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Lesson 30 from: Video Fusion for Weddings & Portraits

Victoria Grech

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30. Branding

Lesson Info


You probably kind of seen them products, it doesn't look cheap, but if I show you this it's got a really nice touch on the earth, the classy by the color no, on this is just to show you this is where I started, so I did a thing when I went to the wedding fair, I went to a wedding fair and I just got a ll these different flyers and everything for not just from talking to everybody and I just put them down was like a cat that first expensive, right that those that force and by the grams off the paper you khun tell the price the photographer that's true, isn't there. So for those of you that when I hit the high market, you need to be using four hundred grams, the difference will be something it ends up feeling like a piece of hard or this is going to appoint nazi. So this is my flyer now and in us conversion that's about one hundred pound weight. Oh yeah, I can't I won't turn the sideways because these guys with these kind of two hearts ooh thickness but you guys touch and feel these afte...

rwards, but the difference for me was if you get a pack and I call it a pack now and these were not cheap to produce, so I have and I deliberately did not put anything else on here. So I thought, what if I want to use this for poor traits? What if I want to use them for commercial, then have and these airfoil for people that want to know what this is? This is foil embossing on. I also use matt lemina embossing now, when you use matt laminate, it doubles the price of anything. So is expensive, but you have to make sure that it's costed in and you have the kind that's gonna pay for it. But, it's, no good me pitching like a saudi arabia client and showing up with this thing. This is not going, I'm not dissing people that maybe will still have these. I'm trying to explain how I got from eight hundred pound and let you the kitchen think like thousands and thousands of there's, a big difference, and I didn't just whack the prices up. I had to rebrand the stuff that all she hears from my flyer has the mat lamb in white and black on there's, a little bit of boring blub help me to see, and then even a price list. So again, it's kind of I like math stuff rather than shiny stuff, and if he knows his have kind of gone four everything's matching on the lego so this is kind of if I wanted a this was my pack from wedding fares so I would put on here photography images a slideshow cem information about us so when they got home I originally thought years ago I would wonder what's on it and put it in and then it would be like a slideshow would come up where is I think for women and I'm going to probably stereotypical here women are normally the ones that go to the wedding fares so you have to sell to who's going to be there and if a woman gets lots of these, you'll pick up a few like a magazine you keep flipping pages, you get a pack what's in the park or hear what's in the desk and then I did have what got me nightmares. So what rebranded the higher and higher and I had these produced from um I think it was asia it was a nightmare to try and use someone local to you because I was trying to save money, but what I figured out was at the wedding fair they can put mine in here and everybody else is in here on then I have a bag to use your morning yeah, actually you hopefully know by now because I'm cringing says this is just not made but I have to do this is a brand in the business I don't want to have a good teacher by day, but for me when they got home that's sitting on the table you can see how it kind of was thinking like a bribe and I might end up taking this to work I need to from a lunch bag in it I'll take this on my idea from this was jimmy too because I had I had the bag was saying ok, any girls out there they'll get you get really cool bag when you buy a pair of shoes and things so it's just that touch phil on dh that's when I really wantto keep homing down now on branding quickly is when we talk about brand so we we talked about this yesterday off bentley and ford yeah, it makes you a brand isn't necessarily just money bentley makes you feel let me grindstone with us give me some words bentley wealthy family first class uh expensive classy they did their brandon work who buys bentleys wealthy could you? Classy forthe economical family boring waiting a ah reliable consistent who buys those caused a lot of people families, large families first timers um people that want reliability and value cost is an issue do you think the people that buy bentleys are worried about how much bloody calls? No, I didn't think so when I was staying on the plane on the way out here I even thought this goes to equate even on the b airplane va have a brand in the film but with in that airplane imagine let's do this this is the wedding market economy three quarters of the plane premium anyone twenty six business maybe ten c's first class maybe five to six massive six that could be for anything in any branding so depending what market aware in the wedding industry you wantto bay and I would say also don't just aim high end that might not be you you've got to relate to your client look phil touch how does your how