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From Ideas to Reality

Lesson 5 from: Turn Your Talent Into a Business in 12 Steps

Beate Chelette

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5. From Ideas to Reality

Lesson Info

From Ideas to Reality

What we're going to do now is we actually going to take in a live guest uh victoria you look gross and she is an actual client of mine and what you're talking about is this idea that's in your head and turning it into a business and this is actually somebody who went through this exact process when victoria came to me she had this idea and she needed to make it happen pretty quickly and right away and let's get her in and let's hear from her directly on how she is on how she is doing with her business right now hey victoria hey br tish elite how are you? I'm good it's so good to see you so um I want you to just tell us a little bit about your story to tell our audience from all over the world and here in the studio on who you are and what you do and why you're some fabulous uh b out of first of all I want to let everyone now know how much you are and what a rock star you you are and have been in my business and I would do anything for you on I want everyone to know just how bright this...

lady is I sought the auto out because I wanted to start a stock photo company which is actually a really large venture on and I did a little bit of homework and ah the oddest name kept coming up over and over as being an expert in the field and how to monetize yourself in that type of business, so I traditionally have been producing ah content photo content for large medical pharmaceutical companies and through this process I realized that there was a niche that wasn't being met of really high end quality, beautiful, polished, finished imagery that could be used for advertising uh, and there was just this big hole in the stock industry for very just not polished imagery, so I decided to take a different approach in particular in the world of micro stock and everyone using the same imagery, and I decided to make really defined polished um choreographed imagery that would align itself in beauty, health and wellness campaigns. I originally started with the idea of just maybe doing a little a small little archive of those, um types of images that I could sell directly to my clients, and I then decided, well, you know, I'm going to hire a consultant to this business and the next thing I know, I'm in global distribution around the world with the top selling ah other distribution channels and I have b oughta to thank for that uh a for putting me in the right place but be for not having to make any mistakes along the way, which I think is really important that if you're getting really smart people to help you that no more than you do that can put you in the right direction you don't have to recreate the wheel and waste a lot of money and or waste a lot of time um I did it in that shell. Okay, good. And so, um what I want to talk about a little bit is you had this idea so the idea was that you knew that there was a space between the end user which is thie you know that the company the pharmaceutical company and then there was uh and then there was you with providing you're providing the imagery so I'm going to keep talking think victoria may have a moment here with the head said you get so much ok sorry about that one other headset broke us out at the last minute I'm finding a new one ok good. So so you the positioning because a lot of our audience members all over the world are not quite sure about how to position themselves. So what I thought was so amazing about you and this is you know why we have you on the call is here you are victoria's a former model so she traveled all over the world so she knows about fashion she knows about beauty victoria has been exposed to the industry because her husband is in you know is in the industry the beauty enhancement industry and so she's been exposed, you know? So her background is all about fashion it's all about looking good, it's all about feeling good and her and her experience is, you know, an exposure is to all this other stuff. So how did we get? How did we get you from, you know, taking this knowledge off. You know, I have done this before, and I know there's a market. So what can you share with our audience? How did you put that together? How did you connected what you knew with what you're doing right now? Because, that's, what a lot of people struggling with right now. Well, I think the most important piece of the puzzle is really having a passion for something. You could certainly be in the modeling business or advertising business and really not live it love it. And so I did model around the world, new york and europe and los angeles and my family's in the film business oi have been exposed to that all of my life. I know it's not just about looking pretty it's about all the groundwork and the production side of thing in lighting and movement and contracts and, um, producing and I happen to love all of those things and became really almost obsessed with what some of these companies that had huge assets some of the work that they were putting out was such poor quality that I felt it was my personal mission to inform them that they could, you know, raise the level of what they were doing, and I find that a lot of times people in a position of hiring other people don't really have a lot of knowledge in the business itself if that makes sense to you so you almost have to educate or actually package something and let someone look at what the difference is with that accent, so I had the opportunity just based on my relationships with other people too um present I actually created a storyboard and presented an idea uh to a director of marketing at a medical pharmaceutical company that I was personal friends with and said, listen, I've been looking at your collateral and quite frankly it terrible and I think it don't hold back right? I won't go back on and I