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Free Preview: Prep Details

So what I will ask for you guys and the people watching is this whole last segment we are pretending to get as much covered on a real wedding does we can so I'm picking out a key bit that I would want to shoot fusion that we've just story boarded and then you will have to piece together the rest of the day that would have happened so you know, we don't have speeches, we're gonna have bridal crap I'm going to show you something cool with life that I would be for photography and film and then also we're due the couple perhaps so although I only need ten seconds worth of footage, I'm actually gonna shoot more than that because I want kind of the three sixty so it won't just shoot one ten seconds I'm gonna shoot a bit more I'm gonna shoot my stills through that so you can see a few stills, but again I will concentrate a bit more video as well as you can see rather than just take stills the whole time began to the internet you will be able to see the live you from my camera but as I flip an...

d take turn it off and take a still you may seem I still hold up for a little bit, but then you will let you see it go from the screen when I go out a video so hold out with us and at the end I will flip blue so you can actually see the photos sorry let's let's get going because I will be jimmy's going to help me time check because any photographer filmmaker has spent like hours doing details a couple shots so let me bring you teo I wanted to get some details on dh again I'm going to talk through my method of madness on a macro lens because I want to get something really cool with the rings I'm going to like them so I have something to make it in the way here so I have something a bit more dramatic whoa look um so say it kind of jewelry rings kind of anything else that she has maybe we can put these in and then instead of doing this with flash or even natural daylight I'm going to show you the bt off this light on why I love this line this is the lead solo we did go through this yesterday I'm empowering it with a small battery if you can see what generally festival I would hit all the lights in the room so I get real contrast so what I'm going to do for my cameras so people can see what I would actually shoot is work up my shutter speed so when we do the edit tomorrow it may look dumpy but I'm not going to move the camera that much so I want to get kind of a really tight focus light come here um from here so if you guys are filming must really tight here what's great about this is the barn doors I can lie if you can see from that really, really today then why would normally do is get my camera and say do I have something that's looking quite dramatic probably wanna make my tripod and even little things like this where I will loosen all the local together if I need to get them right down um and if not okay let's go. Why are you on ma'am? I ke so this is one now I would be oh let's have the bottle here but it's really cool if I had like a kicker like on this bottle I'm gonna use the led and again the led is a hey, stevie said nine six and I would do what I'm doing now whereas I would do this solo didn't it kind of was about at weather but I always wanted let's get a frame off that I'm gonna make sure my alter focuses on because what I could do here is this is when it would be quite easy if I wanted it is shot here I could take a start fifty per second so you probably see that come up in all honesty if I then zoom into this is it gonna be sharp at fifty of the second? No. Oh, maybe but I wouldn't normally shoot my skills at fifty if a second. So let's get the onshore still show I'm from my still I wouldn't want this to be major dramatic just sorry so I'm guessing the focus point here she saw the book gari wing were really what I could have done is hit that whole pre focus and have that going there what I would do here if I was shooting video now is the shot that I could do between I would focus paul is this you have the front of the doorway focus pull the book are we went out for a second. What I'm going to do is to show you a video show that use a lot so I'm gonna hit record take the light help okay and now if this was dark ways exposure I would want to dio kind of this movement let's do it properly let's stop! Start okay let's again I won't work much speed out why will dio go down one sixty let's bring it down to fifty two point eight I'm even gonna out my shutter thiss light has a spot and also flood so I'm going to make sure that I'm on spot what you give me more contrast, I would do things like this too is because I don't know I want to hold this life may I need to wedge it to where I want it today so now we've got something a little bit different in focus and I'm hoping to take that our still too bright I'm gonna do one more thing keep working this just sew up my head and then you will hopefully trying get the idea this is we'll have to play with because we got all the lights and daylight coming in but imagine this is dark hit the record you know what I would do mr okay and even on that jury if you can see that jury so the movement is the actual life not necessarily maybe one of the bank I'll show you something else I would do here as well but I don't spend hours on this ring is I have played with doing this and if you saw that from that I can reverse a shot so if I get this right for maybe even focus pulling if you do have someone to do this okay let's sorry let's have the first ring and focus tonight. I know that if I try to get this ring I didn't see what that works is that what I did that not work is in the focus e running even that's good and then I okay let me do that one more time and I wore this is when I need to guess the focus I care let's go back to their I'm doing my twelve o'clock now ideally I would have someone else win it but let's try oh no no you kinda getting the idea so I had this if I had someone spin this it will be much easier for me to them go back where I come from one second so before I get lorenzo spinner I'm goingto check here around can you spend it up to the left hand side you want to spend it okay this is good this is happening can everyone see that flat yeah what happens flicka you know what I do know that we're going down my batteries are going down because it's so contrasting we can see it but if we was in a no more dance floor will be really careful so it just do it without this can you just do what I was doing before seven here let me get this ring and focus first okay I'm gonna get that let me come up a little bit with one second my friend I just want the light to come and this is when we can spread that line if you can spend it right where it is gonna win yeah okay so again from one to the other let's go so I'll do the focus pull from the front and I'll try and follow focus where that ringo's go ahead slightly out but they're little things you can practice and that sort of someone's film that cool little trick now set up is if I would do this I need a still show of this so again I would have this as taking off life the good thing was live years I'm normally well if I've got it in photos anyway I could just flip mount to tutor still second it the other way around I wouldn't have to maybe use the auto focus but I'm going to use it anyway um okay this for you I'm still not so I'm now changing my settings so I'm on eighty seconds to the fifty at two point eight at one sixty see what that looks like okay I probably think that two point a and definitely whether lighting is what we need more data filled I need to move these rings nearer now I am going to change the sun shooting our five and I'm going up my I say two three twenty refocused with the auto focus and then I could do from here so if I set this up first flip video I'm gonna hit the video button and I want some record then I would be o k I like depending how good you are with this complete pitch black dark getting ahead would you actually kind of do there if he had like another try part would you use a tripod to kind of get away there'll be a slow moving just second yeah show you how cool these look out with a life so here I'm gonna bounce it here going really tight to get on that still show okay I still think even a five but we need to change my high but then on what I could do from there is then flip and what we want to remember now I'm on eighty per second fire that's not the right setting the right I need to make sure then swap this two fifty and if I do want to shoot two point eight one sixty two point eight four and again I knew that was in focus here because I've just shot the still but I'm going to double check some moving it around this then I would do this pull it totally out things that you can do if the light is moving it will look like it's flickering and focus pull in you see that from our side if not you can pull that faker steven makes some of you from the bottom right the way to the top so if you're shooting so shallow cameras not moving lights not moving but what's moving you know how you did that you did that so almost would do it here with us and then I could go to my still short the rings or the rest of the jewelry shop and again if you notice when I'm him record one, two, three, four, five. Movement and slime ravens. One, two, three, four, five done. Okay, not just from that.

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Combining video and photography brings an entirely new dimension to crafting wedding stories. Join Victoria Grech for a three-day course that will give you the tools to work as a fusion videographer/photographer, with stunning, marketable results.

Victoria will guide you through everything you need to know about working with both photo and video as a single shooter. You’ll learn about each stage of creating a dynamic fusion story, from selecting the right equipment to shooting seamlessly. Victoria will also cover how to integrate fusion services into an existing photography business and how to successfully market fusion packages to new and current clients.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to work confidently as a fusion photographer to capture dynamic wedding stories, land the right clients, and grow your business.