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How to Make Money

Lesson 26 from: Turn Your Talent Into a Business in 12 Steps

Beate Chelette

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26. How to Make Money

Lesson Info

How to Make Money

So now let's uh let's start putting this together shall we so I would actually like to uh get my first uh, sunshine seat of here today and we you know on workbook on page number sixty three we just went through the why so you can take some of this out and now uh the second one is this is how I'm going to make money so I'm just going to spend a few minutes on it um who would like to come up and talk about how they're going to make money god do I need my notebook this time ah yeah bring it okay so come on right over here in the sunshine seat we bring on the light bring on the light all right so how you gonna make money? Um miss all my planner I'm a digital product as a physical product it's going to be a physical product I'm mai I've been inspired from your conversations with the gentleman who shared you know, calling all of the travel agencies all those places teo do the the time lapse photography oh it's fairly hopefully beyond and I and I get that what there is for me to do is call ac...

tual um publishers and I know that I have a time limit in that in order for it to be out by two thousand fifteen I need to do it by this summer yes so I'm going to be calling publishers however you could of course have you ever considered doing an evergreen no because it doesn't really matter in a calendar if it says monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday what if it just says one, two, three, four five okay and it's like you know uh and so that way people can just he was the same thing over and over and over and over again so you have an evergreen component got it so that in hard copy and then also in pdf interactive pdf my I put that on amazon are you gonna upload it as an e book? Yeah that's a possibility I'm doing it through blurb currently okay? And it is available um as it as a p f but it's not interactive s I would have to take it to the next level to get it interactive. Okay and then also how you going to do that? How am I going to do that in the sense of creating a door in the sense rating this are you gonna find somebody created for you're going to add a team member for that or you going to I try to do this yourself because in order to make a pdf interactive it's you know a particular type of you know pdf creation software I have it you have it yes and I know how to do it um like in the world of doing I can do I can do it you are amazing I would like to hire it out in the world of physically it wouldbe okay it would be a better to have others to do it but yes in the world of the bootstrapping I got the skills okay good so we have so we have the consideration often evergreen project we have the physical yearly calendar which of course on the yearly calendar the advantages of it are that you have to buy another one every year on the evergreen you have one product that you know it's used and then people people toss it away but the advantages are you don't have to redo it every year then you have ah pdf so that could go up as its own product on, you know, in different stores or you could even find other providers that maybe aligned with you maybe yoga studios or you know things in your neighborhood where they can carry the physical product or they you know, they say you can also download this interactive so people can do it on their phone didn't you mention an app or something go that was about that stem so the next step everybody that I speak to I have actually had yoga studios interested in and all of them have been interested in the possibility of a workshop is well but most the resounding responses they wanted in an application they wanted in their phone, and they also want to be able to create a keepsake out of it. They and I see the possibility of the images being their inspiration, their own quotes, things from their lives that they can put in there. So at the end of the year, there is the possibility that the application could be printed into something that is a keepsake, so that their it's a dual purpose, and they can have they can have you know it on their shelf every year of their life and their intentions, they can watch their life unfold as created, and also captured their moments on that application is, we'll take it. We'll take funding from an investor that's the reality of that one, but also, I think, the idea off doing the book first and doing a proof of concept, yes, through through getting the sails up bye bye, saying, you know, people really want this calendar, and people really want that pdf, and the overwhelming feedback is they want a nap really will help you to then take this to somebody and say or two bank and say, you know, I need x amount of money, so in the meantime, I would also recommend that you look at app development and start making some connections to see what amount of money you need to look and you just mentioned something else that I think it's very important, you said training workshop, type of stuff let's talk about how that could be an income stream. Well, also what I see, the strength of intentional living to be is through community. So at this you're worked the party of workshop where you created the funnel and you created the whole process like I'm really clear that what there is for me to do is to offer monthly pdf ce for people as the ethical bribe that they can actually bought every month via email. They will receive it, fill it out and then, and then have a community available for them online with people that are living intentionally for them to share their intentions and have have it be that justice here in this space, when you speak, you put your word into existence in the listening of others, there is more strength and there's, a level of accountability and there's also encouragement, right? And so that I see being a really clear path current, and so I would be a community building and community leading, but then also offering within that community the opportunity tohave workshops. And the online mentoring experience is perfect for that. Yes, right. Being able to