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Basic Gear Kit

Lesson 3 from: Video Fusion for Weddings & Portraits

Victoria Grech

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Lesson Info

3. Basic Gear Kit

Lesson Info

Basic Gear Kit

So when I talk about lenses first and how most of you I'm guessing will have a seventy two, two hundred maybe a lot of people will be out there and even you guys might have a twenty four to seventy it is a common cannon lens I don't have one either oh good, I have a twenty four one five which is this lens here? The reason why I have this lens and I didn't know it at the time for photography but the video this lens has an image stabilizer which is really cool and I'm going to show you a little trick place iran of just how good these things are to happen. So you were saying about shaky footage kind of at least having an image stabilizer lens will be your friend it's a kind of handheld on my ipod and moving I have been on the back of my bike with this lens I've been out to get shot well that's a different also for video is a bit different of photography's and we're not going to use the auto official way we will be using the focus actually from we're going to manually do this I don't know ...

if you can hear this this grandi plasticky this is a one point eight lend this is a lens actually that I bought when I first got into photography and funny enough or do you still use it because it's almost it's got a lot of light but to focus on this it's not smith so this is why I probably would recommend having something with the usm focus right much nicer from there and then obviously the one point two is lovely but not everyone has the budget for this and I will tell you now that I don't have one of these I make do with the care of god don't get me wrong I'm like a junkie from handbags and she used to get so I will kind of be oh yeah trying to at least get a usm lands but if you haven't make do with what you've got down kind of getting to the whole your sweet sounds like you might do this that you're watch something and then see the kid doesn't get why I need to have that because otherwise I can't shoot no that's yeah they will come through like that but it's like you know we have people at home that need teo he knows stuff so yeah yeah baby teo teo you can rent so yeah I can run the um almost photographers if you're shooting video you're gonna have a lot of lenses anyway play with those lenses do something fast before you start spending any money certain budget film kept um and this is where I would say these are the minimum minimum you're going to need obviously dear salah that she's video um, I am a cannon girl, obviously, so I have a look to something icons when I was in canada, but I know specifically the nikon's have a few issues with the video capabilities and changing settings, and the d a hundred is almost the one to get that will be equivalent of the five day, but you don't want to be in video mode and not have to change an aptitude for the nick on users out there. Do you have a little gig or if you guys a nikon? Oh, yes, you can count, um may several batteries. So where do we start with batteries? I could probably shoot a wedding onto five d batteries. I couldn't get an hours worth of footage if I'm lucky on one five d battery, so you would need a lot rather than doing what I did. I bought around twenty five cannon batteries on actually before I did that's probably good for me to mention the one of the things I did do when I was maybe because price conscious is I bought a different brand battery on these batteries. I'd read in forums and views, and they said they were great, you could see the battery bar when it was going down, and they were like less than half the price. So I bought a one of these batteries. We'd use him for a couple of months now, issues. And then one day we were filming a bride getting out of the car all the way down the aisle. Seven minutes with footage, the better we just cut out. Guess what happens. My fishes didn't record two card has no power to record its cargo, which caused almost in the flash of the camera before it because the card I lost seven minutes of footage of bride walking down the aisle. However, three other cameras rolling, but that for me was like these batteries are going, I'll take it from me do not use unbranded batteries used batteries that are made with the cameras because even though it is a cheaper option for me, that could have been my whole business gone. Do you do you feel that way about the flat in the flash card to your using you d'oh massive ugo yeah, in which flash card to you the sandisk. Okay, they are I knew in my instincts when he was giving me this. You knew even other mate brands. I don't want to say them butt buddies of mine have lost wit it and I shoot and freezing cold places in hot places quite extremes for where I travel those cars dropped hm I think sandy's picked up a card from the bottom of the ocean after like twenty years and it wasn't intact with footage they've got the footage from the show yeah ana I have very rarely have I had a car to go wrong I probably had three cards since I've started completely but what I did do for photography I use a good cards and spit them across the day for video though I used thirty two gigs because I can get around I think it's around sixty minutes of footage on this or sixteen gig maybe half an hour and if your sheet infusion kind of I don't want to be changing