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Audio Overview

Lesson 16 from: Video Fusion for Weddings & Portraits

Victoria Grech

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16. Audio Overview

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Lesson Info

Audio Overview

I'm going to start off with a company that I think when I was getting into it, I didn't have a clue why cut where I understood sennheiser road ahead of that on dh still, I think some of photographers now well, no, no if this plan this is a giveaway. So when you guys to the outside, I would talk through it till we get up, but basically the sound that you heard but we briefly heard an india of my quick rushes of the drummer you had the window bars in here. Okay, the fluffy did cat things like giving us one of those on my cat a picture and tourism I can't attack for thing on dh it's, not just fabric. I actually got the pleasure of going to boycott and to produce these myself and that there is an old twister picture of me trying teo is not very good, I won't use it, but it is really interesting for me to learn and hear whether put ups because you probably get me by now I will ask, what does it do what this does? What does it do this? Why do I need to spend my money on this? Why is it so go...

od? So I know what I'm buying into and again bbc at home on tv all of these is all film productions everywhere that's doing audio using these as windshields and noises reduction they are giving me, which is a great pack. They're giving me a hot sheet station. I'll pull one out in the breakers. Well, so when you start building video side of things, you want to be as compact as possible, you might want to stop putting things on your hot shoe. So then this is a really longer adapters. You khun tack on things. Teo, um, there also is a wireless receiver bracket, so when we're using the wireless receiver's, this is like a magnetic brackett. I don't even have one of these. I quite like this because you could just clip, take it off. The other thing is the softy care. So this will fit something like and m k six hundred mike and it will go on here so you'll be able to pull this off and put the big fluffy on top of here. It also has something really important that we talk about, which is a windshield. I was really hilarious. It comes with like I call that hairbrush, you were supposed to brush them so they don't get wet, fluffy, and I haven't done that with mine, so yeah, this is this is a great giveaway for anyone that's really going to get into this and take the bull by the horns because this is just stuff that really what happens in the beginning you're like lens try poured I want to spend money on audio especially I don't want to spend money on wind protection and everything tails and noise this you have to so whoever could tweet something really cool about noise by tomorrow morning I will pick off twitter cem giveaways for everything we're giving away today so we're going to talk about the audio of you on what I wanted to do is try and make it easy for you to understand and give you an example of photography and then also video on how they're very similar. So for instance, you the distance is going to be the same distance from your subject so the same when we pick a lens the distance from our subjects is distant subject audio works the same so whether I'm this close or this course is going to make a difference exposure though it's not really called expecially in audio terms we think about our exposure we've got shutter speeds sos apertures we have something called gain level imagine this as by so noise so the higher the game, the more of the noise you're gonna hear everywhere else the lower the gain level and try and keep that clean bed of audio better from there as well a lot of you guys internet or even hear stop me if this doesn't weigh will be doing all of this practical so I just I want to give you I want to give you guys I need to give them a chance at doing this um all right so why she does that yeah is giving me a second I'm going I'm going to talk to you guys about basically the audio around here and what we basically do so here creative lives were using lab mike so I got one here and it's great and I have a mute button so I can turn that on and off but they really deliver fantastic sound so like I love my audio guys say keep me sounded really good we're gonna show the difference which is recalled the love mike on the shotgun this is a windshield so this is an amazing quality really short like I can't even break this this goes in my bag tv reporters in london that doing something called horizons that run and gun at war and undercover places will use something like this because they can just chuck it in the bag and it's not going to break but this will help and I'm jumping ahead of myself here this helps um the wobble that makes sense so we're going to listen to what this sounds like if I just hold this michael mobile and if I use this the difference is that it's huge again from that and this is the dead cat, like a steady came for mike kind of yeah, that's, you know, only use that in all my training to know with similar yeah, just balances that noise. It's, not from the, um okay, selectivity. So this is where we're going to choose a depth of field lands? What do we want that the image to look like and the same here? This is about where dope I position my microphone do what my microphone to just be