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Inventor's Pitch, Story & Tips

Now we're about to have an amazing, amazing amazing treat this woman is so extraordinary and so fabulous and my client and friend and I've been helping her with putting her business plan together and we will talk to uh tole she'll introduce herself and watch out for that elevator pitch because she just nailed it we'll talk about a lot but we've just brought up how do you get from behind the eight ball how do you overcome adversity and she had so much of it we'll talk about what's going on and what it takes to persevere hello lee how are you? Hey b a how are you? Well there's hi everybody wow you look amazing and look at all your trophies than the background so thank you so much for taking the time for being with us today well thank you be out day for the opportunity and thank you creative life for the chance to be ableto be there and meet with all of you this is really exciting so thank you for the time okay? So let's jump right in and tell us who you are and tell us your amazing eleva...

tor pitch. All right? Well my name is lee brandon I'm a certified strength and conditioning specialist I have over thirty two years of experience in the health and fitness industries I am an inventor I am one of the first woman to ever be hired in the nfl I'm also the two time were a long drive champion in golf with driver's exceeding over three hundred thirty yards and I've also been blessed to be the two time olympic coach nineteen eighty four I know I look good right two thousand twelve I started when I was ten I'd like to believe that it sounds like you started in the womb really good stuff so tell us a little bit about you know some of the highlights off your story because I know you thie great thing is you call me the first thing in the morning and he said I know exactly what I want to share so I'm just going to let you share it okay well I had to ultimately think about what gm in a short amount of time though I don't know any of you might be of great significance in the creative arena I uh have to give you all a little background I started playing guitar when I was eight years old I was always very musical love music was always very athletic and I was always very you know excited to be involved in many things always dabbled I was ah ah great three dimensional design sculptor had many art awards on dh moved very aggressively through my junior high and high school years into winning science fairs and doing additive and diminutive clay work and a lot of those talents in nineteen seventy nine I was seventeen I was playing a basketball game and one of my skills was I was actually a very blessed athlete I was very good at the sport of basketball we were playing account of playoff basketball came and after the game I was not paying attention and I turned and I was talking to a friend over my shoulder and those big heavy gem doors at the time I went and I turned to walk through the door and I actually fell through and the glass came down like a guillotine and actually almost detached my arm completely uh in that near detachment all I could think of was oh my goodness my life is over as I know it my athletics are gone my art is gone what can I do with one arm? And I was always a very spiritual person and I remember my prayer in that moment was well if the faith of a mustard seed can move a mountain then well if I could have the skin of a faith of mustard seed then maybe I can save my arm so I woke up my arm was still there though I couldn't use my hand for almost seven years but I used my guitar as my rehabilitative tool in my therapy and I started using my art to open my heart back up again after that near amputation uh so the story the take home is that horrible things happen sometimes there's no explanation at all you know bad things happen to good people and the reality of it is is how are we going to interpret those losses how are we going to interpret them half full or half empty is the glass like be on there right there on your right is that glass half empty or half full so my choice in that moment was to say alright if there is a will if it's still attached then let's see if we can find a way to make it work so ultimately in nineteen seventy nine I wound up getting a scholarship offer to go to pasadena which put me at the heart of the los angeles olympics and dr harry schneider who I just found out just passed last friday god bless him he was my mentor my friend and the first person who gave me a chance after I felt crippled by my near los and he reached in and he basically touched my heart and he and his wife sarah so harris sarah and harry snyder basically we're the first ones and they said listen we're going to make you the assistant strength coach come on out and join us as we prepare athletes for the nineteen, eighty four olympics here in los angeles it was nothing short of miraculous but he sat me down he says listen you can sing you can dance you're a great artist you have so many talents and here's the caveat here's here's the take home he says take all of your talents right now you're like a shotgun you're good at a lot of things but if you truly want to be successful you find your passion you bring all of your talents in two one thing into one focus set that goal find the one thing that's going to make the biggest difference that's going to help the most people and that would be the thing of most litigants and so now you become like a laser being so stop being a shotgun become a laser being so he says bring your art bring your fitness bring your music in two more of a focus and truly thirty years later I'm now the very proud owner of three patents domestically three patents internationally around a technology that is revolutionizing and assisting those who have lost their legs in the amputee projects for the veterans it's assisting those who have head trauma for project walks around the country it's allowing its a technology that it uses music and it uses light and sound and vibration to heal through what we call now biofeedback flooding those are my innovations that is how I pulled all of my talents into one small focus and now have created a very exciting business that's just now streaming you getting ready to launch to the next level and thank you be for all of