think it could be better and she to this day is one of my clients and gave me my first job and my philosophy was to create an archive for this company that they could use the imagery over and over and that they would own it and it would be theirs and just from my background I was able to produce a photo shoot with the talk a photographer that I knew make up artist that I knew bring in several different ethnicities of models so that the imagery could be used globally indifferent territories to suit different, you know, applications s o she gave me my first job and that ended up being a very successful venture that ad agency that, uh that that company was working with at the time got ahold of all the imagery and then they liked what they saw and that's how this career happened and that's before I even had a stock company yes and so so important teo you know important about your story is that so? So here's somebody who has a particular type of experience right now she sees a need in the market now she's thinking about what am I really good at? What are the others really, really bad at and how do they need help? So victoria identified that she's very good at making things look good and it's easy for I mean it's easy for I've been on shoots with her she's a great art director, great creative director so she she just knows how to put things together and then she sees the need because she's exposed to this other side and the stuff is horrible if you've ever gone to a doctor's office and you picked up one of those pressures you know, the horrible stuff I talk about me is atrocious so victoria goes is like I'm here for the rescue, so she comes in and she says, and this is where we met, she says, I have this idea on making, you know, companies that have martin martin million some some of these are multi billion dollar companies, so there's definitely the budget on making them look good as thie entering a beauty market, because a lot of pharmaceutical companies are now going into the beauty and health segments in addition to their, you know, to their regular, whatever medicines that they're producing, and so that's, how we, how we came together, victoria, and so what we did is, you know, we went through the same process that you're going through right now about figuring out what does the business need to be for you to establish yourself? Now, will you share with us? What are the steps that we actually took? You know, what did we build to establish you as the brand out there in the market? So people would notice you? Well, I I'd like to back up just one moment and just ah, reiterate that I think one of the most important steps, as anyone trying to create something new, is not to be afraid to create a package of visual package of what it is that you want to dio it's very important to two for you yourself to be able to visualize what it is that you want to do whether you create a storyboard or a deck about the way that you want to present something one of the first things that I didn't starting my business is I took the time and actually made what they call a deck so I explained it's a busy that's a visual business model really have what it is that you want to dio and when when you're working for or when you're working with an idea that you want to present to a company how would that company react? What is it that they need not just what you're feeling artistically but what does that company need? What are they missing? Um so when I first came to be oughta I had all these ideas I did have a deck formulated I had a company name I had taken the time to find a girl I had taken the time to figure out what it is that I could provide in steps and when I came to be otta she helped me formalize it get it into a timeline and howto attack each step almost right down to the month you know the minute we she she made me accountable for for getting to the next step it's a lot to be able to speak about an idea but to implement an idea and bring it into fruition is really a feat in itself. Yes, but I just don't want to say I just have to thank fiona. I just love you. I really do. Everything that this has brought to my life is I really feel that way. Thank you. And, you know, and you see the emotion that you know is attached to this it's true when we when we get to that point where a dream becomes a reality and you all of a sudden see that it is something that actually can exist and it's yours to have and you did it, it's the most powerful thing, you know, and with victoria and that's, the reason why I really wanted her on on here today, to share this with you is because you are so dedicated and, you know, and I hope this is okay with you sharing, but I'm going to do it anyway, so, uh, you know, you're right, like, whenever do I hold back? But victoria was a dedicated mother for many, many years, and she was dedicated to her husband and to her husband's business and to, you know, sort of being the nurture and the caretaker and then the day comes where she says, what about me? I want to fulfill my dream and, you know, it is not easy when you change the rules so don't expect that if you know, and we heard earlier from one of my other clients, christine boy, who said hello from from london is and it was same thing with her is sometimes you have to really fight for what is yours, because nobody's going to give it to you just because you have an idea, you have to go for it with everything you got, that's, what it takes. And so today and this was a conversation victoria and I had just last week, victoria said to me, you said, I can't believe that the stuff we mapped out its true this's really come to fruition exactly how we mapped it out, even though I lost not I didn't lose faith, but I in the middle of it thought, wow, everything that I visualized and thought it would turn out this way it hasn't arrived yet, or it's turned out in a different way that I wasn't expecting, but actually it's come full circle and and come to fruition the way that we talked about at the very beginning. There's