does your business card phil does it does it say you could could I pick it up and go this is dana we've been lorenzo if I looked at your website is it lorenza is about here gonna pay and people could make money in the middle and then just think you have to go to the hyeon to make money if not any questions I'm going to move on said the people wanted I think we're good yeah okay let me uh logo design I forgot to mention so here's when I didn't come up with this I thought that I could design a logo and come up with a logo and I couldn't I spent too much time wasted time so this is when I wrote a design brief I spent weeks and weeks looking for what I like, what I didn't like. I didn't want anything, tio girlie, I'm kind of edgy, rocky um, I'm kind of these guys have got good in time travel light don't this morning historians, character and really actually, what was interesting was I was told my logo was not my market, but it was very may. I was told that I should have more pink in here. I was just like, you are kidding me. I think I really own anything pink, not me, and I went with my gut instinct and I'm going to talk about that later. Take advice, take advice, bu. But here you have the confidence and being you and someone out there will get you. You don't need a million client. How many people in the world we don't need, the more you need maybe twenty five there were all fighting between ourselves for this ah he's told that pride, whatever there's enough work for everybody, the more unique you make yourself, the more you're going to hit your mark it. And I'll tell you what. The more you enjoy your job, the more they give you the time because they trust you and that you create and then I am also going to throw in about the very, very, very high end is not so enjoyable and pulling back because I'm just a tick books on mummy daddy's list, and I don't feel like I'm getting to work with my client as much of that makes sense. So it's not all rosy. Um, the other thing I wanted to talk about is when dido side to rebrand was a year in I was standing at a wedding fair and I was shooting the way everyone else was shooting in my area because I thought I had to shoot like that, so the cliche will call it london photographer mention kind of all the pretty garden and everyone's poses some way then there was a few shots that I did with a couple that was on a brick wall that was edgy was my guest. You'll get me the fashion mature, having a chanel dress and a really messed up place, and I had these images on either side on my assistant of the time helping out when this is two different photographers, what are you doing? What happened? No one's going to buy the stuff? I have to do this because I need a market and I need to make a living. And then at that point it was her, lindsay, if you're watching what she isn't a major photographer anymore, I think her, she gave me the the kind of gift to go sort of, I'm going for it. And I only need a little few clients that love why laugh and that's that whole nature but you say nick here okay what you will lose when you re brand is those fifty weddings I shot in the first year I got so many referrals I had to say no well and you know why I had to say no because they were fought and they wanted four words they'd laugh then what I was doing and within a year I'd progress photography I needed to pitch the bentleys and I need the bentley referrals just be aware you will get in a customer service going the extra mile um we're talking about this anyway who is your client what do they want what's their biggest fear how are you going to conquer that fear needs to be all answered probably on your website your confrontation and the main thing why you why should I book you or you the kind have so many choices so who do they want to book why you different on at the moment today fusion will make you different but and I bet you by this time next year how many more people going to be the infusion you need to keep finding natures and keep moving with technology unfortunately, um my biggest thing here under promise and over deliver so when they think they're getting something make sure they're getting war and they just don't know about it and that's hard to do when you start having clients book you have brothers or sisters and you think you've pulled out a bag of what is hard as you can and they're like quite we can't see what you could do for us yeah that mankind's expectations they're here we have to really manage how we can kick it out hug okay um a pride more value than anyone else does the word of value in some countries as well will be ford value okay so we don't wantto equate it to almost like of money but value is in I value the way she offered me a glass of water I got to have cookies when I went around that I brought champagne or she drove four hours to come and see us value is in terre go the extra mile this is where the hole either go the extra mile or just take the exit and sit with everybody else you got almost fired for what you want no one is gonna get us like life and no one is going to give you this on a play okay stand out from the crowd and I know that's really hard it's like down there hard I'm going to show you a video that I show my clients to explain what this whole cinematography is we'll pay it quickly on dh move on from there wait we