Using Photoshop® to Extend Images


Using Photoshop® to Extend Images


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Class Introduction

Hello, Simon Raible. I finish movie posters in Los Angeles, have been for 25 years. Gonna do advanced extensions class right now. With this, we're gonna actually have a project-based way of learning. So instead of here's how you do curves, here's how you do cloning, we're gonna say here's step one. We gotta get to step 17. We're gonna learn all these things as we do it. So, it's kind of an emersion kind of learning. So, not learning French words one at a time. We're taking you to Paris, turning you loose for three weeks, and good luck, man. You're probably gonna figure it out. This is kinda born in, we hear how do I know when I'm ready to be a Finisher? How do I know that I'm ready to go get work? And I was like, well, you show your work. You have a book full of your work and you show it. And they like, yeah, but I haven't had any jobs. I was like, well, fill it full of projects. This is a very, very good projects to have. So take an image, extend it. Do it 10 times, do it 20. Pick out...

the three best, put that in your book, and then, go in for job interviews. And folks will see that and they'll be like, okay, you gots a skillset enough to pull this off? You got a seat, you got a parking spot. Let's get you in here. So, the first thing we're gonna do is skies. It's probably the one that we do the most. So when you get a poster, this is printed. It's been comped up, it's been signed off on. Now, they need to extend it for 30 sheets for billboards, bigger and bigger spots. But the thing that they've seen, they don't want that to move so you can't just blow up the sky. Because they've seen the cloud just like this, it interacts with the girl's ear just like that. It's in with the buildings, so don't mess with that. But just add onto it. So now you have all this space to fill, how do you do it? I'm gonna show you some steps to do that. This, I like this. This is John Burroughs. "Leap, and the net will appear." So, when I was staring with all this stuff, it was spooky. I was like, "Okay, I'm so excited, this is going to be so awesome." And then you're just like, you can't wait for the end but you've got the beginning to get through. And you're like, "How do I start? Oh, Mommy!" So, I'll show you there's that big chasm, there's that big hole full of dirt, you've gotta get filling it. Do it first, so leap. Have not read this cat, but if the rest of his writing is as good as that line, I'm going to read some more of him. I'm gonna do four things, 20 minutes each. We're going to do skies, we're going to water, foliage, and cities.

Class Description

Sometimes, in order to achieve the perfect composition, we have to extend our images. In this class, Simon Raible will help you master transforming, liquefying, rendering, illustrating, Content-Aware and vanishing point techniques, which are valuable not only for extension exercises, but innumerable other photo manipulation challenges as well. You’ll learn how extending tasks can be prioritized from large to small to best economize your time, and you’ll discover several professional-level techniques to feather your artwork in problem areas.