your product invest in it so if you say well it's better than anybody else's that's meaningless to somebody you have to be clear about what it actually provides so if I go to you know to stay with the example connie to a nutritionist why would I wanna hire you or buy your product part of it? Well again and it comes down to myself uh part of it's going to be my knowledge on of the things that I've gone through but if somebody was buying my business and I'm no longer there they don't necessarily have my knowledge okay good. So you know and I apologize in advance I will put you on the spot like this you know, because I just see you know how you looking at me and I feel you know, sometimes I can put the the thing and because you are representative for all of our audience out there so it's really important that we give what you know what you're feeling everybody else's feeling out there so thank you for sharing that so it's not that easy easy when you have to talk about it and he communicated it's like what I actually do what does it actually mean so we will get to you know we will spend a lot of time on this so the vision and mission statements be prepared that once we're done with the whole course you most likely will go back to that you know and that's why I left a couple I gave you like three different opportunities to fill it out so give it give it the first one a shot so just get your mind thinking about like what do we even offer like why I am special why does anybody want for me and with you I think it's really great because you said you hit a certain number are you the only one who hits a certain number so do you think other people that had a certain number have that same kind of problem that they want to feel good about themselves and kick up the heat and look physically fit and be you know be in good shape well there is there is that the audience you know because you are authentic and they would believe you so this is what the mission statement is all about why does it exist? Um it sure it's uh to the point it can be fun it has to have a clear statement of purpose and let me give you some examples so avery dennison which is the company that does these you know labels they say to be the world leader in products services in solutions that enable and transform the way cut consumers and businesses gather, manage, distribute and communicate information. So let me ask the question. What's the product or service label's? Very good. Why will anybody buy this? And what does it add? They need to communicate information labels, provide information they manage, distribute and communicate information for the business. Right. And where's. Where's, the benefit communication enabling trade storm the way consumers. Uh, you know, work. So you see. So these questions is like in your in your mission statement. When you answer these three questions, you're good to go. Bristol myers squibb company, which is a a pharmaceutical company they say to discovered, develop and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious diseases. Okay, what's, the product of service is very good. You guys a quick learners. Why will anyone buy this? They want to be healthy. Very good. Where's. The benefit for the concert there customer feeling better. Feeling better? Yeah. See, so and this is very short. This is a sentence. So you see, you can pack a lot of information. That all right? Any questions? Yeah. So do you recommend to have it more broad and let conclusive or to be more specific, like, targeted, tio wants her and customer or one age specific. Don't make any sense, you know, you actually making a lot of sense I think that we probably will address this in when we do the customer profiles mohr because once we've done the customer profiles, I think we'll be able to to address it because you want to gear it specifically to your target audience and the world is not your customers I have bad news for you, so we have to narrow it down a little bit so that depends, you know, it depends on your business and who your customers, so if I go after, you know, again, you know, if connie goes after the let's, say fifty plus, then she can say targeting and you know, that the fifty plus or the baby boomers for, you know, that would make a lot of sense, but, um, it really depends on who you're going after, so I'd like tio, you know, just check in with you out there I mean, if you have any questions, what are the chat rooms doing? We've got a really global audience, but there's some creative like today, thank you so much for all your no comments, no christopher christine borys always saying how low I have a message for me at a I just like her to know that I'm right here life on chek cheering her off in london that's my girl kristie a message delivered you make sure you get this message through so we did they are christy we also have folks joins us from italy with an italian designer online as well so thank you for all of you for joining us today and let's get some questions going let's get some comments going we definitely getting through to be after we go through but they are committed that's for sure yes is absolutely there they've got some of them have their workbook already if you haven't gotten that already go for it okay excellent they're well aware the exits are locked no way out okay, good. So what I'd like to do now is I actually would like to have you get started on your mission and vision statements so let's go back to the uh the vision statement questions and let's answer this and for you out there. So tell me what are you building let's? Think about this for a second like what are you building? Are you building a I your eyes is a product is it a service? What is it that