my card on a key card get like ten minutes with video footage and I can't take another still so I will go for thirty two good cards from shane fusion okay question this is a stupid question good question I would ask what his fusion I can't talk about that because it's like dude shooting film, I shouldn't be shooting video and still that time time is that with fusion fusion that somebody other interpretation of am I think fusion of the people generally is a piece that has a percentage of video and stills mixed together oh no camera what's really cool at the moment there wasn't no rules, there was no rules to say you need a percentage of video two photos on dh firstly, I've seen pieces that I have three ten second video bits and it's all stills um my earlier pieces of fusion has full video and then the stills at the end and then now it's into waived um and I think because I came from cinematography with the confusion for me naturally I was used to seeing the full film, so now I'm kind of throwing stars and I still shooting way too much video on a wedding day on shaking it like I should too much so I'm used to covering it up like I didn't need you we needed five ten second clips so just think about that okay for waiting for what a five, ten seconds you don't even need five three pieces to small snippet so depends how you want to start fusion start with small serpents, build it up and then almost you will build up to film and then photos and for me now for my client base, we separate them so we'll have photo video if they want a fusion put up tio appreciates pressure like this end this um okay, okay, all right that's it it's coming through now and now I'm and again it doesn't matter how you start for may use video to tell your story a bit more um and even in the beginning, don't start using audio just just now the footage one thing at a time get your timeline on dh then start adding audio but for me if you don't add audio you're missing a huge part for me the audio is the you want to hear what that person saying or even having a voiceover you don't even need to see their face hear them talking about something and then cut to what they're talking about what that would do that when we do storytelling but there are no rules it was really cool no one's out there saying have you that way someone now that does something for me there's no rules it's just whatever I feel that I want to put in more video, more photos whatever tells a story is the audience got any questions about that too about what fusion is that may pop up in a minute I just wanted to say to you that we did have someone in the chat room asked that question as well way too quick to slow me down I don't know maybe it means different things to different people teo but I guess the whole world fusion is a fuse for me of two mediums and in all honesty it could be anything else these camera companies and technology I know we have this love hate relationship with it but it's amazing it's just it's just another tool for me to get creative so I've gone through the pain of hating video to no way when you're shooting a winning what where your percentages as faras doing stills and how many hours do you liketo walk away with as faras video if we're doing for cinematography we will be filming the weddings I do now our asian weddings so we'll probably start at five am finish it midnight and do that three days back to back so it's a hell of a lot of footage than a normal english wedding but I was say we probably will they say there's a thing that you film for every hours worth of footage it's a minute in the edit which is a big downsize however video for every hour there's a minute now sixty minutes just to get a minute worth oh yeah product for depends on what you're shooting I spent four hours with six ten tiny pups I think ten minutes so get it does depend but I would say for fusion I'll issue we'll shoot for it but I just happened to shoot what I'm going to show you my bonus stuff if I'm not behind the camera leave a camera rolling happened to catch us some core stuff then that's bonus but I think on a wedding day we were filming continuous mostly it's probably at least ten hours each day okay and since we're in in equipment mode and you were just talking about your cards so you probably just more than one. You have a few like a stack of them. I have some here sixty for years. You know what? I want to shoot? Sixty four gig. Just in case. There's something I have, I have about four days. Quite a lot of cards. Again. He vies. I think the batteries on the memory card or definitely batteries. We have a tank. We have a charging station. The minute I get somewhere, I will put an adapter in, unplug and start charging stuff so you don't have to go out and buy blows. The batteries just have enough to get through kind of halfway through your chute so they start charging you move the mom. But these grey, if you start working on biggest shoots and hiring teams, I give each one of my team one of these the beginning of the day when they give them back to me so that I know who shot what on that in order to noticed, I have kind of my numbers. So I know when I'm backing up footage as well, where the footage is going on in order if the people put them in the order of um so that was a memory car batteries, because so because I know you were saying that you were doing ah waiting and you missed foot is because your brothers died which had three other cameras going now, what about a one man