a funny story about for those of you had children and taken a lamas class, the teacher at the beginning says, however you think your pregnancy is going to go, however, however, you think the birth is going to go don't expect it to go that way way just never works out that way and quite frankly that is true the path is never exactly how you think it's going tio you know play out but it actually ends up playing out when you get full circle so excellent in victoria you still popular I'm I'm hearing there's already questions for you there are yes hi this is john murray hi victoria we're so happy to have you here on creative live I'm one of the highest here and we have a global audience and they have some questions for you s o s oh the jackie one to know how you balance client education and the time invested in doing that they they say because you can lose time with clients that don't end up buying from you but they take that precious time from you to get started how do you handle that? I I completely hear what she's asking and I am in agreement there's a lot of time that gets wasted you know in in one sense it gets wasted but in the other sense you I feel like I'm building relationships and that those clients do come back to me sometimes it may take a year but they end up being very appreciative and the bigger thing is that my clients understand my integrity and I do take the time it's like taking the time with a child sometimes it does it longer to form a relationship but those relationships are formed and I have my same clients from ten years that I literally some jobs I don't even want to take and I try to push them off to other people and they still come back and say no we want you to to either create the imagery or sell us imagery or find us the imagery so it's there is there is a lot of wasted time you have to really love what you're doing and and sometimes teaching is not about getting a cz muchas it's just giving he's joining us online victoria she's saying what an amazing idea you have but she's curious just how did you approach these gigantic multi billion dollar business is because she certainly understands your vision on how you presented it but how did you actually arrange the meetings and go to people? What was your attack as long as he's calling it well you know what's so funny I I I don't have to arrange a meeting with the ceo of a company my personal approach to to my business was to create the package ahead of time to create the imagery to create what that company would be looking at as if it were their own company branding and pitching it through that way you consented to their director of marketing or you know find some email avenue to get it across you khun water market and um you don't have to be sitting in front of the actual person there's there's many ways to get it to the you know the marketing heads at a company great great well ellen has we have one more question? Hopefully we've got time for it ellen wants to know what was your most difficult hurdle getting my family on board I was waiting for that I have two teenage kids who I created the monster I will tell you that I really took care of everyone's needs and wants and as mothers I have so much more respect for women in general because they do do so much the end of the day you know I love what I'm doing I could work sixteen hours a day and it feels like two hours to me but my family doesn't feel that way so I I would say the biggest hurdle is really feeling okay with it being my season uh oh it makes me emotional it really it really was a long hurdle with my kids and having them have respect for what I was doing and and also know that they were still loved and cared for and maybe had to figure out howto fix their own soup on uh I'm one or two nights but thank you victoria and and you know and again I I commend you and I am so proud of you as as a woman as a fellow business owner and for you to be allowing the vulnerability and the sharing of this you know, the the feeling that's behind this because business is you know is often a feeling that we have it's it's it's a contribution that we make it's really okay and the difficulties that victoria had to overcome especially on this support on the personal level which is one of the reasons why I created the book happy woman happy world that I've road because I wanted to kick it another tool to women to help them you know, get through this this this difficulty off sorting this out when is it okay for a woman to be selfish? So I thank you so much for being here I love you viagra and everyone who's listening she is amazing get her book and uh she she honestly helps you realize first of all I just want to tell everyone you have to love what you do and that's what makes it okay as long as you keep loving what you're doing thank you, thank you. What a great way to finish this thank you so much. Pretty powerful, isn't it to hear it from somebody who has actually been through the process and who has had you know, these difficulties to overcome and I'm going to just show you some of these incredible visuals that victoria so this is this is a picture of her website and this is the stuff that we we were we were talking about, and, you know, and the grade stuff is, when you planet, it really happens. And then when the moment comes and you look at you, look at this workbook and you go back to neil was already talking about this when I was doing this at creative life is really powerful, and you saw the emotion it's, like, is there anything better than that than having that's, like, I'm doing it right? Okay, and this is another one. So if anybody who wants to follow victoria, you can, uh uh, you can visit her at venus stock dot com, or if you have a question for victoria and she's, been gracious enough to say, you know, anybody who was interested in her business, what she does or anybody out there wants to know more, please, to send her an email. A team at venus stock dot com.

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