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Marketing Tips You Need to Know

Let's talk about the website and promotion this is actually a shoot that I did in the desert, a video shoot I did in my in my life as a producer, I did think three music videos, and this is one of them this's about simplicity, but I liked about what I liked about it, it's like, you know, it's, an eye catcher, but there's really not all that much on the picture, so a good image is, of course, a good image is a good image in a good piece is a good piece is a good piece, so you know, if you have, if you have visuals that are outstanding, by all means to show them simplicity is is important. People have gotten so busy that they cannot spend, you know, hours to read. I've gone through websites where the photographer or the artist that creative could not figure out which of the parts he really wanted, so he thought they're going to put them all on it because clients routinely want to spend an hour and a half going through a terribly maneuverable website to eventually, you know, find find the...

treasure. Oh, he is the best story ever want to hear the best story ever so once we had this huge discussion in one of my forms in my group photography business, and I said, well, how good is it? You know, if you just want to let the picture do the talking, you have to do the talking in this one photographer ice where says, I consider my work like the pearl in the oyster and you know what my response was? Good luck waiting for the diver. Do not be the pearl in the oyster. The diver may never come so it's important to, you know, to show, to show the pearl and to offer to those who want to pay the most for it. It's really important. Uh, loading time of your website is key. The invitation to explore. So most of the information has story on the front page and I've given you the template for the website in the previous segment in the automation segment so you can see this. Give the facts quickly. It takes half hour takes an hour prices upon request. Here's. How you can contact me include a call to action. Uh, I again, do you want them to call you? Do you want them to? Book you do you want them to have a consultation with you? You want them to buy your product? You want them to send you an email? You want them to go to amazon and buy your book? A download a pdf? You want them to give you your email and opt in? What exactly is it that you want them to do? And that call to action has to be front center in middle. Call me to find out how I can help your product to shine how I can help you feel beautiful how I can help you to simplify your life, how I can help you to find simple inspiration to get from, you know, from where you are to where you want to go so, you know, give them that sort of call to action right away. Encouraging interaction is when you end up when your end with a question especially like on block post and oftentimes what I will say it's like, well, this is this. This is what I've just learned. So please do share with how you feel about this and what is what you learned, or if you have a tip for my readers that they can benefit from please, you know, do share them, I would like to to you know to hear from you so interaction is always important because it's not you know you don't want to just put it out there remember we always talk about you know, communication kind of going both both ways almost like an infinity sign back and forth and back and forth back and forth you must have an option to ask questions by email and that has to be very prominent I want that to be on every page the contact us has to be in every page and your phone because some people want to call you some people want to email you and some people want to ask you questions by e mail so make sure that all of these things are available on your website I'm going I'm seeing everybody's writing like crazy so I'm gonna let you just write that down uh while I check in with you any any feedback from the life audience where we have to give people a chance to take the notes we've had lots of more sort of elevator pictures someone coming at you I've lost some of those now but people are encouraging those it's interesting the way they what happens in our chat rooms they kind of go off into their own sort of support network because one of them will throw something out so the others then come in with ideas that said it's really interesting to see that we love seeing that I know andrea is working with, you know, working with the community that work that through, but yes, please keep your comments coming. Please keep sharing. Which very interest so they workshopping within the workshop? Exactly. Yeah, alright, how it always that let's talk about copyrighting probably the number one underestimated item and the number one thing people get wrong. It's good copy. If I were going to do it all over again, I would get more copywriters sooner. I mean big big time if you have if you english as a second language or if you're anything as a second language like me, I think I'm pretty good with my handle on the language, but those german isms, they keep popping up, cuddling, coddling, who cares? And when you go into the copy, make sure that somebody who was a native language speaker review's your copy crucial otherwise you sound unprofessional thie difference between copyrighting in proofing is that I have because I've right so much now and I've actually written a book I have one person that does my proofing. So when I write my article, she just sort of americanize, is it? So she goes and she makes sure that all my german isms air out and sometimes she goes like, what exactly do you mean when you say that and to me it's very clear but to somebody else it's not and we you know again when it's so easy for us we forget that it's not easy for other people because they don't have the same experience a lot of times we have to explain things a lot more my daughter was his mom you can't assume that they know this you always have to tell them that what you what you talking about in great detail so try to stay