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Basic Gear Kit Part 2

I don't know you guys with the low ideas is popular here for wedding photography as it is in the uk but we all had this light anyway and I've been using this light now for the last three years however remain flying with this light with a lead acid battery pack it doesn't go down well air force planes and I had it confiscated oh so now I'm using a data I've got to say this light is amazing honestly amazing amazing it's led and I could never find an led light is strong as a tungsten light I'm gonna use this tomorrow just to show you how cool this lie there's we've got really cool barn doors and then narrow barn doors of course being made by data is this good as a tungsten stuff and I can have a battery pack with us so I take this to every wedding and I use this for if it's a dark room and it's messy I have nowhere proceeded shoot would turn the lights off and use cold light I got that whole kind of hollywood glamour look something else that is really cool are the data does as well as man...

y one it's called a led sylar funny enough I've heard lots of people talk about it for me I now she all my bridal prepped with this and a diving use my flash the photography on the night watch video so again, time I set up I was like, what do this tomorrow like the jewelry? I can't get dynamic lighting out flash on flash, as I do with this so again, this is actually made my photography better, and I can shoot video and still at the same time, so when you're shooting video, you really need to think about how do you like her? Because flash is going to be a midi second, and we're shooting several seconds, we need the light to be continuous sign now you ableto fly! I mean, are you? And now you're saying that you had one light that was confiscated by but I mean, are you a ce faras flying me? Do you have any other problems flying with that? But I mean, I'm assuming that you're traveling with so much. Yeah, I've got quite a ways again for customs check air flights out and see what you can take on board hand luggage. The one decent thing about being a s I can take twenty feet, kilos onto the hold, so I have my think tank with most my gear in when I travel we're into canada, I couldn't I could take ten kilos, so what I did do that is going to sound really funny is that I have a fishing jacket on my coat and I will start shopping ready hands and I have my own kind of battery packs on legally I don't know about in the uk, but I can carry a camera around my neck with a lens through customs so ot that so the rigmarole was getting through and then once you're through, I just oh back in my bag um things like the battery pack for this light I do actually have it my suitcase because again kind of certain you need to check with airlines certain airlines will want it in your hand luggage and if you leave it in your suitcase, I've had a flight before stop the flight and go get my suitcase and asked what's in this case the likes everybody but I get stopped if on what's good is knowing up from what you've got and explained to them make sure lithium batteries there's a certain level of how money you can bring, so I'll pack some stuff in my seat case, but I have to make sure when I get off that plane if my seacoast doesn't turn up right, I could shoot the whole wedding right from there and again. This is why I have to be really creative with a minimal care because safer india or saudi arabia I can only bring so much it's not like it'll bring everything with may and a steadicam bag and everything else I just have to go pack light on be creative with what I've got because the client still wants a production the client doesn't care that customers of difficult and it's really hard to bring my kids through from there. The other thing about the lighting is the led lights there's a lot of these on ebay but just no they are not flicker free they also have colors like hughes greens and agendas on what will happen is you can't actually see it when you're filming and then you get it and posed you'll see it flicker on your footage is unsolvable you can't change the un post so flicker free yeah, I wish she kind of these are it's a hay htv it's really hard to see that hey, stevie said nine six on day come in all sorts of sizes the's a great because I could kind of equipment together I can build up the light, but for may again I'm using this on then let zillah to do the small jewelry prep and then I used the bigger one kind of more wow couple shots between these three lights and shit hole waiting and you're saying this well known earlier you said it was like twenty three pounds that's about forty four twenty kilos about forty five pounds but I may be able to take that on a on a check in yeah, but you see my bag let's see everything well I have I think my bag is about twenty kilos on dh then a lot top as well without you can carry on to them okay because I would never stick the stuff yes that's I mean that was my like expressing mike wait a minute because that's I mean that's a pretty good amount of equipment and you don't want to disappear going under the plane there's things like batteries kind of the pack on this bastard was cause I can take it off um and I will put that in my bag and then keep this is in my bag on this goes in the whole like it in my suitcase okay from there because I think is the batteries that they worry about what's called this is you can get batteries whatever your camera batteries are you can get the plate that fits your camera batteries you don't have to buy this separate battery so I could stick a cannon battery on this too ok, so then I'm or bad yeah so it's for lighting those three alone I will take everywhere with me and this is what has been amazing the last four five five no issues with this at all and the v look they're called v lot batter is big film production companies always ship those so it's