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Lesson 1 from: Understanding Light & Light Modifiers

Mark Wallace

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1. Class Overview

Mark gives an overview of the class and the topics we’ll cover and things we won’t be covering. Mark also introduces the production team.
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Lesson Info

Class Overview

Hi everybody. Welcome to Understanding light and light modifiers, I am Mark Wallace and this class is going to be a blast. We have so much content ready for you and before we begin, I want to introduce the team beginning with Quinn, our model, she's going to come out, this is Quinn's first Creative Live experience and our second time we've been shooting together, I think. So that's fantastic. You might recognize matt Madrid over here. So Matt and I have been working together for over a decade and Sierra, how you doing? Sierra? Sierra is going to be producing and switching and sort of keeping us all on time and on task. She is in charge. And so thanks for being here, that's the team. It takes a bunch of people to make this happen. So thanks very much you guys, you're not gonna see him again, but I wanted you to show you who they were. Okay now you guys go away. Um so we have a ton of stuff to do in this workshop and we're gonna be talking about all this stuff that's behind me. But befor...

e we get going, I want to talk about three things that are really important. So before we get started, let me talk about these three things, I'm gonna show you right now. So the first one is the structure of the class. This class is structured in a very specific way. We're gonna be talking about what things are specific to the principles of light, how they work and why they work. And so the we're gonna do all of that stuff. We have a whole section about why we're doing it in that way. But I do have another class called Understanding Light on Creative Life. This is understanding light and like modifiers. It's how how do the principles of light apply to these things? Why would you use this or that? And how do they work, all that kind of stuff? And so it's all about how light works with light modifiers and it will help you understand what to buy and want to use and all that kind of stuff. We're gonna get more into that. But that's what this class is all about. It is principal application, principle application. It's gonna be fantastic. Okay, the second thing that we want to talk about are the topics that we're going to be covered and the stuff that's not going to be covered. So the topic that we're gonna be covering here in this class again, are specific to the principles of light. So hard, light, soft, light, speculator, light, direction of light, contrast, the inverse square law, angle of incidence and reflection, all these kinds of things and how that applies to this stuff. So why does it matter? Is it important? Of course it is. There are some things that we are not going to cover in this class. Those things specifically are things like camera settings, sync speed, metering, the three lights set up, lighting styles because all of that are in other classes right here on Creative life as part of my essential training series? And so I highly encourage you to take a look at my other classes on my instructor page because we might be talking about something I do in lightroom, I have a class all about lightroom, we might be talking about something I do with the lighting setup and I'm metering I have a class all about that. We might be talking about a lighting style, I have a class all about lighting styles. And so check out my instructor page because we really, really, really want to focus on how light works and then how we can shape light using these things that are behind me right here. Light modifier. So this is understanding light and light modifiers. Another thing that's gonna happen in this class when we were talking about putting this class together. So Matt and I and Sierra and the team here, we thought, well, we've got some a big issue and that issue is to show the light it has to be dark in here. And when that happens, you can't see me. So it's gonna get dark. You might see this happen from time to time, where the lights just sort of go out and you don't see me but what you will see are the light modifiers behind me and well the light that's happening with those because we really want you to see that light. And so don't mind if you don't see me? I'm not important. What is important is the light and how it behaves. Okay, so the question is why so many modifiers? Why do we have all of these things? So we've got boxes like this, which are pretty darn big. That's a pretty big light modifier. We've got grids, we've got different shapes and sizes. We've got like these little guys here. This is a little umbrella that's pretty shallow as opposed to this gigantic umbrella. That is, it's not that heavy. But uh it's a very, very large umbrella and it's silver. What about the ones that are translucent umbrellas that are white? Or take a look at this guy over here. This is gigantic. I could crawl inside this. This is six ft wide. This huge. So why do we have so many modifiers? Well, that's what this class is about. Why would you have a gigantic light modifier like this? Or metal bell looking kind of thing? Or why would you use the grid? What about square or vertical around? Or octagonal or parabolic? Well, that's what this class is about. So buckle up, grab a cup of coffee. Here we go. It's gonna be a blast

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Ratings and Reviews


Wow, Impressive with lots of information on light modifiers. Lots of variations of use and the bonus material. Mark is very good as a teacher. Glad I purchased the subscription plan so I can see the other Mark Wallace classes. Now to go to work and use the information.


I've heard much of this before, but this class really does a good job explaining and demonstrating the principles and techniques it covers. Mark is certainly quite knowledgeable, and he makes the material accessible and easy to grasp. It does cover quite a lot of ground, and while others may go into more detail, I think this class is great for building a good foundation.

Mario Furtado

Mark and his crew did an excellent job in this class. Now I am eager to see Go-To Lighting Setups and Studio Lighting Essentials. Congratulations.

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