away from things like it them because what is it and what is them and who is who so is who my clients people I know my friends my family is it my product? My photo my illustration by whatever it is so you know, be specific and I learned this from roy williams at the wizard academy when I took a class he said once you've written it and then you go in and you take out all unnecessary words though that's in the final re through you eliminate everything that you don't need words like really you're nodding barbara absolutely always time for this in a former life I was an english teacher and yeah really was a sl teacher and yes, I think english has become the globalized language and I think there's a lot of second um uh english as a second language speakers out there that kind of feel like, well, they get what I mean you know, I don't have to be precise, but you really do have to be precise and choose your words carefully and, um and eliminate all that extra those extra little things like very and really and where's that keep the a listener or the reader away from your core message yes, exactly, absolutely and those are other words exactly and don't repeat like don't don't repeat the same words over and over again find something of a synonym nature that moves the message forward because people get the impression they've already read it absolutely exactly and then they say this is so repetitive and when I had written my first a draft of the book and then my you know, routed the writer that worked on this together with me my editor she's like this is self full of cliches and she just let me have it you think I'm tough love young seen anything? Yeah, I was crying I was so bad and then you know you have to go back and he said, well, maybe there's something to it because it has to be it has to be good, so make it good and take that extra effort rather do less but make what you do good and make it stick versus trying to put too much out there and seeing what sticks that's not the right approach let's talk about marketing outlets so, um if you have not figured out by now that I am a big fan off linked in, then I don't know where you have been because I believe that linked in it's actually, you know, is a really important professional tour always and if you don't have this and if you're just tuning in now make sure you have a professional image of yours out there I keep joking about it if the blonde on your arm is cut off and the hair still dangling in there it's not a good professional image that actually all these images should be permanently banned forever, so make sure that the image every image off yours that's out there what's out there is there to stay. So every bad photo, every bad image, every bad line you've ever put out there it's out there to stay and it will come back and haunt you if you don't pay attention that includes, you know, people that take pictures off themselves ls and they don't think that they're going to show up people now are googling you through facebook there googling you through lincoln there going you everywhere and then the google you on google that's kind of weird oh, so make sure whatever is out there that you're okay with that or otherwise don't put it out there facebook is facebook's really become more for older people, I say older people sort of in in quotation marks, but the millennials are going away from facebook they're all going to instagram because it's for older people and so my daughter, you speak very active on facebook and now she doesn't really do all that much on facebook anymore. But she's instagramming like crazy instagram is like the new big thing, and instagram is owned by facebook, so it's the same company. So what do they carry? You know, wait where you converse, there are issues with the ownership of the content, I will not lie to you because thes end user licensing agreements that are out there are really absolutely brutal. I wish there was a way I could tell you you could get around. Did you really kind of cant I do believe that somewhere down the road, because we're there are a lot of violations like this and again, I'm not an attorney, I'm just hyper, you know, I'm doing a hypothetical scenario, but was this to go in front of a judge who also has children? And this is about a child whose image was taken off facebook or instagram and used for pharmaceutical ads for autistic children? The judge probably wouldn't be very happy about that either right or the jury if it ever was going to come to them that's how we evaluate or that's how I evaluate risk and again legal scream I'm not an attorney I'm just talking about my own personal experience and how I feel about this but when when you always have to think about in the worst case scenario if this was to go in a room full of people just like us how would they feel about it? And I you know and I think that somebody would be probably very upset about that and that would be a huge public city backlash so um the agreements are really bad I know attorneys like the one we met yes that he done did nelson is really working hard on helping the creative community too you know, to find ways to not have to accept these types of terms but you know, it is what it is right now so I'm sorry I have to say that you cannot get around and right now especially if he and the creative field and you want to work seen snow way around it so that's kind of that twitter is for people with a short attention spend it's a world suffering from a d d it's like a hope it's like imagine a flock of birds going into in a tree and they're all talking at the same time so it's kind of hard to have conversations at the same time but it's like a quick it's a quick fix tool jackie how used her richie I didn t know what to do with it, but everyone said it's, one of those things you have to be on because I I actually have a big issue with facebook, so I'm not on that, but so I started doing twitter and I started just sort of doing silly things. I actually started doing spoof obituaries every time some some celebrity died. I got quite a big following for doing