create an online mentors, google hangouts is so so very savvy and all, and I can only imagine. All right, so now we adding to this, we adding the workshops either meet up or google plus hang out. And you and you mentioned that there's a way to charge for that. Yeah. Okay, good. So, anything else that sounds like you got quite a few things worked out on how you can make money? I believe so. It's it's a matter of taking action on it and being really clear and focused at this woman in time. I've got multiple helicopters have physical constraints. I'm a single mom, all of those things, but yeah, it like for me, this this workshop just really gave me that. That laser view of this is what there is to create. And also the responsibility that I I I mean, I have been really irresponsible and connecting with the people that I have online. I have a really healthy, as you call it platform, and I am not engaging with, um and so that that's something that there is for me to do, like, really find the people that they get my why who really resonate with what it is I've created and connect with them because I genuinely care I really want to connect with each one okay and that and I have been in the experience of just downing there and speaking in general and not and not being responsible and just finding those those those individuals and finding out their stories and finding out what what lights them up and what inspires down on what their intentions are and that's that's that's what I see as my my biggest next step beyond when that happens I have no doubt that the people are going to come and be attracted to what it is that I am creating as a revenue stream watch her she's wantto watch do you agree? I you know I can't just tell you know it's like yeah yeah yes yes of course makes perfect sense so make sure you keep me posted on all your developments because I want to know how well you're doing thank you so this is bravo um any other but this sounds like you got it figured out now. Well, my next step then once I've successfully proven the concept of online mentoring and another domain and morally while connected with the online mentors in the photography community but at the same time this is a different a different realm right on dh what my next step is from there is to take along online mentoring toe all subject matters and create that proof of concept and I have to live it walk and be it yes and that's and that's what I'm creating which is genuine creations and once I've done that successfully and I can stand there and say online mentoring changes lives and it's possible for anybody this is how you do it then that's going to be the next business for me excellent let's give her a hand. Thank you, this's e e easy it is really sunshine. Okay, so, um, who wants to talk to me about where they're going to get the funding from how they gonna finance their their business? Well, this just really open oh, god barbara's shaking her head, which makes me feel that we need to put her on the hot seat. But theo kalina, come on, you're going to come on and the next one this is how long it will take me to be profitable. Yeah, I this point going, you've got gotta have passion to get out there. All right? So let's, talk about how we're going to fund your business while you're salsa dance. Well, um, as I mentioned the other night when I was doing the work sheet, I did, you know, think about this and, um and decided that I mean, I'm I'm really a I'm not one for going into debt I I I want to avoid that however esso I want part of the program to be bootstrapping I I would say maybe and a third to put in just from our own funds and then go for a bank loan for for the rest um I could flip that I've thought about for some of the fine art projects that I have going on I did think about the kickstarter um I have a couple I'm working with um a painter and she and I are doing a portrait together we were doing portrait of dancers actually on dh I was wondering when that connection was goingto um and yes, right I know it all it all comes together it's interesting. You know, throughout throughout your life you think oh, you know, I did this for a while and then I did this for a while and then I did this for a while oh, I feel so I haven't accomplished anything right? But I this point in my life all those things are coming together. So the dancing I found that uh it made sense a cz photography subjects to use some of the millions of dancers that I know and my friend who's a portraitist uh she she wanted to work with me on a, uh project together so anyway, we're doing this project together, taking pictures and doing paintings of dancers, and I thought that would be a great, um, project to have do a kickstarter is like a fine art project exactly an exhibit, a community project? Yeah, because you already have the community and the community knows and loves you, and you're part of them, so I'm sure that your access would be completely, completely different. Did you figure out how much money you need or used to know? You still sort of figuring out what the projects are and how you want to find each one of them? Well, overall, I thought about it about fifteen hundred dollars it's like, hard to even say, um, I'm sorry. So, um, fifteen thousand dollars to fifteen thousand dollars. I can't even say that. I just had a hot flash right now. I thought we could bootstrap I could bootstrap five thousand and get a bank loan for ten thousand that's the current plan. And then the how much money you're gonna ask for when you go to the bank, you gonna ask the tenant gonna ask for twenty five it's a trick question. I was my plan was ten, but I could go for twenty five, you always have to ask for more because, uh, banks will never volunteer to give you more but banks often will negotiate you down they say we'll be ten to twenty five to ten but if you come in with ten they going to say we can't do ten we're going to do five so you want to go in at a higher amount and if you have to negotiate down you know okay yeah that's good advice yes so and then the the kickstarter finer project would be a separate thing okay it's not included in that number and a lot of these types of projects there's a beautiful project out there by a photographer name of jade bell