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Audio Examples

Lesson 17 from: Video Fusion for Weddings & Portraits

Victoria Grech

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Lesson Info

17. Audio Examples

Lesson Info

Audio Examples

We're going to start with a love mike and literally for those of you that I'm not sure what the love mike looks like this is your microphone which is a tiny little clip on a microphone and this will be the actual union so the transmitter there will be a transmission a receiver to you guys there we'll have this is when I don't know the receiver of the trent yeah you put the receiver what I'm going to show you um I went to get the next section that I go through is we're going to set up this whole information here so instead of like I did when I just switch this on and just let it roll and it didn't work I'm going to tell you how to set frequency is how to set sensitivity we're going to tackle the whole squash thing that's on my next load but for now let me I want to show you what this is going to hear like now so hopefully this is when creative life gonna kick butt and we are going to transmit this laugh mike, I'm going to turn off my own love might what I'm not going to turn off these a...

mazing guys in the audio rumor on hopefully give me a nod if I'm live with this mike can everyone hear this? You can hear him okay? Can you hear me now? The difference? Yeah kathy and shii when you clip this on someone's and then we put it really close to you when you're actually putting this on someone's clothes if I put it here he can hear fine yeah I do this because that's not nice okay so always make sure you don't have underclothes so it's not rustling the other thing is some people will point miss downwards but why find happens if I put this down with I see if I can do it now yeah most women will have jewelry or even water's so you're always better off putting it here we may be away now placement wise let's talk about placement whereabouts so we put it and I have this thing is like your thumb and pinkie round about here so minds a little bit higher but again depending necklaces chains are gonna come an issue so if I'm talking myself probably about here even if I do this here see how sensitive this my kids put him con heavy ee ay no deal and the audience was asking what your recommended distances on elavil here are going to be thinking anthem looks like right on they going I just keep moving so these poor guys have to mission like so this's one person thinking film if I had someone comes down next way but this is when uh can I still sorry one of you guys next to a we're at hawking live now you could be my husband for the day wasting too ok, so if I was to have this love mike here that's not talking you probably have to hear him that one do you want now way was it's probably hard to hear him the may especially if I've got it up to them if I may be here so let's just keep chatting and I'm gonna keep moving this to the audience and you guys come here yes, the united states having lovely you really stressing everyone out? I wouldn't stress pushing to extreme exam yeah it's good for us kind of your fine if I have it up here dismay the lower down this is the more if we keep talking we will hear us and also an officiant was going to marry us in front of us so on the guy that you're gonna love might make sure it's level on his lapel this side or whatever the scythe bride is going to be and not here so not too high up we wanted it probably lower thirty of us this is working because I'm seeing that get head talking okay let's quit this one if we can and I'm gonna move over to the shotgun like so you can hear the difference now of us talking thank you give another dollar I am a bit for that okay what uh go to the shotgun, mike so just make sure this is actually put there. Can you hear me? Yeah. So if I was talking to jim, will you talk? May this took apple? Sure, I'm talking about this class and how great it is and how much fun we've been having here today? If I took, then you can hear me working, then we just took my love. Mike is definitely switched off. The guys do my audio. So did you hear me speaking? You're speaking now? Yeah, ok. Start talking gym. So this is what's good is that even though jim in the studio in here mary he's primary, I can still hear you a little bit, right? So while he was talking, you can hear me now, but I hear him in the background, but then I can come back to me and you all the noise goes away. I mean, to say, jim, stop talking now the theme chat rooms out this is working at home because we're hoping it does it is working well, I told the computer I'm sorry go ahead. You have to do again. I don't know I got confused until the very end and you brought it back and everybody was like I was getting overwhelmed and then when you brought it back but I can't be here while I was what you had, it pointed towards me. I can hear jim talking in the background and when you were talking right the internet audience or not, hear that on this studio you won't hear it with this, mike. But back on their love mike's is so echoey in here, the a bit like to light bounces from the ceiling from the science sound does exactly the same. So it's going to bounce so things like I had to dove poor tom's audio in my fairytale shoot. So in order to get it sounding like it did on the day, I asked him to sit in his closet with both of you kind of close around him and talk and say his lines so soundproofing for having maybe, like, if you're gonna pick an interview, probably if you could not do it in here and do it somewhere. Where this carpet and this thing's soaking up the sound noises okay, like your own, like audio closet during love. It there, I just got to say, you know, ambulances. Oh, my gosh, this is great. Ali says wow, that works. James fellow says, great demonstration wait, just hang close it live. And the audio guys for kicking butt today because the way you guys again reiterate that on the internet you know we have our lead audio test who's been working with us and then kellen and tyler of course who you just met these three guys are masters at audio