this, but now I do use it for for marketing, I use it very much for my creative life world to let people know what courses they're coming up to let people know to engage and join and all of my other broadcasting workers. Well, I find it very, very powerful. Yes, I do too, because although I don't have a huge number of followers, when I see the ripple effect and what their followers c I c it's very useful. I also like the fact that's very succinct, and one cool thing is that you can actually have a little conversation that's something that I used to not dio on twitter was to actually engage in converse station, but I think it's pretty cool and it and it saves time, tio yes, it does, and I've actually seen this as we've been working with. You know, with this course, we've actually had conversations, right? And you've been part of the conversation, so it's kind of it's kind of course like, yeah, you know, here's a here's, a quick bite for somebody who's interested in this and then somebody else jumps on it, and then it's retweeted and, you know, so it's kind of fun, but I find that you have to really pay attention to it, you know? You have to take the time to go in and that's what social media really is all about, you have to have the time and you have to make the time, so I do about I do at least about an hour a day on social media alone, I usually do that in the morning I check what's come what's come in with lincoln on facebook, and then I go through other people's feet. I like a bunch of stuff. I make comments on other things just to keep the engagement going. Nothing. Be surprised about twitter when I when I tweeted in a victory for someone who wasn't dead, they got in touch with me. Richie benaud, I know you're still alive. Sorry about that that's trailer back. Well, wikipedia actually did report that I was dead that that really did happen on gwen I tried to change it back to say I was alive I got banned from wikipedia for malicious editing eyes a scene because apparently I was dead he's a life I just checked that's another aspect to social media I'm very, very anti that is hysterical hysterical absolutely yes, that one of your list of five yes yeah oh yeah no, I just wanted to confirm because some people might not consider that is their list of five so they turned to build daddy and with that's a great great comment you just made it isthe when I'm out on like a life event like I'm right now obviously has to take a little bit of a back step so I just, you know, going and adjust to the most important to respond like within their life segment sort of what's going on right now but that's okay? Because you know, people know that you've you know, you've been preparing them unless they've been living on the moon. They know I'm doing this right now so uh it's okay to you know, to turn it up and to turn it down because when you turn it up and you have summoned event coming, you do want to turn it up and then when you don't have any thing you know it's okay to just maintain it and then something's coming up you increase the frequency youtube video I just said it that you two it has more searches than google does so video is incredible don't be afraid it the first time you do your videos you're probably going to be absolutely mortified off the way you sound and the way you look but the good news is you can practice and improve the way you come across you learn what close to where you learned that you know, big patterns unfortunately tend to go out of style really quickly and when you are you know, like you have to find a way on whatever it is that you want teo and follow that road so I try to be relatively, uh clean in the in the video so that I have that evergreen component other people that are in more trendy things obviously want to be more trendy because they want to demonstrate that they're part of the trends or whatever that is put that out then of course google plus the intention in marketing is not to sell, but it is to engage it is to build a relationship it's too bill trust and a unique point of view and it is about connecting on their level so partof the twitter the facebook, instagram is it's a particular type of person that likes one over the other and so I want you to go in with that from a no not from a is this working or not but from a who is here and why I they hear and what do I need to say to make it appeal to them on this medium so again, you know you're no longer but you know, because you have thie entity now remember with the entity so we again you know we're looking at the entity and we going like who would like it how would these people react to that how would these people react to that how would these people react to that? And then we'll try this over there a little bit we step back and we watched and we try this over here and we step back and we watch and then well I got this toko I didn't even know this was gonna work and then we'll do a lot more off that so you know, facebook works really well for me lincoln a zay said it's absolutely amazing twitter I actually didn't tweet for a good year before I got back into it and they made some changes which I you know what you're now really like so I'm back much more back into a video I've done a lot of video until a big computer manufacturer came out with a new operating system and then they changed my favorite movie editing self for to such an extent that it was so non intuitive that I stopped doing video and I'm just now getting back into it actually hire somebody because I can read manuals remember had to hire somebody to come into my office to sit down with me to listen to what I wanted to do to teach me what it was going to do so now I can do video again I mean you know why would you do that big computer manufacturer it's just crazy what people do so this is again now does this make a lot more sense than it did when the first time you saw this yes so this is our slide about you know, promoting through as many channels as possible so now I want you to not look at this from an automation nightmare but from looking at it okay, what we just learned is we