who did this is a really, really mothers photography project where she photographed women that had given birth and what it really does to a woman's body and when you think about like the chicago but then you look at these pictures and they are so and unbelievably powerful and the way she's photographed is with so much love and and care off saying, well, you know, look, you know the kids are clinging on to mom and the stretch marks and it's such a powerful, beautiful statement you look at this and you go like, wow women well, women give up and what women do too, you know, for their children and to be mothers and and how this sort of changes you forever very powerful so I can see I would definitely research some of these other projects on kickstarter, especially the success stories and really study what they have done. Another thing I like you guys to think about is due sign up and subscribe you know, like I would find a couple project on kickstarter that you think a similar to yours and and support them with whatever five or ten dollars so enough so that you guys are on the list on the mailing list so you get the communication because when you subscribe because now no longer will you subscribe to newsletters or do other things just because you're just interested in interested into that interested in them but you do it because you're doing it as a business owner. I subscribe to my competitors because I want to know exactly what they say, how often they say it, how they address their audiences and I want to learn especially I'm going toe I followed the successful people because if somebody's already figured out how to do it, maybe there's something for me to learn from that. So really think about this it's no longer about like ripping it apart see god, I can't believe he says that but if he says that he makes a million dollars with it than whatever he's saying he's saying, you know it's it's arriving at the right at the right spot so learn from that so that's one of the uh, big pieces of advice I'd give is find others that have done what you want to do and then learn from that and see how your project would have to be positioned and what kind of community support and this woman's become. Eminence it's gone viral, it's unbelievable as I was writing down, you know, how I'm going to make money? I was thinking about the different revenue streams they have in mind and one project that is on my website, which I forgot to mention this morning, barbara buckets, dot com and a few of them are a few of these images are also on my facebook page. Barbara buckets photography um, I have a set of it was my very first digital project. Um, I have a set of self portrait that are called mommy dossena's, and osuna is a word in yoga for pose doing yoga I'm afraid I am so business there too. There is in fact I mean, I'm I'm taking portrait's of small businesses salsa dancing yogi who takes pictures this's getting a little complicated. I know, but it's again, you know it's just once a week, just once a week, he should be grounded, but I do have clients that air yoga teachers and and currently a small business that's ah, yoga studio, so it's all connecting and I have this project called the mommy awesome is uh self portrait that I took while I was pregnant with my second daughter um and it's all about, um themes of motherhood and what I was feeling and going through at the time um so I've thought about as another kickstarter possibility or crowdfunding I'm advertising kickstarter I don't even use it but crowdfunding project would be to try to get other mothers who who are interested in doing this sort of it's like a psychological exploration of their issues that arise in motherhood uh but in a visual form so um tried to crowdfund wonderful well here's another one that we need to be watching because this you know and what I like about you and I wanted to mention this is and j kill you you said it earlier she's so well put together and there's something so unique and artistic and different about you that I'd really be working with that I think people will naturally gravitate to you because there's an energy about you that someone's gonna go wow, you know oh uh people will be asking you how did you do it? Well, thank you very much, you know and there's always you know, if if it's your challenge to be a mother and loving motherhood and I was sensing there was some you love being a mother but you're not finding one hundred percent full film and just being a stay at home mom so there's something in you that is that issue no going I need to come out yeah get out there and I think you know all this crazy clothes that I wear in the hair and stuff it's it's part of that just I'm dying wish express that creative soul and this expression comes through pretty pretty clearly and I'm really glad that you're here and you're sharing that with us and I think a lot of the audience members out there will relate to that I mean she does locally expresses thank you so much. This was awesome. Thank you. You look pretty great just to remind this year's at home where they can learn more about you. Barbara oh barbara butkus dot com beauty kus and on facebook barbara buckets photography I'm exploring google plus but uh right I'd better take cem take some tips allright so scared eyes sunshine the heat dissipated last night look, this is all about making its all about encouragement today it's all about helping you to put it together so let's talk about um have you thought about how long will it take you to be profitable? Have you thought about so the revenue streams and then thought about you know what a sort of your milestones to get their, um well I want to avoid dept brought up not without the credit cards first credit card was there when I was twenty two so it's uh I tried to avoid it as much as possible so their revenue kind of time with the previous question um advertising okay what what type of advertising uh well since it's ah I'm aiming to build a community online it's going to be banners advertising from the products related to the website. Okay, so let me ask you something is like oh have you s oh you're tied in with the community right with the russian community and so there's got to be a community centers there's already