and they make us sound good every single day here in seattle a creative lives so our hearts go out to them great job guys now the thing that you probably didn't notice it will be harder for you guys to hear because you're not only hearing through headphones and depending how good your headphones are there's headphones that will let you zone out the whole world around you and just hear the audio there is a danger with that is because depending mei yue are you went here cause coming past or anything curls on a wedding day my earphones on felt fantastic but it is great to get good earphones for this kind of internet out there using your iphone earphones are not going to cover it because you can't work out whether you can hear the voice through you're here and the earphones where's what these guys coming a shot of these guys you see they're looking really fucking cool very thin but this will map out more of the actual ambient audio you can hear so you really hearing it on? I'm guessing you can only hear it from one channel one here I think the stereo sound anyway when we do the audio sets up we're going toe get these guys to actually set everything cup so when they have problems you guys are going to learn at home but for now I'm going to carry on with some test to show you about this microphone I'm hearing like a lot of like crack a back a good thing you didn't know was that around someone why if people are paying attention and last slide what my name is not a no good it's not like peeking or anything is it us for a snowstorm could be spiking or no yeah but is this crackling but you're going to hear the difference when I pick it would like to high I q and closed just think I need to go lower think about accessories photography on audio but I put my I made sure I were nothing like I put my heroine today no bangles keep going keep going be a difference between the dead cat and spine every seemed like you were so close there's one or accessory the extent let me do my thing either boom boom get every one of you loving this time there's no question that's where the crackers coming far so interviewing someone and doing that sounds horrible yeah e l and talking now can you hear me better but there's no crack on the crime who is going to like it if I'm running on I'm at war and I need audio still on this is I'm so glad I spoke up because I didn't wanna complain but I was waiting for a struggle I was waiting for it really yeah okay which is good it made sure the bull I thought I wasn't shaking the mike and I didn't want to stand there in front of you guys and go there we just take this thing and you guess what it is I don't want to come through this is where you can see this is what I use with with the groom tomorrow if I do this or today I do this with the groom and I'm talking to him I'm concentrating on trying to set my camera settings or not look at it I'm going to shake you're gonna hear it um the other thing that's actually for real dude so if we have a look we're saying that the shotgun mike even though you see this here has no sensitivity here but more here I'm going to hiss now just just a heads up for the audio guys I don't want to kill the sound for the poor people at home if ideas too loud so please manage how loud this goes up ugo e when I get to hear should be louder you can hear what you slightly yeah but but I think it might be because yes even kind of the audience on the internet, if they can let me know if they're hearing it like they should do there's a lot of echo in this room. Okay, well, d'oh. Okay, the next thing I'm gonna do is kind of the okay, that can like noise as if it was in danger. Yeah, now we're inside. We're hearing that it is working. It sounds great cases just studio will play the lunch seeking. Okay, then we're going too. If we're inside because everyone else will ask you, when do I use this on? When do I use this? So this is when inside that car for this makes a little bit better. You won't hear the wind as much. E you could see this that it's got closer on there, so you'll have to see that this is not me now pretending not to. Yeah. And the differences hoping. And again, this'll muffle. I don't want to do an interview with this inside. Unless there's maybe there's an in between option that right? What do? For maybe imagine an aircon unit. You can't change where you are. And there's this constant flow of air they knew you something that's in between. Any questions oh yes all right so I'm going to start at the top here excited that yeah it were perfectly tell me was it worth all the grief does it help you learn more than just listening to me talk about slides and jewelry and they commented on that you know that and that's when you walk in and you do that live demo station and it works it really shows them because you could talk about how that works with a shotgun and you can look at a whiteboard but when they actually can hear it they were saying two thumbs up martha in spain wanted to know what's the brand model of the shotgun that you have I have is let me show you here so it's an m k six hundred it's a sennheiser um it's kind of a middle aged mike is really affordable I think it's around like three hundred four hundred pounds you have to do the conversion again but for me this is great I know cinematographers in the wedding world use road mikes for me again I've looked at where the best mikes in the world on dh they using sennheiser and for may I need something like the sennheiser love pax I've mentioned how sometimes I'm not good with my kid I will throw them in my bag and the solid their mettle and and so is this mike cool so aaron a asks way heard this a lot if you only could use one mike, you're shooting a wedding and you only get one and you are maybe you're going to rent maybe two or three labs or you're going to get one shotgun and have an audio guy working with you what would be your choice? You get one one sort of set up firstly, we even on a big weddings we don't have an audio guy you do it yourself? Yeah, I think as a photographer you like you direct you frame, you take the shot so what's really difficult for the broadcast people that I trained there