a national standard battery now that I'm shipping with an in my baggage I'm trying to have an issue the fact that low idea was just great and it built my career what is well to get those well shots however that lead acid batteries just a no go on planes okay variable and days when we start to talk about um how to shoot and the settings you have to shoot on then you're going to need one of these but I'm also going to talk to you how sometimes india didn't even have one and sometimes you don't have time tampering, winning honest sometimes we don't have time to even put these on so I explained to you we talk about settings when you can get away with breaking the rules and when not to ideally if you want to do it right and like all our bigger productions we will use what's called a variable nd the one the guys have got me here is a genesis one so I can't speak for this I haven't used it. However the tiffen have just won another award in hollywood their filters are amazing because it doesn't change the kind of it don't have been yet and I also don't I don't lose the sharpness because you got to think everything you put in front of your lands is affecting you, but ideally you want something that you can have six to eight stops and just stop it down because we're going to shoot a fiftieth of a second at all times imagine outside now yeah any donnelly's definitely somethingto edit in um I personally don't use I maybe I never did I'm a pc go I'm afraid idea mac and I will be really moving over into matt because this pc thing is paid um but I mean he is free I forgot that why it comes with every mac yeah and it's the same all these editing software when we go through it they're very similar kind of keys and ideas and we're just going to go over the basics then I would say if you want to start getting really fancy with everything either going of course and then just for editing these guys have I'm good at buying creative like courses I just watch them have no time there was a course recently that you had on your six with an instructor that was really good that I bought it I should have watched but there is so much training out there for editing but for me I don't know of editing why would I spend my life in front of a and edit machine? I want to go shoot I want to go play I wanna be creative I wantto like business and focus and which even crazy things that bother do that so for me kind of the balance of my business when we talk about our two b and c tb is quite different to maybe some other photographers get your choice you have to order the same stuff so I'm going to play you another really horrible video with this horrible movie stuff so I, um shot this ridiculous wedding. It was an asian wedding first asian wedding that I was photographing I decided to video it as well at this point I had not someone fresh out of college who learned to film what I call real video cameras I gave him a quick couple of weeks s o I was shooting stills and video for this wedding take a look at the audio or hear the audio there's some big lessons learned here the audio is come on jelly legs assume a high cure big leg so what jali my way so mi tio tio wait wait so tell me oh my kill me o tio e o way kill me it's the prettiest really company of so many people they want in our lives and the land will be there to share this special day with us my mom that she was ready to have anybody a doctor your call just you just wait and see teo you know tio tio my uh so mi tio I got you wait, can you meet me that one and the one before god I would have thought you progress yes, I thought that would have been first as opposed to the other you like to see what you were talking about me kind of the biggest thing for me is the audio michael don't record someone in a bathroom thie echo again is learning we made big mistakes on the other thing is the audio of the actual table where they were sitting there was a big dome above so you get the goldfish bowl effect and not understanding audio and had to change the settings I usually she told my sennheiser kind of radio mikes on and just when I didn't even learn how to bloodies from close like so now I make sure I did after that wedding I was like okay, why does this sound so bad? I need to learn really what I'm doing instead of trying to go on the fly of this again it was so stressful doing both honesty was and this is not fusion what I did my journey this is full cinematography this was chaotic to debate I wanted to also talk about the written rule that I say never do is zoom in zoom out on we'll talk about better way so that the camera needs to move no from the color balance did you notice how disgusting the color palette was it's kind of tango there's no color barnes we thought we could do everything post not on video so some lessons land hopefully you guys are not going to make those mistakes see before video would like you to reiterate the name of the slider again I can't this is a sin of a spider okay? I'm not sure which model this actually is we'll find out on the break for you what I liked about this and I want to have a goes can I put this on the floor and get this to work? I want to see how how studious they'll be called to the I will get the model because I don't know this is not cool great so if a question a ce faras getting aerial shops because I keep hearing that you know you're not cutting edge until you have the aerial shot you heard that too I don't know is it just mean? I don't know we did our first aerial over a year ago so kind of we won't need teo I've just been looking at feature films and hollywood films was like, wow, I want a shot like that and there was a wedding that it they knew that I knew of one of the high shut up we'll talk about that I will show video with some aerial footage and I'm going to show live for the first time the crash so do you feel like you need an aerial shot in every video or no you don't at all know and