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Real-life Customer Profiles

Let's do a we're going to be workshopping coming up on stage and go in the hot seat right there thank you. Okay, so um oh we actually need your workbook and we just grab that and thank you so much all right, so let's go on the page twenty two and I apologize in advance if my handwriting is not good I am not known for this. So this is the customer profile this isthe number one what's the customer's h I'd say twenties thirties so twenty tooth what? Thirty five yeah, maybe maybe a top it forty okay um are they women or men? Only women okay what's the percentage of women um I would say eighty percent women this makes like a dentist noise. Okay, what do they like? They like oprah they like um occurred tooley they like um did block I don't know I can pronounce their car going yeah yeah so their spiritual yes spiritually okay um are they religious likely not they're more self driven. Morse is in the world of spirituality. Okay. Can you all see this making sure you see this too are they, um ma...

rried? Yeah, equally. So I see a lot that are actually mothers, so I I'm not gonna assume they're married um I would as faras parents or as faras married um well whatever we could gather well fifty you know it's about the divorce was about fifty percent so we know there's a lot of single moms out there so out of the eighty percent how many do you think our parents mom I would think about seventy percent clearance imam cia okay, you see how we're already getting a pretty clear picture of who these who these people are okay, so um if we don't know if they're married or not married then we obviously can't fill this out you'll find out somewhere down the road to help people you know uh that they'd come too because once they come to you then you ask him we say you know to better serve you please let me know more about you because I have programs there get specifically for for you know single moms and that is specifically geared to uh you know, two families okay so you know I have this program of this program or have a giveaway have a white paper haven't ethical bribe and if you are this way you fill this one out and if you are you know what we did in in the giveaway where I said you know if you want this or this or this this is already a way for me to segment what someone is interested in so if you have a giveaway that specific to a target audience so without them saying hey are you single uh oh you single mom you say well, the's are programs for single moms for married moms for you know, single non unmarried moms which of these will fit you best and then they can identify that without, you know, asking embarrassing question with them feeling like they're being put on the spot makes sense so far you're taking good notes all right all right then um the children how big are they? How hold they range in you know? Well, the people usually are max it about forty so most of, um of the children there's a few that I know that our they have older children but for the most part they're kids air did you say they have forty no the age that mat like the age the mad like the most the oldest I've seen him like maybe there's some in their forties but so the kids would have to be not too old is what I'm getting it because you said that twenty to thirty five yeah, I said it the most there forty okay, so so the forty might be another profile but if somebody's between twenty and thirty five kids aren't that all their kids are not that also how how old would you say the kids are they range between you know babies all the way up to about maybe twelve thirteen so three months okay, what do we know about the income are they struggling yeah most of them are trying to find their own way they're they are very drawn to the spirituality and they are trying to make a living in some fashion that is an expression of of their creativity or their spirituality um what's a struggling income I think some actually are supported by their spouse um and and then others I would I would max him out at forty grand a year okay you guys following along and you're all falling along very intensely ok hee I mean is that excited like can you like already not draw conclusions from this I mean this is this is not rocket science to coin now it really is it if you follow what you're saying b a t the steps of their and you have to take them and you're asking for clarity here it's like tell me the number tell me how old not just a general yes right exactly exactly because women is different than single struggling moms with children under thirteen that are barely making forty thousand dollars huge difference. Okay, so um if she has a job what's the job she's in um I've seen it all over the map keeping a couple examples please um one is a few of them actually are like telepaths or they they they they talk to the other side according to them I'm not a psychic's yes psychic thank you there's the word I not certain I'm going to sew misspelled us yeah oh no he got it is it yeah I think so could you okay good yeah um others are employed in just so like software engineer and add in seattle so a lot of a lot of the local people are software professionals insurance you know, workers this is the I'd say probably a smaller percentage or in the in the spirit of this the hyper spiritual realm and most of them are just people who have average lives who have this side of themselves that they that they want teo to explore okay that's a huge difference in your customer profile if somebody already knows that they are um really spiritual and psychic and somebody who is being introduced from the normal you know