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Class Wrap-up

Lesson 20 from: Understanding Light & Light Modifiers

Mark Wallace

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Lesson Info

20. Class Wrap-up

Mark gives his final thoughts and shares some additional learning resources.

Lesson Info

Class Wrap-up

well our class is coming to an end, but before we go, I want to have a little bit of time here to say a huge thank you to the people that make this class happen. Come on out guys, this is our crew, this is well you've seen them running around and I've been talking to them in the background, this is Sierra, she's been switching all of the cameras, she has been turning the lights on and off, she's been producing this show, she's been cracking the whip, keeping us on schedule, she is our producer and she is fantastic. Thank you so much as hear for doing all of that stuff, ordering lunch, just so many things. Um Quinn of course, fantastic model. This is only our second project that we've ever done together and the first project we did, I was like Quinn, you're so amazing come be on Creative Live and so here she is. And so yea, for Quinn, I think you did a fantastic job, thank you so much. And of course you're always allowed to smile and one more thing, I know what their names are, but I do...

n't know what happened, I just keep mixing their names up and so you know, I said it's me and Sierra, but it's actually me and Quinn and I don't know so sorry for doing that. Uh matt Madrid, we worked together for over a decade now and uh we were supposed to have three additional people here to help run cameras and an assistant and all kinds of things, they weren't able to make it because of the crazy pandemic. And so matt has stepped in to be an assistant camera operator of more than one camera. He has been running errands, he's been looking, you see me like matt, please help me. And so thank you so much to matt for stepping in and stepping up and making this happen. I can't stress enough. There's absolutely no way I could do any of these classes without the help of these wonderful people. So thank you guys so much. Now you must go away because you have buttons to push and lights to click and all kinds of things. But thank you so much to the team. Uh thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Well, there's one thing that I've alluded to during this class and that is, you know, when I'm doing something in Lightroom, I haven't been specific. I said, hey, there's other classes because this class is part of my larger uh series of classes, the essential Training series right here on Creative Live. And so what I decided to do this year was instead of making just one class that covers everything and making it gigantic. I decided let's break that up and take a deep dive on individual topics. So, I've got classes on Lightroom Lightroom, classic Photoshop, constant light speed, light studio lighting, you name it, there's a class that deals with that topic. And so I encourage you if you want more information about something specific zip over to my class page and take a look at all the classes that I have. It's a great way to learn. And if you are a subscriber you can see all of those classes with your subscription. It's just a wonderful deal. So do that. Also don't forget to take use, make use of all the bonus materials on the class page. There's the quiz to help you understand how you've grown as a photographer and how you understand light. There are some discount codes that you can use for some products. That's pretty cool. There is a copy of the power point. So the slides that I used to sort of give you the graphics that's on there. There's also the sample files of all those images. And then the document has the links to all of those videos that I have on Youtube that show you me making all those photos. So you can really see how I did it because I may have misremembered because some of those were, I don't know, a decade ago when I created them. So check all that stuff out. Thank you so much for joining me and I'll see you in my next class

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Wow, Impressive with lots of information on light modifiers. Lots of variations of use and the bonus material. Mark is very good as a teacher. Glad I purchased the subscription plan so I can see the other Mark Wallace classes. Now to go to work and use the information.


I've heard much of this before, but this class really does a good job explaining and demonstrating the principles and techniques it covers. Mark is certainly quite knowledgeable, and he makes the material accessible and easy to grasp. It does cover quite a lot of ground, and while others may go into more detail, I think this class is great for building a good foundation.

Mario Furtado

Mark and his crew did an excellent job in this class. Now I am eager to see Go-To Lighting Setups and Studio Lighting Essentials. Congratulations.

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