oh ok that was beautiful right so basically that's your advertisement to show them all the difference things that you can dio kind of war the steadicam shot looks like what the like cam shot that's how much extra that cost tohave to your pace don't offer I was shooting stills and they couldn't afford to book our video team and the guy that was shooting this video had a helicopter a crane a steadicam on a slider or for four hundred pounds for the wedding well yeah crazy and you know what was even more worth? The guy was great his footage was lovely and he's just asking me why he's still in a day job he's got kids he doesn't see he's shooting a hundred twenty weddings he has no life when you start doing video and other projects and different parts of your business managing the client data is essential this is something else that I really got from banking is the the photography industry generally I need photographers that were just dumping footage into a drive and putting it somewhere and trying to get several copies of the edits all over place. I'm sure there are lots of people that organized but for may having one central database but everyone's names numbers who they are when they're wedding day is what package they had, what upgrades have sold the software uses called light blue and I do have an offer for it it's amazing I can run the reports I can run profit loss statement I can work out where I'm where should I do more portrait shoot should I do mom wedding shoots it reminds me when their birthdays are when their wedding anniversary is so I can send a card to the couple's even a year later why would I do that? Well, step into marketing why would I send them that? Because they keep your name in the front of their mind instead of the back of their mind so I mean, why would I do that? It's more business many feel really horrible lorenza way will talk about vision and go whenever you do something you need to know why you're doing it I want the baby shoe I know ninety percent of my clients within the first day you get married and they promised me they're not going to do this they're going to go on honeymoon and holidays they are pregnant yeah, so that it is a nice thing to do as well as like hay and start thinking about you how you guys and if you want you could put an offer in there of a free baby shoe or like a discounted baby she would love to see you again who were they gonna book for their baby shoe but was really funny is I don't even have any portrait yourself on my website all I do is just do that from my regular clients don't even market her, and they will go. I didn't know you do portrait shoots because they think you're in a in a box. They think you're wedding photographer or they think your food photographer, that kind of thing. So light blue offering me one free copy to get tweeting out there literally this this has everything. It takes time to input the data base like so when I go to pry something cup with a climb, I just click box pick and pick, and they're having a proof that having this album upgrade this and it takes me two seconds to invoice and I e mailed out, and then I don't forget who's having more on on the shoot day, I can print out all the details, the locations, the times, everything, it's all in there, you can import the emails, I don't even use much as it does, but for me, I can't mess with this data double bookings I've had friends have double booked waiting there's gonna be loads of people out there that heard that or know someone that's double what wedding? This won't let you do it, this will come up and read, if you go to try and booking that day and go, you have a what I don't have my coach unfortunately cannot do the conference call he's on holiday in the place that he's going to a space to have internet and they have internet problems that we fixed on monday so they would take over this let me because we're talking about marketing already okay, thank you cards, reminders, birthdays get all this information in the in there one to ones also when you send out your confirmation what happens now for my client? We will make in so many weeks for appreciate we will catch up to you appreciate I will need from you your dress I try and get a ll the people the brian she's going to be using so I can network with those brands to on. This is when kind of twitter facebook of the post of an image from a wedding tagging the shoe designer of the dress designer and then again I have got work and end up shooting famous dress designers because of a shot I did on a wedding day that makes sense uh how did I start marketing my video? I think I probably should mention this in last two days anyway we did one for free that asian wedding one was for free and then from that ricocheted and all I did from that was up when we go for the pricing is it cost out what it costs to do it and have your time for free then start adding it on because you've got higher course you're not gonna have all this kid you might want to hire freelance or to come in and film it you want my heart and the editor and then build it up and build it up and voted up and I would stress until your hundred ten percent confident that you can pull it off every time don't charge really high end prices kind of built that up there it was for mei if some of them weren't wrong my whole photography