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C300 Gear Kit

Lesson 6 from: Video Fusion for Weddings & Portraits

Victoria Grech

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6. C300 Gear Kit

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Lesson Info

C300 Gear Kit

The main thing for me is generally with the d s laws, deep depth of field, a final, quite muddy. I find that there's no diesel out there right now that kind of looks like these cameras or other cameras that are made to kind of have that great deep depth of field. However, we probably and she want to shoot shallow a lot of the time when you shoot shallow. This is when these cameras look a nice ing and we'll talk about the focus issues of shooting so shallow it switches off every twelve minutes, which is a big it sounds insane to think that you can shoot a whole wedding with something that switches off every twelve minutes, but you can get around with always shoot more than one camera is going to make her life easier, especially want to shoot full films. The fusion don't worry about a vision that's fine by yourself with multiple cameras. Oh, are you did, but I wouldn't do it now. Oh, my god tends to smash the camera and cuba, so shooting stills and video and I had too many cameras toe or...

ganize and they actually had to with something she yet married aboard, you'll get a freebie photo video, and these guys were like and that was a little handy cam so go on get sure would have been so kind of nine sometimes gear will slow you down and lots of people say that but it really will sometimes if you just have to cameras try putting one applauded it makes up here a little bit easier to deal with and go okay, I just have to make it work and have to make a word to lenders but what six lenders to choose from? I began this weather sometimes is good to have less kid um things like zooming in to check when you focus on when we start having a look at this kind of you consume in like you can when you take a photo and have a look at the images that sharp weaken do that right before we hit record when she hit record bang and you can't see me after that so this is when the viewfinder will be helpful because you're like how am I supposed? Teo teo there's nothing called I'm going to show you with this maybe later today or tomorrow there's something called peaking now picking if you can imagine is help for focus you imagine an outline of same me and it's outlined in red and I would be in focus than the outline goes to behind me or before may? Well with focus it means you really easy workout was focused pools with peking easier, much easier you haven't got a guess that you can see it's like a helper they also have the equivalent of zebras is our highlight so you know when we were playing out highlights and it will flash on the screen we'll have something called him film it zebras again we don't have that india's laws he probably saw the keeper video his sure is blown out there's nothing I could do about it what it's gone it's gone important thing to say here is is like we're shooting low res images there is no war let me change the color balance let me crop in let's see how it's income really you've got to get good at getting it getting camera then rely on what you can do in post um we mention about the camera mic is absolutely awful and again when we get to this stage just do about what am I doing with these cameras? These cameras weren't really meant to film this much video they were designed as a photography camera and have some video in it. So this is one after we talk about the monk three you're c is I was going to canon, I was burning I don't have anyone we should ask anyone burn pixels in their senses um I have done this with everyone in my camera several times the five demark to inherently doesn't give you a thermometer to say it's overheating and when you film for a long time on out and its heart, it will get so hard, the camera sensor gets hot and you'll burn the pixel and the only way you can see it in the edit you'll have what I call a red laser dog and then you have to climb out may things like they will shut off the five days we'll shut off when it's home. So there's been instances where we'll start them all at the same time and it's humid in the country and they all shut off at the same time, which for may now I was going who this is not good, I need a backup plan and this is when we move on, I'll explain why I spent the money on a c three hundred, but I think it's only fair to let people know the pros and cons of these cameras and really it's not necessary issue on connor's behalf this camera's for stills with a bit of video, I'm really well pushing it to its limits, doing what we're doing with that. So just be aware, be aware of what could happen so you're looking for next thing is really good to mention is why is really easy is photographers, we understand what that is, you're going to get that on video, but you have something called idea sing now the way to explain alias thing is have you even watch tv or war? Casper someone's got stripey shawn I jumps, you'll get it in a gray suit sometimes on the groomsmen have se or carpet hotel room carpets normally really have great ideas in the five d montu is not so great this is really inherent you can really see it was when we moved to the monk three it's better but it's still their most years lars will have this thea other issue you've gotta look out for something called rolling shutter easiest ways I'm going to explain this to you these cameras if I moved quickly imagine the whole image is jell o I don't know show that on one of my fusion pieces, but the trick is when you're using this guy come other this doesn't equal kids the faster you move like if there's columns they're going to do this. These cameras sensors don't like the way I don't like what's called like a whip hand, whereas other real video cameras so any questions was nobody. When I talk about alias saying your morning shutters or does that make sense to you guys? Yeah, almost I'm trying to figure out your saying that I guess if you're moving too fast the cameras and fast enough to keep up with what you're doing so you get kind of yeah imagine the kind of we