your tremendous linear focus ha ha by tremendous linear focus. So what does it take to be an inventor to be a business owner like shed some light on this and before we talk what's all this like fancy stuff in the background I just I pulled out just a couple of my international trophies that I want these air my tu long drive titled trophies and uh that's the winning drive and uh just I have a lot of trophies I just pulled out a few that would showcase some significance but that I believe that the best trophy is the championship super bowl ring you guys see that? Yes. So this is like my xena warrior princess uh okay, so what is it you study honored toe where it thank you. So what does it take to be an inventor? Well, you have to have that clarity I was just discussing it demands a great legal team so you can not skimp on legal at any point. If there's any lesson I learned if you have a great idea if you want any value in it at all, then you really must protect it and patented otherwise there's truly nothing proprietary about your work and my work uh is protected by those patents and another thing that really always drives me about you is when as we've been working together is you've had a lot of adversity that has come and it's not just you know they're almost lost off your arm but you're your clothes were still coming even as you are here with these amazing patents and we know what an unbelievable impact it makes and I will say for full disclosure disclosure we work together because it was hit by a car on my bicycle and I got a dispatch in my in my neck and I've had such a difficult time to even move my neck look at me now and that's all because of her technology and what she's been doing in the feedback I'm getting in the with the working on the device that lee has designed so I am really excited about you know what she's doing but tell us how do you overcome this adversity like what's your mindset well ultimately I always have to say that the gold drives the passion if you lose sight of the goal if you lose your vision you can't have resourcefulness perseverance ah strong belief in and it ultimately you have to maintain your health there are many secrets to being successful in business and I believe having the right goal maintaining your health educating and preparation is critical but ultimately the perseverance when things go bad I always say it's like standing over a world championship golf ball you win some and you lose some and ultimately the goal is you can't win them all and the reality is that we pick and choose your battles and then you have to let go of the rest and the goal is emotionally to do your best to stay in the center now there are moments of meltdown and we've we've had a few together and the reality of it is is is that those are the moments that make us stronger like lifting? Ah, wait the resistance and the competition is what makes us you know how we respond to that pressure is what makes a great company I truly believe because great champions and and great business owners ultimately are inseparable. Okay? Do we? I think we have like time for maybe one question if there if there is one someone very depressed about intellectual property yeah, well, the intellectual property question has to do with oh, well, actually there's no specific question here, but do you have any advice, general advice on intellectual property and maybe best practices and handling that that's a great question on that's an intense question that ultimately has been a fifteen year process for me. Um let me just explain you have to draw all your idea you need to distill the idea down. You need to do not skip on a patent ability search because the patent ability search is expensive but ultimately you have to search every corner of the world even into the little back corner of thailand of somebody owns a patent on your widget or your inventive creative idea, you need to know that and then weigh out the risks and once you're pretty sure once the law firm comes back to you and there never ultimately one hundred ten percent conclusive they say we believe that there is a good chance that you would have some allowable claims here let's go ahead and then pursue a united states patent and then ultimately once you receive your first patent with multiple claims, there is huge exorbitant cost the best baseline aiken give you was from the anderson school of business that I worked with very closely initially for my original business plan and that is that just budget that per patent you need fifteen to twenty five thousand dollars per patent I'm in over two hundred fifty thousand dollars plus on my patent to date, so you must be ready to step up and financially hire the best teams on then support the continuing funding fees for for the patent ability but just do not skip the steps and make sure you hire the best I p team with the skills I hired the company that had the best fitness slash direct tv slash medical skill set to fit in and you're not paying to get them up to speed on your art in your genre so there are specific intellectual property law firms that specialize in arts find the one that specialize in your art wonderful question just to clarify was related to mobile app development and they feel like they have to develop the app on and they were concerned about those conversations with developers and people that need to know the idea to develop it and s o they wanted to protect their business idea and do and that's in india right? Yeah it's an and again ist you have to make sure you can have what they call a utility patent and design patents are not as valuable is the utility once but again your law firm can guide guide the end creative to their correct direction of the thing with the most value because our exploding and time is of the essence and when you deal with the united states patent trademark office is like dealing with a five headed dinosaur they're moving in different directions and very slowly and so the reality of it is that if you really need to strike while the iron is hot then trusting your team you're putting together and who you fit your idea to having the india yes that's great but and ultimately the thing that saves you is you can now file with uspto in advance and have a patent pending status but have your ideas prior to even speaking to anybody I