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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Using Your Apple iPhone 7/7 Plus for Great Photos

Julia Kelleher

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

Hello, and welcome to using your Apple iPhone7/7+, this brand new awesome little tool to take great images. I'm Julia Kelleher, your instructor here at CreativeLive. And I'm so excited to be talking to you about this brand new phone that just came out from Apple, tons of new features with the new camera. So, we're going to talk about all these in this course. I tell you how to take some great images with it. And after all, I mean, our lives are all about imagery, right? This is the greatest generation to be photographed. We have the most photographs taken of us ever before. With all these digital images, most people are doing it with their devices. I mean, because really, who wants to lug around a Point-N-Shoot the rest of their lives? It's just too much trouble. The best device that you have is actually the one that's in your hand, and of course for most of us, that is our iPhone. And really, I mean, those Point-N-Shoots, they use to be so amazing and popular and they're still wonderf...

ul, but they are pretty big. And shoving them in a pocket just isn't going to happen. Whereas this thing, man is it easy. And I'm holding the 7+. This is the bigger version of the iPhone and it still fits in my pocket and it works great. So, if you've got it, use it, okay? So, there's only one problem. Technology changes really, really fast. And so, these cameras tend to be upgraded quickly, they have all these new features and well, yeah, it's a problem for your pocketbook. It's not necessarily a problem for your images. As a matter of fact, it makes your images that much better. What you are going to learn in this Apple iPhone 7 and 7+ course, we're going to talk about operating the phone for the best results. We're going to talk about, of course, the new iPhone 7 features and the 7+ features. The Plus does have a couple things more than the basic iPhone 7. We're going to discuss what the 7+ will do for you that the 7 won't. So, that'll kind of help you decide if you want to upgrade or not and what you want to upgrade to. So, how to shoot common snapshots better. With this device that's in your hand and the megapixel capability and all the fun auto-focus features that are in this new phone, how to use these features to their best advantage in your everyday snapshots, in those images that you want to keep forever. We're going to talk about basic video techniques for quality results. So many people make some basic mistakes when it comes to shooting video that I want you to stop doing to make your videos that much better. Video is the hot new technology and thing that's out there. Video is being used not only for casual fun, just family imagery and family memories, but also for business. Businesses are using their iPhones to create videos that they use in Facebook ads, on their websites, so shooting video correctly and using the iPhone 7 to its advantage will help you so much in so many areas when it comes to creating video. We're going to talk about editing your images with mobile apps. You know, it's hard to take your images off your iPhone. I mean, who does that, right? Granted, you should, and back them up. But I know I have probably 2,000 images on this thing that I, you know, are backed up to the Cloud, but I'm too lazy to actually pull them off my phone and put them in Photoshop and use a real editing software for them. But there are so many wonderful apps out there that are real and really amazing that can help you edit your images just like you can in Photoshop. Maybe not quite with Photoshop capability, but still to create gorgeous images that you can quickly upload online and share with family and friends. And then finally, we're going to talk about the hidden features of your camera that you may not be using. By the end of this class you're going to say, "Oh, my gosh. I didn't know my iPhone did that." It's going to be a lot of fun. So, why do you need this course? Well, let's talk about it. Better images on the go. The device in your hand is the device you have to use. So, let's use it to its best capability. Snapshots are our most precious memories. And we take so many of them and it's so important to get them out in the world, whether it be digitally or through print. Having beautiful snapshot images is really what kind of lights up our life when it comes to our memories, not only with ourselves but with our families, our kids, our co-workers, and our friends. And, you know, knowledge is power to perform on a dime. When you understand how your iPhone, Apple iPhone 7 or 7+ camera operates efficiently, you know how it works and you can do it like almost automatically in your head. That's going to make for better images. All of the sudden you're not focusing anymore on how to operate the darn thing, but you're actually out there taking images and capturing those shots on a dime when you need too. Then of course, it's not just about the camera in your hand, it's about off your device and into your life. And if I can stress that anymore, I will. Digital images are not archivable, as much as we all love to share them on Facebook and put them out into