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Setting Objectives & Goals

So let's think about where's our money going to come from how will we measure the results? What success for you when it's going to happen how is it going to happen I would actually like to have a sunshine seat with someone up here who is helping our audience here now audience life out there to set a couple of objectives and goal so anybody willing to do practice the measurable results come on up mary and you can you know you can see teo go right you know I'm going to actually do that and in the workbook this is on page seventy eight and I just want you guys to take a quick look here so uh you know this is where I want you to make those objectives and goals and that's how we get started thank you so much kate where it took my notes about the okay so where's your income income going to come from uh client shoots up so er well packages up selling on dh I always want to go to the dentist when I write she sat and shoot yeah, I know what's going on with me let's go okay, okay. How many packa...

ges we talked about this one hundred eight come in your views do you think you're an absolute it's good question thirty like thirty percent could because if they're good enough packages when you don't have to that's meant that's supposed to say school multi tasking for a blonde okay school for talking we already had said we know what that is right? You know that's a straightforward unless you want to grow that we're going to grow that not this year hopefully in the future okay good this year okay good. So this is what we're going to be focusing on up selling so we had said this is where we sort of want uh this is our ultimate goal is the ninety is the ninety thousand so you said that you already at about a hundred clients but your clients are not making the kind of money right s so how many yeah so how many this is sort of fella goal this hour this so objective so we want to upsell from your existing clients a third is that the same number like like from your existing client? You said you have a hundred clients right? So we know we can bank on this for the next year because that's what you've already been doing so out of those one hundred clients how many more do we want to up sell to the next level program because right now you said you do the two hundred twenty five and then they do whatever so you said the average packages six hundred dollars so now out of those one hundred that are spending six hundred dollars, how many more of those do you want to increase because we setting tart objectives now so beginning tomorrow you want to take how many people from six hundred to whatever number by what time? Gotcha uh forty or fifty okay, so we have forty people that are going tto add how much you know so we have the six hundred that's our base so how much more we're going to add to the six hundred so we're going to add four hundred to this and by when january one I mean theoretically these packages would start tomorrow yeah yeah yeah, of course. So that means that you have from here until jenny forty of two book forty of those okay, so um I'm probably twenty for the even bigger up so okay, so and we gonna aim for twenty to go from from six hundred too an extra nineteen hundred by when you're better um by this I would give myself the same goal or even sooner that's become servant okay are you going to be adding any new clients? Are you finding new climbs? Yes okay, how many? But they're also probably clients from last year that won't be repeat clients necessarily. Okay, so then you know I'm not because there we're not setting goals of losing clients just being realistic they don't necessarily need that updated those updated pictures just yet okay so well, so we assume that from the hundred what we can do that we can say let me see what I would do that if we have, like, a hundred clients and we assume that about whatever third thirty thirty percent would not be repeat clients so we have two already add thirty nuke lines just to be at the number in your measurements, right? And do you want to grow that number's by how much? Ten to twenty, ten to twenty so let's do fifteen. So now she wants forty five new clients and by when let's just keep it fiscal and even and say january one it's getting real sloppy down I was gonna hang this up in my bedroom. I know I may have to do this again afterward it says it s so it kind of it kind of looks better. What about a marketing goal in terms of like facebook likes and yes okay, um I have a goal for that already fifteen hundred by january longer is what I want ah, in addition, no total. How many do you have? Six. Fifty five. So you want to add, like, another nine hundred likes and also by january day for you I've been putting this into small goals at one hundred a month. Nice. Yeah, that's exactly. So you're following doubt on break big things down in small steps yeah, I totally agree with you. What about marketing direct mail's oh I haven't really been doing any direct mailing do you recommend that okay wait sorry I'm talking snail male versus female and direct mail could be could be either could be either okay my goal was to do at least one news letter a month that I wasn't bombarding people and how you doing in his letter right now yeah, but not every month like I told myself I should be okay so so one of your goals is to just do a monthly newsletter I also have a weekly block post that I'm trying to keep same topic same subject you know repetitive and I'm doing that about half the time fresh after okay so this would be then the girl would be monthly and this girl would be weekly isn't you following all of this but bad setting goals so I want you actually set some some objectives and goals and write those in the notes and seventy eight and if you're out there go ahead and shoot is over in the chat rooms if you have any energy left in you just shoot is over some of your goals and some of your objectives because we'd love to hear what those are all right um so let's uh you know, brainstorm a little bit here together so you know, shout out what what what you got but what could be some other goals and objectives for mary? Pardon for mary ah yeah for you like because we you know goes there goes the ghost so some of them are to increase the the worth or the spent per client some of them are to add more clients them some of them are to add mohr more likes some of them might be to tweet mohr some of them might be to you know so she says she wants to increase she wants to hold itself accountable on the monthly she wants to hold itself accountable on the weekly so you know, those are some good calls and I think that's kind of where would leave it at that gives you plenty through agreed yes and you know and the only thing I will tell you that I would pay attention to is figuring out and how you going to add these new clients so on the marketing will the likes lead to new clients there's a lot of spend going into ppc as well for the marketing okay, so it's totally where the clients coming? Okay, okay, good. Yeah, because that's one state one thing I would look for you I'm not like you like me on facebook. Of course. Yeah, yeah. You like me on facebook automatically reclined? Okay, not even close brother, you go ahead since I'm in bay area and I'm a parent and you're targeting parents there is a this free magazine the parenting magazine you confined in every store yeah, and I believe they still do they vote for the best photographer, eh of the year so I don't know maybe towards toothy in there or put maybe advertising into although I did advertise with them and it was incredibly expensive and I got no clients yeah area parenting magazine you know what and that's a great that's a great great feedback tohave because if you sucked for me though yeah, well it's not for you but that you know, to michael's point some things you just try a little bit smaller sure and um you know and maybe you don't do the full page ad but you see if