usedto having lighting people audio people a bit like the studio that you guys have to become a one man band. I have to know enough about audio that you'd set it up. S o would say if I had to choose if it was only one one like the love of mike and I hate foreign because I can shove that for the speeches for the groom getting ready for the bright getting ready I just need to be careful about all the other noises had to make sure it was quiet in the room. So with that would you just take like the mikes and just make up the primary people, the bridegroom and maybe three oh, I guess we need the uh I only have one mike set or to maximum, you can start going to mic three people up. But for that service and for may that some people do this differently as a memory of you as a woman. Do you want to pay, like, fifteen thousand pounds for your wedding dress? And I put a black lab micron that's what you say and make sure my on the side that plays on the right place for the groom. But if you're doing a one to one audio with the groom, make sure is here. Okay. Ready for one more before we move on. Okay. So pro photographer asked as well as I believe silvery. So under what circumstances would you combine alive, matt? A lot of love and shotgun mikes. And how do you achieve a balance between the two? So doubling up mike's? The thing I love about the zoom hate six than the hate for is I can get on, and the internet will have to tell me because I don't have one. I think it's four inputs off or six, so it means I could have a love a shotgun I could plug in. Teo and it's, important that we talk about it now is plugging into a desk, so, for instance, if you were going to record the live band on a wedding day, um you can take a feed and output from the desk because they're managing the sounds and put it straight into that zoom however what will sound is you or lose the ambient sound of a band they always sound kind of like tinny it just doesn't sound quite right and this is when kind of answering this person's question I will also have another zoom one or hate foreign I put somewhere near a speaker and just using the microphones what I'll do is clutch grab that people huh yeah okay just so people at home could see this so not only does this have inputs that we've got here this is something like an xlr jack I have one or two I also have here there's some microphones on these little microphones are damn good they even just leave places and have them so I will mix the sound from here I'm from the desk and play with it in the edit so then I get the great sound coming out of the desk but I'm missing the ambien then I get the ambient with it but this is not ambien off my camera the horrible abby um makes sense when you put that back um so you have a couple of these or just have to have those or I have this on a zoom one so the zoom one I will talk about as well what was in my slices of beginners so you can just buy the laugh mic and not by that, and just buy the h one, and you can plug it in and they can have it in their pockets, and for those that are watching that already doing video, you've got task am ones that are really cool, but may I had a situation where a groom, not the cable, and then I didn't have the audio. So again, I was lucky that was taking another feed out the desk because there was a microphone there, so for mae, I need, and I can't monitor it that your stick on auto your plug on someone and leave them. I understand why people do do that, and it doesn't make it easier, but if you want to be dead, sure you've got audience there's, only one capture of audio do a lot of you wantto have you want to have what you were listening to? Yeah, you guys at home, could he may you don't want to just switch it on, and guys do guys in their pockets, will russell for this speech or anything else? How do you know if you know? Hey, hold on a minute, so even on these packs here, I'm going to get another tight short, there was a mute button, so on the packs here there's a mute button is that sometimes we forget to switch the mute button off we've got the earphones on and they're about these features are like I can't hear him call him if you don't know what I'm gonna do it what's wrong technique but having one over switch it on and then we can hear him things like that and I'd rather know and be hearing it live or we also talk about when we set your interview out levels and having a look at levels and where should they be hitting you can either get someone to sing a song in the morning that kind of has something and then high we imagine you two your audio test and I'm talking like this and then when we go live ago yeah which I'm guessing you guys wanted todo that that is a huge jump in the audio have to make sure it doesn't clip makes sense okay? I'm conscious of time and I still want to show you how to manually set up the sennheiser units so we're goingto go onto the next slide okay? So we're going to talk about the really scary stuff now we're going to go from one level down so instead of buying these and switching them on like I did and not knowing how to change the frequency and then I was shooting somewhere on got feedback that there's something wrong with my sennheiser when all it wasa as they were on the same frequency as may and I didn't know how has she switch it to another thing so again learning and it's not too scary, but I think unless someone shows you it's just like audio's bad enough I just want to switch it on and I want it to work so we're going to show you now I'm going to try and hold this very tired for the people at home um okay, so this is your pack that your couple would have um you know how to mike basement now, but we're open this up and basically to switch these on is a manual switch I'm going to switch it off so put audio guys, I'm going to switch this off and then I'm going to switch it back on you guys put your headphones on here you'll be able to hear the difference on internet you'll be able to hear the difference hopefully as well here okay, so we go into settings let's do the sensitivity what I won't do live is change the frequency because if I change the frequency you guys are not gonna