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Marketing Strategies

Lesson 27 from: Turn Your Talent Into a Business in 12 Steps

Beate Chelette

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27. Marketing Strategies

Lesson Info

Marketing Strategies

This segment it's all about marketing and I like to start it off with the funny german, so when I think I'm hilarious, so when I first whenever started out with getting my head around, what my marketing message and what my brand was, I really had a genuine desire to be the funny german that was until I found out that there are no funny germans and if I wanted to be that that probably was a message that was not very congruent with, you know what people commonly expect. So what? You've seen me use a lot in the course off the classes, I talk about german engineering, and I'd talk about tools and the way I structure my courses is all a very specific language that's geared toward supporting what people already assume that a german would do, which is engineer build systems, have modules, have tools, sings, have toe back. So when it comes to your marketing message and to the way you go out there and this is why this comes after the wide because we've just had this really heartfelt moments of ...

where we had to reach deep inside and say why I'm doing this the funny german reach deeply inside and said, you know, she needs to bring out some systems so she can help other people to, you know, to build business plans and build their own businesses. So when you know what your why is that really helps to shell shaped the the message the marketing message is it tough that's why I do a lot of the tough love and you've just seen you know I don't always have to be tough love but it really fits my message and it fits my structure and it fits the way I present my information so very much is it an act to some extent is it really who I am to some extent but you find the way it works so when you have an accent and if you are from another country if you are different especially when you're different and you know you've you've we've just seen this by you being on stage you know? And you said the here and the clothes and everything there's something about you that requires expression so whatever it is that's unique and different about you no longer will it be one of these things that is odd that's going to be one of your selling points because you want to attract people that are just like that that understand that and we talked about also in the previous segment and how a lot of women relate to me and the struggle off the single moms and an immigrant from germany who came to america you know, living her own american dream so a lot of stories being told because the relatability really builds the trust because it's a true story so your marketing message really is about you is about what you can authentically a cell and how other people relate to that to that message so you know that's why I say the funny german I wished I could be and I think I'm hilarious and you now old no, I am really a funny german but I can't make this I can't make this my going out branding so when I when I go out and you meet me first there's certain things that I can benefit from that others already have established for me and I am ruthlessly taken advantage off you know what what some others have done before me which is the german engineering and, you know, planning and doing things like that because that is just an advantage I can I can I can use you know, so let's use thes things for our advantage the marketing message is always about like how how clear are you and we have ah lot of this you know as we've been going through these segments and these steps is what are we even doing? What are we selling what's? What do we even want to get out of it the most important thing in your messages? What is it that you want to achieve when I was putting this course together for creative life the entire time as I'm building this, I'm thinking about what do I want the user to take away from this? He is a confession I didn't start with a business plan in mind I already wanted to do a business building course, but then when I was sort of half way in it and I'm thinking about what would be the best user experience, I'm thinking people struggle with business plans will be taking them through all of this. How about if I just restructure structure german word? How about engineering in such a way that, you know, people really will take that away? So this is now really clear as to what this course does that the marketing message off this course now, it's really clear it creates an accidental business plan by, you know, you learning twelve steps to go from a to b so when your messages is being presented is, what is that message that you're presenting out, too? You know how to the out to the world? And it has to be clear and concise and a lot of things, you know, peeling off the layers that we've been doing over the last, you know, eleven steps now, um is about finding finding out what what sits off at the core of it, right and that's, what I want you to really think about a marketing message has to be believable and consistent, heavy ever gone to the gym and seen an overweight personal trainer and they're trained people and then you go, how can this person that's two hundred and fifty pounds, you know, try to tell somebody else to lose weight or to get in shape and be healthy? I'm going, this is outrageous to may. So if I see someone like like that, this is not believable to me, so whatever it is, you know, somebody out there has to actually believe that you have a genuine desire to actually do what you say you're going to do. This is one of the biggest, biggest things in marketing it's you have to make it about them and not about you. I'm going to share something really, really personal that I wasn't planning on sharing when we shared right now I'm going to show it to you. I have a reminder that I keep right he has been here the entire time, it's my reminder that when I talk and when I'm out training that I keep it personal and I'm not going to make it about you, not about me, and it is so easy. When we talk about our biographies is like well, I did this and then I did this and then I did this and then I did this and I did this and we have to marketing we have to find a way to turn this message around and say the reason I am telling you this is because you are needing to hear this because it will help you to do x y and z and now you see I'm not just talking about this this is what I actually do and I want you to really see especially when you rip rewind and go back in the course or if you're just tuning in and you get