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Turn Your Talent into a Business

Now what can I tell you about being? She is such an incredible personality, she's, a respected career coach, a successful entrepreneur, she's, the author of happy women, happy world and she's, the steadfast leader ofthe shell let enterprises inc she owns and operates the brand's photo bears coach, the women's coast and the women's code. I apologize and visually visual ist publishing that's. Not easy to say when you have a cold through her own consulting business, select teaches creative entrepreneurs how to make their own business happen. However theat he doesn't live by work alone, and she believes that her greatest accomplishment is twenty one year old daughter gina. And I loved that. I thought I was such a tender thing. Now bill gates made be at a millionaire overnight. This is the first thing that I want to know how she did that, because I need that myself. Please welcome to creative lives, be official et the're way you know we have to do anything european we tio. Ah, who knew you ...

were going have a russian accent in the audience as well? I know be covering the whole world almost. You're absolutely welcome to creative. Why we're so excited to have you here now I mentioned there bill gates made you a millionaire overnight, but it wasn't quite overnight, was it? I mean, there's, a lot of work and effort. You have to put in to build your business, to build your story. And I know we're really excited to learn about a bit. Come on, what did you do with the millions? It's? Really easy. I am a thirteen year overnight success as most people are as most people, and so what we talk about today is exactly on what it takes to go from this idea. Every success story starts with the same thing with one idea. So we'll talk about how to take that idea and how to turn that I dear into a business. And my story has so many layers turkey, jaco so I figured, well, you know, we've been throughout these segments over the next couple days, so you know, little bits and pieces here, but you know, trust me, I will share ah lot of my story. Well, we're looking forward to that. Yes, I'm so pleased to have you I'm gonna go anyway. There's your place. So you're gonna need that to get going. Thank you. I'm gonna sit over here and we'll get going. Excellent. Thank you very much. Well, welcome, tio. Creative life. Welcome to turn your talent into a business in twelve steps. It really is twelve steps. I'll make it easy. So I took some notes last night when I was thinking about what? My intention iss to being here and so there's a couple things when it's a. Well, first of all, thank you for being here that you showed up that you've taken this opportunity to actually come here to tune in all over the world shows me that you're really serious about making this happen. So let's acknowledge that for a second, you know, this really is the most important important first step. Thank you so much for my gracious host, uh, jean marie and j k o I mean way were really having so much fun yesterday. I know. So I think it's going to be a hoot, you know, it's going to be tough love, but it's also going to be some fun off course everybody from all over the world you rock I looked yesterday you know there's like this map and I can see all the dots lighting up literally you from all over the world I am so very excited to have you be here today with me so let's dive in I just talked about where does it start? It starts with an idea right? So but the ideas in your head now what we have to do is we have to get that idea out we poke it with a stick we probe it does anybody want it? Who is going to be willing to give you money for it? Does anyone want to actually you know, pay you money for the service or the product? Does it make any difference in somebody's lives and that's really? Why we all have ideas because we have ideas because we want to change somebody's life we want to make it better we want to help someone we want to support someone we take something that already exists but this we just add that one little thing to it so that's what it's about is like how do we define this idea and make it something that somebody wants and pays you good money for it? This is for me running a business and being entrepreneurs about doing something that you love and make money because if we spend so much time doing this we may as well do something that's fun for us that somebody gives us money for right? Why wouldn't it like why wouldn't we be entitled to make money with things that are fun and entertaining and meaningful to us? So today what will dio and this is how we start with take it out of your head so what I want you all to think about is think about we wiping everything off what you've thought about before all these ideas let's just take him aside there in the background let's take them away this is the blank slate this is where we start we starting from scratch so everybody out there you know, in the life audience please I urge you get the workbook because we will be using this all the time I've really created this in such a way that we write it down we take it out they had you know I keep saying this let's make it happen together and why am I here when I took my business from this in one hundred thirty five thousand dollars in debt to becoming a millionaire multimillionaire only eighteen months later after this lowest point I had obviously figured something out right? The few things clicked so everything that I know I am sharing with you there's no holding back so all my information, everything that I've learned the hard way and that's why I'm here is I wanted to create something that's comprehensive for you not what you have to go here and here and here and here but you know that we pull it all together and it's like one, two, three, four, five until you have the twelve steps to start a business sounds good exa so your takeaway iss you will lose the fear of running a business I guarantee you you will know how to put it together I see already the smiles coming I'm sounds exciting, right? You will actually understand the process and you may even like it like I do I love business, you know it's its own entity we treated well. It treats us well in return I mean it's good relationship and you learn how to create income stream because it's all about making money and when you do it and when you've completed this you have officially run out of excuses. Yes, no more excuses after this this is it. You got it in writing. You're ready to roll so here's my promise to you I'm gonna hold nothing back. I'm going to give you all the information as it is it's a little bit of tough love I'm gonna warn you it's going to be straight up we were laughing about this because I said no cuddling or coddling and she says well, coddling so you know, we will have some of these german isms in between. So neither one of the two will happen here today. I will give you the tools and I will empower you because this is your business and I want you to walk away with the confidence that it takes to actually run it and be successfully. But I want a promise from you too, so I want each and every one of you and everyone off you in the life audience to make me a promise and make yourself a promise commit one hundred percent to this course and it's like the flight attendant. I had this idea when I was in the airplane and the flattest and it goes in the exit row says I need a verbal confirmation from you so I'm actually going to ask for a horrible confirmation are you committed? Yes, yes, yes, yes, I yes. And for everybody out there are you committed? We hear way are two and we hear we hear a resounding yes, we have people showing up with their business and they're ready to rock. So so get ready, there's. No exit, right? Yes right, well, we'll make the ride as comfortable as possible yes, the plane has taken off now that's so in mid flight, so let's get started so what we're going to cover in the next three days are we going to start with the reason on why you have a business? You know, your vision and your mission statements then we designed the concept is how do we take this talent and how do we