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The Non-Sleazy Elevator Pitch

Let's talk about the nun sleazy elevator pitch for those of you who've never heard off an elevator pitch and elevator pitch is intended to when you've always wanted to meet justin bieber just kidding and you are when you meet that person that you've always wanted to meet and you're in the elevator and you going from the first from the from the lobby to the eighteenth floor to the rooftop bar probably in my case and now you have thirty to sixty seconds maybe a minute to to pitch to this person who you are and what you do so what would you say? So my formula for the elevated the non sleazy elevator pitch goes like this you state your name and then you stayed what problem you're solving for your clients the benefit which has talked about why this is so special and then you end up with some sort of a conversation opener and I do have this in the workbook on page uh sixty eight and sixty nine so um it's right here so here are the the elements off it can you see it and we started with uh you...

know, my name in the problem I solved and the second is wisest so special as into what does it do for my clients my conversation starter and sort of closing comment because the conversation started at the end of it has to be something that's engaging for for the other person so you would say something like um and we we will have a guest later today let me see when she's on yeah ali's and segment number three and she will share her elevator pitch with us and we worked on this elevator pitch for a long time because you know, she's the woman that has all these patents and developed this this device that helps people with back problems and wait until you hear her elevator pitch and everybody that you know that I've been bringing on they all been using their elevator pitch is they're saying you know, hears my name I'm you know I'm a such and such and this is what you know I'm making my client's look good I'm providing this for my clients by doing by doing this service and you know and then they end up with something that people say is like, you know, did you know that time lapses um play into, you know, fall under the category of videos and that youtube has more searches than google? So if I'm you know in the video business and I share this piece of information with this person, I really want to meet and talk about my videography and I say did you know that video is becoming not just more important? It's already superseded all other information because people look on youtube more often than they look on google for you know, one day searching for a solution for their problems and then the personal most likely go I had no idea that that was the truth and now you got your conversation opener so it has to be something that is interesting so part of this the conversation starter in closing sort of are you know when you when you want to engage with this person is it could be very much did you know that and find, you know, some sort of aids find sort of uh a fact if I were to be in the business of being a memory machine creator like a time machine created I, you know, take pictures I could say something like, you know, thie when when people are being put in these unfortunate situation special fits a current event let's say we are in the fire season in in california are somewhere and people have to evacuate or at a disaster what did people grabbe they always cramped their photos and that's the thing that they're most upset about is if they don't have their photos because he's family my memories are gone forever. So if you and that business you know, find some sort of interesting statistic or something that you can hook in and say, you know, this is why it's so important you know it is it is rated the number one thing for people as in importance of preserving family memories it's not the jewelry it's not the cash under the bed it's not the car that burned down it's not that but not the house that fell apart but it is you know that the people are genuinely upset about about losing the memories when we had this big tragedy in new york that big storm right where where everything was flooded so terribly they were a photographer initiatives that had offered because the waves you know, the flooding the waves took these pictures away and then they ended up in all kinds of places people found those images and scan them and put them on a website to help people to reconnect with their memories. So what a great story to tell write and then there was another group that says, hey, we're looking for a photographer so willing to volunteer too teo photo shop and fix and retouch these images that other people have lost because they lost everything so if there only were able to find like two, three images through the service, other people had volunteered to help them fix them memories. So what a great argument so you know, I want you to think about this unique, unique kind of elements like what would be an interesting fact about what I do but did you know that kind of thing? So I'm going to open this again to our audience out there you want to give it a shot at the elevator pitch and uh shoot them overto us and anyone in here ok, go ahead go ahead marry um I don't know it's well it's tough so that's why I'm glad the sunshine seat I want your help um thank you for the sunshine state over the hot seat so my name is mary and what I do is I take you know, bright candid photos of your children that you khun treasure for years to come. Um the beauty of why I'm able to take these amazing photos of your kids