the world on social media, ultimately, the safest and most archivable place for your images is clearly to back them up, but also to print them. And I'm going to talk about how to print from a mobile world. So, out of your hands, off your device, and into your life is going to be a big theme throughout this entire course to help teach you that it's really easy to get images off your phone and into print where you can enjoy them every single day. So, we have a little freebie to give away to you guys. We are giving away the hidden secrets of your iPhone 7/7+ and Adobe RAW Basics. One of the new features of the iPhone 7 and 7+ is that it will shoot in a format called RAW. Now, photographers know exactly what I'm talking about. But those of you who are just working with your iPhone you're like, "What's RAW?" Well, it's just like a file format. JPEG, RAW, TIFF, Photoshop file, you know, those are just file formats, but RAW is really special. And this is a little PDF we're giving you, kind of teaches you about Adobe RAW Basics and how to edit images with Adobe RAW. So, go ahead and grab that at Give us your email address and we will send you the free download so that you can, you know, learn how to use Adobe Camera RAW, and of course have a cheat sheet right there next to you that'll tell you all the hidden features of your iPhone that you are currently not using. And honestly, this applies to the old iPhones as well. So, let's talk more about the 7 and 7+. What are those new features? There are some incredible new features that have come out and super fun. First of all, the lens feature on the phone is so much better. And I'll explain exactly how that works as we come, you know, as we start working with it in low-light situations and do demos on all this. But low-light shooting is the photographer's nemeses. You have to have the right gear and equipment to do it. Well, the iPhone and Apple have stepped it up. The lens is so much better for low-light features, and it has image stabilization. In the 6+ there was image stabilization, well now the 7 has it across the board. Both the 7 and the 7+ have optical image stabilization, and that will help you really well in your video work and also in low-light conditions. There's a six element lens. There's a wider color range. There's a four LED true-tone flash, which we're going to demonstrate as well. Which really helps with skin tones and creating images, in again, low-light situations. Those restaurants where it's dark and you need flash, this is going to make your images that much better. It's got a high-speed image sensor now. We have a 12-megapixel camera in the rear and a 7-megapixel camera in the front. So when you're doing those selfies, things look a lot better, not only for selfie images, but also for video. Say you want to go Facebook Live and like, say where you are. Now, that front camera is so much better with greater resolution. And we'll talk about megapixels and how important that is and what it means to your images. And then, of course, shooting RAW, like I talked about a little bit earlier. The Apple iPhone now has the the A10 Chip. What does that mean? It's just a faster processor, just like your computer, that Intel processor you have, that makes it all fast and honky dory and do things the way you want it. I mean, Apple iPhone 7 has the A10 chip. And that just means everything about the whole phone, even operating mail, calling on the phone, just doing anything inside the phone is faster and easier. And of course when it comes to editing RAW images that are large, your phone's going to be able to do that a lot easier. So, finally that dual lens system. This is what everybody's been talking about, the telephoto and the wide angle lens. Oh does this make shooting fun. And this is what's really going to, kind of step it up in the Apple iPhone 7+, that two element lens. The telephoto and the wide angle are what's really going to get your photos creative, interesting, and fun to look at. So, let's talk about low-light conditions. How the new Apple iPhone 7 helps us in low-light situations, and take some fun images in pretty dark environments, and let's see what happens.

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Julia Kelleher does a super great job in this class of relating to her audience. Her information doesn't presume prior knowledge. She breaks down technical information in a way that makes the viewers feel smart. She assumes an intelligent, artistically-minded viewer, which is a great, positive quality. Kelleher's review of the iPhone 7 and 7+ is in depth.. Every point is demonstrated on camera. I had my camera out in order to follow along and feel that I learned a lot, even though I thought I had all this down. This course offers a lot of value, and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to take better photographs with their Apple iPhone 7 or 7+.

Angenise Rawls

This is awesome! Not only does Julia teach how to use the iPhone 7/7+ to take great pics, but also video (and even a live Facebook Live demo) which is applicable for personal and business! Talk about how to promote yourself! This class makes me feel more equipped to succeed in business! And get my pics off my phone and into my life! Thanks Julia! You've done it again!

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