the course and you starting at the beginning now you see how it all connects together it is about making sure that whatever you know way creating something that helps other people but we using our own personal experience in our story our why to make it clear as toe why they need to create the connection but once we've created that connection, we want to make sure that they know what they are taking away from this because otherwise they won't give us the money they're not giving us money to make us feel good they're giving us money because they want us to make them feel good you see that shift a tagline I would have loved the funny german to be my tagline I like taglines for businesses a lot because they force you to take into one sentence about what what your business is about you know very much like we talked about the business plan and the accidental business plan and thie executive summary the tagline is almost like executive summary it's like your tweet is here short version ofthe what your business is about so in the photography business I say I teach photographers the business behind the art so in this course I teach creatives the business behind their talent you know so in one sentence you describe what what the end result for for the user is another thing really important in marketing and this slide is really about some of the most important things in marketing that I want you to know is how often do you follow up and we've already had that a minute ago and you said that you knew that you have a strong community and people really relating to you but that you dropped the ball on the follow up and that it's really important to stay in touch and you know philip said it he said it's not about you feeling awkward that you connecting with them by trying to sell them something is about you doing your clients at this service if you're not connecting with them because they really need what you have to offer and this is the whole secret in marketing is that you come from a different mind sets you shift the selling the selling is away and it's about the serving and it's about what do I really do telling stories, testimonials, what you just heard when you you know, again, it we are in business because we make it an impact in other people's lives to some extent by the adding joy or by adding you're giving them something to help or by helping them survive or whatever it is that we trying to do, and each business has its purpose and its reason. So make sure you stay in touch with the people that are attracted to you because they like you, they're like your stuff they're gonna buy. And why wouldn't you be making money with what you love to do? I mean, you see how dark mist isn't it so logical now? And actually, a saab online says my father was a german engineer and I was raised us such however germans air funny if you know them well, thank you for that. Right. Uh, we do actually have ah, flying drifter wants to know what their message or their tagline should be for their business card. Neela donato is saying should we write our key words that were late to our vision of our business and see how we can incorporate them into a tagline that's a great idea ok that's really a great idea and just watch stay with it for the remainder of the segment because we you know we're going to do massive marketing we'll talk about benefits in the very next slide so yes, a great way to to explain somebody what you do um albert einstein says if you can say it in one sentence you don't understand it well enough so you want to understand it well enough as to what you do until you can say it in one sentence and you know the womens code when it first at the women's called it was like, you know, what is well it helps women do this that have swim into that it was like this whole big thing and then my my my friend rueda who is a phenomenal a copywriter she says, will you help him to get from overwhelmed awesome bam there is now it's you know on the book the foolproof ix the full perfects that takes you from overwhelmed awesome but boy was I sitting on this for years until we got this flushed out so sometimes, you know, coming out with that you know, really short, precise message is very difficult that is why twitter is so helpful because tweeting you only have one hundred forty characters in really forces you to keep you focused in your mind so here is the biggest biggest biggest marketing rule ever ever offer benefits not feature features the second marketing rule is find your own unique voice we've talked about this a lot and the third one is include a call to action let's talk about benefits versus features let's stick with example off the car when I go to the car dealerships at to the car dealership and I drive a german car what does the dealers say to me? Hello mrs gillette here is a a car with a steering wheel with four tires and with seats in them and an engine engines actually pretty good oh how much are you going to pay for that that's exactly the point so when I go into the dealership in the higher the price of the car, the more the delis is you will look so good in this coming don't I look really good? This was actually a shoot I did we're four for the bmw magazine back in the days when I had, you know, short hair and I had to drive the car die hard so you can tell that I look like I'm really suffering on the job, so I took this picture because it really demonstrate the how I felt when I drove it when I drove the car from the look you know from from where we picked it up to the location I already had driving it and I was standing at the traffic light you know the guy in the other convertible you know and they look over and they go like any good s o it really changes the way you feel so this is what you're selling your selling the way people feel you're not selling what it does and when I go into the photography forum a lot of times what I hear is photographers say in their biography let me make this really boring enough for you when I was seven years old I got I got my first camera that my father gave me from that moment on I was hooked to photography I am really good ed lighting I am really good at composition it makes me really happy when I can go out and capture images that I find very interesting please hire me for your project because only I can make you look good well I have seen hundreds thousands off these and I have saved thousands off you know craters from making the same mistakes so if you are a photographer nobody gives up when you picked up that first camera tell me the heartfelt story on why you want to take my picture or work for me and what it does for me my unique approach my method that I find tuned because I went