uh because a lot of people have no connection to spirituality so if you have some there's a difference in the way you market to people that are have a connection of spirituality and on whether you have to introduce him to spirituality so this is already a sw at this already a second profile do you understand why yes. Okay and I I see that the folks that are actually very in tune with their spirituality are like the size eight plus models to the people who are not as related to their spiritual what do you mean? Well, the people who are not as related to spirituality they aspire to have that connection they know it's possible they know that it's out there and they want it um and and they and they know that it can rule it khun provide peace and harmony or just some way of being that they don't currently have okay and so they had they aspire to that to that state okay okay very good all right so this is the this is sort of the desirable so these are your showcase clients okay almost like your example so this is the testimonials then that these people need to read to say you know, my connection with the divine is so good that I feel I'm in the right time doing the right thing meeting the right people because that's what these people don't think yes okay got it all right, so what's the job title are they are they below manager are the managers are the directors are they the leaders their leaders they are in their homes their leaders you know, in their in their actual being their leaders whether and again profession they really would you think that managers are we talking about directors managers because they have I believe they have more of a connection to people around them and they're more hard driven. Okay um this man and man stands for manager so do you think that a manager's salary is forty thousand dollars that's a good question? Usually it's not manager, manager salary should be should be higher than that. Okay, so, you know, we have ah, we have ah, question right here on which where we are off. Awesome, because if they're struggling and making forty thousand, then they're probably not managers, then they're probably aspiring to be managers. Ok? God, that means they're not in control either. That I'm not aware of their finances will enough right? And that's a question and to be putting into exactly well. And why do you think we need to know how much money they're making? Because I wanted to know how much they will spend. Hello, exactly the clearer we are. If somebody makes zero, what is the ability to to buy a five thousand dollar program? Zero zero times anything is zero. Very well, very well done. You guys have such good learners so quick on your feet. So but if somebody makes you know, if somebody makes forty thousand and that's, you know what they're making, and then what are they going to take home? Because they won't have to pay a third of taxes on that. How do you think that their spouse will feel when off thes? Whatever that the thirty two thousand that they have left, they want to take five thousand dollars and put into u hyeon program yeah so gonna happen it depends you know on how you in the return on investment right? Oh, you feel better okay honey, I'm happy I'm happy that you're happier but you know, like there has to be something a tangible results from I will so they say about this that you know I do a lot of radio now with my book and a lot of the radio shows a show host all guys and so one of my big topics on what I get you know, on radio the most is how to make her happy guys will spend money on this because they cannot wait to get their home life back and to have a happy woman at home you just wind the book's called happy woman happy well there's no it accident and anything I do so you know so you you can play into that is it not worth for you to help your wife that is into spirituality but doesn't have the connection who's really struggling who's taken care of your children to help her to find happiness because if she's happy you will be happy but yeah and the intentional planners actually not just about happiness is about creating what you intend to create in your life, right? So if if it's a a tool for their wife tech too achieve what it is that they are out to achieve that I believe that there will be a support for that, all right? And it doesn't have to just be happiness that they're out to create in their life. They could have something specific that they're trying to achieve the number one google term is happiness people look for that that's a bit it's a huge thing right now on how to be happy because that said yes, but maybe it isn't maybe this is thiss great shift that way in right now and wait until you see what I did and when I did through the big reveal tomorrow and you think how I made you happy before I even knew what I was doing, you know, and it's it's following the same principle that could make him happy and then you really tell him what you did. So so it's it's about finding what makes them happy because happy that everybody wants to be here anybody wants doesn't want to be happy do you know want to be happy? I want to be happy, I'm actually very happy, but, you know, it took me a long time to get to that happiness part and I invested in a lot of your programs. I've invested a lot of programs like this and congratulations for investing in this program and being year your time and your money forgetting to that next level on finding the happiness because when you get this right and you sell people something that makes you money and that helps somebody like this to be happy that is incredibly rewarding isn't it that's what we do this but you see how I want to just