you do good. I'm building a photography business on dh my customers are women uh I think that women uh I want to be beautiful and so I want to do foot photographs that would make them look beautiful like in magazines or are something that they would give their spouse um yeah that's basically what I'm I'm targeting okay so for you it would be that you want to provide a it's like a service to women to enhance their their beauty but what what's that really mean beauty? Well I think that for a lot of women um wi I I know I feel this way sometimes I don't feel very attractive and so what as we grow older we tend to feel even more less attractive and I think that um for for us we could um what I would like to do is make a woman look very beautiful with gorgeous lighting and like hollywood type lighting and beautiful part it's in light and I think that that I think that a lot of women would appreciate that yeah glamour glamour photo foot photographer okay, so here's my thought about this what you addressing its not really making women look beautiful when you were really addressing is and we'll talk about this a lot more in another segment about the difference between features and benefits what you're really talking about us giving women confidence so your business is really don't just sort of do what's the obvious right but you giving a women an opportunity to express themselves to you know to to be empowered to be confident through tools that you use to help them to build their self esteem and what's a confident woman like was the what's the benefit for her what happens when you feel confident as a woman? What happens when you feel confident is the woman you feel better about yourself you feel better about the world you um can do anything I would think you could do anything that you would like because you feel like you're strong. So do you think that if we talk about the big vision that we say that the women that go through your program of your process is can feel like they can do anything do you think that's a strong vision please say yes yes absolutely that's a great vision I think so I think that um I just really think that when someone I'm not saying all women are feel bad about themselves but I think for a lot of for a lot of us we want to we want to look nice we want to feel good we want to please our spouses we want teo direct we wantto uh feel good in in the in the world that we're just like yourself that's what we want okay, very good. All right, so the vision really is and I think we just identified that for you you know that you really can transform women into feeling like they can do anything by providing empowering woman through their own beauty yeah, yeah, very nice, beautiful. Okay, yeah, well, because that's what? You know, a lot of this world is you know women are in it and people look at women, I think a lot for their beauty, okay, I think that's true, but not that they're not smart or anything but beauty is is kind of number one on the top for when we all want to feel good, I think that you know, the better we feel, the more confidence we have, the more confidence we have, the more things we can get accomplished because, you know, when you're sitting on the top of the world, the rest is easy tell me about just clarification about it from a guy because castillo is asking, what is the difference for you between the vision and the mission statement? Very good question yourself, basically, the vision is, you know, it's like it can be very bold, it doesn't have to necessarily do anything with reality, right? So the vision is I'm here to change the world, I'm here to give women the confidence to feel good about themselves. I'm here to, you know, to be the number one pill oddest instructor in the world I'm here to transform the way people feel about their bodies by this groundbreaking idea that I have so a vision is is something that has a huge impact the mission is very specific to your business, so it's more like, uh, the pilatus training facility provides for baby boomer women with chronic back problems something that goes on over a period of time so so mission statements are much more about the execution that much more tangible they're much more specific whereas the vision and you know let's think about back at the amazon vision statement it said um we want to be the number one online uh provider for anybody who wants a b c d that's huge but the mission statement would then have to be much more specific about saying this is in detail how we do that so I hope that clarifies it do we have any other questions we dio ivan lim half wants to know is the vision and mission statement needed most only if the business is planned for acquisition or is it also a must for those who have are starting a slowly growing hobby based business? What a good question so hear this if I were to ask you right now what's the deal what's the plan what are you doing? And you say, well, that's not a business but if you you need to be able as a business owner and it doesn't matter on whether you're just starting out or whether you are in the middle of it and you already invested money or whether you already you know in the point where like just tell me how to make more money but it's important for you to always know what are you doing it for like I want to change the world I want to change the way um well you know entrepreneurs especially creative entrepreneurs feel about business I want to make it easy and that's what I thrive on the more thank you notes I get about you know, somebody you know and I get one every single day I swear and is the greatest feeling in the world that's what? I do it for my vision iss that I'm changing the world by making business building