got to be certain events is anything going on community vice wise for for the russian community well in real time I don't know so I would that would be sort of one of the first things I would do if I was you is to really check out what's already happening because you want to befriend everybody in that and I think one of the things that will really work for you is the expats you know that come to another country often connect with others I mean, you know there's always the russian thing the japanese, the koreans and the germans, the british, the french and they tell us and somehow they all end up, you know conglomerate ing together so find those and and connect with them because I have a feeling that when you are really clear about what you want to dio that you probably will find a lot of support in your own community you what I sense about you is that this alone and I can relate to this this is why I'm sensing this is thiss coming from another country and then finding your partner and then having that goes south it's a shock is a sucker punch I mean it's like somebody you know it's just like all the people that said why even going you know what even want there and then you're like no no, I can I know I can do it then you have this what you know I perceived is an epic failure my marriage is and you go like, well, maybe they were all right maybe I am a failure so what I want you to consider is that sometimes when you the harder it is sometimes the bigger your calling will be because you cannot be the only woman who comes from a foreign country who has big dreams it looked like you were going to make a big dreams happen and then something something happened and now here you are a single mom having to figure this out and still trying to live your dream I relate to that because that was me, so don't be afraid to reach out to other people's, I want you to avoid the isolation from, you know, the because you're so you may still be afraid that other people think about you negatively, but I think people really want to support you and help you, because if you going through hard times and you're not giving up your dream, you're still pushing your dream forward that is even more powerful then trying to hide in a hole, so do not hide, but go out there and own it own statement make a statement, you're learning from the best, I mean, you know, make a statement and say, you know, this is so many women go through this, and then they're in a quandary that don't know what to do, but now you can tell them what to do. So I really would that's why I wanted you up on stage really talked about it, this is too, you know, really tie into and tie that into is like, let the community come forward and support you, why wouldn't they? And, you know, and this is a big issue for a lot of us that have had these negative experiences or this adversity that we somehow feel if we haven't done it right the first time or the second time or the third time remember my thirteen year overnight success that that there's you know there's no police out there keeps saying this is no police out there that says you can't do that and read the biographies read steve jobs biography I mean he was fired fired and then he came back and everybody has everybody was a success has had these terrible, terrible moments of adversity sophie experiencing this adversity this is your chance to rise to greatness let's talk about profitability yeah so just carry anymore um so my whole idea is to have a website it's online strive because that's where I found my support when I needed it so I'm kind of focus and that's why I'm focusing our online community so profit I wanted to be profitable in here and half okay and have you figured out how much money you kind of need to teo what's the number you want to reach? Well, my number was close to two hundred thousand because I put myself salary pretty high. Okay, so and the rest was more community based and time the time is the biggest investment okay and are there going to be like memberships and thinks so the products will be online classes uh pdf or e books that can be sold and theoretically membership monthly membership I like to miami membership yeah, I do it's uh I know some competitors that our english speaking communities and I really like their models uh would really I think that's what mason in the russian internet this sense of community and support because I see a lot ofthe cattiness there in russian speaking yes, I said it everywhere it's everywhere well but yeah, I think I want to you have a place where they will be as little as possible. Yes, of course. So um or embrace how perch other just do it online. Okay, wonderful. Well, good. I think this is very good and what I like about it is that what we're going through now this process and I want all of you to do this a swell is to just follow through the workbook and used the fields on pages sixty to sixty three and sixty uh four and sixty five and we're going to do like one more to really get this all out of your head because I like the accidental business plan that was absolutely awesome. So thank you so much for sharing this with us. Yes. Good job. So, um the idea let's talk a little bit about your idea and why it is a better idea. So who are we going to have up here was talking to me about their idea why is it a better idea? Connie connie looks frozen, but I think I think we know why her idea and this the better idea is on page sixty six so why is my idea better idea? Um, but what everybody else is doing out there, I think one of the biggest things is for me on dh I was in the corporate world for many years and on worked crazy hours, seven days a week, very long hours. All of that stress busy lifestyle was causing a lot of fish health issues for me, um and went to a naturopath and started to make some changes, and I was told, you have to stop eating gluten and dairy. Okay, what can I eat? How do I do this process? How doe I still travel with work? Um, work these long hours try to change my diet my health was just getting worse. So with becoming a nutritionist, one of the most important things for me is working with people and understanding that, yes, they're busy and this isn't easy to do, but I have tried and true dress a piece I have s o