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Marketing: What to Watch For

Right now I wanted just a put this little slide up winos habitually faced the work of the day with a purpose of discovering what can be done instead of worrying about what cannot be done and I find a lot of times entrepreneurs keep telling me or we keep it we keep telling ourselves on why certain things cannot be done a certain way again there is no police out there that says that there is a particular rule I always say there's a million ways to be successful you only need to figure out one yours so it doesn't matter how other people did it usually everybody success story is unique and different you entitled you have the permission and you should only develop and discover the one way that it works for you to be successful so let's dive in in this segment we are going to be talking up about business skills about you know good practices and about what we should try to avoid as business owners one of the things sweep just started talking about in the marketing segment is about figuring ou...

t what are we doing to help our clients solve a problem I like too suggest to always have an objective and what I mean by that is every day before I start I take a minute and I focus and I think about what's my objective for today what I want to do what do I want to deliver so it's good to give yourself thes quick moments off saying I'm going to do a promotion what's the objective of this promotion is it to create a relationship is it to increase my sales is it to tell people about me because when you clear about the objective then the execution becomes so much easier because you have that you know internal a goal in in your mind where you say ok this is what I want to achieve because not everything has the same objective so when I created the course my objective was to build a chorus that was going to create income for everybody involved because we have to keep things going right and when I arrive here my objective fist if female objective is to deliver the content so the objective can also change in the course off the process because you're not always having the same objective so just keep that in mind that you know setting an objective setting a goal setting a target for what you're trying to achieve is a very powerful to as an entrepreneur to stay focused a good practice is always to ask for the clothes what we just did in in the introduction we were talking about the book we were talking about the courses so it's reseeding our products and our processes and what we offering and then when it's time to ask for the sale we ask and we say well do this now go there, click the buy button now and you've seen this also throughout the course thes air really strategies that are universal strategies and I don't just want you to I want you to actually connect with these strategies and so when they come up that you can recognize him he said, oh that's how they do that that's how they do it because now you're a business owner like me and your business owner like anybody else that we've been talking to, so now you need to know what these strategies are, so always ask for the clothes and if you can't ask for the close my friend he bribed a marketing girl once said to me there's only two types of people referrals and client so somebody is not a client, they know somebody so you know, keep keep that in mind a good practice is to under promise and over deliver, so we didn't tell anybody about the contest until we were actually here and we had created thes you know, additional freebies in this course. I didn't tell you that was going to give you a business, esplen so but I did give you a business plan, but I didn't promise that so I under promised and I hopefully over delivered so think about you know again let's, flip it over and turn it around and make it about you what is it that you can create and what can it that you can add to it that would make it a better end user experience and the focus on the experience of what we want somebody to take away from is a really powerful tool I think about this all the time what I want the life audience what do what do I want your experience to be? So my experience who use designed and see how I'm sharing all of this no, my experience was designed that I first wanted to break through all your barriers and you know and I don't want to say hit you hard but I was going at this with much more adamant because I wanted to shake you up on the second day you know, I started wearing jeans and boots because I was kicking you're but a little bit there, right? So my whole my whole appearance was all geared toward making clear that you knew this is serious now you know, not now she's now she's she's tough you could you know rangel whatever our horse or whatever that thank you mcafee exact taken break it down so so that was part of the experience but today's experience and you see that you know how I dress it's a lot softer it's a lot friendlier and this is designed, you know, it's all part of the experience that is designed for you to, you know, to follow through this journey and see how she looks after today and you know now now, now, now her colors are different for that very purpose because it's an experience I'm leading you three such crazy stuff. Yeah, you like that? Cool. Yeah. So you know, for everybody who's watching this is part ofthe what do you want this experience to be like? How do you want to guide somebody through through the process? And when you're clear about that and you say what I want them to feel what I want them to think about then it's much easier to create the product around it. So I hope this makes sense. And again, please do ask you questions chime in in the chat rooms, andreas doing a phenomenal job. Thank you so much for woman ing the chat room and filtering it through to our great host, uh, jo marie and j k o I mean, I have had such a great time with you already. I don't wantto go, probably by the end of the day, you could say that's fine. I know it's been so good, you know, it is about creating these relationships, we now have created relationship, you know, we have a bond because we have a joint experience you have created an experience with each other you've built a support with each other because you've been through the same experience so how could you use this and take it in your own businesses like what would that look like if it's about your business and how about your business you know how would you want them to guide them through the process? Professional organizations always joined professional organizations chamber of commerce particular associations that are people that are like minded like you is a very powerful thing in business to do because when you hang out with people that have the