is that I make them feel comfortable in front of the camera that would that wasn't I but you said something about the no cheese yeah do you think you can incorporate that baby in there somewhere? Do you not think I did with candid no candid and no cheese candidates kind of something that I've heard of I think of like a camera somewhere being stuck somewhere but I want you to rather make this be about like your unique spin to it. It was like have you ever seen heavy ever seen kids in photos right where the personality is not representing who they are at all and their looks incredibly uncomfortable but that you know everybody knows it was a staged photo well, yeah, I mean if you want your child's true personality captured I'm your girl kind of thing way haul me. That was really hard, but so does that solve the problem and tell them why I'm special in one quick little what do you get? I I was working on something similar. Cause I do sometimes take pictures of kids, but so, I mean, one way you could say, in a boring way, you could say, I do child portraiture, but in a fun way, you could say, I help you step out of your busy family life and preserved the spirit of your child. And the spirit part is something I would work on a little bit more because of the way you look and the way you dress present yourself. Have you like, if you stand in front of me and the elevators that have you ever seen people? They're a little eccentric, sort of in the way they they express themselves outwardly. And have you noticed that most kids are like that? Well, I am the person that understands that better than any lady, the quirky nature or something. Well, I'd believe it if you say that to me. I guess so. Uh, right, and their first, like, uh, I was thinking for a small well, I don't know, I'm not working my quirky nature in here at all, but I was saying, you know, I could say, oh, I have a small business photo package boring or I could say I help your small business work for itself and come out into the sun or something like that I mean, that's not working, that's not bringing my personality. I mean, you could say you could say, and I'm a big believer that that a business represents the personality of the owner, okay? And so in my photography, I don't just focus on doing these boring pictures, but I I really worked with the business owner to know that you know, the words, the vision that the vision off the business and the uniqueness of the business is clearly featured in the images. Oh, great, yeah, I like that a lot better. Okay, uh, okay, anyone else? We've got a couple of comes through on their way, but we don't want to hear some more to keep on coming, but carol s is saying, how about I paint paintings that make people want to dance? I'll say that an american dance e I almost didn't understand you there or the guava products saying I would definitely add I'm not quite sure where he's going with this and I take the cheese out of poor traits, I don't think that's a good one no, no, because it's it's a little can't so I would rework that again a little bit, because what portrait's, who are your clients? Is there a personality and a what's? The what's, the end use a benefit? I've changed my mind should be when I start started in radio that's why I started broadcasting, I'm doing everything I did was scripted, and my son said I was asked at school, what do you want your dad to? And he said, he reads out loud. So what do you do for living down with the phoney tennessee accent? There's actually, a lot of resident with the topic of elevator pitch is karen and says, this is my worst problem when asked, what do you d'oh? I can't narrow it down to an elevator pitch, as I've done so many different things, and I just don't know how to summarize it and shooter, newbie says, how do I overcome the fear of sharing personal information to client? Because I don't want to sound like I'm bragging or egotistical tze before, like a soap opera? Yeah, it's a really good point, so they're identifying with it, and then the question is how to get personal? So part of it is that you, that the sharing of personal information obviously has to be very measured I mean, we had some some moments here this morning that were very, very, very personal. I'm not really recommending that you start crying in front of reclined when you recite your personal things. We're doing this for other reasons, but the why? You know, the emotional part of why this is important to me. You can say, I've overcome incredible adversity or as a single mom that immigrated from russia, whose dreams were first shattered, I realized they had to build my own dream. Now you're talking about the adversity you're dressing and you're talking about making a tough choice, but you're talking about being a survivor, not giving up in about building something that helps others that may be in the same situation, so they that they haven't easier, easier way with with it, yes. So so the sharing of personal information is in the bragging part, let somebody else say that my clients refer to me commonly as the master ofthe light or my the women whose children I photograph say they say that their kid's never looked happier, and so we are, you know, it is a lot of fine tuning that's involved in that you you tweak it, you work with it, you say that allow you tried a couple times, and then you I have to go back and you revise it so you know whatever whatever sort of suits you and you'll see how people react to it so a lot of it comes from the feedback off the reaction where where somebody went to do the puzzle look really attractive then