they've all been tested in my kit I know exactly and there's some people that can throw things together tastes great, but then there's a lot of people out that they need an exact recipe. Well, I go through all of your recipes, and it is for so so you so it's already different because you went through his experience, right and you understand how hard it is to eat right on the road yes which I find very difficult because you have to you know I have a problem with garlic and you being ridiculed every where you go when you can't do certain things so you have certain food allergies exactly and so if you have a food allergy if you're trying to do something specific for your bodies it's ten times as hard so you developing a system to really help busy people like you once were in the corporate world too stay on track exactly exactly um you know, I have certain things that I actually traveled with food so I figured out certain things that are easy to do wherever I go I try to locate akhil close grocery store so there's all these little tips and tricks that I've developed uh the hardest thing is is when you have food issues unfortunately you feel like a bit of a freak be the and the yeah the moments that we can't have girls who can't eat garlic I mean come on the joke is vampire's heart exactly so you want to be able teo and for me I mean the way the food was making me feel from a house standpoint I honestly just I didn't want to get out of bed I didn't want to do anything but uh I had to I'm on my own I have to support myself um so, it's different because I've gone through this struggle, I've had to figure out how to do it. I can give you the support that you need. I can provide the recipes, I can provide the tips and tricks I'm going to be there as a support to follow up. Um, and many women, especially over fifty they struggle hard hormone issues, weight issues, all that kind of stuff I've been through all that, and I'm still going through some of that. Uh, so I want to provide that support, but I also want to make things easy it really what I do, it's it's really basic? I'm trying to make broccoli sexy again. It's actually broccoli? Yes, it does not just have to be steam can do other things with yeah, exactly. So making, you know, basic food just I want to make and taste great field s o that people feel good uh, you know, in their bodies what I really like about what you just said is that you there for the support system because I do believe that creating an online community or like a forum, the type of thing where people then they're on the road and it's about hey, I have, uh, you know, I'm going to a buffet style party this evening I cannot bring my food because I'm wearing a cocktail dress, right? What dough I dio and then if I can check in with her and she says, you know what, go for the broccoli or, you know, you know, always avoid this, but, you know, if if you need to break the role than break the rule over there because the consequence is not going to so bad, so I think there's a lot about this, that is a little bit where people really need that support and that, and that helps. I really like that. Well, this was a pretty good I like, I really like on how you in in the short amount of time as we going through all these steps have really fine tuned what it is, I mean, doesn't she feel like she knows exactly what that business is? What a difference, too, when we when we first started, where you want to save the world and really worked hard last night on my business name, all right, we'll come to that. I want you to share that, uh, in a little bit, a swell, but thank you so much for sharing that mean, star student, pretty awesome transformations aren't there, so I want to talk to you about the executive summary and in the creative business plan the way I've sort of flayed id out is that in the workbook we have all these fields where you write it all out and you can be a little bit more in depth and this business plan and I want you to just walk away from this idea that the business plan that your business plan has to be like my business. Lennon my business plan of course, was going to show this she was pretty pretty extensive, but even back in the days look at this I was already mind mapping. So, uh, this was a much, much thicker business plan, of course, but this went to the s p a you know, this got funding that was backed by the government, so you don't necessarily have to do that. This business plan is your tool, so I want you to use that the accidental business plan, the accidental creative business, planned all of it, and and the executive summary is sort of the the one or two liner that describes the whole paragraph you're doing in the workbooks that's go that one more time, so in the workbook, you have all the, you know, all the fields that are, you know, they're just a little bit mohr that you can fill out and they're you know they're they're they're everywhere, so you you write all these things in the field and then when you have gone through the workbook, then you take your creative business plan. And then you think about the executive summary. If I were to sum it up, how would I sum it up? So this is your quick you know you're you're quick reference with, with just smaller fields. So that way you have an overview, and if somebody says what's your business all about you can, you can give it to them. So that sort of is how it works, and I am going to wrap up with this quote so everyone is a genius in his own way, but you have to work at it, and you have to believe you cannot just dream your way to success, says jack lalane, fitness pioneer, who you know who who really changed the fitness world in and, you know, the workout that he does is amazing. I mean, you know, they talk about age and being in longevity.

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As an analytical person with creative spirit this was the perfect class for me. Beate has the passion of an artist coupled with a sharp, almost engineering intellect. I sometimes find with courses, online or not, that topics discussed do not apply to my journey. Not the case here. Everything was useful and the course materials provided invaluable. Highly recommended.

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