easy my mission is I'm doing this by life training by you know, giving courses by producing you know, all kinds of content my block and other things so you see the difference do we have any other questions that that sets it off, right? Definitely. Thank you. Keep please keep the questions coming there's lots of toppings to get to later on. Okay. Excellent. Well, so let's go back here to the um to the vision because I think it's important that we give this our first first shot. All right? So what's an outlandish vision, barbara outlandish vision um it would be that, um people are flocking to my images and they they're clamoring to use them for their fantastic companies that have, you know, great online presence and uh and I just keep getting repeat business because my work is so good things number one, are you the number two on your top player? Well, I mean, at this point, you know, I'm I'm starting small, I'm I'm looking teo, I'm not looking to take over the world at this moment I have I have two young children, and I'm balancing this photography business with with my family life and, um so for me right now, I'm just trying to, uh, do what I can do with the time that I have and therefore, um, uh, let's see, I don't, you know, I would liketo have ah, strong I'm here, I'm based here in the bay area, I'd like to have a strong bay area presence, you know, to be known as as one of the go to bear your photographers, so could you mission? Could your vision be something like to to be a unified, a good work life balance to be a dedicated mom photographer who, you know, who builds a business that services, you know, perhaps people just like you that, you know, want to find that that kind of balance? Because that's, you know, the vision is your vision isn't necessarily to conquer the world with your photography, your vision is to find, you know, personal fulfillment to you know to do something that you're very passionate about but to also start thinking about you know how can I formulate this to be something else in the vision very important and division can change of course you know we start with one vision and then three years from now is I go no no no no that did not work I'm going to do something completely different so it's perfectly okay to keep changing but it's important that we start with one thing it's like what is it for me? It's not we don't have toe published this anywhere it's not that any way not take this to the bank of quite yet and the bank is like well I can't believe you're doing the work life balance thing here or you don't want to be a mother in the meantime. So if that's not the case but what it is about the business building that's why we call it turning the talent into business because it really depends on what it is for you what's your business if you want to be a mom and you want to still take care of your two kids and that's important that you pick him up then that's part of your business plan that's why we're planning it that's why we're not letting this happen are called legit business happened to you it's called let's plan right plan the business so I want you to be in charge of that so the vision is what your vision is yeah I mean uh specifically um I'm let's see how would I how would I say this distinctly um I think I'm doing three things portrait ce fine arts and events the portrait ce I'm I'm really interested in that area right now um I'm wanting to do if I was tryingto um stated as a vision unique eye catching um images to help individuals and small businesses uh I have a um again and eyecatching image science division our mission statement but sounded kind of specific so perhaps it's a mission statement I think along the mission statement okay type of thing because you already identified with the customer is eh so so that the vision is about your vision is like you know to to provide a service to provide captivating visuals for you know families and companies to enhanced there whatever that might be that they're enhancing anybody else wants to give it a shot go ahead um so my vision is intentional living an authentic expression nice very good so how would you formulated in would you do you feel confident enough to give a vision statement a shot I'll give it a try good okay you look old and ferocious to me so okay so they just go ahead and put some stuff in the sentence is okay um just genuine creations will grow by and by what do you mean like, are you saying numbers or yeah, you know what we'll grow in two years we'll grow oh, uh, by a million dollars will, you know, you could set because vision isn't just talking about today. The vision is where is it going to go? So is it the world leader in three years? Is it the number one go to place for in your area? So make it specific as to what is it that you want to achieve? Because, you know, here's another thing I'm gonna just progress for just one second happiness and that's another thing I've really paid a lot of attention to happiness and satisfaction occurs when we achieve things that we say make us happy, so the vision statement also fulfills that so if I say I want to change the world by providing, you know, services that help businesses too, you know, the business building process to be easy, how do I know when I achieve that? So if I can service by the year let's make this up by the year two thousand and, uh, seventeen, a million businesses that have, you know, gone through these programs and build a business, if I state that, then when I hit that million number, it triggers in my brain success because sometimes what happens and I don't know if you've ever noticed that, but we go somewhere, and then only we find out that when we they were like, yeah, well, that