band? If it's one person are you going to be able? I mean, is it again? If you diffusion right, the beauty of fusion is it doesn't matter kind of give you missed something because you've not promised the clients that you're going to catch a foul service details is know as for long film so you just kind of almost like shooting what you want to shoot? Yes, it but again, I'm going to show you you still have to have a vision otherwise, what are you shooting for? This's one when we do that kind consultation tomorrow will be really good and I'll shave that whatever they're going to say is what I'm going to try and film bit off photographs so it's in there so there's a locket that she loves from her grandma something lima that for me I need to fill more faced girl that needs to be in the piece um but yeah, you can see how this is not so scary now when you do fusion because again I would talk about when we do the live wedding shoot we're going to do like an ill and a prep fail, I will show you the things that I just take stills I don't even try to do fusion on because it's so important like my stills, you're mainly but for your stills have to have the coverage then pick the times when it's easy to do the video snippets like makers life easy not like I did wait does that answer it? Yeah yeah hope again kind of this does downe the fear factor on the pressure and then then throws it more creativity so hey tomorrow's fine, I don't even need to catch your audio to just need snippets of movement um we'll talk about and the next day about camera movement people movement like movement having a movement on dh it doesn't need to be so the next thing is why did wanna mention is choose your stabilization usual brand so for me, I'm using my photo because I had a man for two tripods and what I've done is put what's called the head there seven o one video head on my photography tripod I didn't even I still use it now used in india because it was really easy for me to take on my suitcase. So you wanna have the quick release plates so I can put something like this until my money part my tripod what's called a slider here, so when you're shooting one man needs to be what I call a rapid shooting needs to be one place another place another place just keep me van so make sure the brand you buy into you continue because what you don't want to be doing is screwing on scoring place when you're coming, there is just no time we need to go with whatever you've got thie other thing I will mention is I did try to use a photography fluid head. It doesn't matter how skilful you are, it's just not made for that you're going to get there. So if there's one thing to buy, you need to buy a fluid head if you want to do any movement, however, if you're going to start fusion, you could just keep it still, but it kind of gonna want toe toe from those kind of things thie other thing, if you want to then go up a little bit more is a viewfinder. Most people, when we start talking about focus on pause, I have this viewfinder and that's, not an expensive one. I bought this when I first started thinking about one hundred pounds is she's probably cheaper than that now? And it literally magnetics on the back of here, I'll get you guys to have a look in the break, but it it magnifies the view, so I can't she see clearly what I'm doing, however, for years, I still just just use this but this is probably an easier thing tohave to invest in if you're going to start out and you want to kind of now that focused off, I'm going to show you how to cheat focus so you don't even need to perfect and I just want to jump out with something and let the internet no, victoria, of course is from england and we're gonna be talking about pounds a lot of the next few days, so I wanted to let you guys know, as of today it is trading at one dollar and sixty two cents, so you guys could do the mouth out there yeah, I should I should let ho is a buck, so whatever it is, they get a still can't say the water thing way of getting you don't say dollars you don't you sometimes say dollars yeah, we'll say us dollars but I don't ever call pounds dollars no, okay, never pickled in pounds on other nicknames like you guys have kind of yeah pound bucks but through the other stuff I really wanted to go over here wass this is amazing. This model you probably see anyone out there shooting video they will have this tripod on the actual details of the tripod is on the slide there for those you buying it or have it I have a pdf idealist free for the academy join up that we'll have this on for me this is my nearest thing to being a photographer I'm moving a moving quickly to probably the shoot this afternoon with the kids and dogs. I really doubt if I'll get any footage off a tripod because they're going to move if I'm lucky I will embrace it cause it's studio and I'm also going to show you how to actually use this sounds crazy but there is tricks to using this to get really studied footage on points of contact so we're talking about again you should photography tripod don't buy a forger use a photography tripod get a video head start somewhere um there's also things like because these fears andre look like they call them dead cats I can actually loved teo but these will go over if you can imagine like this microphone here these, uh this is saved my backside in dubai when I was recording um wedding and the sound of the noise along the beach was outside was so hailing that even their microphones I had a feed