notice can we see you in how have face lights up she was not like this yesterday but no she's like this I love it okay um so she's employed she's not a freelance maybe some but not many ok good so what I would do now to take down the customer profiles is I would go ahead and I would make this a separate profile right okay so this is profile number two I take the ones that are the zeros and I'll make that a separate profile and I'll make that a number three why? Because of money so this is an entry level product cheap to help people to get over that first hurdle okay somebody who is making this why is this my number one and this is typical how I do these things always not getting to missy why is this my number one profile because yes should you start with marketing to people that have no money should you start marketing in your customer profiles to the people that have the most money yes this's help you good I think I'm going to take another one up here yeah they're good all right and you can take this oh, thank you thank you for calling me a round of applause for the connie all right so that's talked about customer profile and I was cheating I was working on this while you were talking a cz you should because I think it's important because you're not a photographer um I think it's important to you know to go for this and if we have time you know I'll take a photographer up here as well think it's as many as possible so just so everybody gets there just just a bit but it's so obvious right what it isthe when you see it in front of you like well why would I market is somebody who has no money why would I not market to the highest group and you see how that changes the language you have to be used I mean it really does all right so let's talk about the number one how old is we said how old is she fifty plus okay she's female yes uh what does she like what's a problem she likes looking good um she likes when she has a lot of energy she likes good food tasty food and uh probably likes working out or staying active as lee brandon who we will meet says do what you love just longer okay acted okay what's her problem her problem is that uh she wakes up tired uh very busy doesn't get time to be his activist she wants hates dieting and very confused about what's right so much information because there's pretty good are these pain points yes he's already all pain points you know what their pain but what would her pain points I just really, really good um does she have children um potentially potentially on children would probably be ten plus um but there may be some that are fifty plus that don't have children the majority will have kids I'd say the majority will yes eighty percent seventy percent eighty percent and uh do you really think that the kids had ten or the kid's older um what I'm finding in vancouver is a lot of people have waited till later life to have their children how interesting no wonder they're tired busy have no time to work out because they started really late okay so children misunderstanding exhausted were very fertile nbc do what you do you even know how many kids you have um typically I'm seeing to some families for that's pretty uh pretty good customer profile already very proud of you so how much money is she making now this is where if I focus um in vancouver there is a lot of stayed home mumps man cooper's a very expensive city so you have to be making pretty good money but there's going to be a good family income yeah so if she's married uh they're you know, probably making one hundred and fifty two hundred thousand plus hundred fifty two I'd say hundred fifty and up the different salary makes a million as we found out yesterday so, um I think uh you know that's too for customer profile number one let's do the number one so what I would do is for you know, if if we know that we're in an area that's very affluent and that some may have significantly more money and I would do this in packages I would have a package one I would do a package to I would do a package three and putting packages together basically goes you look at these income levels and you think about what somebody like that can spend and then if you have a second layer or second level off income let's say it would be a million no, I'm so in perfect um and I would do a create a product just for them sort of a platinum a totally decked out caviar champagne, maybe healthy version before I kill yours healthy exactly right fish esso I would do a platinum package for, you know, so the higher ups so that could be your you're number two profile you know they have all the same problems but they just have more money. The other thing that's interesting about vancouver is there is a very large percentage of single women um and they are the fifty plus um okay so so so these are having a zero income but they have a family right right and then we have the other ones that are single and they're probably making anywhere ninety thousand and up so say two one hundred and fifty thousand astonishing that if the guy turns we estimate him to have one hundred fifty to two hundred thousand the woman's by ourself we estimated ninety two hundred fifty thousand dollars and that's it must change this so is she single mom on dh she all of this is she is she very well could be ok I would say that maybe uh fifty to seventy five percent would have children uh I'd say about fifty percent would have children fifty percent wouldn't it was very interesting demographic in vancouver okay so customer profile number one is her sorry about the mess that's her customer profile number two is her customer profile number three is her cosma profile name before is