then it's probably not a good elevator pitch but if they if they go and engage with you afterward they said really tell me more about that then it was a good elevator pitch than it really really gets them in you got some more coming and think I sharing nella donato is saying hi I'm noah I help I help people express themselves authentically in their business by creating logo's branding packages and websites that are beautiful and unique I'm an artist and I know how important it is for me to stand out and I want to give this opportunity to others double like double life very good we've got one more comedy but gumball machines my elevator my elevator pitch is hi I'm a human comedy gumball machine I dispense humor to brighten your day want to hear a joke troublesome so that was really good okay good well keep keep keep it up it's a fabulous galina guys I have a question so would you recommend if like I have I do photography I did photography I do part time photography I also sell templates for photographers and now I'm working on creating the community so should a half three different elevator pitches and so never tie them up no because then you're slash person and slash people is very difficult to sell that like if I go in a room full of women I probably will talk about the women's business if I go in a room full of creatives and artists with a lot of men that I probably talk about the photographer business and how it built you know help creatives to build the business so you're you're just you're you're you're pitch accordingly to where you go especially if you in the beginning and you provide a couple a couple of different things go ahead to question um I have a a tagline and I want to know what you think of it my tagline is janice kendricks photography that's what it was now its photos to framed and in all those two friends photos to framed and my tagline is anybody could take a beautiful portrait because some people don't feel that they can so what do you think of that because I think that yours is more about you know the more I learn about your business I think for you it's so important to create an experience for women to feel beautiful I create an experience for women to feel beautiful and many for many of them for the first time in their life oh okay powerful powerful statement that's thank you see it's easy okay, so the purpose of marketing is to buy from you or to hire you to build a relationship and to get referrals and I want you to marketing is not the same it's selling marketing helps the selling but marketing is what comes before the selling and then marketing leads to the sale and then you close the sale and then is the execution off the sale so this is a process in business so when um you know if this comes up because when someone says social media doesn't work and this was thie article that I wrote for the linked in publishing platform and this article went viral I told you this and I talked about it in the article that there's a difference between understanding it is social media in a social networking so you are not advertising you are networking on social media so when you do marketing you're promoting with the hopes to engage customer into building a relationship with you it's always a process how many times you know and I'm telling you these examples because I've been around, you know, business obviously for a while and I've been dealing with a lot of creative is that they they go and they're looking they're archives and then they find like one photo one picture you know, maybe like this or one illustration because after they looked at this ocean off images and they go which oneness the one and then they want to find one image, one illustration one painting one something that represents everything they do and that gets thrown on a postcard and that postcard gets their name it says nothing else maybe photographer maybe illustrator or maybe painter if you're lucky and it doesn't say what they want declined to dio it just you know it just an image on a promo that goes to someone that they don't even have a relationship with and they go business sucks nobody's responding to what so you want them to engage with you it's like here is a commissioned piece I did for the you know, for a beautiful home here is a portrait off too eccentric children that you know that that that they'd like to express the individuality like most children do. I hope you enjoyed as much as I do or their parents do make a story about it you know, like be playful with it engage somebody into into the brush here's a woman who for the first time in her life felt she was beautiful. Do you think people will pay attention to that? Because for somebody to imagine that somebody has never felt beautiful in their entire life up until this moment that's a that's, a that's, a heart stopper are people like that out there? Yes, absolutely people there's a lot of people that have been beaten down by life and by, you know, the events ofthe they're off their lives, that have never felt that way. So, really again, you know it's about knowing your customer profile and knowing and knowing who my market is. If I know, like, in genesis case where I want to mark it to women that have had to overcome adversity in a lot of hardship, like she has to come out on the other side, and maybe for the first time, by feeling beautiful, then that is a very powerful statement. So don't give me the cliche off. You know, I take pretty pictures. Tell me the story behind the picture. That's, what people want to want to hear from you.

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