through x y and z really helps you to capture what you want to say your message it amplifies it brings it out it shows it it makes it explode it gets the picture across it makes people understand what you're all about it cuts out all the crap that goes straight to the emotional fewer potential buyer that's how good I am with my stuff that's the marketing message you see the difference not ii it's this is about you all of what I've learned has one and one reason only and that is to take what I know and translating in my magic formula my secret sauce my special process my my my special piece of jewelry like if somebody where's a piece of jewelry like this you know people always say, wow, you know, I really like your signature piece so you know, what does this designers say? S so you want to mold out you know these messages very sometimes very hard because you go like, well, I did this this system and just you rewrite it in the same thing in your biography you don't talk about your biography about you you let your clients or others talk about you, so you know it's easier to say well others refer to me as the or my clients have called me this what you know and if you remember I said this throughout the course a lot times I said my coaching clients really like when I do this or this is the approach or the tough love approach really works for my client I'm really talking that I have a tough lodge tough love approach by what I'm really saying is that this process really works for them and so this is all about just shifting that you know it's like modeling a little bit over and what I'd like to do is I want to check in with our life audience that's streaming to see if any light bulbs are going off do we have anything coming in oh yeah it's bright bright bright young people are saying the ground reports thing I feel like the otter is just talking directly to me um yeah and then saab has just purchased this course and it is promising teo to do everything that you're saying um we do have a question um nicole kay wants to know can a tagline be trademarked or copy written it can yes absolutely so yes the answer to that is yes you're tagline absolutely can and probably should be copy written while flattery is the best form off uh now what is the copying is the best form of flattery this way but I do believe that if you have certain concepts like in the women's the women's code is actually trademark uh the photo bears coach is trademarked and the concept of algorithm is also trademark for me so if you have something that's really unique and that you, uh want to blow up really big or taglines by all means do trade market but if you trade market don't make it a really boring like some of those trademark does that the st mark's on some of this lines are so stupid and I'm like they got a trademark for that so just because you put certain things together makes that you may not be able to trade market so you have to consult an attorney as to what's trademark well but yes, if it is something that's really important and very unique and you want to avoid other people are taking it. You definitely should trademark that and katie wants to know how about using a philosophy as your tagline for example, living life with limits like as a philosophy put her perfectly perfectly doable yeah sounds like a vision to me too. Alright? Okay, excellent. Well, thank you so much for sharing keep keep their coming because you know we can always take this and again today is all about putting this together hearing from you getting your feet back and if you have any questions about any of the uh things have been going through fire them over andrea is woman ing thie chat room and she's making show your questions that coming through in our fabulous host jake you and jean marie are taking care ofthe bringing all of these questions right into the life feed so we can take care of you right here right now so how do you feel about the the benefits and the feature is that he has any one of you made that mistake of talking about features who has talked about features I've talked about myself too much okay, but your experiences a benefit though correct okay, but now I see that I can take it to the next level and I can make it about them. Okay, so what do you want to give it a shot and see if you can make it about them sure good and what in what way in what context like him? I just like let's say you were to send out your first email okay? Because we talked about that you haven't been in touch with their clients. Also your first call to action will be he immediately going to follow up the minute you walk out of here today and create your first email piece so now we know we're going to make it about them with everything that you've learned so how you going to do that? Oh boy hot seat no no it's a sunshine way just sort of evaluating right now I would start by acknowledging that that, you know, I have I have just come out of my dip, right? That I that I've had all these experiences, and I have used in my intentional living tools to create the possibility for my life, aye, and now I'm I'm coming out, and I'm acknowledging that there are many people around me that are in certain, you know, in similar circumstances and desires and that I'm interested in hearing their stories wonderful and like one of the great, great ways to start something like this is when you actually have a breakthrough experience, and a lot of you are having breakthrough experiences, and I am thrilled about that. Take that as a reason, ah lot of times when I sent out a block post or when I sent an email, I find that reason on why I'm writing this email, and I often say, I went to the conference, I heard this big speakers speak, or I heard or saw this quote from maria shriver, and it made me think, and what comes out of this is that, you know, I've not been telling you the truth, but now I'm ready to tell you the truth. Now I'm ready to share with you, why am I really doing this? And you, you've been so great, and you've been so supportive. I've been feeling up in holding back, but now I'm revealing what this is really about for me. And here here is here, it iss, and now you tell them what you, what you want to tell them and you say, and thank you so much for listening, and thank you for being open to listening to my story. But this is not just about me, it really is about you. This is why I am doing this, but I want to hear from you. Can you relate to my story? Tell me your side of the story, and what can I do to help you to have the same kind of breakthroughs that I just had? You see how, how all of a sudden, like, flows all together? So that's, one ofthe those great grace, great ways to do it.