made like this the cameras recording and because it's recording lester right lines kind of like a whip action yeah it's like a jell o so kind of the beginning but goes and then it does this it takes a world to catch up if you go too fast so special effects without actually putting yeah great I love it if you want the columns to bend let's go really on again it's not like where shooting a thousands of a shot of speed it's not snap nation you're shooting a slow social space you're going to get was called like motion blur on that's. What makes it a fluid now? Anything? Yeah, victoria were wondering about magic lantern. Oh, good. She said that you use that. Okay, but I don't know people that have used okay and I also have a friend that used it and it killed that camera for me. The amount that I'm shooting I have to have my gear service by cannon and there's always something that's that broker nor is overheated. I need the pixels we mount, you kind of invalidate your guarantee if you put if you hack it but I do know loads of people out there that have hacked it thank you explain a little about what it is, what it is software that will give you peeking zebras the new magic lantern also has a four k hack for mark three however the thing I want to make you aware because this she's full okay however this sheets for kate like ten second ten frames per second I don't want to shoot temperance per second so actually for me this doesn't shoot okay I need twenty five frames of thirty frames per second off okay and again magic lantern in the month three will shoot for kate or even rule however I've gotta ask myself if that camera was supposed to shoot rule then why didn't they put it in there we're not going to burn even more pixels a camera made to kind of the more like with one d c shoots for cable it's got different components in it to call down the sensor if you start it's almost like a software hack sits a firmware by all means you guys are free too but for may not going to risk it I'm not going to risk it and then if I have any other issues I don't know whether it's the firmware or something that's wrong in the camera vice versa but it's a good option it is there if you do wanna I would mention the secu toby foreign does not the one I've got here has peking and focus assist I would say that's a better option perfect k go now to the mark three and I would say the mark three is much better visually honestly iss I love their low light on the mark three is a lot cleaner justus crispo you look sharper once you shopping it in post now the five day march twos have you try and shut on that footage? It doesn't look very great you kind of want to do that post it deals with the whole jello alias sing much better but it is there that's going to be there. However then I would throw it back and say your clients are never going to go hey your fetishes really alias ng here or they don't know what why it's for them as long as they have a beautiful film that this is when you have to almost what is that I'm selling for on the price I'm selling upon? What do they expect? A my doing a feature film that's going to cost millions? Yeah, I can't have rolling shutter and idea sig because we've got the budget for it. If you were a solo fusion shooter no it's their watch for it film somewhere else or crop it out or is there is there is nothing you do better? There is actually someone might say something there is something that you can put into the shutter again I just want to scared to play around with that stuff I am cleaned my sensor once myself and I thought I killed the sensor like I wiped the dust like a big wave doesn't like oh my god I just can't do that I guess I want to do that get kind of things that we now go twenty nine minutes half an hour before it cuts out I know it sounds crazy but that extra time is definitely a civil service twenty minutes for a civil service you can't just leave it rolling it gives you that much more leeway having that extra time frame again magic lantern will take that off for you so you could continuously film again that's going on over here I have a heat them anyway we'll have god big improvement with low light by so's even focusing I think it looks sharp on the back of your screen if you don't use a viewfinder I still can't seem in she's my big bugbear when I'm recording I really need to do that I really need to check again noise there is a silent mode on those I can still hear it like for may again when we talk about audio we'll see if you want really clean audio don't is relying on camera and I think even building riggs onto your camera for audio just just gonna this's just this's probably simpler for mae I know everyone will get worried in the edit about sinking audio from your video footage final car x does it for you or there's software that was sinking I have a coffee next things all for you I don't even use that if I am I will manually do up by pulling up the audio levels and just seeing where they are so I don't even use that to think I'm many things as possible this is what I want to say to everyone if I could do this stuff I was a banker you guys tio way use the five days which is really funny why call is my close up so monty will give you a softer skin smith for a bride among three on when we go to the next life and I start talking about why did I spend twelve thousand pounds on the cinema camera and it does not take a still image this is like when I bought this back in banking and I didn't sleep for a week I did the whole business should I do it should I not do this is crazy money I'm a photographer I came filming do I really need this and what turn me to buy this was I needed an insurance policy our wedding's on our budgets were getting bigger and bigger we were flying several countries it was hot and I couldn't risk the five days she's switching off the same time was like what what if that happens in the speeches? Sorry I don't have any footage to cut his speech is that there's? Nothing else b roll that can put in there like you want to see someone speaking? So for may, the c three hundred also was an insurance policy, but it felt I was scared to use these videos. You guys probably think I'm quite fearless I do get fearful and I know