would not even disclose it if you believe this is your million dollar idea in india in my humble opinion is not worth the paper it's written on or the cost of the expense of chasing it down unless truly you have the I p with a date stamp on it to back up your claim wonderful well thank you so much the you have been as always an inspiration you are absolutely amazing tell us how can we find out more about you oh y'all can join me on the block at long drive champ dot block spot dot com you can check out there there's all sorts it's a free complimentary things we're doing fitness innovations and spine and back olympic training tips uh those who have bad backs all the way up to those who are looking for elite secret uh we're disclosing a few of those and keep your eye out for upcoming things and events that were going to be doing around the country thank you for the opportunity thank you creative live and be out there's always know I love you thank you all excellent thank you so much for being here how awesome is she right can you feel the fire off off off thiss powerful forceful woman so thank you so much for you know having a li here and I want you to always see the uh you know the power that's behind a you know behind all these things and the story's amazing mean here's a woman and when you when you look at when you look at you know her arm I mean she is been really somebody who had to overcome an enormous amount of adversity and when I met her she was almost she was at the point where she's like thinking well, this is even worth it. Hi, I'm going to get out of it and she says thank you for your linear thinking you know, she also went through the twelve step plan and we were able to bring her through little by little so let's take care. You know, you can find her under on facebook dot com at the abbey enforcer and then her you're all for her blocks but his long drive champ dot black spot dot com so be in touch with her. And one of the things I really want to share about her is this picture of this woman is a woman that was using her device the app enforcer after she had became a paraplegic in a car accident. This is the first time she's standing the purpose ofthe some off our inventions in our businesses, our powerful motivators and that's. Why, when I you know the same thing here, this is somebody who is who has no lou this's, a veteran who has no use off of his legs, and she the machine gives gives thes, you know, gives core strength because if yu an amputee and if you want to have any use you have to have the core strength because it's all coming from here and it's all coming from there so that's what she does and I think her message is so powerful and it is so life changing and you know, here's here's, the device this is an actual olympian. So this is the device and this is an olympian who's training on it, it's all about perfect form where a millimetre and where you know this, you know exactly how things have to be a line makes all the difference in the world. So I have so much respect for I love her because I am amazed at the at the work and this is sort of this enthusiasm, you know that that we want to have our own businesses and for others businesses. So for her, you know, like I say, my thank you cards and for seeing how the lights turn on, you know, in the eyes for her when she sees literally because it's a it's, a biofeedback devise so when the lights come on on the machine and people all of a sudden, you know, can can manipulate parts of their bodies that they really have no control over, I mean, is there anything more powerful than that? So you mean entrepreneurs macon impact let's, talk about uh love her really do I mean it's for me it's such a privilege to work with her? I can't even begin to tell you I mean we were pitching I got to tell you this really quickly quick story so we're going in we're pitching to investors and she had been selected to go into this biomed conference and they already had gone through this election process of all the invention in the biotech field there were there were allowed to participate so that the press is really was already closed and then we showed up and then they said, well, and you are now in one of the spots they really didn't have any more spot, but they made us, but so we walked in and I went with her, you know, for moral support and because that was the guinea pig for the for the device, so we're going in there, you know, I'm going my little yoga pants and barefoot, you know, my my perfect posture that she taught me howto have, you know what I'm going in and everybody is like looking at us and we're doing our demonstration nobody nobody says anything and this is do you know, what's going on? I'm going, I don't know what's going on this is really weird why they're looking at us like this and wei thought re tanked it we thought for sure it was an epic fail because the people that were there were doctors that had invented these crazy, you know, blood thinning diab beat is conquering something, something I mean, it was a mate. I mean, it was all like medical, but I was really highly engineered, and then there was us in yoga pants, so we left and we were really defeated, and then the next day, he called me just you will never believe what happened, she said, we made it into the final conference, we were selected as being presenting, and I said, how is that even possible? I thought we blew it. They were speechless. We were so good. Now we're absolutely speeches, and later at the conference, as I'm again in my yoga pants, there's one guy came over and I said, hey said, you've got to tell me the truth. Tell me what was really going on and he says, we've never seen anybody like the two of you s oh, silence is not necessarily a bad thing. It could be a really great thing. So kudos to my girl, lee brandon, you will be hearing about her. This invention will change the world, I'm certain of it.

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As an analytical person with creative spirit this was the perfect class for me. Beate has the passion of an artist coupled with a sharp, almost engineering intellect. I sometimes find with courses, online or not, that topics discussed do not apply to my journey. Not the case here. Everything was useful and the course materials provided invaluable. Highly recommended.