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HI BEATE! I love your German straight forwardness being German myself. ....watching your creativelive course i had to almost laugh when u talked about the job test when u where still in school. i had exactly the same experience. i wanted to become an artist, goldsmith, or photographer. same reaction of the woman of the "arbeitsamt" with the same great idea to offer me apprenticeship to become a secretary in a dusty office. %) not really ME! i would love to see you to accept my invitation on linked in because I love your kind of teaching ... very direct - down to the point, without loosing time! i respect your work and i am very glad that creativelive found you to share your knowledge with creative people who are very good in their creative area but maybe not so much on the business side. YOUR COURSE IS AMAZING! congratulations and a big "THANK YOU!" KRIS P.S. BOUGHT THE COURSE !)

a Creativelive Student

They must have not had the review feature up yet when this course originally broadcast, because no other way I could be the first person inspired to leave a review. This is simply the best actual business building course I've come across in a long time. It teaches you how to build a business, not just market one. Every other course I come across that presents itself as "business" or "entrepreneur" this or that is really just a marketing course for small businesses. Now don't get me wrong, marketing is certainly key if you want to be successful, but there is a lot more to successfully running a business than marketing. Lipstick on a pig, comes to mind. This is a course that will teach you how to become a successful entrepreneur, with part of the final day focused on marketing, which is the right balance given the responsibilities and requirements of a true business venture. So much out there is really just teaching people how to market themselves as if they were an employee without any company around them.

Chad Robertson

As an analytical person with creative spirit this was the perfect class for me. Beate has the passion of an artist coupled with a sharp, almost engineering intellect. I sometimes find with courses, online or not, that topics discussed do not apply to my journey. Not the case here. Everything was useful and the course materials provided invaluable. Highly recommended.

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