turn it into your dream business then we have to verify it we have to test it and how do you test that? So we'll go we'll go through that because we have to know that other people actually want it it's no good if you're the only one who likes it money, how do you get money? How do you fund your business? How to even calculate how much money you need so we'll go through all of that then we'll go on day two we'll talk about where are the clients? How do we find clients? How do we identify them? And I have a great process of designing customer profiles very exciting stuff and you'll do this and go go well wow that's so it interesting and will define how many different customer profiles actually our out them we talk about people human capital people includes you, you are the number one capital in your business, we start with that and then we'll talk about team building how to set up an organization, how to design an organizational structure as you grow your business we talk about legal and financial responsibilities for your business like what do you even need to know and we have some great guests are coming in that are helping us with these types of things and then we finish on the second day with operations what are those long term growth strategies because when you start the business we're not just talking about today we're looking in the future like what is it supposed to be how do I even get there so we always start with the end goal in mind very very exciting on the third day we'll talk about the business blend should I say the dreaded business plan where you know how to even write a business plan how do you put it together you know what does a business plan and even need to intel good business has a business plan marketing what are the strategies throughout their local strategies hopefully yes things that you can do platform building how do you get your name out there and not spend you know a ton of money on on serious advertising we talk about business skills like what what's a good leader like what do you have to have to be successful in business and what are some of the terrible downfalls the people you know make very frequently made mistakes I'm gonna warn you off with house sustainability and again you know we go through who put it all together it's like what? You know what is a long term success what does that look like for you? Okay, so let's get started a business is very simple you have an idea somebody gives you money for it but how is the process off getting this idea turned into something that is tangible that we can offer to other people so on the third day and I'm going to just say this right now there's a huge surprise for you on the third day in the morning I'm not going to really give too much away on that but you you know comedy going oh no she did that and you'll be very happily surprised that promise you so let's go through this really quickly so business starts with the vision so it's like this is wouldn't it be great if then it starts with the mission how do I do that? What what will look like in detail the strategy what are the different steps that I'm going to put into place to make it happen the action plan how do I take the strategy and how do a divided in smaller steps that are you know that makes sense to me so I can actually do my five things a day and keep my plan moving forward implementation who does it? Where is it done how much does it cost? You know we have to think about the the dynamics the organizational dynamics and then today we have a successful business. So these are the elements. So the pie analogy about a business is this. You can either beg your own pie, which means you go into a business that doesn't exist. Or you go into an existing market. And with enough time, determination and input, you cut yourself a slice, you know off, however amount of time and energy put in, you know, one size big small, you know that your aunt always takes the biggest lies. You know, that could be you so that's. The first thing when we think about businesses like, what is it even? Are you going in a market that exists, or you creating a new market? Ok, so that's, the analogy, who can start a business? Well, really, anybody can start a business, right? So I did some research on this for you, and I found that, um, only one percent of teenagers really started business, even though, you know, we see that in some of these tv shows. And this thes q teenage is really only one percent. But what I found was very interesting that two times as many fifty year olds start a business in the tech world, then a people in their twenties. Very, very different picture that means is you're never too old to start a business, and I loved what you said, you know, that you had a certain number and then you're like it's time to turn on the heat. I'm with you that's, exactly, right? And sometimes it can be your biggest advantage to be of a certain age too, because you already know you have no more time to waste it's down to business. There's no more doodling, you know it's now or never. And most, you know, in a lot of entrepreneurs are sort of mean it goes back and forth so on whether you're young or old, it does not matter. You can run a business so let's get started in our in our workbooks and on page two you see the reason why you're in biz snus so let's think about that for a moment so your business needs to address an important problem. Think about that for a moment. What is that important problem? You have to offer a solution to the problem and that solution has to be very clearly defined. Ideally, many people have this problem because the more people have this problem, the bigger yourselves will be. If you only address a market where only one percent has this problem, then you're only going to be able to sell to that one percent so ideally we want to go in a market where the market has a significant size so we need to figure this out and you have to be clearly able to demonstrate on why your solution it's better than anybody else's solution so let's take a moment and let's think about this is like what's the problem you addressing you clear about that? Okay? And you know that a lot of people have this problem and they would need you to fill that that knish the second part of this is there are reasons for business to be acquired and now that business is buzzing once again we hear about a lot of start up companies. They're being gobbled up for insane amounts of money, so the reasons to be acquired are because the company is making progress and you you can clearly demonstrate that because I deal in business, you know we have the curve lt's up little by little and the company has a clearly identified planned for the future but rest assured, by the third day you will have a clear plan for the future and very important for acquisition. They have to be people that actually can do this one stop shops a very difficult to be acquired unless, you know, I'm just saying it's, much more difficult to have a one stop shop being acquired than having a company that has people. They're doing well defined jobs, because, you know, when you sell a company, you sell the system. So somebody takes that whole thing. And then they implemented in there and the existing operation. So we heard a lot about facebook, you know, buying other companies because they found that something that this news offers fits really well in the infrastructure. But they take the systems like a puzzle piece, right? It fits into into the bigger picture, and very important acquisition only occurs if there is an return on investment, so nobody buys you because you're cute or because they like it. They do it because they feel that what you providing adds to their bottom line somewhere down in the future.

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Chad Robertson

As an analytical person with creative spirit this was the perfect class for me. Beate has the passion of an artist coupled with a sharp, almost engineering intellect. I sometimes find with courses, online or not, that topics discussed do not apply to my journey. Not the case here. Everything was useful and the course materials provided invaluable. Highly recommended.