same problem or issue or desire it so much he said have a good conversation you all here for the same reason so your conversation with each other is very precise I mean that's a lot of the bond and that's what we try to do in business we want to attract people that are like us so that we can have a communication on our level and if you have a hater or in account encounter a hater out there and trust me if encountered plenty off haters out there so be it shrugged him off that's one of things I really urge you to to is I've made a provocative statement the other day I said when people matter and they make waves so only if you matter and you make way ves you know people notice if you wouldn't matter they wouldn't be paying any attention to you, so when you're making waves and people starting to, you know, engage maybe and argue with you or try to put your down, you must have a message already because otherwise they wouldn't bother because people that are meaning less in the space don't get any heat. But if somebody makes a statement, people say, well, I disagree with you you're wrong because of this that means that your importance is rising up, you know? So when the negativity comes and it inevitably comes is always one hater out there, um let it roll over that's why I want the thank you cards and that's why I read the notes because to me, when I lose my over, did I do I go back to that and that's what feeds me and if that's important to you, then ask, put this much askew wantto ask for and what cannot going to say this? Because it was so, so amazing. I got a thank you card from jo marie just a moment ago and she's like well, because I know you like him so much and it's a beautiful card and it made me and I'm going like, so good. This is, um so thank you so much for being so incredibly thoughtful. And this is part of the relationship building and you see how much nice and sweeter and easier and gentler it is when we when we asked for it and when we get something in return I mean, you know, it's all fuzzy from here on forward let's talk about our clients. I want you to always have this one thing in mind. What is my client's objectives? And this is on page you let's, go to page seventy three because it's at the bottom the solving problems that's that's kind of what this is all about is every customer that we going after has an objective off some sort. I want you to know how to run your business is creative life once to have build a huge community off people that want to learn and improve their lives. So when you know what your customers objective iss and usually it is that they want to be better cooler, faster they want to appeal to the audience, but how so? Think about it. How does coca cola want to appeal to what audience? How do certain cigarette advertises want to appeal to their audience? How does a skin cream want to appeal to their audience? And the differences in these messages are some are tough some are improving someone making you feel good so much softer something some are you know the cool hipsters I remember when I was in flying from los angeles to new york and I was watching a channel from gopro which is the you know, the little active cameras that people can put on the helmet and I got so drawn into this into their message off you know having the message being produced by the very people that they're trying to go after what a cool concept that is so I look at these things constantly about how does somebody want to appeal to their audience and how do I want to appeal to my audience and then you talk like that you dress like that very important you only have one first impression so if you want to be a profession and you want to be a tte the high end you got to be at that level if that's not mattering to you if you want to communicate with people that have a hard time that you know maybe on a different level you want to communicate with them you probably shouldn't wear suit otherwise they think thatyou out of their reach for me what's really important for me and against all about no sharing my my my intimate secrets here for me it was about if we come out on this side when you do what I did I want you to see that this side is worth getting teo because to me if you don't think that it's worth getting here I think we're all screwed so that's part of my message because that's important to me somebody else may feel completely different so that's why I want to make sure that you know what my life what it feels like what it's like because as you are ploughing through the difficult isn't overcoming adversity and and you know many if you're doing the restart button uh and I've you know again I read the comments says I'm fifty to one fifty seven I'm forty two in forty three and you know I'm starting all over I guess it's not too late off course it's not too late you can do this and just make sure you clear why what you're trying to chief object of skulls that's what success looks and smells like your client's also want to be admired as industry leaders because no client wants to be the last your clients will always want to be the first in the language in the sales language we talk is a successful professional will always talk about how can what I do help them achieve their goal what I do helps them to achieve their goal so that means I need to know what their goal is and we do this in rivers what is their goal what do I need to provide and where do I start with that? So, you know, reverse engineering works really well for me, of course, is also part of the process to think about. I do a lot of the backward, the backwards strategy where start with the end goals, like what do I want to achieve? And then I designed it backward and said, you know, this needs to be going here and here and here and here, and then I know where started and it kind of know what the path is it's a great way to build a business some of your clients may want to be, you know, the green kind of clients environmentally conscious, some of your clients may want to help people out some off. You may want to help people, right, so always think about this. What is your client's objective? Is it an end user? Is it a business and then talk about what's important to them? That's, the whole conversation, the whole converses. Remember the example finding clients we've been talking about finding clients a lot in twelve steps.

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Chad Robertson

As an analytical person with creative spirit this was the perfect class for me. Beate has the passion of an artist coupled with a sharp, almost engineering intellect. I sometimes find with courses, online or not, that topics discussed do not apply to my journey. Not the case here. Everything was useful and the course materials provided invaluable. Highly recommended.