again I would throw it back to the clients say if they want they can pay for mike and accessible for them no I was I was a live in malibu and there was a big paddle out about a year and half ago where they all the paddlers made a big peace sign it was paddle for peace and these that's when I knew things have changed these guys had like joysticks and they had their camera on a drone and they went up and over the crowd and and it's like they weren't kids I mean they're probably in their mid twenties but to me that the kids and they were doing the shots of all the stills of web with the drone so you know but that anything's possible yeah but then it comes up we'll talk about the healthy stuff there's some big dangers um that would talk about that it's not something that you can kind of do this is something at least even for me I didn't adventure to go higher and do it myself I knew the people that we hire are almost pilots we have flight coordinates so we have to put in this health and safety roars anyone out there if they look at my twitter I posted about month ago a groom in the us got no town ways thinks it's funny but it's no your wedding day like you cannot let your insurance is going not cover killing in the groom with helios today, okay cool hey camera, hannah asked via twitter what's the best way to differentiate what you do as a photographer shooting fusion from a feature videographer we do offer the three I think, for may I have more business in fusion shoots for kids because the type of clients that I have very much big huge film productions, I would say make it accessible, give someone something like his my photography, fie, here's something in between for a fusion video, however, the pros and cons of you're not gonna have audio, or we're not gonna have everything filmed. If you want everything captured, then you need this cinematography package and vice versa. Or maybe do the fusion on the couple shoot appreciated or oppose shoot because I don't think necessary that would justify a full film is a kind of fusion for that stuff is great, a little bit of both that helps a question from a cm eighty three. How long are your typical fusions and how long is ideal? And I'm just wondering, you know, when I think about making a video, I think it must be under three minutes, but I know clients were so different, different cultures, they don't have the same expectations can you talk a little bit about that? I think when we talk about pricing, this is when it's difficult because the average person out there that is not in this industry will go how much for x y zed and divide it by the minutes because it's tangible how money like I'm paying a thousand pound of minutes of footage really? But then what you've got to try and explain them is ah, hollywood feature film takes maybe two to four years to film and when we got a viewer it's like two hours max rain and it is not that you're not seeing everything it's because there's so much involvement in the production. So what your finest? I will show you a video when we start talking about client sells I really educate my clients into even what a steadicam shot looks like what a slider looks like, which sounds quite scary and technical, but they need to know is what do you want in your film? What is a crane shot like? Probably the portentous from again. What? I had no idea what a steadicam rick woz, what a study cameras. So someone said to me on the football field, but come in england, they have this guy with this big thing running up now, needless to say when I show you pictures of may did that crazy stuff, so yeah, I would say start with fusion, start without audio on dh I'm going to show you how to price it we're going to talk about pricing big time than not just three times talk about how you price it, and then we'll deal with how comfortable you feel about charging for you because that's a bit the other stuff there is set money too, how much you have to charge and then you decide to call it my get out of bed. What do you wanna get out of bed for? You decide on if you want to do it for free, do that bitch for free, not the rest of it for free, cool, we got one more time for one more question before we go to break. Tell us about your two cameras when you're when you're shooting, you tell us a little bit about why she with a this is my horrible, terrible bashed up seventy two hundred, but its last me a long time, so I shoot with two, five days a seventy, two hundred and then a twenty four, twenty five and then I will change lenses in between. For me, for stills, I will know me have my straps on both and have them on both shoulders for video, you'll find it really gets in the way, so I will keep one that it doesn't have a strap on on one that does my skills and I'm not the most careful person with my kid. Because I'm rushing. I guess you guys probably know what it's like. You need to get a shot, it's, just a bit like being out of it. I just gotta grab something and run and change dances and just floor, which isn't good. So repairs.

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Combining video and photography brings an entirely new dimension to crafting wedding stories. Join Victoria Grech for a three-day course that will give you the tools to work as a fusion videographer/photographer, with stunning, marketable results.

Victoria will guide you through everything you need to know about working with both photo and video as a single shooter. You’ll learn about each stage of creating a dynamic fusion story, from selecting the right equipment to shooting seamlessly. Victoria will also cover how to integrate fusion services into an existing photography business and how to successfully market fusion packages to new and current clients.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to work confidently as a fusion photographer to capture dynamic wedding stories, land the right clients, and grow your business.