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Organizational Structure

So organizational structure you have to think it through and you see it in this graph so nicely I have a process I call it the what next process? So somebody comes to you what is their experience when they come in? Who did they talk to? What next? Once you talk to them what's next? Are they getting an estimate? Are they getting a proposal? Who is doing that after that what's next so they've got the proposal? Is it going to be followed up? Who's going to follow up what's next? Is somebody going to have to you know, if they say no what's next, if they say yes, who is going to do the job was going to produce that job? Who is going to execute that what's next how's it going to be paid for? What if they pay? What if they don't pay? In a lot of this, we'll talk about an automation mind mapping because I'm a huge fan of mind mapping wait until I opened that world to you. You'll be amazed and how how things change clearly I like systems and structure, so map it out like a dream and the job des...

cription and we'll go through this in the hot seat on how to sort of do these a good job description and figure out you know what these people should be doing this is an organizational chart and I've just put this up there for you you probably a little early for that but just so you get the id dea off what an organizational chart looks like so you always at the leader and everybody supports you your employees and your freelancers are not the bus off you you are the boss of them I see it so many times in businesses where employees actually undermined the owner's off the company and to say even bad things to them I've been in meetings where I went to a photo studio and we were talking about me coming on as a consultant and the people that you know brought me in we're not the owners and then when I met the owners by the owners a really, really nice because all this stuff that I had heard about him before was kind of like, you know what? I wonder how this is run and I look at the owner and she says absolutely gorgeous fun amazing woman and I'm like she needs to be front and center for everybody to see because people will love her more than this other you know, person that you know wasn't talking very nicely end of stuff happens so you got it you know? I mean you have to have a grip on this, you are a leader, we're not friends, we're friendly and we can be friends but we are leaders first and foremost we are in charge of our businesses so let's talk about you as the leader creating personal loyalty is done by showing vulnerability, so throughout this course I've shared some of my personal stories with you am I relatable to you some of the stuff that say said things you have experienced yourself so it's okay to shelve on a vulnerability humanity we all we all people people make mistakes there's no right or wrong there's you know, if you haven't done it in the time he allocated for this and it takes you not another extra year, there is no time police out there that's going to say I can't believe you did that other than yourself so it's okay to have that you know, to have that humanity and say, you know, I feel like a failure when I don't get that done and allow other people to actually help you. One of the biggest and most important things in leadership is that business owners especially small business owners don't like selling, which is why I wanted you to hear it from philip and so one of the first things that, uh I find business honest tried to get away from this sales guess what you just did that was my first lawsuit that's what the problem was because I made the mistake off letting the client relationships go to somebody else and because that person maintained declined relationships, that person thought it was her business and then she thought, how difficult can it be to run it? I'm already doing everything I'm the one who's talking to the clients that is probably the number one reason why there's lawsuits and businesses because the business owner doesn't want to deal with the sales so the client the key klein relationships never give those away you can have them you know fine tune the points of the thing or find you no additional clients but the key relationships that bread, bread and butter the life and blood of your business you must keep that in your hand so do not do sales as your first, you know, do something else to social media the busy work, the marketing whatever it is but with the client connections that's what you what you live on so you can not give that out and now we are workshopping he had a question and this is going back to the the scamming instant you talked about yesterday she asked now how do you ensure that situation does not repeat itself? And so that's the solution that's a solution? Okay, yes, so I have every time I try to higher sort of a communications person, I find that that somehow when they talk to people that important to you that it becomes really a little bit wishy washy so I have made more and more efforts to really keep the communication the relationships attached to me and have the execution off the michael will send you this nancy will make the appointment here is you know so we'll send you an outline off the white paper the graphics j j is going to send you the proof off the copy so that we have the busy stuff outsource but that it's very clear that I maintain the relationship and everybody else supports me and does what I asked them to dio so it's much, much, much more powerful and we can take much, much more questions now. Okay uh there is one question that comes in creative one wants to know why do you hire part time freelance? Why not full time freelance it's expensive liability because the minute you hire somebody full time you have to put them on payroll. If you put them on payroll, you have to pay payroll taxes. Then there are certain states of certain countries we have to give them health insurance and there's other other considerations they have vacation time. They have, um maternity leave. They have all kinds of benefits in some countries special in some of the european countries is a huge expense for business. I do not recommend you, especially in the start up too um hire somebody full time unless you really really can afford and you actually have an office and people in there I prefer and you know and we think back about the organizational structure is I prefer you to outsource the marketing to the marketing the social networking to a person that can do that help you with that to outsource thie writing to the writer to outsource the programming to the programmer and rather have five, six people in there that can provide certain elements off off the job versus having one person that you're trying to be what the many me that's why I keep saying this you know it's a mini me prevention and that seems like a safe uh safe bet especially if that person has a secret slash on then they end up taking off and then all of your tasks are are gone with them, right? Yes this's advised is based on real life experience I've done this and then this one key person leaves and then you screwed we have one more question and then we love t get some from our students here person says, how can I hire people though when I'm not making money? Should I offer execs equity in the business so that they'll get on board? Well, I mean, that depends on where they are in the business right now, right? So start up just to clarify I start up so they already have an existing business ah yeah is there any money I can ask because that really depends I mean if if there's a capital if there's money that's already already there then yes then you definitely can hire somebody bad you know you're offering your freelance et cetera should you put in non compete clause is that even possible or something that you think might help you retain that person retain that talent a non compete on freelances is almost impossible and some states are I mean if you hire somebody is a copyright and