can pick and choose the outlets that we've just tested in our marketing message that we would like to try out and then when we go and we try these things out then we can we can amplify through what we can connect as an amplifier in that medium and take that and push it out so unlinked in you know again these are the options on the photo uh on the phone sharing and we've been taken instagram pictures all morning and we've been put you know, we've been putting them out and we were tagging and so next step is the marketing planner, so marketing planning is when we decide now which of the social networks were going to use and we have the marketing uh, the marketing plan and you see, this is a green star item on page number seventy two, which means that this is one of the things that does go in your business plan, and what I want you to do is I want you to pull out what you think. You what the social networks are for you that you think you are going to use, and I made you space for four of them, so I don't want you to do everything at once. I want you to just try a few, do those well, and then there is another field in here that says, I will market my business this often, and that is part ofthe your marketing plan. So which social networks are you going to use? How often will you engage for them that goes in the marketing plan? Marketing is also the organization's you're going to join, and galina, you know, we talked about especially you in with the community aspect, so it's important to join organizations, because a lot of times what organizations have is, they already have a lot of the documentation, you know, especially the legal documentation of forms available for you that you you know our contact lists or membership directories so this's really easy to engage with other people that are just like you, and sometimes a membership directory could be a potential client list and it comes at the low fi off an association membership. So it's very important for you to go out there and network advertising can be done through google adwords, there's, a paper click and a paper impression once you know, and the good thing about google adwords and and and the's a paper quick ideas is that you can start with this little s five dollars a day, but, you know, be careful, it adds up pretty quickly if you do that, make sure you have a limit on that. It is not uncommon for people to spend the dolls because they forgot to put a limit on it. And, you know, google wants to make money with you, so they were going to put this out. And, uh, it it does take a little bit off a learning curve to figure out how to do this successfully facebook ads, which I think are really becoming quite popular. And then you also can advertise on your youtube videos. So some of the videos that I have on youtube now having overlay or an ad and if somebody clicks on that you can make money, youtube actually promotes some off their clients some of the people that have channels that have become so successful and they have helped them to build their channels more because the successful channel gets a lot of hits means they can put a lot of relevant advertising. And so that's how they make the money by advertising let's, talk about the persuasion principles. Uh, persuasion means there is a reason on why we do something. So we, um scar city is a great persuasion principle. So the way it's done, you know, right here right now is where we say, if your life in the course the fee for the course, your investment in the course is a certain dollar amount, if you miss that, then the investment for the course will continue to go up, uh, or will go up and, you know, and it still unaffordable, right, but at a certain rate, so if you do it right now so that's the reason to buy at this very moment, social proof is becoming more and more and more and more, more, more and more important out there, which is if others like it and others are just like you. So if you were to go out now until all your friends, wow, you know, I had such an experience in this in this business, of course I was really uncertain about what have a great idea we are going to ask you for testimonials I'm asking you for testimonials that's what you've taken out of this and then we'll tell everybody about it if we have a thousand testimonials of people who say this course is really unbelievable do you think that the persuasion is is high or low for other people to get to by the course? Yeah so you know that the probability that somebody else is going to come in and say wow if so many people like it then it must be good so don't underestimate social proof and in the beginning it's ok to give things away for free I gave a lot of things a lot of books away in the beginning for free just because I wanted people to read it and wanted the message out and I wanted them to tell other people about it the way it is so funny the way works so give it to you give them the book and then they say, well, thank you so much for the book and then you don't hear anything and nothing goes up on amazon you go like what happened all of a sudden my phone lights up and is like, omg I can't believe it you know and what you're saying is so true and next thing you know it lights up so a social proof is really important, because that tells other people that it's been tested and tried, because you can say what you want all day long, it's important that somebody else has something to say about it. Authority and authenticity is another thing which has talked about it here, the authority on it, because you have actually had the experience. And as a result of this experience, you're now teaching and telling others.

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Chad Robertson

As an analytical person with creative spirit this was the perfect class for me. Beate has the passion of an artist coupled with a sharp, almost engineering intellect. I sometimes find with courses, online or not, that topics discussed do not apply to my journey. Not the case here. Everything was useful and the course materials provided invaluable. Highly recommended.