her okay so let's talk about how we're going to talk to her which of these what you pick as your first target customer and for everybody's watching at home this is the crucial question when you follow us through this I want to know which of your customer profiles what you pick and you know if we have anything just you did please to jump in and let me know I think it would be good to have this and very interactive element I have two thoughts okay good sure them the uh the customer profile I would aspire to go to because of their ability to pay would be the customer number two because of their ability to pay for the services I'm probably from an identification standpoint because I don't have my own children I have a stepson but I don't have my own children there might be more women that would identify with me that are single without children okay so here's here it here it here are my thoughts on this when I look at this I think that ah lot of the pain points are pretty much the same the language changes on lee as to why she's doing this is she doing this just for herself is she doing this because she needs the energy for her children her family and her husband is she doing this because she needs the energy for herself and her kid so she gets the kid through or does she just want to be a very best because she's single and she still wants you know to consider the opportunity perhaps to get married somewhere down the road that changes the language you talked her doesn't make sense because if you talk to me you know and I'm while I'm very successful many things in my personal relationships I'm still working on this no so you talk to me it's all about you know how can you make me look great and feel great as long as possible because I still want that special relationship and, you know, get married what a shocking thought um after have been successfully divorced and very happily divorced for many, many years, so little trivia here and my daughter is now twenty one, so I really don't want to be in good shape for her and have the energy to deal with her because she is, you know, she needs to now go into her own thing because you know she's an adult so it really changes the language on how you're dressed. You're different customer profiles, I will tell you the worst. I have the worst example, so my daughter has not spoken to her father in nine years, which is a terrible and very sad story, but there were things you know we had to make a choice and the choice was she just couldn't and shouldn't be speaking to her father anymore. Social he's completely out of the picture father's day is coming up a leading car accessory and car repair service sends her addressed to her a flier and it says, doesn't your dad deserve the best for father's day it was ugly my daughter was visibly upset how can a company make the assumption that all young women that goto their shop for women they go to their shop a half fathers imagine imagine you know, somebody sending something to janice and said, you know, don't you want to treat your husband I mean it's like somebody taking a stagger and just putting it right into your heart and turn again slowly upset down that is terrible advertising and terrible bren because it shows me that you insensitive jerk so that's why having a cz much data as possible is so crucial because do we believe that single women with kids do you have they given up on relationships? Probably most cases yeah really do you think that's true if we don't know she'll be make this assumption no see not at all because then you'd be like this leading car manufacturer you know what this company is saying like well I know exactly what all women want no but if you get down to that number eventually where you find out and you find out like in your intake for right what is your main motivation for doing this? I wantto you know I want to not be tired I want to find time I wantto have a schedule to work out I want to un confuse this tiding problem and I want to you know, I you know I want to have a relationship I want to look good for to attract a special someone you know so there's ways we can formulate this in very sensitive sensitive matters but making assumptions is tough and you know what I mean? Assumption. Last night with somebody, uh, and I got, you know, I got burned pretty quickly. Uh, and I was really embarrassed about that. So, you know, and it always teaches me that was, you know, this one a woman that was serving on this little private party, and she had this mark on her arm, and I was really unsure as to what it was, and I know that people, you know, do piercings and burn marks in all kinds of things. And I made a comment about it, and I didn't realize that it was a health issue for her, and it clearly was something that she was very sensitive about. And I put my, you know, by making this comment, might my foot in my mouth and it was so embarrassed about it, it's just a good reminder for us to always be clear about we have no idea what this other person story really is. So in our language, unless we really know what it is, you know, we say, well, most of my clients or many off the women I work with, or most, you know, most parents that come to me, almost people that come from russia to the united states have commonly you know these things and people will say I relate to that of relate to that I don't relate to that or you know when I say what resonated with you if you tell me you're good I just I was listening to a programme on the radio that mentioned target was doing this marketing where they were you know, looking at the purchases that from the target hard and then sending appropriate they thought advertising