be able to hear this at all, so I will show you where to change that but let's look at something like sensitivity sensitivity for mae is the key to your sound we're going to start this is zero so can we go what I will do for these before you guys switch this love my corn and kill everybody I'm going to just clip on may I can keep talking and hopefully I don't get interference in my lab like okay everyone hear me yeah so it probably sounds what does it sound like talk to mae I mean it kind of sounds like you know distance a little bit but I'm still getting a little bit nest is not a feedback but you can't hear crackling a little bit hard to hear me can you hear like noise around may just here it's like yeah okay that's good so imagine this if I try to explain this like this this is like how this is our level so we went up the level if you can't hear me enough one I'm going to do here is going here I press the button and then I'm gonna press this button here toe up the sensitivity if it will let me dio put on okay I'm going to keep talking why do this? I'm hoping down can you hear the difference? Yeah booth craft lane's gone again internet to make sure that we're making this too I'm going to go up to maybe like minus my game t loud now that it is much better okay I'm gonna put this down again imagine now trying to get a really nice audio in a room okay that's where it was in the beginning I'm probably guessing that is it clicking with sounding not as much but if I do this muffled it's probably probably around here twenty one much better well, I'm old I can't hear anyway now I'm kidding no I'm not going to keep going with this so our sixty there should be a big difference between this and if I keep talking at the same level you guys gonna find out because you'll hear me in the echo of the room but the guy hopefully the studio online you're here this much better give me confirmation that work works here we'll wait for you can I'm gonna leave it probably you guys I'm going to guess is about his his terrible it's working oh, I think the internet will hear this much better than poor dana and lorenza on going up I can't hear a thing so this is a way from my way can't hear anything I like it loud I like it louder okay fifteen anyway okay yeah now let's doesn't pop up doesn't pop anymore good. Okay, so that is that hole imagine this wherever you are you could imagine if you live in auto and you don't change the setting could be the difference if you getting even with a shotgun like it doesn't matter what microphone you have this is the key to the sound it's like adjusting your exposure why would you just know adjust the exposure when you could get a better image kind of thing we're now going to go into so all I'm doing to get back out of this menu's hitting the send button for those of you to public on serious apologies I'll show you the break but this is where I would change my frequency for the viewers at home I would hit the set button and just toggle it backwards and forwards I'm gonna hit not the set but um let's go back to advance I'm going to go into the advance menu or am I sorry let me come out victoria got how exactly do you love a bride wearing a fifteen thousand dollar gown rage a kitty with looking you don't I look is my fashion background I'm so into dresses and designers that when I see like an amazing dress I'm like how can someone put half my command or even things like um great kentucky shredding they'll pin money they actually pay money into the dress and like don't let anyone do that teo so yeah I'm price on that kind of bride I will not ask to lie on the floor for short yeah so the squad's here I mean you probably won't necessarily here this we were going to not do this but I'm gonna try anyway um I will try and just make like a wind noise or something and trying do this at the same time so the squad we have three levels you have low medium on higher the squatch is really about I guess like drone sounds imagine if there was an air con una or any days our frequencies from lights that make that noise on what you want to try and do is squash will help the difference between you capturing the noisy one on the noise that you don't want the background noise is worth playing this and I don't know what this will work at home probably where we said we wouldn't try but most will try it so I'm just gonna do this I'm hoping you've got a system and noise there but your force it fluctuates when your hand goes up so well, this one handed okay that's low this is middle and this is jai I will move it back story for gonna start from this and don't say that slow you probably won't hear probably behind here at home middle and hind I don't go for that. Yeah, there were, but generally you need to know when to use squelch to set your sensitivity first on the client and make sure that's fine and then sensitivity squelch squelches about what we call drone noises said you know when you walk in a room and you read the exposure and you read the room and you look for light read the room noise. How is echoey? I'm going to get reverb. Where is it gonna bounce from? Have I got noises? So try and just be quiet and listen a refrigerator on is there a commune on? Is there a fan going? Turn them off if he can things like I did my first talking head with a bouncing in the background. Imagine what that was like trying to make sure you get any life on being a white noise are already like trying noises just that humming noise because you will have it. And that's when squelch will help you zone out that frequency and keep the frequency one of the talking head so you could do a fountain in the background just stay away from scotch is not going to get that's just generalize. But yet, like you weren't these amazing lights, the keynote is that they don't give off a lot of those noises and that's what they use in the studios and newsrooms. But if maybe I bought something very cheap from ebay and left it running and it starts to get hot, I'm going to get his job. Those noises, you know? I mean, now everyone will be going home watching tv, listening to their refrigerated

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