here above may don't want it to pick up two people don't want to pick up. For instance, if I give you this analogy with the chef we was working at before, when I've done little bits for him. If I love mike him up and he's mixing his cooking, I can actually pick up on on lee on one of these, the noise of this, if someone happens to walking, set and ask him something and he shouts something back, I can capture all that with this depending where put it, however, there is a contour that maybe I don't want those noises. Maybe I just want him in a really crowded room on that's what we're gonna talk about the next scene, that my analogy, which should be similar, I can't resolution so we have all these cameras that have really higher resolutions biggest senses obviously the larger the better the cleaner you're going to get the same thing with getting this is what I'm getting maybe too difficult and technical that bit rates sample rates, bit deaths and kind of forget about that for now but it's similar so again, the more money you spend on a microphone, the better it will be a it's like if I buy a cheap lens it's not going to be good as something that's too k that kind of thing again, I think with order you get what you pay for and even for me these love mike so great, but I will choose this every time because it suits the job that I'm in on when I need it, but for speeches I can't be going, so we're going to talk about when and why to use each of them, but you wanna hear the difference and then you will remember and go, what do I need to pick up on my one man band? Is this going to be easy? I'm just going to laugh like someone the thing that I wanted to talk about with left mike is sometimes it's hard for someone teo, relax if you have some microphone shoved in your face, so how you guys are today is much more comfortable than having to talk until microphone and then when you talk into a microphone, people talk and then do this and do this now would I do there, especially at weddings when they're talking in a microphone? So there was big pros to having this love mic on, and if you're doing maybe your background if you're interviewing someone is very selective and that you've got to tip toe around eggshells about to get the information out of someone maybe not standing there with this on the end of the microphone in the nose, you may not get what you want, so although I will use this for my interviews, the people already know me my clients know me so well that it we're just chatting on they believe me when I just ignore this thing kind of thing, but if it's someone that you don't know and it's more corporate maybe love mike even dubai, sometimes I d by so I can then get the best noise or mix them everyone that I was really, really tio could hear the silence accessories lens hood's okay, so we have a lens it for a reason if we don't want lens flare, we have filters if you want certain things and this is when this and this thing here this is the equipment of your lens hood's and filters some hoping this side has tried to even out over because I know we think about photography and a certain ways and join it teach you audio on that similar way. Any questions before I start whiteboard session? Yes, one quickly because I know you're talking about accessories for images on dh there's a question do you ever use in that box? I said I would never, ever use a rig I never use a follow focus on that box and now the production the last two productions I've got into yes, and you're a photo of me using it you're cia on it was mainly to do with because I was shooting on cinema lenses. So for me on a cinema lens, doing all the tricks that I know how to do with any of us l seriously hands is not gonna work. The focus ring goes round three four times I can't be doing this, whereas a follow focus office is like, wait, this is nice. I really like it however I wouldn't use and matt books for what you see my my indian wedding, I would no, no footage would I get with a big, massive heavy matt books? So a map books I'm here today three there is a picture it's basically like a big lens hood for the front of the camera if you look up from the cameras in here in the studio it's like a lens filter on the lens hood but what we can do is then put filters in front of them so you imagine when we get cinema lenses we don't have screamed filters anymore that I have to drop in to phone and default so this is when I say we're jumps to like I started some I'm pushing myself thes two shoes I didn't know anything I've never used follow focus I had to build the rig myself took me six hours to build something that will probably take these guys that five minutes but I learned that on set when everything went wrong and it wasn't working and you had to fix it really quickly cool about headphones do you also when you're doing it a little bit about that um don't gauge by that will show it later that there's audio levels that will rise and come down you've gotta have a phones onto hero and even there's times if I'm doing that fusion so what I was doing the fusion of dominic speaking I had earphones on and I'll show you my dear finds have a really long cable so although my cameras here and say you guys are doing the speaking, I have the earphones on still and then I'm shooting stills and I'm checking my video and checking the focus shooting stills so if something at the audio goes and peaks I can adjust it but we'll also talk about