business from the last two years is gone and that was my nerve wracking this's really the way to want to video this is too stressful I don't know what we're doing um my kinds love the fact that I do video because it looks like the photos because we're on one team we're not fighting I don't know if you guys think this in the u s sometimes we used to be fighting the videographer down the aisle he wants again so I want to get a shot but he needs to be this close because he's filming on these cameras that kind of need to be this near he doesn't want to use opticals amy like back get back or they shine a light straight when you're trying to do the first dance your camera's not focusing it can't focus through video for me now means everything the percentage was shooting changes month to month, but I have nabbed into a commercial market that I would never get into. You know what it's like never ever tips for doing that behind the scenes videos of fashion shoots folk love that stuff and their smaller designers small along the high street, creating a video you can now to talking heads as well, which makes it a very big production just don't do it for one hundred pounds or something. Oh, with them I'm going to talk about with them, which is w I fm summer it must be a banking term gonna come out of lots back interment what's in it for me every time ingrain this in your head whether you are marketing with a friend, whether you're selling to a client what's in it for me is the first thing they want. It doesn't matter, even if it's charity what what am I going to get out of this? And they get in a win win, so okay what's in it for the climb I'm going playing, try and produce a fusion thing I might not get something, but I'll give you what I get okay, I've got something for may primer marketing always as it is with him, but if you go to my room eo page and look at the cumberland video it's basically kind of like a primer for me working so when I was doing the really high end designer shoot I had my trainee take a little bit of may even that people want to see you work and I hate being in front of the camera but I'm going to go back to quickly tow with him okay? Starbucks were in starbucks sands what starbucks really about what business are they in? Do you think they're in a coffee business? This is really going on I like shake you up yeah I'm not well I'm not a coffee I don't know starbucks is everywhere but I mean it was like what they primarily due or I mean when I think of starbucks that's you know exactly what I think of is coming the white car well green how it from starbucks I was not about selling coffee that's sending an experience he wanted people yeah, he was his commodity was coffee. He wanted people to hang out network work for comfortable and stay and buy coffee. No one else had done that before that everyone was walk in or count there was nowhere to sit free wifi come into your business meetings here ask yourself are you what are you really in the business in? What are you really providing experience? Yeah and when you go to a restaurant do you tip it back doors okay here you guys tip everything we're really not like that way don't tip in mcdonald's but if I go for a mil and someone serves may I want to get the money I want to show them my appreciation because they went out their way they served mei if I have a waitress such as shoves her food down and has a bad day and is moving and then doesn't get me my drink for three hours do I want to give them money? No, the best you need frank kern on here you need frank marketing. It has changed. Tony robbins frank kern jot this all down brendan bouchard richard branson these huge guys are not in the business burgeon what is he in the business off there's? So many of you if you've ever read his books it's about the team is about the people that make his business is about the vision is about serving and that's what? You heard me say this a lot yesterday I serve I honestly wake up in the morning and I prayed to god let me be a blessing oh my god. You know, maybe a resting because there's no about may I truly believed that when I should not wed in its one time and I take it so on my head I'm honored to be there on my cards this is a good time I mean, it might must so you sent every wedding day, and I want my want the stuff to be amazing for them, and they keep talking about and that that success, right, that, you know, that is success when way, build these experiences for people that fifty years from now they're going to be looking back, and they're going to be opening these videos and looking at these photographs and really just digging deep and they'll remember that experience, but along with it, they'll remember victoria and her team because they were part of that experience, they weren't just flies on the wall, you know, just kind of sitting back they'll remember that because you're like a member of the family by that time, I have to know what I get invited to hindus, stipe, I'll get mom and dad said to me, if you're driving past that, especially if you let me feed you, let me feed you and I feel bad because when we talk about the other stuff, I let you devote myself to work really, I want to see my family, but yeah, I'm honored honestly, I'm on it when someone books me.

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