out of what's called a desk. I put my earphones on, I was screeching housing oh my gosh! So this on the green you wouldn't even know it was noisy but where I'm going to show you the difference of what this makes tomorrow we're going to do something really cool that the audio guys I have to say thank you from because I asked for a bigger I asked the kind of the studio and what the internet audience will hear the difference between having this on and no and microphones so what? We're going to hear that on going to set up something together with you guys you're gonna be my help it's way here on my own so I thought it was only fair to show you guys why it first ever awful video um let's get out of here! I basically had a booking for client that we get married in cuba. I went solo not even with a second shooter. He was a bbc cameramen he knew I was playing around with video he knew about the five days he begged me to bring them. I've photographed and filmed their wedding. They appreciate solo both like I had two three tripods on when I put my camera chaotic to the point I smashed a five day twenty four twenty five was in a buggy and I normally shoot stills with two cameras of my shoulders. I had the third on my lap. I jumped up with buggy needed to say this was crazy too I don't recommend anyone elder sheeting solo photos videos was like so many cameras, but wait I hate that way what I'm thinking but I'm not where was the bad part okay did you know it felt like you were in a what's missing well, I had a new gadget I thought inside I was like, wow, this side of the coming of cider cider thing for me you'll see how you'll probably gonna do this you're gonna buy get up and they were like let me just use it on every show respect like a lens it's like I've got mackerel and let me just shoot everything matters so for me it was a huge learning experience even that part the beginning was a little bit scary because we were down the street there was no one there I had a fairly amount of kit with may getting some shots on whether my five minutes everyone's out around us and the bride and groom were like going we might get more like I think we better maybe just one more shot hold on just one camera so you probably see from that of the camera the only probably movement of the camera is the washing machine effect thing that I would say don't have that many slider moves in your first show others from that if you had a look the couple were moving, I'm not moving so this is another easy thing to do just hold it on your money part of tri part there were a few things in there that I will show you when we get to the gear segment is almost there's a shot that kind of looks like it goes into the couple on it's like a bit like a crane effect moshe you had to do that on a tripod because all I had for that she was a slider a tripod and when I put I don't have anything else so there's ways that kind of even with a tripod on the money part this will say you don't have to spend a lot of money takes a bit more skill and practice but it's a really cool trick because I can't be taking one of these huge crimes with me everywhere I go I would like tio any other questions about the video? It would be really helpful for me because this is a brand new this new no it's like the music was off and you could just like talk because I don't I was so into it I didn't even notice there's no what I'm talking about because I was so into the couple in the lighting and the location and I wasn't I don't see what you see I don't see that I don't see the washing machine I said get back everybody on the audience before tomorrow tonight watch these videos this video's right down on my video somewhere on my block but watch them and your your c as we go through today each video I'm going to tell you the band stuff you'll see how it progresses and you'll see how if he used a slider shot I was not telling a story with a slider show I was just lighting it because I thought it looked cool you're talking about that you would go from right to left the sliding there from left to right right to left, but I mean, it wasn't like you were going to wait count at five times the internet keep count how many slider shots I do want to know but yeah for me now it's lighter shop is an establishing shot like what we're trying to aim for now as each movement of the camera means something for the story no it just because it's cool and it looks amazing eyes to pee I got it at the end in the water that's about maybe made yeah look at you and even that one other pro point to say is if you're going to stick your tripod in seawater remembers a kind of cleaner oh yeah it rusted okay let's kind of see where we go from there moving up so that last video did include something called a slider slider I have on here is a glad tricks like that that was the first white oborne however I really must admit that I think the canadians siders or the synovate ciders that we have here so much better this way, either. For may, it took too much time to keep doing this to get the right shop, whereas if I show you this, hopefully these poor camera goes public. There's a can can I tap? My other slider is like a phil kind of theirs dusting there, but it just pools and the last thing you want, we have no time on the shooting, your shooting solo, you need your equipment to work, you need it to be like a one shot, maybe do it again. I'm done live on tight, my stills.

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