it's good I was scared I didn't know any I've never still to this day I've never really picked up a proper video camera I just I who would honor teaser so for may I picked up and this is similar the cannon menu is the same and it just made it easier. I kind of knew that it would cut with my five days it has um s pray for ana, but the brilliant thing about this camera as it has ten times more latitude so I have a bigger picture. I have a better picture have a detailed picture on dh you're seeing something later videos you probably pick out c three hundred footage on the mark three footage, so for detailed jewellery shop I always use the c three hundred he's just got that amazing footage deep death, the filled for establishing shots of the venue no idea sing no more a christmas just how I have picking a focus assist in house thinking audio you can see how it's like tick box tick box take it now a question about like because I remember seeing one of the shots that, too hey, where you were it was it was a detail shot, but you could see the focus was moving as the camera was moving. Did you have to do that manually? Or is the camera on manual it's a kind of when you get a little bit more confident you can move sliders and focus put the same time? So adding to kind of movements, it gets a bit more complicated, but it even with the side if you've got it on a tripod actually, in this next shot, look out for the plaque of the name of the actual venue is a slider shot, but the sliders also moving this way from the head so we're moving the head as we move, you can also move this head. This is a lot of tough actually don't do this if you imagine I could move that I said, move your I'm like die and it gives you kind of a different movement like a three sixty of them from their batteries. I was carrying around like thirty cannon batteries and again from a carrying all this kid was driving me crazy three batteries the whole wedding day, theyjust last on the scene three hundred it will give me a countdown timer it tells me exactly how much I can fit in my memory card the five days still don't do that like I want to count down I need to know before I go into an important part of the day do I need to change my card does not need to change my god have I got enough minutes on there and I used to just swap out cards and put brandy one on for every service don't need to do that now I have your slut recording so it'll go from one card and start recording on the other or you can join the cord do you see how all of this was just like so this's how people do it and it's easier but it's a huge investment it's massive it's huge and I don't know if there's any other photographers out other even I have done this but for may I see this camera has changed my career this camera I think of the time I thought I was going to be just filming weddings this camera has enabled me tio getting toe almost full cast features it's incredible and it's an amazing camera the film would love this camera everyone uses camera in hollywood again I can fit my condiments is on it you can you can you yep slot the men so you see how this is quite an easy thing for me to move over but are you glad you started with the five day mark too so you learned all the moves you so you saw instead of going out and purchasing that big fabulous yeah it was erotica on and then driving is like a volkswagen now you drove the role too and you worked your way up and then I was kind of hard to go yeah but I still then this is why this the middle one this was not here the c one hundred was not here and I'll talk about this after next video I wouldn't vote for these this for may is the photographer into the video world this I can train people and they don't need much skill when you're training a cruise if you want to build a crew it's hard work to try and someone to folks asshole and to get it back on every time peking focus assists audio sinks then this has focuses this is out of focus our there's no auto focus this kind of does have one I have played with the cameras there filming on now has something that you could zoom into the bottom of the aisle click your focus point zem out on track er mei say three hundred is manual sto everything is manual on there the c one hundred there working at it has thie a bit like her I f but in all honesty from a once I get you over the hurdle the focus I want to choose my focus. They're like photography. I want you and focus than you than these guys. I want to leave my view. I want to make them. And I want this thing to guess for me because it will never read my mind. And I know it's scary to think about manual focusing the whole wedding. But now when I have issues with my camera shooting stills and something like an asian wedding, they do this thing with sticks like there's a big online imagine that the focus just because you clip it on manual, I get my focus. I hit my shop so it's actually help my photography to knowing how to my nearly focus, I guess in the old days I like film days. They don't have the luxury of manual, like also find so I know and we used to have to look down and, you know, carry around. Even I think we get so lazy into having all this tech hear that does all this stuff for us. There's probably good training ground to learn the hard way emanuel ways. But then you appreciate here system said this next wedding. Is I would close my biggest craziest production today thiss wass the green that I pitched that he is a film buff like he was can you do this in three day surround sound because like whoa hold on a minute I'm not there and this is who I pitch so he didn't ask me for the hell eh? I said to him hey, I really really wanted to somehow they first set you up for it he was like way had a ridiculous amount of tech and kit on this shoot it was one hundred sixty people that sweating we have helly is it something like six cameras five crew to photographers I had twenty five pages of notes from my client of stuff I must not miss so there was shipping chairs and from certain places there was a lot of sentimental things that were going on a lot of surprises that even the brydon knows that the groom was doing for the bride and vice a versa so I just made sure we put the mta