audio how you can put it on auto but when I show you how to manually set up first and then if you want something easy, shove it on auto because nobody these units already get it but you know I'm a no but now that I need to know how it works for any other, you know I can't um what I want to do now is show you a video on the video is going to show you using a five d I think it's mark too this is a footage that I have to thank why caught for that? They have let me in let me use that it's footage off is actually famous deejay on dh he's talking to camera it's shot on a bridge there's traffic that might weigh underneath we shall see you don't even call it might eladio the highway or whatever of the conversion on the on camera mike, you're here straight out of the five day and then you're going to hear what it sounds like with this and in a zoom and then the next short which for me is but this will sell you on audio is there's a an ugly pattern across of just like a garden is quite overexposed but listen to how the audio is so you can't hear anything and then when that goes on you can hear birds tweeting like is an amazing and then the footage doesn't look so bad let me switch this and it's only a short clip so wicked man leads picture enabled me to get get my name will get my new brand in front of a whole new crowds at the festivals of the uk last year so like the wicked man leads big chill these were all quite big festivals and it was great to get her gandhi name out there so I'm hoping everyone had the home huge what was that the wind is the first the bad one isn't that way today I'm sorry it wasn't even that windy today let's just onboard camera audio and in all honesty if I'm honest with europol a video might to go on top I don't really use it because even though that helps a little bit but those noises or in trees and as I moved the cameras this is why this this has saved my little backside that the things that go over the last mikes that fluffy things the wind noises on overseas wedding outside and you won't even probably hear it to your ear but when you put your headphones on your hair let's get one on him so we can hear any questions that was great weight visual what it doesn't matter how much I talk him way things around we need to hear you really need to hear and we were talking earlier about you know what? We want to see that again, but, you know, you guys are gonna have to purchase the class tc that and hear that again, but it is it is so dramatic because these mikes are so sensitive and they went without the proper accessories will pick up anything that's not you would never go shoot if you don't want a lens flare. I mean, you know, I I even twenty this trying because in there, but I do actually always have my lenses on because I believe my lens caps in my bag. I'm good at never losing my limbs camps, but then it doesn't help if I put the camera on the floor, but again, it's like a cover in front of the filter, you know, what's interesting for me about this is photography you gotto learn, I believe what you're teaching us here is learning all the rules to keep it all right, learning from the beginning and keeping it all doing it right and then in photography from watching creative lives. If I've learned lens fuller, I do things and breaking all the rules I learned in the seventies like I'm breaking all the rules since creative live because now I know the rules now I know how to break him properly, but I think with sound if I lose a limb lens hood I'm like kind of a playwright, a kind of cool I don't think I don't think this works with audio and I don't think it makes it look cool, I think it makes it look really unprofessional. I think you have to go buy that stuff like right off the bat like as important as the lens for me now. Yeah, yeah, we might as well quit audio exactly that's not have any than have link in that second short of the garden. No editor, probably there will be a nest rather no editor out there is going to be able to find the noise of the the tweets of the birds. It is just not there. It just sounds like hush and wind noise and robert, but do you understand what I'm saying is that I make that clear is this is well, this is why when I first agreed to decrease if I wanted to do a whole segment on, probably yesterday, everyone heard me say in audio is really important, but no one I'm kind of really got in tow. Lydia, after this segment, I think I know these guys are looking down is like, oh, my gosh, sound wear even the dollar side and now we're going to become a sound follow me oh yes, he sounded like okay, so now to talk about a ll the different types of scary names of these things and I'm going to pull in a white board andi show you again and try to make this is visual as possible so let me pull in the white board and again tell me guys if you can see this looks fine way also so I can get okay let's start with um I'm going to talk about the two mikes opposite ends of the scow that we've generally spoke about today so you have the love it liam mike here and this is referred to is an omni mike omni directional so what this is showing that the sound it's capturing which the technical term is a sound map the math of this microphone is three hundred sixty degrees so this is where we get almost like if jim's microphone was off and jim holiday may you would hate him you would hear you guys if the people behind me we'd hear it you're gonna hear my face. You