it works first because a lot of these magazines tried to sign you up for a contract for contracts and they say, well, you know it's really the it's really in being constantly visible so you know, play with that but before I put my thousands of dollars into something like that there's a lot of stuff that we can do with sort of less money yep, absolutely. Okay, sure okay, good way have any feedback from the life audience about their goals and objectives? Well, yes coming in with different comments in different thoughts of what they're doing pok photography was really funny said dear bot please can you make an app for this for math for math test for death no, never mind. I know you meant on then and met. A lot of them are off on it. Chocolate tangent so and their chocolate tension than many and jungle attention. But the interesting thing is, people are still interested in the passive income. They're they're they're actually really building there their whole new careers. Now what michael was saying earlier on he's really inspired them into different ways. Gonna be opening a car wash in there, not just car washes and laundromats of laundry mats. Comedy gumball machines said, hey, why not expand your market and offer free hair wash within convertibles in the car watch? I think they're just getting really creative and they're inspired. I want to hang out with people he's absolutely due to due to contact may well, loco for beverage and yeah, but again, this is like the community aspect, the think tank they're really just supporting another at this point, and they're very excited that the numbers are finally coming together because remember the first time you start to go over that that was way different wasn't pretty. I thought it was really beautiful, though, because to me, you know, way always forget that this is really a process, you know? You're not being you're not here because you're perfect. If you were perfect, we wouldn't be here. So the whole point is to get you here because you're willing to learn and that's, you know, what's been so beautiful about you here and about all the view out there is your willingness to share jumpin to brainstorm toe workshop I don't even know workshopping is actually a lie, a word or not, but I don't know ask tag thiss course it iss, you know, that's part of the german isms, so that I like that because if you would have been there and you would have gotten this all right the first time and you would have known exactly what to do, there would have been zero value for a few out there because then people go like, oh man, I suck compared to her, but because you had to really think about what that process was in, you're discovering the process, they discovered the process with you. It's show up time. What do you committing to in your business? This goes shout out to everybody out there! What are you committing to? I want three things from everybody right this very moment and write them down it is on page number seventy nine we've been through this enough time to commit three things she going to do and these are big things be going to go to the action items and a little bit this is big things I want you to to do what does your business need right at this very moment? What are you going to do that your business needs the most and then shout them out equipment jenna's grad equipment equipment I need I have everything except light modifiers and I need those oh, I need light mind of fires and I lied I need a printer in paper that's pretty much so you got your three things it's actually you know really hard core stuff so you can actually do your job wonderful. Who else go ahead. You know, um I need the london page where I will start collecting the email addresses to start building the database. Okay on dumb I need uh some at least one finished product uh and uh might be committed to my five daily goal list and do them you know what? I actually like that to say. You know, one of my goals is to bajor very slick she's like I just did a double whammy she's going to be really happy she is barbara go ahead. Um I'm inspired to start a cloud sourcing project uh to to fund my collaboration um with the painter julian sterling um of us doing she thanks you came up with a great title for this project her piece that she she did a large drawing and I did um photographs and they work together they talk to each other she called it sauce a tasty collaboration it was salsa dancer I was just thinking and I'm hearing the salsa in there yeah yeah and also equipment absolutely I have been drooling over a bunch of equipment for a while that I know I need and I'm just gonna I'm gonna bite the bullet and do it yeah very good um and branding brandy good we didn't really talk about that but I had already started consulting with a branding a couple professionals and I hired one just but they're to go yeah and you know and I'm glad you mentioned the word branding so here's sort of the way this course was put together I I actually went into my photography business group and I presented this and I said I'm working with you know at this time unnamed uh company out there and I was going to put this book at the spa this course together and said what's the most important thing that that the creative community needs and so I got a lot of feedback from from from a lot of people that said well the's are the things we consider the most important and so what I did is I literally went in and said ok you know, this got so many votes this got so many votes this got so many votes and then I had to pull together what I felt that it was the most important fundamental course I do believe that, you know, perhaps in some some future there is a you know how to grow, uh component about it and then that would be more about thie you know how to how to take this and know how to really find two in the brand and how to really put that business on steroids, but you have to have some numbers by then and you know, so so that would be a class or course as I'm envisioning it when we already have some data and then we can pull the data out, we can say ok was the data tell us and really talk about data analysis and about, you know, then we will talk more about automation and howto really amplify and multiply and, you know, and do all these kinds of things and branding is one of the things that I mean, you saw what we've covered it's not that we were slack I mean, we're not slacking hardly I mean, you have so many notes uh, to to come out so anybody else wants to share what they've identified the business needs connie, please good, so my business needs uh well, I just thought of one more thing. But anyway, my business needs isn't really around. Uh, you know, I've got my computer got my ipad, those types of things. But the biggest thing I want to do in the short term is finalized my business name and purchased the girls and then start building my website and, um and then start asking for referrals. Okay? And we are going to social proof. I'm gonna actually get to get to that. Okay? Do we have anything from life audience? We have quite a few lindsay's saying number one is to finish my business and marketing plan. Number two is to get my first contract, and number three is to build my business before the end of the summer. Darcy g says number one, go for the cash number to finish the projects that will make more cash number three make more of those projects. I like her cast seven four five, says number one is to fill out the workbook, too is to commit and stop listening to negative people on three is to stop being afraid and just go for it.

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As an analytical person with creative spirit this was the perfect class for me. Beate has the passion of an artist coupled with a sharp, almost engineering intellect. I sometimes find with courses, online or not, that topics discussed do not apply to my journey. Not the case here. Everything was useful and the course materials provided invaluable. Highly recommended.