then you say well you can write for the competition is very few countries that will actually allow you to do that and in the state of california freak operators would even accept that yeah, I wouldn't put it exactly good point or if you if you are a um in california even if your employee and you signed a non compete uh california doesn't accept those because the government doesn't want to pay unemployment because she signed a non compete agreement so they want to put the burden back on the company so non competes are are tough I think it's better to have nd ace that says, you know, non disclosure agreements where you have your paperwork in order and people are not allowed to divulge information how you do business right but to prevent somebody from working from the competition is very difficult so I have clarification person has an investor interested in providing capital and his deeper question is so should I try to get money? The higher the execs from the investor? What do we well, I would really have to know what kind of business it is. I think if even investor generally speaking, if an investor puts money into your company, they want to see the team that can help the company grow. So your objective now is to stick with the course and go through the segment when we do talk about the growth strategies. So that way you can present your investor with a strategy that you're very much like they will be ableto have or put together at the end of this thiss course and say here's, the way I'm going to grow my company and here's, the people that I've identified that are going to bring me there because you've identified remember you have your customer profile, you've identified your revenue streams by now, so if you have that and now you know how much money you remember the whole work that's going to come up in a little bit if you know how much money you need to make it through x y z now all we need to do is that if we need to get there sooner, who is the right person to get you there faster and then you know, identify that person or a couple people like that and that too the numbers we already ran and viola and now you know now you can tell your investor on how you are investing their money to grow the company more rapidly that's great and just to clarify they have a social network based mobile app website nice yes. So stay tuned and keep working students at this point just so how you you said you hired the freelancers so when you start hardened from there do you hire them per project or as like, I want a marketer who will be my marketer forever or I want a marketer who will get me to the number one spot the word like google search some sort. Okay. So the first time you want to start with a job description because remember we're learning how to be leaders and business owners so the first one you wanna have a well defined project? Why? Because on the first go around, you even need to see if they can do what you ask them to there's people out there that lie shocking and that sheet and that use other people's work we want to avoid those and sniff those out at the least expense possible which is why when I hired through a company like islands or service like that there is a built in safety net because if they do a lousy job you can fire them and close the job and and there is you know, safekeeping with this power off the lands off preventing them from getting other jobs unless they do the right thing so you know, there are some levels sort of in there which is why I like it as an just a za measuring measuring opportunity yes so I hire first time for a particular job and I make sure that the job description is clear and then if I want to add on and I've done this with some people that I've added on there's a way for you can open the job and extend the job and you can keep the job open in perpetuity or you can close it any given time so I had a programmer that was supposed to come in for google analytics how to clear the find job you know it was supposed to work five hours a week for the next four weeks it was supposed to set targets he was supposed to you know, make sure all the good google and alex things were in place and then he kept getting sick happens, you know, human then he didn't respond there was the time difference I couldn't understand him he couldn't make skype work and you know, five weeks into the and three hours worked it got close to what I learned was that I had to be more specific in my job description and I said, english speaking, you must have a functioning skype or go to meeting uh, I mean, if I if I hire an ex ceo specialist, I would assume he's got a good internet connection, right? But little do you know? So you learn, and then you refine your job descriptions and they put it out there and then you, you know, put your not next job, but putting job descriptions out there for specific, well defined jobs is really good practice for business owner really, really iss said, answering questions, so this is a really interesting question lola's asking, should you bring? What about your failures? I mean, you do have a psa business person, you'll think, should you bring them into the conversation about and when you're talking about you is the school of hard knocks, something that people want to know, that you've kind of grown from that, or should you just leave it out completely? I probably would not. I think this is, um, in most of most everybody said this stage, probably where's, like fake it till you make it so fake it, uh, you can always when the conversation comes up later, see, I'm very measured, I'm really very guarded about certain things in my life, and unless we have this a certain level of trust I am not going to share that with you I'm sharing this with you when I feel it's the time to share that with you when we have a moment and that's very much like you you do not want to hang out your heart the first time you meet somebody and you say you know what staff has been you know I mean you can say well I'm you know, I had a lot of difficult adversity that's happened to me over the last couple of years I'm just coming out and you know and it's been it's been hard but I'm I'm on my way out of this and I'm really excited because I feel ready I feel refreshed I'm you know, things are becoming much clearer and I'm ready to do the job so that's ok to do and then when the conversation comes up you can say, well, I've I've been you know this and somebody may say you know what happened you can say you know like my husband's passed away and it's really turned my world upside down people will have a great compassion to that but I would not necessarily open with that because it almost could be misunderstood as an excuse for you to say, well if I screw it up you know it's not me it's because all this happened to me so I do believe in taking personal responsibility that's great advice, because I think your story is so powerful that I'm sure you when you have rebuilding, you weren't going into saying, hey, I've just been homeless and I lost everything that became your story later when you're successful again, yes, that makes perfect yes, that's really a great way to put it together. The story becomes only a story when you come out of the way on the other side. All right, one final question from our online audience l m wants to know what do you think about bartering services at the beginning when you can't afford to hire, love it, love it, love it, love it, love it, love it love it love, love, bartering love bartering I've done a lot of bartering myself on dh I think it's a great way to you know, to do a given take especially is helps you to get testimonials for your business. Check that out so if you're bartering somebody, you're not just bartering services, but you also like, hey, now you're technically my client. So now you also giving me a testimonial and I'm giving you a testimonial in return, so it actually builds really, really good relationship, so I'm a huge fan of parting bartering is good.

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