to the home of the of the owner of the cart and there was uh gentlemen who started receiving advertisements for baby products on dh he had a teenage daughter and um yeah he found out via target that his teenage daughter was pregnant what happened happened to me we went to target to buy for my niece for her baby baby stuff next thing I know I get all this baby and diaper stuff for my daughter and I'm like honey are you not telling me something mom I'm like why am I getting all of this you know are mysteriously teenage magazines show up or a catalogues for for toddlers? I mean people you know, if you don't know who you're targeting to it just shows that that this is so important and you know and thank you for sharing this example I cannot even imagine right it was the father was devastated, of course it was one way to get the information out I suppose they were targeting teo the right audience in some ways but yeah, not not the not the way you want teo yeah, I'm sure target was more defined by that experience get that's unbelievable that's unbelievable. Good. So does his clarify this for you? Yeah, okay, yeah definitely does. Okay, good. I think we should reach us check with what? The questions and I think we can probably do one more actually one thing that I think the online audience would love to see frank causes asking about this saying they don't have a current customer base it all how would you start with somebody from scratch? I mean and that's exactly because I don't have apologize I'm sorry. I thought you already had an idea for you're targeting apologize? I have an idea but I want to taste is what we started with yesterday remember? She just came up with this yesterday. So I want to be very clear about this. Connie came in yesterday and she says I don't even know we were just going through this because we learned about her that she's a woman at a certain age I'm fifty plus who decided who decided at this point that you were going to go into a fitness bodybuilding competition and you scored third place so we I looked at her and we decided that people that are off a certain age probably would be very attracted to her because she isn't just talking about it. She is a living proof, right? I mean, look at her. How fabulous she looks. So is she believable to her target audience? Because she is the audience. So that's, how we arrived at that. What we said? Well, what's the most congruent way for her to find her first client. And remember we yesterday we said connie said, well, but what about the husband? So what about men? Or what about teenagers? I mean, I technically if I help people to not be tired, to be less busy, teo, find time to work out to find the right diet and do not be confused. It could be technically absolutely everybody. But the world is not your target. So you have to start with something and you have to start with the one group you're the most comfortable with. That is the easiest for you to target. So that's how that's, how we showed up. So I hope that clarifies it. So do we have someone? What, one month? Um let's do maybe barbara and I think that for the other segment for the money segment, I'll take you think on you'll get this on while we're making this transition be out a, um, we do have a question from lindsay who's really curious about b to b, which is business a business profiling do you target the decision maker of the business? And how do you create a customer profile and that okay instance? Very good. So the answer to that is you you you follow it pretty much the exact same way. So you u, um what's the job title? What is their decision power? Are they actually being able to make that decision? Or is it somebody else you always want to? You always want to talk to the people, obviously, that make the decisions, but you also have to pay attention to the gatekeepers. So and when we go in the actually very next side after this, I'll talk to you about how to connect with clients and to stop selling on how to connect with with people based on these critters. But it's, always the same process, is they who are they? How old are they? And then you say, well, I don't know how old they are well, how old is the manager? How old is a director? How old is a senior director? How old is a vice president? Hold is the senior vice president hold it's a ceo if you're going after tech companies if you're going after a small businesses that are run by mom preneurs you know what's the average age so it's okay to average certain things out but it's the same process you know and again I'm going to just show you this in the workbook so you know, I've outlined it exactly like this so you you just follow this and just fill it out you know, one by one by one by one and if very much like some of things we've identified here you know you just just put him in and there's a couple of them available for you to fill out but um it comes really by learning by starting with one and then you know and once we have the first one I did for you so what I just did with with connie uh where I was like, well, this is number one this would be number two this would be number three because the pain points are just a little bit different and it takes a little bit of time but you got to figure out where you're going to start, so where we going to start? Well well, I was sitting there is working up a couple different profiles one is people who need portrait's for lengthen or a corporate website and then the other profile is is for small businesses let need portrait's or perhaps a portrait photography package where they might need head shots of their employees but then also shots of the business and other other promotional