was nothing, I still don't have that and that and that, and then, you know, and then we get sidetracked, and we never really acknowledge what we just did, you know, like, overcoming something like getting healthy, reaching a goal, and they were like, yeah, well, I did place third, but you know what? I still don't have a business, and, you know, I'm still not really happy in this, and my car is breaking down, so I want to avoid that that's really important part of what I teach is for you to understand that reaching goals and is achieved by setting goals. And then when you have, when you have gotten there, then you can go, yes, okay, so let's, try that, okay? So just genuine creations will grow by, um, two hundred thousand dollars by the end of two thousand fifteen um, into, uh, I don't know it's the into it would be what I'm what I'm working with is I have an intentional planner. And it's an actual document that has my nature photography in it and quotes and it set up that you actually let something go with being of the month and he said your actual intentions as a way of being and then week by week you say what your intentions are for the weak and what you've completed and you and you track it and what I'm looking to create it into is an actual application that people can share with their social media and be able to share their intentions with a community to give their intentions for life and um and I give and give it more listening so that they actually live into what they say they're going to dio because there's people holding him to account in the in the world it's more than that though okay? Because you're giving people a lifeline out of misery basically, you know you help him to change transformed their lives yes and that's you know? And my story is is that that's what I did I I lived intentionally I didn't let my circumstances or myself be what drove me I created week by week every week what was I going to do this week? How what are my intentions? And I said in action plan and I lived into those attitude my declarations of what I was said it was going to do and then then I transformed from nothing into a full business and so I'm I'm creating a tool that will actually beautifully and inspirational e empower other people to do the same okay very good so the vision really he is to take what you've learned right and to share your transformational tools because you're providing an actual tool yeah so you give in transformational tool for people who need what the inspiration focus they they need community right you for people who need focus, inspiration and community transformational to providing focus good very good all right anybody else wants to give it a shot genesis story because we've got some stories coming in from online here morbid cafe is saying there are visual artists but they feel very divided because on the one hand the vision is regarding what they do what their art is for people but on the other hand is the ambition to change the way people buy and sell fine art they want to do both but what really is the vision here and I think he is janice was station she's photographer but she has a different vision is what she wants to do for the female community so defining the vision seems to be a struggle for some of our online audience very good so let's uh let's go and talk about that some more so the vision the vision is really the it really is the bigger thing so it's not the process right but it's what you providing like I like the vision here is definitely that you're changing the way people what was it by fine art yes he's a visual artist on dh I've lost it completely I buy a cell fine art yes and I want to do both but what is the vision? The vision is definitely to change something I mean clearly because if you if you if you just go and say well you know we we offering some we producing something that we offer that to people that's a process a vision is that you ultimately want to change and how people view art how people bye art how people use arness huge movement in the in the industry I mean let's just think about a couple years ago you know before that it was only oil and acrylics and sculptures and then all of a sudden photography became the only affordable tool in in in the in the art world and now photography's become incredibly expensive to purchase. So so if you changing a nexus ting process that's definitely a vision like if you want to put make find out affordable for the for the broad masses or if you want to teach average people how to enjoy and appreciate fine art that's a huge vision so uh let me know if that explains it to you and if you have any questions you know for you out there please please, please use the chat rooms. I'm here for you. We here to really get through the process to help you think along the lines. And it just shows you that these tiny little, um, changes in the way you think about it really have an impact off what your business is like. Because if you are not clear what your vision is, then how you going to tell anybody about it? Yes. Okay. Maybe we can workshop one more ravinia of and cici jewelry says, is this a good one or is it too vague? Our vision is to become an iconic bahamian jewelry brand. Or should I take out the bahamian part and just say, an iconic jewelry brand? Well, iconic, I think it's a little over use. I don't really know what iconic ghous I like that. What was it? The bahamian bahamian bahamian sorry about that. The bahamian. I think it is much more specific for the vision because it's already identifying a market. So I like, I like the first better than then iconic. I thought that was, by the way, really great example.

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