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Lesson 6 from: Using Your Apple iPhone 7/7 Plus for Great Photos

Julia Kelleher

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6. Color

Lesson Info


Color in digital imagery is getting better, and better, and better. And the Apple iPhone used to shoot in what's called an sRGB color space. Well now, they've upgraded things to the digital cinema color space. This just means it's bigger, broader, more color range. Imagine, for example, in the old phones you use to shoot with this much color, like a number of colors, the size of the color space. Well now, it's that much bigger. Now, will this make a huge difference on standard TVs and on Facebook? It really depends on what monitor you're actually looking at the images in. Where it's really going to make a difference is on your phone with the retina displays, all that Apple retina display technology, but also on the new ultra TVs that really show high-definition color. So you may not necessarily see a difference day-to-day on your normal computer monitor screen, but on high technology screens that are the way of the future, digital cinema color space is what's really going to be the nex...

t wave of technology when it comes to color. So, we're going to shoot this awesome door out here in front of the CreativeLive Studios, just to show you how brilliant and beautiful the color is in the Apple iPhone 7. And this is just the best image to do it with, because this amazing piece of art, done by, is absolutely gorgeous. And it makes kind of a cool image. Since it's a square door, I'm going to shoot the image in the Square mode in my iPhone. So I'm going to move over from the Portrait to the Square mode, and now of course, my image has a one to one cropping ratio. It's a square. So, I just stand back, this is pretty easy, frame it up so that everything's right in that square. Looks awesome. viola. We have color image that's now taken with Apple's new digital cinema color space, a wider range of colors, a broader color gamut, for richer more beautiful tones in our images.

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Julia Kelleher does a super great job in this class of relating to her audience. Her information doesn't presume prior knowledge. She breaks down technical information in a way that makes the viewers feel smart. She assumes an intelligent, artistically-minded viewer, which is a great, positive quality. Kelleher's review of the iPhone 7 and 7+ is in depth.. Every point is demonstrated on camera. I had my camera out in order to follow along and feel that I learned a lot, even though I thought I had all this down. This course offers a lot of value, and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to take better photographs with their Apple iPhone 7 or 7+.

Angenise Rawls

This is awesome! Not only does Julia teach how to use the iPhone 7/7+ to take great pics, but also video (and even a live Facebook Live demo) which is applicable for personal and business! Talk about how to promote yourself! This class makes me feel more equipped to succeed in business! And get my pics off my phone and into my life! Thanks Julia! You've done it again!

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