photography so I could start with either one of those where's the money where's the money um I I kind of like the perhaps the first one because there's um uh they're smaller jobs and quicker turn over and perhaps more referral um to your possibilities, I think that's it might fit your lifestyle. Got it's exciting me right now. Yeah, so this is easier, faster, more exciting. Got my handwriting. So this might be you're a revenue stream in future, right? Okay, let's, start with that. Okay. Um, average age being between let's say twenty five and fifty I'm thinking these are, um career oriented people um that are they they like networking? Um and they have they're excited about there jobs in their corporate lifestyle, perhaps or they like the they like being part of ah company or corporation as opposed to the other group that I was thinking about that are more independent and so starters ok, is there going to be any education needed? I think there is because as I was writing this out I realized one of the dislikes might be that they don't like having their picture taken on dh on dh they don't like self promotion again as opposed to the second group of small business owners that might really embrace providing them themselves and and don't have any fear of getting out there and putting their face uh in in front of their business and perhaps thes this first group they don't see the need exactly so which took me to thinking that perhaps I'm going to need to market to someone within their companies say if they needed a a uh a portrait for their corporate website or their spouse who's saying kahlan we want your current let's boost your career let's get you out there um you know, I've had a couple clients that have come to me via their spouse uh because the spouse seas beneath even if the the employed person doesn't so we're talking about men being pushed by women in coaxed ethically indeed it could go that way yes yes and in the one particular case I'm thinking of it was the female prodding okay the male along yes okay so you think that more men need that picture taken and women perhaps you know less about women okay, well I mean, I um I think it's a little bit of both but I think in the in the spouse referral zone I think it's probably more the female is this going to be a good marketing to tell women to push their husbands to get their photo taken? Um it might be difficult to find that audience I suppose how happy do you think men are going to come er going gonna be when they come to your studio after their wives like few don't go well I think there's got to be an element of talking the man into it getting him getting him um you know finding what his pain point is and then bringing him in and convincing is another kid model and here's why okay? Because if you market to someone who's gonna have to market for you you have this other person in there that you can't control and when was the last time you liked being told what to do not a good marketing model right instead of doing the spousal referral zone which I don't think it's a good model okay for that reason because if you know men don't want to be convinced I mean jake, you'll tell me I mean, if if if how would you feel about this? I probably would balk at it I'm just somebody doesn't like being told what to do. I must admit I'm quite sure I'm actually quite childish about that it would make me push in the opposite direction anymore even if I actually do fundamentally agree with what they're saying it's a very bad fault of mine yeah no it's not a bad father but I think this is a universal really but I think guys perhaps more than more guys generally I think do not like having their pictures taken it's um it's a male trait um I hate to generalize like that I actually even though I work in broadcasting I hate having my picture taken I think I think men are actually more precious about that women are so how do we get to them tell us tio typically with guys in general thing it comes down to need a guy will only go to the doctor when he's sick he'll only go to a photographer when he's been told he has to have a picture and it has to be easy and quick and over with right okay I like that you know easy quick so fast pace isn't no no you know I guess it but we'll call it around the corner marketing kind of thing is that's just a no no you know you do not want to do that so if we assume we can we can we can market to the woman if she's professional and then give her a coupon um to say if you bring your spouse husband boyfriend partner you get a you know second full fifty percent off and is only going to take ten more minutes now you got an upsell if you market to men it has to be coming in from guys you want to hear someone sure hominy gumball machine says tell a guy it will attract women can you tell him to get in your hand l m says give him the facts how could this help the numbers of his career right indeed yes yeah upward mobility higher salary perhaps the bonus in the deal okay and you know more people noticing you just like you shared yesterday they there's people you won't accept it and you know I have had clients money wise it won't give way we're going for the unmarried I said here I think shopping element here is well but let's not forget also is that there are numbers they're rials studies out there that good looking and professionally looking and professionally dressed people advance at a faster rate I mean, this really studies out there so I would you know, find those that's what did I do when we started this I gave your numbers I give you some proof on that what you were doing wasn't outlandish or crazy that you had the right to do it so you want to