guys are gonna love me now you'd hear kind of anything I was doing here for those at home they're probably really gonna hear that if I had earrings on dangling it's going to pick it up so this again the pros and cons am I a one man band and I'm filming like a promo for a chef and I need all the noises this is great this is going to help me out or am I in a busy place where I need to try? I can't find anywhere quiet and I need a talking head I wouldn't know ease this mike if I don't want to hear the otherwise again both of you stop may on the audience if there is questions through any of this rather than waiting to the end next we ever spoke about this shotgun mike then the shotgun mike the map is so different the map is literally just where this is where there is a low bar mike but they call it a shotgun mic because wherever you aim is where your audio is, which means when you incorrectly great audio the best audio if you miss your slightly I think this is I just went on big shoes you're going to get people that hold it what's called a boom pole you've probably seen them in hollywood is not just holding a boom pole and moving they have to make sure that this directly at what happens when you talk to dana I have to move with you if I keep it here and you turn your head that way you get nothing you get bad or you no see bob it you'll really hear it we're going, we're going to do it for real mr people can hear us well home and this is why speakers and presenters on here we'll have these lab mike's because I'm turning my head I'm moving I'm talking up I'm talking down and you can hear everything otherwise and poor boom operator has to be like over I'm doing this now looking really cool live to thousands of people on okay are we up to speed so far? Yeah cool ok, I can pronounce these words very well card oid but tell me if I'm saying that right or wrong even the crew cardi oid so a normal cardio it is something like a three hundred degree so it's not going as much sensitivity in this bottom heart and these mighty generally handheld bikes this super car door it has a little bit of a lesson activity round the side and has some of the bottom and what happens with these is as you take sensitivity out off a microphone it has to go out somewhere else so it's pointed a little bit lower at the bottom half but for instance or let me see if I contest you guys you're paying attention out there. Why would I use um a supercar look like if you're doing audio on a ship but you want to hear everything around him but not necessarily want to hear him unless it's actually because I'm thinking that the section ever that's not recording sound would be towards him but you want to hear everything that's away from him and if you want to hear him you know cutting things out for three sixty laugh think about just a little bit of a direction here and then the bottom like to why would I want now audience we go anyone guessing yet they're not they're not guessing it but they think back actually picked up on ambient sound who was was their first guests yeah they're closed okay I think I would think anything happening lower down I mean someone walking into over I mean your interview I like something ageism being tough I do this generally when I'm training one on one and the reason I do it because it was done to me and banking that when I first started banking hours like tell me the answer and then I'll remember on a learner on I think when someone hands you they're on a plane and it told me to be really good at trouble shooting so I'm going to keep if that's okay with you I'm going to keep going before I give you the answer could I want you to come up with it rather than they you're getting there you're getting there and the audience is getting that keep going I said some of them want maura davor guests for conversations for two people oh he just now that I can and when would we probably want that think of situations where press conferences? Yeah, ugo get probably if I don't want to hear the click of all the shutters and I didn't need to interview the person I would go with a card word. Ok, just I need to stop all this but I want to hear this a couple of you instead of me doing this I've got a bit more of a wider scope but my laugh mic is not getting everything behind me supercar toys I will want that and I can interview you I'm not beginning on put away get him so that's that's the super if you wanna have if you want a bit of behind the mic but keep the focus on you I don't need to make this and then that way the stuff at the sides this quick quick we'll kind of be there. It will be quieter could a super chi adored from here has less of the side so here in here is not as much as the actual car does. So a lot of guests sports journalist is interviewing hundreds of you hey, okay, yeah. Does that let me know if it's going? It is making sense to here and on the internet too so far, so good over here, can I note down whoever it was that guests the question on they will get the right cup okay, we'll see what we can do with that. Nice. You can keep his kind off. He could tweet me and say, I'm the one that answered the questions, waiting to the recording. Well, okay, let me do it so well with this so far away, but well done. Um, so that's, the coverage is what I did also want to go through is, um, this is now when I want to show you the actual. I call it a history.

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