about four five times before the actual wedding day. Um andi I will also show you the crash of the helly just to prove that you don't do this here goes russia is one of the lovely in fact the most lovely person I know she's incredibly kind considerate, thoughtful, selfless, charming, hospitable on dh at the same time you should be honest that if I've got a horrible she'll tell me medication, we don't see our clients things there's two most couples, but we've always result I feel that's why great strengths way she's just fantastic! Darling is big a charred heart on dh lost his football, lost his music, laughs messing about being city but actually can be very serious and considerate and thoughtful when he used to be so it's a really nice balance. I've never met anybody like that, and I think that's what really attracted me kicking in the first place, I think he's perfecting ways he's got many qualities that I've always wanted in a friend in the park wait, fans have tohave to admit that I really did not want my titles in this film because form a kind of I can't the stubborn doings very hollywood guess may is just not classy enough in those ways, but I've done with my client wanted I was obsessed the lord of the rings you see, it was color grated, we had a composer compose a track like it it's their wedding rings have the l phone in them like is just their things and I was like, yes, let's have titles was like, no, please don't make me put the oh, but again it's not about me it's about them yeah let's talk for a second about the hollywood ass because your films are high production value they're beautiful and what one of things we're noticing are the locations how much does the locations the inside and out in these rooms have an effect on your style of filmmaking? Iraqi because I came from the low end of photography I learned how to be really creative with what we've got so it kind of shocks people sometimes okay when I got here yesterday I raided the cupboards here I'm going to shoot through using utensils like tomorrow's shoot I want to show how I will walk around when I get a client's house in the morning because for asian wedding's theirs maybe away twenty five people in a house it's crazy I just need a sliver I'm looking for somewhere clean or turn the lights out and create something call ivy's lamps and just pulled the lamp over a little bit to get some light I think we just sometimes we get wrapped up in kid actually weaken just think about where's the light where I can I use my life and I did jerry go harnesses five day workshop in rome and I think it was early second year and it was the most amazing thing experience because no always do you get amazing venues you have to do with what you've got um so is looking for the amazing in the three ordinary and making it happen and then your clients are wowed how did you get that shot that wow so yeah, it does help it's easier if it's pretty but I always go for light first not vacation we're going to get into the quad copter later I'm going to show you a crash that guy that film that said please never show anyone this but I want to shave that we shouldn't have flying the harriet all it was to win day and we did tow my client. However a client on a client day is like, oh, we've got this holy here so what we're doing in future now is saying do you know what it is that a risk? We will book this? We will hire people to do it but there is a risk factor and health has to come first and if we can't fight, we can't fly it. Luckily, my c three hundred was not on this thing on the time, so I'll play the cece you'll probably see the actual shop from the film again a couple of shots and then you're here what happens is at the top of the castle you can hear about the least I'm a tomboy so way will play this video the camera was okay the quad copter was finished but it was where we were used like was caught a quad copter I had the pleasure of looking at free flies stuff ibc on the movie and things and what we doing a shoot with that does he how good those are but my real advices to hire someone that knows how to do this and even the pilots will tell you it's only a matter of time before it crashes it's not a wine crashes it will do I think you guys had on issue in creative live where it crashed to think proving it and I love how you he asked please don't ever show this to anyone and you brought it on credible nice being real and sharing a czar's educational he'll forgive may okay really what I'm excited about a c one hundred so for those of you that are watching that already this tech and the scare is just going way over your head this little thing here I couldn't actually bring my c three hundred with may because of the gear ahead but this is really didi like my c three hundred is a lot heavier and chunkier this I can I went to this kind of but I can kind of throw this around this is great and this feels more like a deer salah when you have it on a monday put my c three hundred I have to have a very heavy tripod because my photography tripod or normal childhood is is the camera's too heavy but for me for this is using my lenses in the f mount again it has eighty percent of what my twelve thousand pound camera does, so I wasn't too happy when I picked this up and played around with wow, I think that this doesn't have is slow motion and I'm gonna be really honest with you I probably had slow motion on my c three hundred now for two years I shot so many with that six months ago just having bothered but as us photographers we always wanna have everything clean their camera just in case we want to use it the batteries last they're the same as a c three hundred what's called about this and I didn't even realize for the next year I show you there's actually a microphone in this camera already so instead of having like a video mike on a dslr you won't even need once you've got one here and then this is the thing that you can put your shotgun mic on it has something I wanted to show you xlr jack's so the xl lazar the industry standard for audio these will not come out they clip in and it's almost broadcast standard audio so already your leaps and bounds ahead in the five days and mostly because you have a phone I jack that jack