reiterate what they're thinking and you say, well, here it isthe people that have a professional portrait taken where it's not the ex girlfriend cut off and has talked about this with her blonde hair still lingering in the picture you know, professionalism advances further because that's what a company wants to see I'm not going to send somebody out there I told you that the worst picture was this this photographer who wanted it wanted to go in my group photography business and his profile picture was a kid with a ku klux klan mask wu so we had to go and we do the research and we find out that he actually had done a book about this boy that you know was raised that way to raise the social awareness but what a hideous idea to make this your profile picture even if you've won an award for the book because what what do I think of this person what does anybody think of this person I'm not going to even go there right so so it's often on often it's ok to do it before and after to say you know this is what they looked like before this what they had before and this is what they having now and now you made your point okay but I want you to take us with you so thank you all right did that help yes yes I have a very big shout out to barbas trousers way absolutely stunning on they match the shoes as well and they match the bullets as well so well she's a salsa dancer so she danced her way in with style today very, very nice yes now I remember going to live too ediborah now forwards felipe from philip is from edinburgh is from the now he's originally swiss that's what? I thought we could have a competition here who could say adam brah the different ways I bet he's got a completely different taking it too well he also says with the knife french except say anything with a french accent what I know so let me just go through this because, you know, I spent a lot of time in the customer profile just because it was sort of sensing that this was one of the most important things so let's talk about connecting with klein's and if I have more time we can also revisit this again on in a future segment but basically it is about stopping selling you are going to be the expert in your field you going to be conversational and not confrontational like you can't say to a guy like what we just talked about? Look dude, you look you look like an idiot. Did you really need my help? You have to figure out a way to say, well, generally speaking, people that have professional pictures taken are having a high prestige advance faster I'm being considered for promotions of being taken was seriously do better networking because everybody else out there pays attention to it I do do not send me a link in or a friend request anywhere unless you behave like a professional I'm just gonna ignore it that's just that's just this because if you want to be connected with me on any level that's what I demand from that's why expect from you I expect you to rise up to the level have a photo tell me why you connecting with me tell me you know what you know what you want why you think it's it's it's good to connect and if we do connect please send me a little thanking out and tell me you know sort of how this will enhance our relationship how can you serve me how can I serve you you know we want to start a conversation it's not about just connecting with beaches not having friends of followers or like like what do you do with them there's like this one group where um is people that have a certain number of connections that five hundred plus connection I have now over fifteen hundred and so some people in the group just come and say well, you know we're in the same group so we are interested in having a lot of connection let's just connect why why? I mean this is something very negative that is out there about us organizations like lincoln et cetera that employers and employees now looking so if you apply for a job and they see you only have one hundred fifty connections but this person has four hundred that person is more likely to get the interview absolutely that's terrible now, it's actually, now, actually, I don't, because I think if people would understand the purpose ofthe what professional networks on we talked about the term network versus the term media is it is really about making a point that you mean business, and it is part of what we have to know today to compete in the professional world is the same thing if your photographer and you still refusing to have an instagram account, we'll talk about this in the marketing segment, but then this company finds his photographer was like, they're also, like has an instagram account with one point, five million followers who do you think's going to get the job? I think my point was more if you are just collecting connections that you actually have no relationship with these people at all just to get your number up. Isn't that what you were really just saying that you're connecting with people for the sake of connected? Right, like follow for follow on twitter that annoys me so much. I'm not a big fan of that, so some say so you managed to get five hundred connections, but you you actually no, you actually don't know four hundred ninety off. Well, that's, a good question to see what that percentage really would be. But I do. I do say that I very discriminatory about we want to do business with, you know, market to women, ah lot on market, too creative's. So those are my my priorities, because I know we can actually have a conversation. Then I look for people that I made wanna partner with and have, you know, sort of a business relationship with

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