would just come out on wiegel this clips in and sinks him um no cut off time joel cards again. All those pros peking focus assist me actually show you you have a screen that will flip out as well. Here. Um, so what's cool is when you're doing slider shorts with a five day that you were laying on the floor to try and see the screen here we can just lift it up and see what we're doing. So, yeah, I loved this camera. It takes sd cards, but this is just a personal grope. I have a lot of money invested in cf cards. I don't have that money, small cards. And for me, the cf cars are quite rugged, so for drop them. We're not worried about thie sd cards always worry that they fill flimsy to me. But this is me. Just being in the same band is that they're in the mark to a marty go with I got about a band and you don't have to use so many. You just need three, okay? I'm doing a very long wedding day so you might get away with two. Yeah, and they take us long to charges they due to use that as my only kind of heads up is for the cannon batteries what I forgot probably show you wass I have a charger here somewhere. I have a different branch other have a delk in charge or a couple of these on what this is this is great because he can put two batteries on at the same time and charge from one plucks okay five twos and threes really yeah so for me if I'm traveling I will bring kind of what I call a four game and plug in charges but if I have these I can charge two batteries and in charge is it quicker and it does hold its charge that makes sense so if charges were fast won't died yeah try I'm not lost fitted thinks I can definitely say it's fine yeah the other thing the audience might want to know is you're probably seeing these little blips and stickers when you start shooting with several people and you're tired at the end of the night and people will borrow lenses label or your care I even have my lens caps my lens hood's just everything because it's just easier when it's dark packing your kid away to know which is yours everyone has the same kitten all look similar from there so if you start getting into bigger teams this is why I have crazy little city docks on everything marianne from bucharest wanted to knowabout c three hundred and its frame is it is it for super thirty five so is a crop sensor but it's more of a sensor off hollywood thirty five mil fred kind of film so it's a different shape censor what it does mean is that it will crop in so your lenses you won't get the same as a full frame of the five day, but then for may, I would say, not gonna go by any lance's let's just take a step back. We'll make it work. Andi, if you're going to shoot with the five days on the sea, one hundred say I would use the five days for tight stuff because even this there's so much detail for women you'll know, even with foundation on you don't want to see your pores like inhouse skins, anything that's what we like. All right, well, let's zero in that video. Okay, so this is a fusion ship, you're going to see that I show on this c one hundred, my pitch was to two young girls, I think there were about eleven I wanted to do something with kids have great fun with kids that just make them a little bit hyper, so I'm looking for stuff to me. I am made sure the parents were there because obviously they're underage, but the parents were not allowed to intervene at all, and the deal was the girls were going to say, this is my vision in my head, I had the vision wass get grounded they sneak out on they have just fund a funfair and do whatever they want, and so even you'll see stuff in here like there is a bit of a food fight, and I just kind of was my encouragement and said, yeah, sure, but I wanted them to do what they would do for me. This is when fusion really started hitting home, the girls would just pose and just do the photos, and then they were like, cork and we want a val now can we go on the da germs? Can we run up those stairs? And it was almost like her a joke all day long, I would be like you're not fast enough to again because I always said I needed a second take I was like, have I got in the bag of her? Not so we played it like a game, so it was like, let me see if I could do this and that and these girls lost it a long time for a portrait shoe on. All they did was that she'd go oh my gosh, this is so fun! Could we do this video? Come, it was it was video wasn't meeting about the stills for these girls, so you see, this piece is what I call fusion, piece of video and then stills of the end I had the way you hit me like a vision I wasn't expecting crew will matter to tell you where it's supposed to go with it don't you think your way got around to just love it, leaving finding it and keeping it in every day you get a chance to weigh in on this e never seen it I found this love I wanna feel you better believe I'm treated better than anything I've ever had because you're so damn people for read it way not competitive money and rick and everybody needs to get way brighter then that way you shine down way before you hit me like a vision wasn't expecting but who am I to tell fate where it's supposed to go way? How is great? I mean, I love watching videos way see your entire library way do have behind the sames I had someone film behind the things of me actually doing this, andi, all of this will be edited and put onto our academy so people want to know how I did those shots because that was all shot with this wacko so I did have it was a little bit more difficult but sure I was doing what I knew on a steady cam without the rig using ongoing come to see what I could get away with not rig it was that set on bouncing, but then I would say tips are like tiff and trained me well on that course on that one shot, remember, is when you're running down that boardwalk, yeah, you, you're running in that there's. This video fishes here fast. Yeah, trying to keep it say, a lot of that, necessarily is not perfect, not steady, but again, you know what the girls did. I gave them iphone versions. They took them to school and everyone's like, wow, check what I had done and again, for thousand marketing. Have them show everybody for may.

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